real estate investment app

real estate investment app

Real estate is one of the most booming industries to work in if one knack on it. Being a real estate investor is a job that requires passion and the need to seek excellent real estate investment opportunities. That being said, it is certainly not an easy task and requires a lot of dedication and effort. However, real estate investment can also be quite challenging. The competition is quite severe.  Investors know how to make correct choices for the investment. They also need to ensure the investment is beneficial for them.

So, where does a Real Estate Investment app fit into all this? Well, it’s not only a mapping app or a stock trading app, like Fidelity, but that can also help a real estate investor. There are several apps custom-made for real estate investment purposes. These apps can help in many aspects and save the need of having to juggle several apps. That being said, it is also true that all of these apps are not great. To get the best results, it is essential to work with the best real estate investment apps. Today, let us look at a few such real estate investment apps taking the market by storm!

12 Real Estate Investing App To Use in 2021

real estate app

What is a Real Estate Investment App?

A real estate investment app is essentially an app that enables the user to invest in different types of investment opportunities while saving their money and time. The apps use various features that are beneficial for the user and places them in one place for convenience and ease of use. There are not many well-defined apps per se that are entirely made for real estate investment. Whichever applications are out there, only a few can be the best out of them. 

1. DiversyFund

real estate investment app

DiversyFund is one of the most potent real estate investment apps that exist in the present scenario. DiversyFund intends to give access to real estate investment opportunities to people who may not have a lot of money for it. The aim is to create opportunities for investors to benefit in a meaningful way. The people who have money also have access to investment opportunities outside of the stock market that everyone is not aware of. DiversyFund intends to bring a change in that regard. 

By creating investment funds for private market assets that are higher in value, like real estate. DiversyFund gives regular investors the opportunity that they were deprived of as of yet. To ensure that their aim of providing access to every investor, DiversyFund does not have minimum net worth criteria. Their investment starts at a minimum of $500. They help bring the investor’s portfolio outside of the stock market and bond market by giving them alternate asset investment opportunities, thus diversifying the same. 

The user starts off by buying shares from the DF Growth REIT by DiversyFund, which is a public, non-listed investment trust. These REITs must submit annual audit reports to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, providing additional transparency to the users. Here, it is essential to acknowledge that DiversyFund reinvests all its dividends. Therefore, using this app should come with a long-term mindset as no benefit can be seen until the properties are sold off. Overall, DiversyFund is a tremendous real estate investing app for entry-level investors. 

2. Fundrise

real estate investment app

Fundrise is one of the leading real estate investment platforms that hails from Washington DC and was founded in the year 2012. Fundrise aims to make high-grade real estate investment opportunities available to people at large at an economical cost using technology. Having challenged the traditional real estate investment opportunities, Fundrise initially received a fair share of skepticism and rejection, yet still, they made their way to the top. 

Fundrise, being an online investment platform, pools assets through REITs and also offers eFunds. These pools enable investors to buy land, develop housing and then sell the same to potential customers. The investors need to buy a Fundrise portfolio to start the process. There are options such as Starter, Supplemental Income, Balanced Investment, or Long-term Growth. According to the plan chosen by the user, Fundrise determines the combination of eREITs and eFunds in each project and properties. 

Fundrise also offers premium accounts, which gives the users access to more diverse opportunities. 

  • The sign-up is very straightforward and takes a few minutes barely. 
  • The app now integrates with 3,500+ banks, including notable banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, and Charles Schwab
  • Ever since its launch in 2012, Fundrise has invested in more than $4 billion worth of real estate throughout the United States of America.
  • Presently, they manage more than $1 billion equity for approximately 130,000+ investors.

Fundrise is an excellent platform for beginners who take a keen interest in REIT.

3. Personal Capital

real estate investment app

Personal Capital is not a conventional real estate investment app. However, it is still essential for investors in many ways. Personal Capital tracks your income, net worth, and cash flow. The app does a tremendous job, gives accurate information, and lets investors know where they stand. The users can also link Personal Capital with other investment apps they are using for better results. Apart from the features mentioned earlier, there are also savings tools and analyzing tools that improve the user’s choices.

  • Personal Capital now has a client base of over 12 million individuals.
  •  26,000+ Investment clients in the United States.
  • They also hold around $1 trillion in assets

Personal Capital creates new opportunities for the clients with the help of integrated and innovative technology, tools, and offerings. Lastly, the platform is free to use and provides the users with utmost care. Overall, if one needs a forum solely dedicated to managing their finances, Personal Capital is one of the best choices to consider. 

