The global coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the lives of millions across the world.

With more than 500,000 people infected so far, governments are taking every possible precaution to stop it from spreading any further.

Cities have been put under lockdown and people urged to stay indoors until researchers manage to develop a cure for it.

And in the meantime, countless doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are working round the clock to serve those in need.

But despite their efforts, they need all the help they can get, now more than ever.

And a technology that can be of use to them is chatbot.

These artificial intelligence-based solutions can free up doctors, nurses, administrators and other healthcare professionals so they can provide more critical care.

Let us look at some more ways in which chatbots cab help medical professionals in the fight against coronavirus.

Ways in which chatbots can be used

1. Answering questions

With the coronavirus outbreak at its peak in several countries across the world, people naturally have questions in their mind regarding the disease and its symptoms.

However, doctors and nurses and other are tirelessly working to deal with the sick and the infected.

This leaves very few medical professionals to answer the questions of people.

This is where a chatbot can be useful.

They can act as a platform where the user can access answers to their most common questions.

They can also provide information to millions of people simultaneously.

2. Fighting fake news

While the internet provides access to an abundance of information about coronavirus within the fingertips of the user, it has also created a unique problem.

It has now become the responsibility of the user to separate the fact from fiction.

Unfortunately, there are people peddling false facts and stories that are making other skeptical about which source to trust.

With chatbots, you can raise awareness, provide authentic information like official updates and bust fake news about coronavirus.

3. Medical assistance

Another benefit of chatbots is that they can provide a quick assessment of the user’s symptoms.

The chatbot can evaluate the symptoms and risk factors of people concerned about getting infected.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, it can then direct the person to take the necessary measures, be it information about managing at home or helpline number for medical help.

4. Mental health

The coronavirus outbreak has forced people to be indoors.

This has caused people to be anxious about their jobs, incomes and general safety.

And those feeling overwhelmed, stressed and incredibly sad during this time can turn to chatbots for counselling.

By mimicking natural language to sustain a conversation with a human user, they can act as virtual therapists.


Clearly, chatbots can be beneficial in the current scenario.

And the quickest way is by using an app with a chatbot integration.

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