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How to make bike taxi apps
Start your next business with bike taxi app development

Why bike taxi app development is a great idea for starting a new business?  Bikes have become a better alternative to car taxis as bikes locate passengers from one place to another in less time in highly crowded areas due to their less space requirement. Moreover, bikes have low riding fees than cars, encouraging passengers

What is minimum viable product
Learn how to build MVP in software development

Is MVP in software development essential for my business? Many businesses underestimate the potential of creating MVP for their products and make mistakes that turn into unwanted results. The mistakes mainly happen due to investing too much time and effort in testing their ideas and software. But, what if there is a way to test

Top 10 benefits of b2b apps
What are the Top 10 Trendy Benefits of B2B Apps?

The majority of mobile applications are designed for consumer use. B2B business owners can harness the power of mobile apps to interact with their customers and manage their operations from anywhere. There are many benefits of B2B apps that give flexibility to individuals to grow their businesses.  According to the Forrester report, 59 percent of

Explore the best SaaS product ideas in 2022

Which are some of the best SaaS product ideas? Since the internet came into trend, software as a service has gotten more attention from the audience. It doesn’t matter if it is B2B or B2C products, almost all products in the different categories are making a good profit from their business. Greater demand for software

Best Gig apps
Top 10 Gig Apps that Pay you Real Money

Today, job seekers no longer find opportunities through newspaper ads in this age of digitization. Nowadays, the majority of job searchers submit their applications online via platforms like gig apps.  The future of the job market depends on the gig economy. Research done by Gallup found that 36% of US workers are gig workers. Forbes

Integration of VR and AI
How will Enterprises Succeed in 2023 with VR and AI?

VR and AI (virtual reality and artificial reality) are not new inventions. VR uses technology to create simulated environments into which we can immerse ourselves, whereas AI seeks to empower technical gadgets with the understanding and awareness of a responsive creature.  Recently, significant improvements have been made to enhance VR and AI and integrate them

Best Apps like earnin
What are the Top 8 Apps Like Earnin in 2022?

Imagine having access to some of your income before payday. That could enable you to pay your expenses on time. Getting ahead, however, may be challenging due to the high costs associated with the conventional methods of early paycheck access. However, apps like Earnin give you the option to withdraw a portion of your salary

What is microservice architecture?
What are Microservices? Learn how Microservice architecture works.

Are you wondering whether the microservice architecture would be right for you?  Microservices have many advantages that can help you in application development by removing the limitations that come with a monolithic architecture. But what is microservice architecture? How can this architecture allow developers to make changes and improve application components easily? You can learn

Vagrant vs Docker. Which is best?
Vagrant vs Docker: what to choose for application development?

Vagrant vs Docker. Which is the best?   Every developer may ask this question when they cannot decide which one to choose for building and running their project in a virtual environment. To better compare Vagrant and Docker, you must understand both tools in detail. But first, let’s know why virtualization is necessary for application development.

offshore software development
6 Reasons to Consider Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development is when a company outsources its software development to another country. Outsourcing has been popular for over two decades, but the trend has recently shifted toward software development. Such a development process can help companies save money on labor costs and improve their bottom line. With a strong plan and seamless functioning,

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