4. Deal Check

real estate investment app

Deal Check was created in 2015 when the founder realized that investors have to rely on software and spreadsheets that are filled with outdated and inaccurate information to analyze investment opportunities. Even famous tools that required a ton of money were not flexible, updated, or had a cloud-based platform that any device can access. Thus, Deal Check was built to provide the users a straightforward and user-friendly tool to assist with real estate investment-oriented issues. 

Deal Check allows users to import several property data points, giving them access to properties, their description, list price, rent estimate, and more. The users can also configure multiple parameters and set filters to scout out their best-suited deals. Users can also view a property’s value, cash flow, cap rate, profit from the sale, acquisition cost, and a lot more. Lastly, Deal Check enables the user to calculate the highest price they can offer to sellers to get themselves a deal. These are just a few fantastic features of the platform. 

Now, Deal Check has over 150,000 individual investors, brokers, and wholesalers as active users who analyze different opportunities and investments through this platform. Thus, if you are someone who intends to do thorough research before investing, Deal Check is undoubtedly the best real estate investment app that you should check out!

5. Auction

real estate investment app

Auction is one of the most reliable and commendable platforms for people who are looking for good real estate investment apps. Auction believes that investors of this day and age require more control. They need better information, which is well researched, along with increased services and additional interaction. Auction thus combined their passion for real estate with technology and data science to create a transaction platform superior to many. The platform brings buyers and sellers together under one periphery for them to interact and decide. 

The platform engages buyers and sellers in an innovative way where both parties benefit heavily. The superior technology used to run the platform enables buyers to bid and buy properties. The same platform ensures the sellers get the best possible price for their property. The user-friendliness of the application allows users to buy and sell relatively quickly. Lastly, the sellers’ exposure is amplified, which gives the buyers a ton of options to consider investing upon.

  • So far, Auction has made $52 billion in sales. 
  • Auction has 6.3 million registered users
  • They have sold 451,000 properties and have 16,000+ properties on sale
  • Their team has more than 700+ employees

The future of this platform seems to be growing brighter and better. If we are talking about the best real estate investment apps, then an auction surely deserves a special place.

7. Landlord Studio

real estate investment app

Landlord Studio began as a personal tool for the founder when they were seeking better insight and clarity for their first real estate investment opportunity when they shifted countries. The impulsive decision of making this real estate investment app and putting it up on app-store yielded a lot of positive feedback and reaction. Because of which the founder decided to develop the idea further, and thus, Landlord Studio was created.

Landlord Studio is undoubtedly an all-rounder app for real estate investment apps. The app is not clunky or over-complicated, neither is it wholly manual or time-consuming. The app is straightforward in terms of being easy to use but provides excellent technology and efficiently manages individual financial needs through innovative tools. The users can automate essential tasks, set reminders, access cloud storage, manage contractors and financial reporting. 

One can securely import transaction details from the bank. The rent payment and expenses can be tracked through the app. Professional reports can be created for tax time as well. Lastly, one can record their mileage. Landlord Studio is undoubtedly one of the most efficient apps when it comes to finding the best tenants, which is one primary concern for an investor.

8. Redfin

real estate investment app

Redfin is one of the ideal applications that thinks of its customers first. Instead of just running ads for conventional brokers, Redfin attempted to redefine real estate investment by designing a platform that runs on technology and values that prioritized the customers first. Redfin connects with agents who are customer advocates and worked for the betterment of the real estate investment scenario. 

Events like a home tour, listing debut, escrow process are a lot faster and easier with the assistance of technology and thorough research. Consequently, making the experience enjoyable than stressful for the users. Additionally, the customers get to save a lot of money in fees and get an improved experience every time. The immensely broad database allows investors a huge set of options to chose from. 

The best part? One can put up their property for sale or rent in Redfin. The company truly prioritizes its users and wishes to enable a new system of real estate investment that will bring fresher ideas and opportunities to the table. 

  • Redfin presently has 95 markets across the United States of America.
  • Redfin has made $152 billion in home sales, and $1 billion in savings

If you are someone who wishes to have the convenience, opportunity, and empowerment of choice, then Redfin is undoubtedly the best real estate investment app for you to consider. 

