how to create trivia game app

How to create a trivia game app? How to develop a quiz game app? Or How to build a game app like Buzztime? If you are also someone who is desperately searching for answers to these questions, then you happen to be at the right place.

In this guide by Idea Usher we will guide you through the development process of a trivia game app. Furthermore, we will also understand the basic features and other technical and non technical aspects of a trivia game app. 

So without waiting any further, let us quickly begin with the blog.

A Brief Introduction to Trivia/Quiz Games

Trivia/Quiz mobile games are one of the many genres of mobile app games. If we specifically talk about trivia games or quiz games, these are the types of games in which players answer interesting and fun questions about their topic of choice. 

Furthermore, there is no limit to the types of topics that can be addressed in a quiz or trivia game. Anything from movies, drama, sports to countries, cuisines, etc can be a potential topic for a trivia game.

Trivia games are more or less like quiz games that test your knowledge on different subjects.

However, trivia games are much more fun and engaging than regular boring quizzes. 

Required Team and Tech Resources for Trivia Game Development

Before getting into the technical aspects of the trivia game app development, let us have a look at required team structure for a trivia app development. 

A trivia app development team must consist of following members:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA engineers/Testers
  • PR team

Setup Requirements for Quiz Game App

setup requirements for trivia games

1. Adaptive Server

There will be millions of users who will join the trivia game. And, to handle such huge data and network traffic, the server computing power needs to be extremely adaptive and scalable.

The most trustworthy and highly reliable servers for this purpose are- Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud.

These servers are very secure, reliable and performance-oriented. Furthermore, these cloud servers are continuously evolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) which will definitely prove beneficial in the upcoming years.

2. Video Streaming Server

A video streaming server is an absolute necessity to stream videos simultaneously to a large number of people. Furthermore, it is also extremely important that the chosen video streaming service has a ultra-low latency to efficiently stream videos to a huge number of people at the same time.

Here are some of the most important things one must keep in mind while choosing the right video streaming server.

  • Various protocols’ support
  • Codecs
  • Bitrates
  • Operating Systems
  • DRM
  • Switching
  1. Recording Studio

To host a show like HQ Trivia, you will need a studio. You need to set up a studio-like environment to make your app successful in the market.

Following are the all components that you will need to set up a fully functional recording studio.

  1. A Computer and Studio Monitors
  2. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  3. Audio Interface
  4. Microphones & Headphones
  5. Cables
  6. Pop Filters
  7. Appropriate Lightings

3. Production Arrangement

Production arrangement requirements:

  • Software encoders like Wirecast Pro and vMix that needs a computer
  • Hardware encoders don’t need a computer
  • Super-fast internet connection
  • Live streaming software such as OBS Studio and Wirecast Pro

You just need to connect your cameras to the software encoder (or hardware encoder) and then connect them with the live video streaming video host and you’re good to go LIVE.

So this was all about the various setup requirements that you will need to set up a trivia game app like HQ Trivia.

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How to Create a Trivia Game App? – Development Process

how to create trivia game app

Welcome to the next segment of our blog, where we’ll take an in-depth look at the process of developing a trivia game app. Creating a successful trivia app is an exciting venture, but it requires meticulous planning and execution. We’ve broken down the development process into five essential steps to guide you on this journey.

Step 1: Market Analysis and Understanding Your Audience

Before you begin development, it’s imperative to conduct a comprehensive market analysis. This step involves:

Competitor Analysis

  • Identify and analyze your competitors in the trivia app space.
  • Understand their strengths, weaknesses, and user engagement strategies.

Target Customer Research

  • Define your target audience and their demographics.
  • Gather insights into their preferences, behaviors, and expectations regarding trivia games.

By gaining a deep understanding of your market and audience, you’ll be better equipped to create an app that resonates with users.

Step 2: Creating a Business Model Canvas

In this critical phase, you’ll define the foundational aspects of your trivia game app’s business model. Focus on two core components:

Monetization Strategy

  • Explore various monetization avenues, such as:
    • In-App Advertising: Partner with advertisers to display ads within the app.
    • In-App Purchases: Offer virtual items or premium features for purchase.
    • Subscription Models: Provide subscription tiers with exclusive content or benefits.

Marketing and PR Strategies

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote your app effectively:
    • Multimedia Advertising: Utilize videos, images, and interactive content.
    • Social Media Campaigns: Engage your audience on platforms where they spend their time.
    • Paid Advertisements: Invest in targeted advertising to reach potential users.

A well-structured business model canvas will serve as your roadmap for app development and monetization.

Step 3: App Development

Now, it’s time to bring your vision to life. When it comes to development, you have two primary options:

In-House Development

  • Assemble a skilled development team in-house.
  • Maintain full control over the development process.


  • Partner with a reputable app development agency.
  • Benefit from cost-effectiveness and quicker development timelines.

Your choice depends on factors like budget, expertise, and timelines. Many experts lean towards outsourcing for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Step 4: Testing the App

Quality assurance is paramount to ensure a seamless user experience. Consider the following aspects of app testing:

Functional Testing

  • Verify that all app features and functionalities work as intended.
  • Identify and resolve any bugs, glitches, or performance issues.

User Experience (UX) Testing

  • Evaluate the app’s overall user-friendliness.
  • Gather feedback from testers to make necessary improvements.

Hiring a dedicated QA engineer can be invaluable during this phase, ensuring a polished product.

Step 5: Publishing Your App

The final step is making your trivia game app available to the public. Here’s what it involves:

App Store and Play Store Submission

  • Prepare and submit your app to both the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android).
  • Comply with their respective guidelines and requirements.

