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best real estate apps

The Real Estate Business is flourishing more than ever before. People are keen to buy, lend, and rent new homes and apartments all the time. But as the paramedic hit the world, the Real Estate business, like the other businesses, was forced to shift online. Initially, it was gruesome, but eventually, we all got used to it. All the businesses including the real estate business got acquainted with the online world. However, Real estate apps have existed even long before the pandemic hit the world, but the demand for more such apps has increased exponentially today. There are so many apps available to buy, rent, and auction properties, but which one is right for you? Well, we have simplified it for you. Our experts have amalgamated a list of Best Real Estate Apps of 2021, which will surely help you find out the best according to your preferences.

Top 10 Real Estate Apps of 2021

best real estate apps

Which is the best real estate app? This is rather tough to answer. There are so many different aspects that make one real estate app better from the others. Often these aspects are based on your goals and demands. This can either depend on whether you want to buy, rent auction the property. Hence to find out the best real estate app, it is extremely important that you specify your preferences and goals first. In this segment of our blog we have enlisted our Best Real Estate Apps of 2021. So without waiting any further let us begin with the number one on our list-

1. Zillowzillow

Zillow is our top choice because of its giant scope in the market. Zillow was founded in 2006 by two former Microsoft executives. Since then, it has proved to be an exceptional real estate app. Today Zillow has over 10 Million downloads on Google Playstore. It has biggest property inventory with one of the largest filter lists. Zillow also has its own property inventory, named Zillow-owned homes. This makes it an overall best fit for real estate apps. Some of its features include-

  • Detailed search and filter option
  • Property sharing feature
  • Access to an over 110 million homes
  • Easy and quick registration process
  • Regular Updates of the Property
  • Free of Cost for Sellers and Buyers

All these features make Zillow an excellent choice for Best Real Estate Apps. Additionally, Zillow also offers options to sell, rent or lease any property. Similarly, it also provides virtual tours of property. You can contact the property agent in case you want to know further about the property on the app. Henceforth, making it easier for the buyers to understand everything about the property before buying it. 

The primary source of revenue is advertising lead generation costs. Thus the app is free of cost to all the buyers and the users. However, there are certain drawbacks of using Zillow, some of which are listed below-

  • Certain times there are bugs in the filters, making it work inefficiently.
  • Only one of the several agents listed for a property is the actual lister. All the other agents pay money to get featured. Hence they are often uninformed about the property.

After considering all the points, we can say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons of Zillow. All the top features and attributes of Zillow make it our number one choice of Best Real Estate Apps.

2. Redfin


Next on the list of Best Real Estate apps is Redfin. Redfin, founded in 2004, is a brokerage firm that has introduced its app to expand its real estate business on a national level. It is one of our top choices due to its latest technology incorporation. Furthermore, Redfin, as a brokerage firm, is extremely reliable and uses its existing real estate agents and customer care executives to provide their best services on the app too. Some of the top features of Redfin includes-

  • Customized House search with the radius inclusion option.
  • Precise estimation of the property value.
  • One can calculate the mortgage, insurance, and property tax.
  • All the data listed on the app is driven by realtor ratings.

However, it charges the seller a listing fee of 1.0%-1.5% when they list their property on the app. Furthermore, Redfin pays a commission rebate if any buyer buys property directly from Redfin’s agent. 

Now to talk about the app. The app has an amazing UI/UX interface. One can easily access all the services on the app, making it extremely convenient for the users. The app allows the users to search their neighborhood properties and book a home tour. The push notifications feature will keep you updated with all the available properties that match your criteria.

Redfin earns its revenue through advertising, commission fees, and listing fees. It is a very good app to buy homes since it incorporates cutting-edge technology with balanced human intervention.

3. Xome Auctions

xome auctions

Xome Auction is an amazing option to buy properties through an auction. It has a detailed list of online bids. You can choose from a massive variety of properties available through auction. The app lists every detail about the property, including photos, map location, and whether the property is financeable or needs to be paid for in cash. Xome Auctions is ranked 3rd on our list of Best Real Estate Apps because of its stunning features.

Some of its features are as follows-  

  • Largest database of auction properties
  • Accessibility to pre-auction properties
  • Push notifications option to keep you updated about any competitive bids happening.
  • Sorting option with various criteria such as price, location, square feet, etc.
  • Contract e-signing on the app itself.