9. Zillow

real estate investment app

Zillow is undoubtedly one of the most well-recognized names when it comes to real estate investment apps. Zillow is, in fact, one of the best real estate marketplaces that focus on ensuring that customers have data, information, knowledge, and inspiration when it comes to real estate investment. Zillow helps buy, sell, rent, finance, remodel, and a lot more for a property. 

Zillow has an active database of 110 million homes in the United States of America, including homes for sale, rent, and families that are not available in the market. Information such as home values and estimates, better known as zestimates in the Zillow community, are also quite beneficial to the users. One simply needs to create a listing and launch an alert. Zillow will do the rest. 

Zillow is undoubtedly one of the more convenient apps that assists the user every step of the way when it comes to their property. For investors, it is a good source of data and information regarding investment opportunities in various neighborhoods.

10. Origin Investments

real estate investment app

Origin investment began out as a tool to protect the investor’s wealth. Coming right to the catch, the transparency that Origin Investments show is unmatched. There are no hidden fees, no legal loopholes, or any form of miscommunication whatsoever. Origin Investments believes that a good partnership only succeeds if both the partners win in the end—the aim to do precisely that with their company and the relationship they share with the investors. 

Origin Investments provides its users with tax efficiency, diversity, and low volatility. By vetting and screening public REITs, they filter out only those opportunities that fit their strict investment criteria. The real estate investment app also enables the users to encash on the expertise brought about by real estate professionals so that they can create an appealing real estate portfolio. The user needs to spare a couple of minutes to barely speak about their net worth, risk tolerance, and personal information. Lastly, the user can monitor the portfolio entirely and track the shift in balance as time passes by.

The company seeks opportunities that serve the best purpose for not just them but also their clients. 

  • Since its launch in 2007, Origin has expanded its partners by 500% over the last fund’s capital-raising period. 
  • Origin Investments has a 30% average gross, $56 million principal co-investments, and $2 billion worth of transactions executed.

Origins are undoubtedly one of the best real estate investment apps if transparency and clarity are essential to you. 

11. Roofstock

real estate investment app

Roofstock is an exceptional and innovative real estate investment app that uses artificial intelligence. The app was created when the founders realized that the majority of the apps that are presently available for public use are backdated. The real estate industry could do a lot better with fresher usage of technology. The marketplace is cost-effective and active, which believes in transparency and user-friendliness. The company aims at making real estate investment easily accessible and straightforward. 

Roofstock is a platform for every investor, even if they are new in real estate investment or have been around for some time. The real estate investment app allows its users to analyze, purchase, or invest in real estate properties. The company operates on a global level, and one can own property from any part of the world where Roofstock has access. The company is equipped with the most brilliant minds of the Silicon Valley, some of the best from the real estate investment field, and the best possible technology. 

Another notable factor about Roofstock is the impeccable customer service it has to offer. 

  • Roofstock has so far achieved more than $2 billion in transactions.
  • 70+ markets, and more than 200 active investors

The overall experience of this platform is fantastic and certainly, worth a shot. If your aim is to benefit from real estate investment apps and want a sure-shot option to consider, then Roofstock is just the app you have been looking for!

12. CrowdStreet

real estate investment app

CrowdStreet is a relatively well-known real estate investment app. Much like Zillow, CrowdStreet is also a company that has been around and has made its mark in the real estate investment sector. CrowdStreet is one such platform that allows investors to gain direct access to the database of commercial real estate investment opportunities. Consequently, the platform also gives the investor the power to compare, analyze, review, and realize different investment options and choose the best one for themselves as per their investment needs. 

The managed fund and advisory services department offers investors similar privileges. However, they usually cater to their users’ portfolios, making it all the more accessible for the users to invest without an issue. 

  • As of 2019, CrowdStreet has received more than $74 million in the distribution of commercial real estate investments
  • Thousands of investors used the CrowdStreet platform to invest $1billion+ in several deals, earning plenty more from the distribution. 

The company has sealed 473 important deals and has raised $1.69 billion in the capital, and has $197 million in investor distribution. The current investment opportunities are beneficial and ever-growing. Conscious investors who want a good and efficient marketplace should make CrowdStreet their first choice when picking a real estate investment app for themselves. 

13. Streitwise

real estate investment app

Streitwise is another real estate investment platform that is somewhat underrated. However, with time, Streitwise is gaining popularity and the recognition it deserves. Streitwise is a real estate investment company that allows its users to invest in commercial real estate properties. Federally registered offerings made available on an online platform works as a medium for these investments. Streitwise enables investors, accredited and non-accredited alike, to make passive income while getting access to several real estate assets’ professionally managed portfolios.

