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Food delivery apps have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Their demand has further sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Since many people were locked into their homes, takeaways and food delivery services gained massive popularity. Today there are tones of different online food delivery service apps available across the nation. But which one is best for you, depending on your location and preferences? Well, you needn’t worry. We have amalgamated a list of Best Online Food Delivery Service Apps of 2021. This list has based on several factors such as location, type of restaurants listed on the app, and overall customer service. So the next time you order your favorite food, you know the right spot to order it from! 

Best Online Food Delivery Apps – A quick Comparison

best online food delivery apps

Thanks to the amazing on-demand food delivery apps we can devour our favorite delicacies sitting at our homes. With just a few taps on our mobile screens we can order our favorite cuisine and enjoy it without having to go anywhere. We have considered many factors to draw this conclusion. The factors that we have considered are as follows: Location where the app offers services, its delivery service, number of cuisines and restaurants enlisted within the app and finally overall customer ratings.

So let us finally have a look at the best online food delivery service apps of 2021.

1. Grubhub


On the top of our list of best online food delivery service apps is Grubhub. It is one of the most popular online food delivery apps in the USA. Grubhub offers services in over 1,100 cities and offers local food deliveries and restaurant takeaways from more than 50,000 restaurants. Grubhub is the 5th most installed online food delivery service apps in the US. It allows users to search for their favorite cuisine and provides restaurant menus to order from, based on their preferences. 

The app offers services from more than 50,000 restaurants to choose from with a customized search process. Another key feature is that it allows users to order food up to 4 days in advance. Grubhub has all the essential elements of an online food delivery service app such as PayPal support, Android Pay, ratings, basic search, etc.

The app is absolutely free to download. However, some restaurants charge a delivery fee or deliver orders only above a certain amount. To conclude, Grubhub is an excellent food delivery app. You can get your favorite food ordered at your doorstep with just a click on your mobile.

2. Doordash


Next on our list of best online food delivery service apps is Doordash. It is the most loved food delivery app in the US. It offers its services in more than 1200 cities in the US as well as Canada. Doordash is the most downloaded app in the US, with more than 7 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019. According to a survey, Doordash’s market share has expected to rise to 15% by 2022 in the USA. In December 2020 alone Doordash has made about half of the food deliveries sales in the USA. These numbers speak for themselves. Doordash is the most loved food delivery app of the US.

The app further boasts itself in offering the widest and the most extensive variety of restaurant chains and more than 110,000 menus. Doordash offers its customers to get a subscription to DashPass for just $9.99 per month. DashPass enables customers to avail free deliveries and further reduced charges on all orders.

The most unique aspect of Doordash is its scoring system. The scoring system enables users to rate all the restaurants based on multiple factors such as popularity, delivery time, and customer reviews, and overall customer service. Furthermore, the scoring system helps new customers to find the best quality restaurants in their area. Similarly, Doordash also enables users to track their food delivery in real-time through the in-app tracker.

Another critical feature of DoorDash is it does not cap a limit on the minimum order amount. However, it does charge a high service fee sometimes. Furthermore, the service fee rises during peak hours. People enjoy using the app due to the quick delivery service, real-time tracking, and exceptional customer service.

3. UberEats


Number third on our list of best online food delivery service apps is UberEats. UberEats has ranked as the second most installed app in the US. It had over 4.5 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019. UberEats offers its services in more than 500 cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles.

UberEats is best known for its exceptional usability and browsing-friendliness. In December 2020, UberEats made about 22% of food delivery sales in the US. UberEats has a fair share in the food delivery market in the US. Furthermore, this share has expected to rise even more by 2022. UberEats has gained popularity from the Uber app, used for taxi booking. As a result of which, UberEats allows its customers to use their Uber profile to order food on the app.

Some other added perks of UberEats include its wide reachability. It not only offers services in big cities but also in the countryside. However, there is a delivery fee that UberEats charges. The delivery fee is 10%, with the minimum amount being $5. Furthermore, there are various discounts and coupon codes that users can avail themselves of to get additional discounts. 