In addition to all the above-given features, the Xome Auctions app provides a user-friendly and effective platform to all its users free of cost. It offers transparent bidding to all its users. Additionally, you can also use Xome’s pre-auction feature to bid even early. You can search for auction properties based on location, auction asset type, status type, etc. One can even find details about the history of the property based on its location, commute options, and other aspects. However, there are certain cons of using the Xome Auction app, such as it can have a lot of bugs, but as of 2020, it is working to become more stable. Furthermore, the app is relatively new, so it does not have a giant customer base.

To conclude, Xome Auction is an amazing option for buying auction properties.                                                                                                     

4. Trulia


Trulia, founded in 2005, had acquired by the Zillow group in 2015. It provides more knowledge about the property and its surrounding locality than any other Real Estate App. Henceforth it has ranked 4th on our list of best real estate apps. There are so many features that made Trulia stand out from its peers. The app is free for its users. Its main source of income, like other real estate apps, is through advertising. Some of the main attributes of the Trulia App includes –

  • Trulia offers pre-qualified calculators and financing.
  • Push notifications enable users to know about any available properties that match their preferences.
  • Customized geographic search using the In-app map.
  • All the local info about the property location, such as neighborhood, crime map, schools, shops, etc., is available on the app.
  • One can directly contact the property agent through the app.

The app has over 200,000 reviews on Google Playstore and over 800,000 reviews on Apple Store. One can inspect the property in many ways, including its location and neighborhood. 

One more reason to consider using it is that it estimates the home value of a property using more factors comparatively. To conclude, Trulia is an amazing option if you want to get more insights about the property before buying it.

5. Realtor, founded in 1996, is currently owned by Move, Inc., which is a branch of News Corporation (NWS). The Realtor app is an excellent option for rental unit owners because it showed when the rental listing was last updated. It is one of the top demands by renters in the app feedback comments. is linked with the National Association of Realtors and 800 other regional listings services. This aspect makes extremely efficient in its niche. The Realtor app is loaded with features, some of which are as follows-

  • The Realtor App provides information about the surrounding property area. It provides information on schools, markets, crime rates, etc., on the app.
  • Landlords can list their properties on for free.
  • App shows detailed pictures of the properties. Sometimes there are video tours also available on the app for certain properties.
  • The Realtor app showed when the listing was last updated.
  • The property listings also include the assessments of neighborhood noise levels. gets massive traffic on its app and website. Consequently, making it our top choice for rentals. Realtor App has a massive rating of 4.6 stars by 240,00 users on Google Playstore. At the same time, it has a rating of 4.7 stars on the Apple Store. These ratings speak for themselves about why Realtor is our choice for best real estate apps. The Realtor app is an excellent option if you want to rent a property. It provides prospective tenants with all the information they need to know about a property before renting it. 

Realtor’s main source of income is through advertising like any other Real Estate app



Owned by the CoStar Group since 2014, was founded in 1992. CoStar is one of the best commercial real estate companies in the U.S. CoStar group has provided with a huge crew that has rich expertise in professional photography and videography. This has greatly helped to feature attractive and eye-catching listings on its app. The app itself has all the features and functions to provide exceptional service to all its users. Prospective tenants can directly apply to rent any property through the app. Some of the app’s features are as follows-

  • Biggest inventory of rental properties that is regularly updated.
  • In-app search, sort and filter option which helps in finding the best suited rental property in a given area.
  • The app features apartments, houses, townhouses, studio homes and much more.
  • Prospective tenants can directly apply through the app using the ”Apply Now” feature

All these features have ranked at 6th rank on our list of Best real estate apps of 2021. However, there are certain shortcomings of using this app. For example users can face problems with updates at times. Similarly, the app does not show the crime rates in the area, which is a very important aspect that people consider while looking for a new place.

The app has over 5 million downloads on Google Playstore. It has a solid 4.7 rating on Apple Store. like all the other real estate apps earns its major income through advertising. However, it also charges an application fee of $25 for every 10 applications in a time period of 30 days

7. BiggerPockets


BiggerPockets is a very good option if you want to learn more about buying or renting a house. They offer a wide range of resources to make you acquainted with all the technicalities of buying a house. BiggerPockets is packed with all the features that one needs in a real estate app. It offers a wide range of services such as-

  • Resources for real estate education in the form of blogs, e-books, podcasts, forums, etc.
  • All the services are available free of cost.

Using the free resources available on the app one can learn about all the ways one can increase the value of their house. Users can also learn about the practices by which they can earn a better return on their investment. BiggerPockets app has a very friendly UI/UX interface, making it very easy and fun to use. You can build your real estate business using the app’s resources and the services. To conclude BiggerPockets is a wonderful app to increase your knowledge about the real estate business and its operations.

