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Build Successful Apps that Break the Charts

With the whole world at their fingertips, customers have a huge appetite for convenience. If you are smart, you are already cashing on this trend. And if you weren’t yet, Enter The Market Right Now!

New apps are flowing in the market every day and earning the big bucks. The mobile app market is growing, and it’s growing fast, with no intention of slowing down. 

As per Statista, the app market is projected to generate more than $935 billion US dollars in 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Cash in!

Idea Usher’s App Developers are here with the secrets to build successful apps in 2021. (But, don’t tell anyone)

What Kind of App Can You Build?

Before you get into the process of making an app you need to answer a few essential questions. One of the most important questions being, “What will your app do?”

You need to define the basic purpose of your app, and then you can let the idea take form. Your app could be a gaming app, a social media app, or an entertainment app. In a nutshell, it can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it creates unique value for your consumers.

So, what app do you think people spend most of their time on?

A survey by Statista reflects consumers spent a chunk of their hours on a social media and connection app. This was followed by video streaming and gaming apps in 2019.  

Successfull app Usage

Let’s have a closer look at the above-mentioned niches. So, you can build a successful app that earns billions:

Social Media and Networking Apps

Social Media Apps have become a large part of our lives, with people spending most of their hours on them, socializing, and networking. Apps like Facebook and Snapchat, with their unique features, have found a place in thousands of users’ phones in a matter of a few years. 

Wanna know the secret of their success?

They keep a close eye on users’ preferences. Learning what they want and bestowing upon them exactly that! 

Gaming Apps

What is your stress buster after you are done with work or studying?

Gaming on your phone, isn’t it?

As of 2017, there were 200 million active users of gaming apps in the U.S. alone. Moreover, these numbers are constantly rising, especially, amidst the global pandemic. The demand is rising, opening up room for you to develop and grow.  

The best part about a gaming app like Clash of Clans or PUBG is that you can earn billions of dollars through in-app purchases alone. 

Video Streaming Apps

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim had a breakthrough idea of sharing videos online and had over 2 million users only within a few months of the website’s inception. 

The company we are talking about is YouTube. Today, the app that earns billions was based on a concept no one could even imagine to be as big.

Especially during the times of pandemic, the hours spent on video streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime has multiplied by ten folds. 

Educational Apps

Another category of successful apps in 2021 you can branch into is Educational Apps. With the pandemic at hand and the schools shut down, the Edtech sector is witnessing a spurt of growth. 

These apps allow easy access to learning, making the process enjoyable and constructive. Furthermore, these apps are embraced by teachers, students, and parents alike. As they offer a multitude of features, resulting in higher efficiency of all the people involved. 

Lifestyle Apps 

This is probably the widest category on this list. These apps usually serve a very specific purpose, providing a solution to a wide variety of problems. From fitness and workout, e-commerce to fashion, virtual fitting room, and even weight loss fall into this category. 

These are the best money making apps in the market. 

Have a unique digital solution to a problem faced by billions of people? Viola! You have a breakthrough app idea. 

Most Successful Apps of 2021

Let’s have a look at the most successful apps in 2020. 


TikTok is one of the most downloaded social media apps of 2021. With over 2 billion downloads globally.


Initially, the app was launched to entertain the Gen Z population of the world. However, amidst the COVID-19 induced pandemic, the app saw a surge in users from every age group. 

As people sitting at home find ways to entertain themselves. TikTok offers them a platform that is an amalgamation of social media and video streaming. 

Due to the increasing popularity of TikTok, companies are now using the platform for marketing. The app offers an opportunity to grow by creating organic content or paid TikTok Ads. 


The pandemic took a toll on businesses all over the world, but it has surely been good for the app market. With a lot of time at their hands people are spending more and more time on streaming apps like YouTube

You tube Successful apps

In May 2020, YouTube was the most downloaded streaming app worldwide, with over 29.3 million installs.

It is a treasure of news and entertainment for the people. The app creates a seamless experience for users. They can simply download the app, sign up via their google account, and watch millions of videos for free. 

The app is easy to use. Moreover, it offers a platform for creators and businesses to advertise their products. They can reach millions of potential customers. 