Furthermore, UberEats also provides deliveries from grocery stores in addition to restaurants. Similarly, some of the other vital features of UberEats include the filters that let you choose your cuisine type, dietary requirements, ethnicity, etc. consequently, offering a personalized experience to its customers. To conclude, UberEats is a fantastic option for all the food lovers out there. With their personalized and quick service, UberEats is one of our top online food delivery service apps top choices.

4. Postmates


Next on our list of best food delivery apps is Postmates. The key feature that makes Postmates stand out from its peers is that it delivers food and literally anything from tens of thousands of retail stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. One can get anything he wants to be delivered to his doorsteps using Postmates. Consequently, making Postmates a much-loved app in the US.

Postmates offers its services in more than 3000 cities across all the states of the United States. However, the only drawback is its limited reachability. Postmates does not partner with any restaurants and food chains; thus, the customers are just limited to order by their area. According to a source, as of July 2020, Postmates had the highest number of sales in Los Angeles. 

Furthermore, Postmates charges a delivery fee for all the orders. The delivery fee further rises during peak hours. This fee is known as Blitz Pricing Fees. However, Postmates enables its users to buy a Plus Unlimited Plan for free delivery for $10. However, there is a catch: it only lets you avail free delivery from a few stores and restaurants, that too when the order is above $20. The ordinary delivery fee often ranges from $1.99 – $3.99 for the Partner Merchants (green check) and $5.99 – $9.99 for all the other merchants. 

To conclude, Postmates is a great online food delivery service option if you want to order food around your area. It offers great service which is quick and efficient. Check out our next blog to know more about Postmates’ Business Model and Funding Timeline.


On number five, we have It was founded back in 2004, which makes it one of the oldest operating food delivery service platforms. has its headquarters in New York, and it offers its services across 100 cities in the US. has over 13,000 merchants and around 3 million active users across the country.

Just like Postmates, you can order groceries, food, and other home services using Furthermore, you can even order alcohol via this platform. So the next time you need a chilled can of beer, will bring it for you! Additionally, gives you points on every order that you make on it. Customers can further redeem these points for discounts, free deliveries, and even for donations for charity.

Another perk of using this app is that it does not charge any delivery fee. However, there may be some delivery charge from the restaurant’s side or even maybe a condition for minimum orders. Furthermore, partners with a lot of other organizations such as LevelUp and WeWork to offer other home services. 

Talking about the app’s features- the app has a wonderful interface with smart and easy navigation through all its panels. Furthermore, the app even recommends restaurants and food types based on your previous orders. Everything on the app is well categorized, making it very convenient for the users to navigate through all the available options.

6. Instacart


On number six of our list we have Instacart. Instacart was founded in 2012; it has completely transformed the food and grocery delivery industry since then. This app has completely revolutionized the way people shop for these items. We can categorize Instacart as a food and grocery delivery app. Instacart, as the name suggests, is known to deliver groceries instantly (within the same day). You need to have a grocery list, and that’s it. All the grocery items will get delivered to you within an hour. Currently, Instacart offers its services in all the 50 states of the US and nine provinces in Canada. However, it is currently unavailable in Quebec, Canada.

Instacart is the go-to app if you want your groceries to be at your doorsteps instantly. However, the delivery fee is relatively high on Instacart. The delivery charge is about $6 for every order. Furthermore, the app also offers a subscription for $150 for a whole year.

In addition to delivering groceries, Instacart also delivers alcohol and other household items. It also offers several discount coupons to its customers. You can also further read about the Instacart Business Model Canvas and Revenue Strategy. To conclude, Instacart is an excellent app for grocery shopping. It will definitely make your life easier and more manageable.

7. GoPuff


On number seventh of our best online food delivery service apps, we have GoPuff. It is available in more than 650 cities in the US. To be specific, GoPuff is more focused on delivering snacks, ice creams, drinks, and similar items to your doorstep than being a food delivery app. GoPuff is more like a digital convenience store rather than a dedicated food delivery app. Furthermore, GoPuff has a strong presence in the Midwest and Southern U.S. cities. It promises to deliver your product within 30 minutes.

