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What is product management?

The world is ever-changing, and as time goes by, new features take over the market, and if you can’t keep up with the changes, your work becomes irrelevant. Apps and websites are no different; if not changed with age, the apps become irrelevant, and people move on to better things. So when you could even make money from free apps, you could see failure despite having made a good app. However, one good thing about apps and software is that they can be updated to match the changes. 

This is precisely where product service management comes into play. Product service management is undoubtedly a blessing; this tool enables one to smoothly glide through the changes thrown at them and remain relevant. No, what is product service management? We will give you a technical answer this time. Not just that, we will also tell you about every other thing you need to know. So, let’s learn about product management, shall we?

What is Product Management?

What is Product Management?

The definition of product management is that it is a marketing strategy that changes and creates information about a product by a company by understanding the need for the changes. These changes can be continuous development on a pre-existing product or the creation of a new one. Here, it is essential to understand the situation and work accordingly. 

A product might need changes very frequently, and certain products need changes made in one massive update. Therefore, to decide on the frequency and need of change, the product’s environment must be understood. Simultaneously, a good idea about what the target audience expects and demands from the product must also be considered heavily. 

A product management service recognizes issues by gathering information. They use that information to find solutions to the problems, and finally, they work more on making these solutions long-lasting. A product service management system is super beneficial for a product to be successful. Not only during its inception but also after the initial hype of the launch has died down.

One should have a clear understanding of what is product service management by now. Product management is quite simply a service that manages a product. The product can be software, a website, an application, or even device. However, if we were to explain it any more simply, we can say it is a service that enables a product to do better and, consequently, help the product succeed. 

Who Works With Product Service Management?

Who Works With Product Service Management?

A product service management system is vital for almost every company.

In fact, companies with the financial capacity and sufficient understanding of this system need to have a dedicated team for it. Smaller companies or start-ups usually have a person or two helping them out. In some instances, companies, no matter if big or small, hire outsider teams to help them. It is not usually easy to determine how many people it takes to develop an app or make a team, but the numbers certainly change as per circumstances.

In all cases, the one person who is considered entirely responsible for the system is the product manager. A product manager is a person whose job is to continually be on the lookout and check for the potential developments that the product can have. A product manager’s primary task is to understand the product’s environment and make necessary changes accordingly. 

A product manager can be the person who owns the product or someone who has been hired for the product. It is essential that the product manager is a part of the product building process and thoroughly knows the outcome. Activities like discovering new opportunities for the product and strategizing how to sustain the product are a regular part of the product manager’s job.

At the same time, it is also essential for a product manager to coordinate with the different departments in the development team. A product manager also acts as a bridge between the various departments. It is the product manager’s responsibility to optimize the team’s performance and yield the best results. 

Thus, we can safely say that a product manager is the most critical person in the product service management system. As much as every other member is essential, a product manager is responsible for whatever the outcome is of their strategies and plans

The Different Phases of Product Service Management

The Different Phases of Product Service Management

Product service management usually comprises a few phases. These phases help the users figure out the issue and create a step-by-step plan to build a solution to help the product. 

A necessary step at being successful in Product service management is attaining information. This information can be what the competition is doing, how the target audience is interacting with the product, and figuring out the new development opportunities. After attaining a sufficient amount of information, the scope of development and the issues with the product must be filtered out. 

The next and equally important step in product management is developing strategies based on the information obtained differently. These strategies should act as solutions to the issues that have been put forward from the data obtained. The system should also be checked to see if it contradicts any of the app’s ongoing features. 

Lastly, the developed strategies must be further analyzed to check how much they will help the application. It is also essential to ensure that this strategy is sustainable and will help the product in the long run. 

Constant monitoring of the updated product must be done to recognize the clear difference the updates have made to the users. Here, how the developments attract new customers is also an essential factor to consider and track. Customer feedback plays a pertinent role here, and one can also consider this a post-launch investigation to see how the app is doing. 