Amazon is one of the biggest multinational tech giant that offers a wide variety of services. Including eCommerce, video streaming, digital e-wallet, and much more. It, truly, uses technology and innovation in the best way possible.


Amazon eCommerce allows a seamless shopping experience with multiple other features including Money Transfer, Bill payment, UPI, and whatnot. With its advanced features, the app is quick and easy to use. 

Further, it offers services in over 200 countries. Amazon is the most used eCommerce platform all over the world. 


People want to stay connected, and what’s the best way to do that but Facebook?

Facebook App

Facebook has been on the top of the social media app list ever since its inception. With its launch in 2004, it was the coolest app idea and was instantly loved by people all over the world. 

According to Statista, Facebook has consistently been in the list of top 10 apps, both in the App Store and Google Play Store. In fact, you will find all the apps in the Facebook family on this list of the most successful apps of 2021. 


Social media apps have experienced continuous growth in the past decade. As of July 2020, Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform with over 2 billion downloads. 

Whatsapp Successful apps

Whatsapp is probably the one app on everyone’s smartphone today. People of all ages across the world use WhatsApp as their primary chatting platform. 

It is highly accessible, as it allows secure communication between international users. The data shared on the app is subject to end-to-end encryption and is thus, favored by people over other messaging apps. 


And another one of Facebook family apps on the list! Messenger Successful Apps

Text messaging is a thing of the past. Modern consumers prefer online messaging apps like WhatsApp and messenger nowadays. 

Whatsapp might be the most used app in the rest of the world. However, the U.S. population prefers messaging with Facebook’s Messenger. The app reported 2 million average monthly downloads in 2020. 


Gen Z and millennials are on the internet 24X7. And, Instagram is their favorite social media app. It has consistently been one of the most successful apps among users.


The main reason for the app’s success is the continuous addition of advanced and interactive features that keep users glued. The app launched it’s latest feature, Reels, in direct competition with TikTok. In the light of TikTok’s latest ban, Instagram might just win this battle. 

Instagram is generating revenue with speed. It most likely has the highest average ad income from an app.  


Yes, we know this is the most unexpected app on the list. However, it has witnessed a boom in downloads in 2020.

Zoom Online app 

We are all stuck at home, and zoom is the only thing connecting us with our teachers or work. With the pandemic at door, video conferencing apps are becoming popular as people find ways to connect with each other. 

As of April 2020, Zoom saw over 300 million daily participants and reported 2.13 million daily downloads in the month of March. 


In this pandemic, people have spent most of their time watching movies, TV Shows, and documentaries at on-demand video streaming apps. The most popular amongst these is Netflix!

Netflix successful apps

The platform has the biggest inventory of the latest content across multiple genres. You can get access to this ever-expanding library at monthly subscription plans. 

It is the most popular video streaming app amongst Americans, with over 182 million paying subscribers in Q1 of 2020.  


33% of all apps made are gaming apps. People like to spend a lot of their free time gaming on mobile phones. A lot of them say, it relaxes them after a tiring day and puts their mind to rest. 

Pubg Successful Apps

A lot of these people are spending a large chunk of their time playing Tencent’s PUBG. The app was an instant success after its launch in 2018. It has reached millions of players and today is the most successful gaming app in the world. 

In June of 2020, the gaming app reported 735 million downloads worldwide. Most of them coming from India, China, and the U.S.

It is pretty evident that pandemic-induced lockdown was good for the app business. And, some of the most unexpected apps found themselves in the limelight this year. 

The year has been full of surprises. Have an app idea? A mobile game idea that can earn millions?

Get to work!

Let’s Get Started

The mobile app market is versatile. If you can build an app that follows the latest trends and creates value for customers. Voila! You have the perfect elixir for success. The first thing you need is a breakthrough idea with the potential to take the market by the swarm. Do you have plenty of cool iOS app ideas? 

Then, what are you waiting for? Learn from these top-grossing apps and build the next apps that break the charts today!!

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We got you!

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We are a pioneering app development company with years of experience. Our team of expert tech developers and innovative marketing wizards will build you one of the most successful apps in 2021. 

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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