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Are you an ardent coupon saver? Are you always ready with your scissors to clip out some coupons that you found in newspapers, magazines, brochures, and more? What if I were to tell you that you can not only collect coupons but also keep them with your loyalty and gift cards? With the most popular coupon apps, that is possible. 

“Dude, there is an app for that.” If you have heard this sentence before, you must know that you can find an app for almost everything. From booking shows to getting your groceries, from seeing rental bicycles to counting your steps, an app is available for each service you can think of.

By using the best apps for coupons and discounts, you can save money on your shopping and ease and personalize the shopping experience. 

These online coupon code apps help you keep all your coupons in one place and give you notifications when vouchers expire. 

Why Use Rewards and Coupon Mobile Apps?

90% of Americans use coupons or other forms of offers regularly, clearly showing that coupons still appeal to consumers. The only difference is that in the digital age, people rely on their phones to store, find, and use coupon codes. 

Consumers expect coupons and promotions from a brand. Not offering emails, messages, coupons, etc., can put you at risk of losing to a competitor. 

Here are some of the prominent ways you can benefit by providing your customers online coupon codes apps. 

1. People Love Getting a Value Purchase 

The psychology on which paper coupons and rewards apps are based remains the same: people love to save money. Even when they are saving a dollar or two, it gives the customers a sense of saving. 

2. When Buying New Brands or Products 

Usually, people do not deter from their habits. They choose brands and products they have always bought. However, when provided an offer or discount, they are willing to switch brands. 

3. Loyalty Building 

When customers get special offers exclusively for them, they feel special. This makes them loyal to your brand and makes them come back. When you give coupons to the customers on every purchase, you are handing them encouragement to visit back. 

Emails with promo codes, special discounts, and coupons can increase the revenue by 48% per email. Click To Tweet

Coupon code apps can significantly increase your chances to meet your profit goals when provided with the correct strategy. Understand the features and benefits to be included to make it the best rewards app for mobile shopping.


Top 15 Best Coupon Apps for Groceries 

Out of tons of the most popular coupon apps, we have shortlisted the best targeted for grocery shopping. Next time you fill in your groceries, you can use these apps to get discounts, loyalty points, free products, and more. 


1. Ibotta: Grocery coupon redeeming mobile app


Ibotta App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store and online purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 10,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Bryan Leach
How to Use  Link your loyalty card, shop or pay through the app, or you can scan your receipts. 


Ibotta is one of the best discount coupon code apps available. It is applicable on all purchases, whether made online or in-store. Accumulate your savings in a cashback account and redeem them to buy anything. For instance, you can upload a photo of the receipt to get cashback. 

Additionally, you can link your loyalty cards to skip the process of scanning the receipt. Including groceries, you can also get cashback and rewards for purchasing stuff at a convenience store, pharmacies, online shopping, movies, and more. 


2. Checkout 51: Earn Cash Back On Your Favorite Brands

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 App

Available On iOS and Android 
Works for In-store and online purchases at Walmart
Country of origin/ operation Canada
Average app downloads 10,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Noah Godfrey
How to Use  Scan your receipt 


Most of the online coupon code apps work at some selected stores. However, Checkout 51 provides users to redeem the offers at any store. Additionally, they also have some special offers for grocery stores. 

While shopping, search for offers available on the app. Upload your receipt to get rebates.

3. SnipSnap: All Your Coupons in Your Pocket


SnipSnap App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 1,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Ted Mann
How to Use  Scan your coupons or search for coupons on the app


Are you someone who collects paper coupons? However, when you go out shopping, do you forget them at home? With SnipSnap, you can scan your coupons and keep them in one place. You can also share the coupons with others. While billing, scan the barcode of the coupon from the app to redeem the offer. 

4. Effortless Money Saving on Groceries App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 5,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Steven Boal
How to Use  Scan your receipts, link your loyalty card, or print coupons


One of the most popular cash back apps for grocery shopping, comes in handy whether you want to use online coupon codes or paper coupons. You can browse the list of stores available in the app, use your loyalty card, or scan your receipt to avail of rewards. 

You can even print the coupons or email them to yourself to save them. 

5. Coupon Sherpa: Access Thousands of Grocery Coupons 

Coupon sherpa

Coupon Sherpa App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store and online shopping
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 1,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Luke Knowels 
How to Use  Clip and save coupons using the Favourite tool


You can find the most popular retailers on Coupon Sherpa. Find the coupon that you want to use and show it to the cashier. They will scan it so that you can get your savings transferred directly to your account. Furthermore, you can use the Nearby section to find the stores around you for which coupon codes are available. 

Best Coupon Apps for Dining 

Another way for you to save money is by using the most popular coupon apps while dining out. Various coupon code apps offer deals exclusive to restaurants and diners, which can be used while ordering delivery, getting takeaway, or dining in them. 

6. Groupon: Get Discounts in 500+ Cities Across World


Groupon App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for Online and in-store purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 100,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Andrew Manson 

Eric Lefkofsky

Brad Keywell

How to Use  Purchase using the app or pay through your linked payment card


When you are looking for a new restaurant in your town or while travelling, you can use Groupon to find special offers and deals. The app lets you search and redeem vouchers that apply to various stores. You can use these vouchers while buying electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more.

Additionally, with the Groupon+ option, you can receive cashback on your purchases at different restaurants. These savings will be credited to your card. 