The last step, which may not always be necessary, is to eliminate or remove the weak products. This can be the entire product or just the aspects that are not sitting right with the users, but they can undoubtedly be relaunched or replaced in some time. 

Role of Product Service Management in Marketing

Role of Product Service Management in Marketing

Departments of Marketing and production management are entirely intertwined. It is essential to realize that product management is not an independent department. It is only through good marketing that the target market can recognize new updates. However, as much as product management is dependent on marketing, the same dependency can be seen from the marketing department.

A marketing manager and their team need to promote the product to stay relevant and known continually. However, without anything new to add, marketing can be challenging. Given it is virtually pointless to recapitulate the already known aspects of a product, the marketing team needs new things to promote. This is where product service marketing comes to the rescue.

The product management team does its job, as a result of which, new updates emerge, which can then be used by the marketing team to promote the application further. However, it is not only at the last minute that the marketing team should step in. Even while the product is being formulated, the marketing team should have a representation to strategize the advertisement modes when the product is launched.

It is also essential to recognize the marketing team as a great source of information for the product service management team. The initial research that the product management team has to do is done through the marketing team. The report put out by the competition marketing team works as a base of the research

Three things make a good product management team, they are, strategy, technology, and marketing. These three skills, combined together, along with good communication and cooperation, creates an unbeatable team that can do wonders for the product.

Benefits of Product Service Management

Benefits of Product Service Management

Product service management is undoubtedly an essential tool for any product. But how does product service management help the product? Does not using product service management make a difference? Let’s talk.

The benefits of using a product service management system are numerous. Some major ones are as follows:

Constant Invigilation

The product service management team keeps an eye on how the product is doing, ensuring the product’s performance in every step. This enables the company to be aware of the potential negative and gives them an opportunity to rectify the same before facing any loss. This not only helps in bettering the product but also assists in damage control.

Expanding Customer Base

This is another essential aspect of product service management. A product has a set customer base, but that does not expand if the product is not updated. In fact, the popularity of a product decreases if it becomes monotonous and the ground becomes smaller. 

A good production service management team keeps a product updated. As a result of which, the target customers always have something new to look forward to. Additionally, good feature updates can add more customers to the already existing base. Therefore, it is safe to assume that product service management is supremely important as a tool for creating a good target market and ensure that the product succeeds.

Quality Control

When a company launches a product, it is usually with the motive of providing the best for the consumers. However, in certain situations, the product’s quality might get hampered in development, or with time, the features may not be up to the mark. This is where a sound product service management system comes to help. 

A good product service management system is always looking to better the products and ensure that they are always at their best potential. Furthermore, a sound management system also ensures that the product is in accordance with the customers’ needs. No matter how impressive an update is for the product. If it is irrelevant to the users, then it is baseless to work with. 

Change As Per Market Needs

The market keeps changing, and as the market changes, the products need to be updated too, so that they are relevant. A sound product service management system tries to keep up with these changes and comes up with solutions that keep the product suitable to the market. 

One good example of this would be when the “Dark Mode” feature was introduced to every operating system. The app companies took barely any time to add a feature that enables their apps to switch to dark mode. This is what is meant by changing as per the market’s need. Companies become more flexible through this and make a good impression on the target market. 

How is Product Management Done in Idea Usher?

How is Product Management Done in Idea Usher?

We aim at bringing you the best possible solutions for your app or web development-related problems. So, how do we fit into the whole product service management scenario? Let’s find out! 

It is essential to understand that product service management is vital for high-impact, time-sensitive projects. However, we use modern tools, technology, and techniques to boost your need to be successful. We make sure that you meet your needs within the time constraints provided. 

Project Management Methodologies

To start, we discuss with the client their project. Then, we move on to discussing the Project Management Methodologies. PMM is basically the various ways one can consider to approach a project, and consequently, determines how the communications and execution of decisions will happen in the project. 