8. LoopNet.Com


LoopNet, founded in 1995, has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. It is at place 8th on our list of best real estate apps of 2021. LoopNet is an excellent option for entrepreneurs since it lists all the commercial properties on its app. However, to make it more clear it is not an app for people to buy or rent properties. This app is solely for the commercial investors. It saves a lot of their time which they would have to waste in searching and sorting properties. Some of its key features include-

  • Detailed information about the property including pictures and video tours. The app also features neighborhood statistics, location info, investment highlights, etc.
  • Connect with the listing broker directly from the app.
  • Extensive in-app filter options.
  • Push notifications option to keep you updated with the whereabouts of your favorite property.

All these features make LoopNet an excellent choice for the entrepreneurs. The app has 5100 Google Playstore reviews. Similarly it has over 18,000 reviews on Apple Store. LoopNet is extremely effective in connecting entrepreneurs to the listing brokers. Investors and Brokers both are greatly benefitted from this app. The main source of revenue is through advertising, listing fees, and commissions. To conclude, LoopNet is an excellent option for investors and entrepreneurs. It provides excellent services to commercial property investors.

9. Doorsteps Swipe

doorsteps swipe

Doorsteps Swipe is at 9th place on our list of best real estate apps of 2021. Doorsteps Swipe is linked with One of the most striking features of Doorstep Swipe is that it enables the users to create a personalized profile. Consequently, enabling them to find houses according to their preferences and goals. You can add info like your income, preferred location, neighborhood, etc on the app and it will show you the most appropriate property according to your criteria. You can customize your filter according to your top priorities. The app has a very nice interface that engages users to use it more often. To conclude Doorsteps Swipe is an excellent real estate app if you are very particular about your choices regarding your new place.

10. ZipRealty


Finally, we are at the end of our list of best real estate apps. On number 10, we have ZipRealty as our best real estate apps of 2021. ZipRealty is a great option whether you want to sell or buy any property. This app will help to achieve your goal irrespective of anything. The key feature of ZipRealty is its augmented reality feature. One can use augmented reality to see daily updates about the available homes and upcoming open houses. Furthermore, you can physically draw the boundaries on the in-app map to specify the area. Similarly, using alerts and notifications one can keep himself updated all the time regarding their favorite properties. All these features make ZipRealty a great option for real estate search. 


1.What is a real estate app?

best real estate apps

Real estate apps can help you to dig deeper about the properties you are planning to buy or rent. One can buy or rent a property using a real estate app. The app enlists a bunch of properties after you specify your criteria such as location, property history, size in square feet, price, etc. One can easily search, sort and filter properties based on the species criteria through a real estate app. The app also features the agents of the property on the app so that you can directly connect to them through the app.

A real estate app will simplify the process of buying, renting and even selling extremely easy. Want to know more about trading strategies of real estate apps? Well check out our blog Mobile App Development for Digital Real Estate.

2.How to develop a Real Estate App?

top real estate apps

Developing a Real Estate app is a daunting task. There are so many intricate things one has to take care while developing an app for real estate business. A real estate app has different panels for customers, brokers and the admin. Henceforth, the app should be developed keeping in mind the needs and demands of all three. Additionally there are some advanced features that a real estate app must have in order to be effective for its users. Similarly the business and revenue model should be framed before the development of the app.

All this is not a one person job. There has to be a team of best developers to create strong & robust real estate app solutions. With Idea Usher you can develop a scalable app for your real estate business. So Contact Us Today! If you want to learn more about the nitty-gritty of developing a Real Estate App check out our blog Developing a mobile app for your real estate business.

Developing a Robust Real Estate App with Idea Usher

best real estate apps

We hope you like our blog Best Real Estate Apps of 2021. If you are looking to create a scalable Real Estate App then you happen to be at the right place. Idea Usher is a leading software development company that designs web based and mobile based solutions for you.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you to design, develop, publish and promote your Real Estate App. Check our Real Estate App portfolio to know everything about our services.

Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, Machine Learning, and complement them with human-centric UI/UX design to offer solutions that are futuristic and result-driven. Our services are not limited to just designing and developing your app. We offer our services post your app’s launch too. Furthermore, we will even help you form effective PR strategies to boost up your app’s performance in the market.

From design to development we have got you covered! Our team of best developers will guide you through each and every process of app development. We cater to all your needs and requirements to produce best customized solutions.

Contact us today to get your dream project started today! Do not forget to check out our portfolio to know more about us and our clients. Learn how to convert your site visitors to your clients by optimizing your website. Get our E-book for FREE today to unlock the secrets of successful conversions to boost up your business.


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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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