10 Best Money Making Apps 2020

Did you know that you can earn extra money with your smartphone? Whether you want to pay your bills, save for an upcoming special event, or simply need an additional source of income, money making apps can help you earn some extra cash fast.  We have reviewed the top money making apps and come up with a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Money Making Apps 2021.

After looking at their overview, pros, and cons, we’re sure you will be prepared with new ways and strategies to make some extra money with a few clicks and taps on your smartphone or tablet. 

Here are the 10 best apps to make money fast: 

  • SurveyJunkie 

SurveyJunkie is one of the best apps to make money fast. The concept is simple. It allows you to take online surveys, and in return, they offer you virtual points that are paid out in cash via PayPal or e-Gift Cards. 

SurveyJunkie – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • Share your opinion and help brands deliver better products and services to their customers.
    • Answers are completely anonymous.
    • Surveys pay up to $50. 
    • You can complete a survey within 5 to 7 minutes. 
    • Eligible only for Australia, UK, and US users. 
    • You need to earn a minimum of $10 to receive a payout. However, this will only take a day or two.
  • Swagbucks 

Swagbucks offers plenty of ways to make money. Apart from providing tens and hundreds of paid survey opportunities every day, it also allows its users to earn a few more bucks via shopping, watching videos, playing online games, and browsing the internet. 

Swagbucks – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • Provides various deals for Amazon, PayPal, Freecharge, Target, Starbucks, Walmart, and other leading retailers.
    • Answers are completely anonymous. 
    • Has an Intuitive platform. 
    • Sometimes the cash pay-out can take a few days.
    • Lower pay-out for watching videos. 
  • Acorns 

Acorns offer a platform that has simplified the way millennials and young adults invest their money. You can connect your debit or credit card to your Acorns account, and it would save the spare change left from day-to-day purchases so that you can invest it later. 

Once your account balance reaches $5, you can start investing the money. When your invested spare change has reached a higher value, you can choose to transfer the funds from your Acorns account to your bank account. 

Acorns – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • You can invest as low as $1 per month.
    • Offers bank-level security.
    • Provides detailed articles and videos to help you understand everything about investments.
    • Offers multiple pricing options.
    • Has a support team of qualified advisors. 
    • High-fee on small account balances. 
    • Small investment portfolio. 
  • InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a cash rewards website/application that pays its users to sign up for multiple money-making services. The company offers $5 as a bonus for first-time subscribers. It offers several ways to earn money, including surveys, games, videos, coupons, paid shopping (commission), and paid email (commission).

InboxDollars – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • $5 bonus upon creating an account.
    • Easy to use website and application.
    • Offers multiple ways to earn and save money. 
    • It takes up to two weeks to get paid. 
    • You need to earn a minimum of $30 to receive a payout.
  • Airbnb

You can rent out your empty property and earn instant cash with Airbnb. Sounds great, right? 

The process is simple. Furthermore, You can list your property on the Airbnb website and reach millions of people. You can start earning as soon as you get a booking. Add Airbnb to your list of money making apps today and earn a passive income easily. 

Airbnb – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • Free listings.
    • Offers protection for your home and belongings – it covers every booking with $1M in property damage protection and $1M in insurance against accidents.
    • You can earn more money by offering other services such as dining, transportation, cultural activities, and local tours.
    • No need to spend on marketing and advertising.
    • Potential damage and inconvenience.
    • Airbnb charges hosts a service fee of at least 3% for each reservation.
  • Capital One Shopping (Formerly known as Wikibuy) 

Saving money is making money. 

Capital One Shopping (Wikibuy) enables you to compare prices among various online retailers, find coupon codes, and shop from websites and stores at the cheapest rates. 

You can easily earn credits on your purchases and redeem them for gift cards. Similarly, with its intuitive features, you can also scan barcodes and find stores that sell the same product at a cheaper price. 

Capital One Shopping – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • Notifies the buyer if the same product is available at a cheaper price on some other website. 
    • You can save more while checking out via their promo codes. 
    • Earn redeemable credits and bonus rewards.
    • The website/application sometimes displays expired coupons and promo codes.
    • It collects a lot of data.
  • Paribus

Doesn’t it feel awful when a product goes on sale right after you’ve purchased it? Well, now you can get a refund for the difference with Paribus. 

The process is simple. All you need to do is provide your email address associated with your online shopping receipts. The application will then scan those receipts and will refund you the difference. You just need to ensure that the particular retailer you purchased your product from is listed in the application. Paribus currently enlists 25+ major retailers, including Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, Gap, Staples, Bloomingdale’s, and Amazon. 

Paribus – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • No hidden costs and commissions.
    • You can also get compensated for late deliveries.
    • Safe and easy to use.
    • You need to grant access to your email account. 
  • MyPoints

Mypoints is one of the original money making apps that lets you shop online and earn gift cards. Established in 1996, MyPoints has allowed its members to earn $300 million via gift cards.

The different ways you can earn points as a MyPoints member are Cashback for online shopping, Featured Offers/Discounts, Coupon Codes, MyPoints Grocery Coupons, MyPoints Surveys, MyPoints Videos, MyPoints Games, and Travel Deals.

MyPoints – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • Complete five surveys and earn $5.
    • Receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card upon your first purchase of $20 or more.
    • Multiple methods of earning rewards points.
    • Easy-to-use mobile application.
    • The sign-up process can get a bit complicated.
    • The website/application may show redundant offers. 
  • Ibotta

The Ibotta app is unique when it comes to providing cashback rewards.

Instead of shopping via a direct link, you can also shop at physical stores and pay via the application. You can then upload the receipts on the app to get rewards. Although the Ibotta network is not as vast as other money making apps, it sure does cover many big retailers and brands such as Target, Walmart, GAP, Domino’s, Walgreens, and Booking.com.

Ibotta is offering a $20 welcome bonus to new app users who make a qualifying purchase.

Ibotta – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:

    • 100% free to join. 
    • Offers a $20 welcome bonus to new app users who make a qualifying purchase.
    • Quick cash pay-outs.
    • Easy-to-use mobile application.
    • Slow customer service.
    • Only links with major retailers and huge brands.
  • Postmates

Postmates is a great way to earn an additional income. It is an on-demand delivery services company, which offers a platform where customers and delivery agents can connect. 

You can be a full-time worker here or just make it your side hustle to get paid. However, there are some prerequisites to becoming a delivery driver. Additionally, you need to be a minimum of 18 years of age, own a smartphone, and pass the background check. There’s no vehicle requirement. You can deliver the products by car, bike, scooter, cycle, or even on foot. 

Postmates – “Best Money Making Apps 2021” Pros and Cons:


    • You can earn money for delivery, miles traveled, and time spent waiting to collect the order. 
    • Furthermore, you can earn additionally by completing challenges, such as completing a set number of orders within an hour.
    • Also, you can keep 100% of the tips to yourself.
    • Some feel that the income is too low. ($10 – $20 per hour, depending upon variables such as location, order size, time of placing/delivering the order)
    • You need to be 18 years of age.

And with this, we’ve covered all the money making apps in our list of 10 Best Money Making Apps 2021. 

Everyone is taking advantage of these applications, so what are you waiting for? Download these applications and start earning today! 

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