Cost of an On-Demand Pharmacy App Development

The advent of an On-Demand application has transformed the way one lives. Now, we can order food with a tap, book cabs with a click and meet new people with a swipe.

 But still, there is one sector which is not explored yet and frantically needs an online order, and delivery platform is the “Pharmacy industry”. With remarkable reformation in the supply chain, it is possible now to deliver medicines to even remote places expertly. 

Business people and entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the conventional pharmacy industry by bringing innovation can start an on-demand app-based medicine delivery startups. 

Such startups will create a significant impact and can also protect the pharmacy market when it is operated as a marketplace model. 

Why We Need an app for Medicine Delivery?

Nowadays, people see doctors for sickness, cough, cold, and other serious dilemmas. They receive the prescriptions from the doctor, and if the patient requires the medicine urgently, it is difficult at that moment to search for the drugstores. Even if there is a pharmacy nearby, there is no guarantee that all the medicines will be available. Here comes the Uber-like app for medicine delivery for the rescue. 

With on-demand pharmacy app, you no longer need to wait in the queue to buy medicines and can also eliminate the fear of unavailability of prescribed medication.

Benefit for Pharmacists

Pharmacists who have a small pharmacy outlet can promote their growth by register their drug store in the medicine delivery app. It ensures maximum revenue growth for their business.

 Scope of On-Demand Model For Medicine Delivery 

Statista reports states that the market of the Health applications will grow up to $100 billion by 2025.

This healthcare domain will ensure high profits in the coming years and is undeniably the new bandwagon in the on-demand industry.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an On-Demand Pharmacy App? 

Users across continents have welcomed the online pharmacy delivery apps commencing to an exponential growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

 The propelled growth of the industry globally is at a CAGR of 6.4% and will reach $1694.7 billion by 2023.

Integration of online drug delivery apps with rising technologies such as Big data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, IoT, etc. are bringing a progressive transformation in the healthcare realm. 

On-Demand Pharmacy app development is in massive demand by pharmacies, healthcare providers and medical businesses.

When considering the Development of online medicine delivery apps, the fundamental question struck in mind is” how much does it cost to develop an On-Demand Pharmacy app”. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of the Online Medicine Delivery App Development.

Cost of developing an online medicine delivery app depends on multiple factors such as features, development platforms, location, development company, time taken to create the app, etc.

 Therefore, it isn’t effortless for the app development company to determine the cost without understanding your project’s requirements. 

  • Features & Functionality

One of the most critical factors that shape the cost of Development of an On-Demand Pharmacy Application is the features that are integrated into the app.

 Some of the advanced features are listed below:

Consultation :

On-Demand Pharmacy apps allow patients to consult doctors and receive information about medicines or health products online.

Near By Search :

This feature permits customers to search for nearby labs or clinics for medical diagnosis and tests in the online platform. 

Upload documents for legitimacy :

 Users can upload prescriptions or other necessary documents to verify legitimacy.

Cloud Storage

This feature streamlines the functionality of the application by saving all data concerning orders, delivery, etc. on cloud servers. 

  • Development Platforms 

On-Demand Pharmacy apps developed on various platforms such as Android and IOS. The technology utilised in the Development of the app also influences the cost.

 Integration of multiple payment gateways, cloud environment, real-time analytics, etc. to increases the comfort and to enhance user’s experience, also increases the cost of Development.

  • Development Location

The location of the development team also influences the cost of Development significantly because the hourly prices of developers vary across regions and countries.

 For instance, developer in the US charges $150-$250per hour, whereas in Eastern Europe developers charge $120-$180per hour. Some countries in the Asian region such as India and Indonesia are the most cost-effective for app development, where developers cost $40-$80 per hour.

  • Development Time

The features and functionality will determine how much time an app would take to develop, test and deliver. The developers charge hourly rates; therefore, greater the development time, higher will be the development cost. 

The development team customarily consists of a project manager, IOS developers, graphic designers, Android developers, backend developers, UX/UI designers and QA testers. The number of developers and designers required for the Development of an On-Demand pharmacy app vary as per the requirement of the project. 

  • The reputation of the Company

Finally, the development company you hire will also have a different development cost compared with other companies. A company that has a high-grade reputation and countless successfully delivered projects are bound to charge extra due to the quality it provides.


The above information would give a decent idea about the estimation of the cost of the development of  On-Demand Pharmacy app. 

On-demand Pharmacy apps standout amongst the most beneficial businesses in the market. It is not so-prime today, so it’s an excellent opportunity to grab the chance to take your dream of entrepreneurship to the real world.

Reach out to us for an impeccable application to kick-start your online pharmacy business. We are a leading service provider of online pharmacy and medicine delivery apps. Drop us an email [email protected] to discuss your Idea.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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