Streitwise combines properties that are institutional grade with highly skilled and experienced management. Combine that with the number one lowest fee structure in all the qualified real estate crowdfunding platforms. The founders of Streitwise believe that every investor should have access to high-grade real estate to invest in. They wanted to break the wealthy and accredited investors’ system taking the cream and the other investors having to pay hefty fees to get even a decent property. Giving every investor equal advantage and thus, doing a great favor to the real estate investment community.

  • Streitwise has had the highest dividend yields at 8.4%
  • They have generated a 9.57% annualized dividend at an average since the time they have been launched. 
  • Streitwise’s strategy has even helped their sponsors generate an average annual return worth 30.4% when it comes to their realized investments.

Streitwise is changing the game, one investment at a time. If an investor is looking for an innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use platform to make passive incomes out of their assets, then Streitwise is undoubtedly the way to go!

How to Choose The Best Real Estate Investment App?

real estate app

It is essential to make sure that the real estate investment app you are using is doing good for you. There are several kinds of real estate investment apps, not all are fit to meet your needs. Having one app that can do many things eliminates the need to have countless apps crowding your device and over-complicating your system. To choose one app that is the best for you, certain factors need to be considered. 

What are Your Aspirations From The App?

What are your goals and needs that you expect the app to fulfill for you? To know if an app is right for you, you should also know if the app serves your needs ultimately or not. The best apps are often hard to find, but the task is not that difficult with a good idea about precisely what you need. 

How Organized Are You?

Believe it or not, how organized you are playing a detrimental role in the app you choose. Certain people need more than one app for one need. For such people, being organized is necessary; otherwise, the whole process will be jeopardized. Especially when it comes to investment and financing, this is a silly risk to take. Furthermore, if you are organized, you can handle more than one app at the same time and thus compare which app is the best for you. 

Is The App Boosting Your Efficiency?

The purpose of any app is to make your life better. A real estate investment app should be doing the same. The app should make sure you don’t have to waste any time on the sites or to calculate taxes. If this app does not increase your efficiency and productivity, then this is not the right app for you. It is also really important to note that the user-friendliness of the app plays a huge role in how this app can be beneficial to you. Make a choice based on how convenient it is for you and how effective it is in making your life better.

How Can You Make a Real Estate Investment App?

real estate app

Real estate investment apps are indeed a need of the hour. That being said, not many are available for the masses to use. So, making a real estate investment app is a beautiful way to go if you want your app to be beneficial for people as well as yourself. 


To start, have a clear idea about what your real estate investment app is going to be. Different types of apps can be made. One that exclusively manages money, one that updates you of the several listings, one that manages portfolios, and a lot more. You can even make an app with all these features. So, the vision must be clear and solid. You may be wondering, “I have an app idea, what next?” let’s find out!

Recruitment of The Development Team

Moving on, it is essential to recruit a good development team. A good team with highly skilled, experienced, and cooperative individuals can be very beneficial to app building. Their understanding of this field can also give you a better insight into the best way to execute your plans. 


Research plays an essential role in every app development process, and a real estate investment app is no different. The target market, their needs, what the competition is doing, how your product can be better are the factors that should influence the research, and based on the data collected, and one should move on to build the app. 

Building The App

While building the app, the most crucial aspect to remember is the user-friendliness. The software, the design, and the user experience should be top-notch so that the users enjoy the app and its features. The features should be easy to access, understand, and use. Lastly, the developed product must be tested with a chunk of the target market. The reaction to this prototype should be considered and used to make the app even better. 

Product Management

After launching the finished product, the task is not over. The team needs to be on the constant look-out to see if their products are facing any issues. Regular updates should be made so that the app stays relevant even when the market dynamics shift. This is called Product Management, and it is an essential aspect to keep in mind.

Ending Note

Real estate is a sector that keeps flourishing endlessly. The fact that technology is gradually getting involved in the different aspects of real estate goes ahead to prove that things are modernizing. Now is a better time than ever to tap into this market and make an excellent real estate investment app. The real estate investment app industry is in its infancy. Creating an app right now will assure one comprehensive benefits. It might also be a stepping stone towards revolutionizing the system.

At Idea Usher, we believe in such big dreams and ideas. We would love to lend our experience, skills, and knowledge to make this dream a reality. So, if you are on the lookout for the best team to help you, look no further. Just contact us, and let’s get started!

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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