7. Hooch: Earn Rewards When You Travel or Dine


Hooch App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store purchase 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 50,000+
CEO/ Founder Lin Dai
How to Use  Pay with the card linked to the app


With Hooch, you can get offers for your lifestyle purchases each time you dine at an affiliated restaurant. Pay at the restaurants with the card linked to your app. Consequently, you will receive offers that you can use to get discounts for future purchases at the restaurant, hotel rooms, etc. 

Furthermore, with the paid membership, you can get a free drink at affiliated restaurants and venues. 

8. OpenTable: Find the Right Restaurant with Added Cash Backs


OpenTable App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for Making reservations 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 5,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Chuck Templeton
How to Use  Gather dining points and coupons based on the the restaurant and time of reservation


It is a reservations app. When you book a table at the restaurants listed in the app, you get dining points in return. Moreover, you can redeem these points in Amazon gift cards or use them to get discounts for hotel stays. Additionally, you can use your points to get discounts at the restaurants when you dine the next time. 

9. Get Deals on Thousands of Restaurants App

Available On iOS and Android 
Works for In-store purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 10,000+
CEO/ Founder Gregory Bohus 

Larissa Shelton

How to Use  Offers dining discount pass and vouchers 


With the app, you can get vouchers for restaurants near you. It provides pay-in-advance coupons that you use to get discounts on your bill. 

Furthermore, you can get a digital certificate that lets you get discounted deals. For example, you can get a $30 certificate to join a buffet for $10. 

Best Coupon and Rewards Apps for Online Purchases 

You can also use various coupon and rewards apps while making online purchases. Most of the apps listed below also provide you with in-store offers and discounts as well. 

10. Rakuten: Amazing Savings Every Time You Shop Online 


Rakuten App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store and online purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 5,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Alessandro Isolani

Paul Wasserman 

How to Use  Shop through the app or shop in-store with a payment card. 


Whether you are shopping online or in-store, you can use Rakuten to get coupon codes. The cashback you receive against these codes will be credited to the account you have linked in the app. 

You do not have to check which stores are offering cash back at the time of purchase. With Rakuten, all you need to do is purchase with the cards linked to the app and get cashback  in your account. 

11. Honey: Your Online Shopping Companion


Honey App

Available On iOS 
Works for For online purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 1,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Georyge Ruan 

Ryan Hudson

How to Use  Purchase through the apps


You must have used the Honey chrome extension while shopping online. The app informs you about the latest offers available on a site or brand. Similarly, the Honey coupon code app lets you check out offers provided by different retailers. 

Moreover, Honey has a vast database of products and retailers. The app also informs you if there is a drop in the price of your chosen product. 

You can get gift cards against the points collected in the app. 

12. Dosh: Automatic Cashback Every Time You Shop 


Dosh App

Available On iOS and Android
Works for In-store and online purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 1,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Ryan Wuerch
How to Use  Link your payment card and use the app to make purchases


Link your credit or debit cards to the Dosh app. Now, every time you pay, you will get up to 10% cashback in your account. The offers are applicable in hundreds of stores and restaurants. Once you unlock them, you can begin saving while shopping for different items. 


13. RetailMeNot: Find the Best Deals and Promo Codes 


RetailMeNot App

Available On iOS and Android 
Works for Online and in-store purchases 
Country of origin/ operation USA
Average app downloads 10,000,000+
CEO/ Founder Marissa Tarleton
How to Use  Purchase from the app, get discounted gift cards, or search for coupons from the app. 


Another one of the most popular rewards and discount apps, RetailMeNot, lets you search products by store, brand, category, and more. Moreover, it informs you about upcoming sales and offers cash backs when you buy from various retailers. You can also get discounted gift cards. The cashback is transferred to your account. 

How to Build a Coupon App in 4 steps?

If you have a business, you can make a unique promo code app for that, too. With these digital coupons, you can offer your customers deals and special discounts. Based on the features and model you choose for the app, the final cost of development of app will be decided. 

The coupon code app also allows you to interact with your customer base through push notifications. It is a sure-shot way to increase the loyalty and retention of consumers towards your brand. 

Here is a step-by-step process with which you can create your coupon app that scans coupons. 

Step 1: Decide a Template 

First, you need a template for your app. It should reflect your business while also being attractive and engaging to the users. Moreover, the template should include all the necessary features of a coupon and discount code app. 

You can use the color scheme used in your physical store or other social media pages to make the app look more appealing.

Step 2: Design and Develop

Hire a development team that can create an app exactly like your template. Idea Usher can provide an exceptional customer experience through cutting-edge app development services. Communicate with our team now to include the special features in the app. The interface should be responsive and easy to navigate. 

Step 3: Demo App

Once the app is developed, ask your existing customers to download the demo app. Also, urge them to provide feedback as per their experience. 

Step 4: Publish 

Finally, after making the changes as per the customers’ feedback, you can launch the app on chosen platforms. 

Final Words 

Coupons are a great way to save money. With the best discount offers apps, you can streamline the buying experience for your customers. 

These apps allow the customers to redeem offers with just a few taps on their phone, whether online or in-store. 

At Idea Usher, we house an experienced development team that can build the perfect coupon app for you and advise you on the best features to include in the app. Get on board with a free consultation call to discuss your options. 

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1. What is the best app for coupon codes?

Apps like Ibotta, Honey, and Dosh offer the best offers for multiple stores, retailers, and restaurants.

2. Is there an app for Walmart coupons?

Scan & Go is a Walmart application that allows customers to get offers at the self-checkout counter. 

3. Can I use coupons while buying groceries?

Yes, Ibotta is one of the most popular coupon apps that provide offers and discounts for groceries. 

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