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The global coronavirus outbreak has been a major cause of concern for people around the world since the past few weeks.

More than 500,000 people in 199 countries have been infected so far.

And to contain it from spreading further, countries have been put under lockdown.

Governments have asked people to stay indoors and avoid gathering in any public places.

This has put almost all industry operation under question, and industry professionals are thinking of solutions that would allow them to continue operations without compromising human lives.

This is where machines can come in handy, especially drones.

Drones can be used to provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing.

Now is the ideal time to see what drones can be used to support humans in battling coronavirus.

Here are a few ways they can be used.

Ways in which drones can be utilized

1. Hands free delivery

As COVID-19 is highly contagious, it is safer if human-to-human contact is minimized as much as possible.

However, people quarantined at their homes require delivery of food or medical supplies even during lockdown.

And without human delivery agents, the people locked indoors may lose out on receiving their commodities during this difficult time.

Using drones can help solve this problem.

Not only does this prevent human delivery drivers to any exposure, they are faster.

According to a report from GPS World, drone delivery reduces transportation speed by 50% as compared to normal delivery methods.

Drones are already being used in several industries due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Japanese company Terra Drone have been using drones to safely transport medical supplies from Xinchang County’s disease control center to the Xinchang County People’s Hospital.

2. Surveillance

Apart from the doctors and nurses, police and army personnel have been deployed across cities to ensure that people remain indoors.

They are also at risk of getting infected and infecting their families.

Fortunately, drones also afford the possibility of remote surveillance.

The operator can maneuver the drones from a remote location, removing any possibility of contamination.

They have been used for this purpose already.

Shenzhen company MicroMultiCopter has used more than 100 drones to patrol areas and observe and manage crowds and traffic in many Chinese cities more efficiently.

They can also be used to identify people not wearing masks in public spaces.

Using thermal sensors, drones can also identify people with elevated body temperatures in crowds, which could indicate that they have the virus.

3. Public service

Apart from the delivery and surveillance, drones can be utilized in several other ways for the benefit of the public.

As drones are mobile and can reach more places than traditional loudspeakers, they can be used to broadcast information to a larger area.

They can also be used to sanitize entire areas more quickly than traditional workers.

These flying machines can spray disinfectants in public places, which is especially beneficial now.

Not only does it prevent workers coming in contact with the virus while performing disinfection, drones can work faster and cover more area in the same time.


Clearly, using drones can have several benefits in the current scenario, especially for those in the delivery or healthcare service.

Using drones for the above-mentioned purposes is not just a topical solution but will also prepare your business for the future.

And the quickest way you can manage your fleet of drones is by using an app specifically built for that purpose.

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