GoPuff charges a delivery fee of flat $1.95, which is actually quite reasonable considering its quick and efficient service. Talking about apps, the app enables the customers to search for the products either by their names or the brand names. The app also makes a list of all the ordered products in case you want to order them again in the future. Additionally, the app even enables the customers to pre-order items to receive a fresh delivery at any particular time.

Other perks of using GoPuff are its redeemable prizes, excellent customer support, and availability of multiple payment options. GoPuffs allows you to order almost anything and everything at your doorsteps. To conclude, GoPuff is a great option if you want to order anything quickly at your door.

Key features of an Online Food Delivery Service App

best online food delivery service

Developing an online food delivery app is not an easy task. There are a lot of intricate things that you must take care of while working on developing a food delivery app. Want to know more about developing a food delivery app and vital features to include in it? Check out our blog Must have features of online food delivery apps. In this next segment of our blog we will have a quick look at all the important attributes that Online Food Delivery Service Apps must have.

So let us begin! 

Online food delivery service apps have three panels- Customer panel, Admin panel and the Delivery Agent Panel. Let us first have a look at the customers panel.

Customers Panel

  • Quick and Easy Registration
  • Personalized Profiles
  • Real time Food Tracking
  • Reviewing Restaurant Profile
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Delivery Agent Contact Details
  • In-app Chat Support/ Digital Assistants
  • Reviewing Order History
  • Push Notifications
  • Discounts and Promotional Offers

Admin Panel

  • Easy Registration and Profile Management
  • Smart Admin Panel
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Efficient order Management
  • Real-time Updates from Delivery Agents
  • Discount and Promotional Offers Management

Delivery Agent Panel

  • Quick Registration
  • GPS Tracker
  • View Delivery History
  • Efficient Order Handling
  • Contact Details of Customer
  • Payment Handling via Wallet Feature

These were some of the key attributes of a Food Delivery App for Customer, Admin and Delivery Agent Panel. These features will surely make your app more scalable and productive.

Cost of Developing an Online Food Delivery App

food delivery service

In this next segment of our blog let us have a look at the cost of developing a food delivery app. We have to consider a lot of other factors to find out the actual cost of development.

These factors include Geographical location, Target Platform(Android or iOS), Integrated Technologies, and Features. Developing an app in the USA or Europe is relatively higher than creating an app anywhere else. Similarly, if your target platform is both Android and Apple, the cost of development would be higher in that Case. The more advanced features, the more will be the cost of development.

Apart from UI/UX designing and front and back end development, testing tools also costs a lot. The cost of developing an app also depends on the fact that if it is a Native app or a Hybrid app. Want to know more about native and hybrid apps? And which is better for your business? Check out our detailed comparison of Native and Hybrid apps to learn more.

Considering all the factors the cost of developing a Food Delivery App with all the features is around $30000 to $40000. 

But if budget is your constraint, then you need not to worry. With Idea Usher, you can create innovative online food delivery service apps within your budget without compromising on quality. 

Create a stellar Food Delivery App with Idea Usher

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Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, Machine Learning, and complement them with human-centric UI/UX design to offer solutions that are futuristic and result-driven.

Our services are not just limited to just designing and developing your app. We offer our services post your app’s launch too. Furthermore, we will help you to form effective PR strategies to boost up your app’s performance in the market.

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Our Two Cents

We hope you like our blog Top 10 Online Food Delivery Service Apps. There are several food delivery apps available out there. But considering all the factors such as- location accessibility, delivery fee, number of restaurants enlisted, and overall customer service, Grubhub and Doordash are the best online food delivery apps in the United States. Both the apps provide stellar customer service and enlist a wide range of cuisines. Also, both the apps offer their services across the US. You can easily access all the options listed on the app since the apps are very user-friendly. All the restaurants and cuisines are well categorized to sort and filter quickly and conveniently.

We hope that now you have got your answer regarding the best food delivery app. So the next time you order your favorite Thai Curry, you know where to order it from!

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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