The method you opt for should be based on the type of project, the team, and the scope of this project has. At Idea Usher, we figure out which method to follow after we conduct a thorough analysis of the project and planning. Quite a few famous methods are Waterfall Method, Agile Method, and Scrum Method.

Project Management Tools

Then on, we must focus on the Project Management Tools. Project management tools are essentially agents that help us help you be strategic with time. We plan, execute, and manage different projects using these tools. With an impeccable outsourcing model which we have put years worth of effort to perfect, and through effective use of technology, our services are at par with the kind provided by on-site teams, if not better. Some tools we use are Basecamp, Slack, Asana, Jira, Scoro and a lot more.

We believe efforts and care go a really long way. At Idea Usher, it is our priority to ensure that our clients are heard, and the results satisfy them completely. Many years of trial, error, and learning process has led us to develop a team of highly skilled individuals who all share a common goal of making web and app development easy and accessible to anyone who has a dream!

How to Hire The Best Product Management Team?

How to Hire The Best Product Management Team?

As a founder, the team you hire must be of the best quality so that there are fewer things to be worried about when it comes to the operation. A few factors should specifically be kept in mind while scouting for the best product management team to hire. 


The first factor that plays a determining role in which team is the best for your product or company is how compatible the team is with the company and with each other. If the team does not see eye to eye with the founder’s vision, it gets exceedingly challenging to work with them. Furthermore, the team must also communicate with each other and work to be on the same page, and the work is done smoothly, without a hassle. It is essential to have a good work environment while hiring a team, which should be kept in mind.


A product management team comprises a few members, designers, engineers, and product managers are to name a few. Therefore, the qualifications they must possess are also different from each other. Checking one’s capability is perhaps the most important and straightforward method of knowing what one is capable of. Therefore, while choosing a team, the qualifications they have, be it skill-wise or education-wise, should be considered.


Hiring a fresh out of college team can be exciting, as they have that enthusiasm and zeal to work. You also get to witness a learning experience through them. However, hiring an experienced team ensures efficiency. A team that knows what it is supposed to do will take less time to do it, while simultaneously, they will be easier on the pocket. An experienced team can also advise you on decisions about the product, and more often than not, they will be helpful advice. 


An essential aspect of good product service management. A good team should have soft skills that are good enough for them to be able to pitch their plans to outsiders. A well-behaved team is essential also because

Why Do You Need a Product Management Team?

If it is not clear already, a project management team is a must-have if you want your product to do well in the market. As a founder, it is not possible for you to look after every aspect of your company. Therefore, it is wiser to hire a team to do this job and take a report from them in the end. You can also discuss with them whatever it is that you think should be changed or done. 

Having a team is better because a team of product service management has all the members who have specified skill sets to get things done in this aspect. A person who has in-depth knowledge about the product service management system and has sufficient experience in the same field is undoubtedly an excellent bet for anyone, regardless of whether they are just starting or having a well-established company. 

Furthermore, having worked for other products, a team will better understand what module should work better for your product. As a result, you will have more perspectives to consider, better alternatives to discover, and ultimately, end up having the best possible outcome.

So, when we say you need a product service management team, we mean it. A product service management team can significantly improve your chances of building a foolproof Product for you. Instead of letting destiny decide the future and hoping luck works in your favor, it is wiser to invest in a team that will bear definite results in the future.

Ending Note

Product service management undoubtedly plays a significant role in making sure a product gets all the recognition it deserves and plays a pivotal role in its success. Therefore choosing the right production management team, which can help you get the best out of your product, is an absolute necessity. The team must be skilled, communicative, and understanding of your needs. One that is down, the rest will follow!

We at Idea Usher believe in making dreams come true, including our own. So, next time you need to decide on a good product service management team, we are here to help you. Let’s test the deep waters that are web and app development, and sail through gloriously. What say?

Get in touch with us today. You can also check out our portfolio of mobile apps. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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