Remember that a well-optimized app store listing and effective marketing will be vital for initial downloads.

By following these five comprehensive steps, you’ll be well-prepared to create a successful trivia game app like Buzztime. Stay tuned for more detailed insights and tips on app development in our upcoming blog posts.

a Game App.” Stay tuned for more insights and tips on app development in future posts.

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Top Features of Trivia Game Apps

The most basic features of a trivia game app like QuizUp and Jeopardy are as follows: 

  • Captivating aesthetic and UI
  • Interesting & innovative challenges for users
  • Quick display of correct answers
  • Quick Display of a report page
  • Different levels of questions (i.e, easy, medium and hard)
  • Timer for answering quizzes’ questions
  • Customized User profiles
  • Friends’ invitation to play and other social media integration
  • Leaderboard Display
  • Seamless navigation
  • Wide Topic selection for Quiz
  • Integrated Payment gateways
  • Push notifications
  • Rewards for players (gifts, coins, depending on the context of the trivia game)

So this was all about the top features of a trivia game app. If you are someone, working on developing a trivia or quiz game app then you must ensure that your app has all the above mentioned features. Since, these features would not only make your app fun and interesting but also a tough competitor in the gaming app market.

Top Quiz Game Apps of 2023

Quiz game apps have become a staple of entertainment and learning, and 2023 is no different. In the USA, these apps offer diverse experiences, from team building to head-to-head trivia battles. Let’s dive into some of the top quiz game apps of 2023 that are captivating users across the United States.

Virtual Team Trivia:

  • Purpose: Team Building
  • Features: Facilitated 60-minute sessions, Small Group Play, Team Customization, Icebreaker Activities
Ideal for team building exercises, Virtual Team Trivia offers structured sessions hosted by facilitators. It promotes collaboration, communication, and fun icebreaker activities, making it a go-to choice for American organizations.


  • Purpose: General Trivia for Adults
  • Features: Solo or Team Play
Jeopardy, a timeless favorite, continues to shine in the USA. It caters to both solo players and teams, delivering a classic trivia experience that’s as challenging as it is enjoyable.


  • Purpose: Team Quizzes for Work
  • Features: Free to Play, Group Quiz Games
Kahoot! is an invaluable tool for American professionals and educators. It enables the creation of interactive quiz games for learning and team-building, all at no cost.


  • Purpose: Head-to-Head Challenges
  • Features: Wide Range of Topics, Global Competition
QuizUp offers thrilling head-to-head challenges with a vast library of over 1,200 topics. Compete against players from around the world and prove your knowledge supremacy.

Trivia Crack:

  • Purpose: Colorful and Engaging Trivia
  • Features: Diverse Trivia Experience
Trivia Crack delivers an engaging and colorful trivia experience with diverse question categories. It’s a delightful way to test your knowledge and learn something new.

Jeopardy! World Tour:

  • Purpose: Digital Adaptation of Iconic Show
  • Features: Authentic Format, Daily Doubles, Final Jeopardy
Jeopardy! World Tour faithfully recreates the iconic TV show. With daily doubles and final jeopardy rounds, it offers an authentic Jeopardy experience for fans.

Popcorn Trivia:

  • Purpose: Movie Enthusiasts
  • Features: Movie Trivia
Popcorn Trivia is a haven for film enthusiasts in the USA. Challenge your knowledge of the silver screen and see how well you know your favorite movies.

Trivia 360:

  • Purpose: Sleek 3D Design, Immersive Gameplay
  • Features: Modern Design, Engaging Play
Trivia 360 stands out with its sleek 3D design and immersive gameplay. It’s perfect for those seeking a visually appealing and challenging quiz experience.

From team building to global trivia challenges and movie buffs, there’s an app for everyone’s tastes and interests. Remember that app availability may vary by region and platform, so be sure to check your app store for access to these exciting quiz experiences. Happy quizzing!

Hire ex-FANG developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

Hire Ex - developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

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Choose Idea Usher to Build the Best Trivia Game App

develop trivia app

How to create a trivia game app? Well it’s simple! Choose Idea Usher to build your dream trivia game app like QuizUp. Idea Usher is a leading software and app development company that designs web and mobile based solutions for you.

From design to development, we have got you covered! 

Our team of the best developers and experts will guide you through each and every step of app development be it designing or the marketing of your app. We will cater to all your needs and requirements to produce the best customized solutions.

Furthermore, we use cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, Machine Learning, and complement them with human-centric UI/UX design to offer solutions that are futuristic and result-driven.

Our services are not just limited to just designing and developing your app. We offer our services post your app’s launch too- like support and maintenance. We will help you to form effective PR strategies to boost up your app’s performance and its ROI in the market. 

What are you waiting for then? Contact us today to get your dream project started!

Hire ex-FANG developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

Hire Ex - developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

100% Developer Skill Guarantee; Or Your Money Back.


We hope you like our blog – How to create a trivia game app? Mobile gaming industry is a booming industry which is continuously flourishing across the world. More and more people and new businesses are investing in it to earn huge profits.

Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the demand for such trivia and quiz games. 

Thus, investing in developing a trivia game app right now is an excellent idea to keep up with the latest trends. Even for a gaming business startup it is an excellent idea to work on. Furthermore, the demand for new trivia games is also increasing day by day.

In this guide we have tried to cover everything about trivia app development, its features, market trends, its benefits and cost of development. 

Furthermore, we have also covered the latest trends and features of a trivia game app like QuizUp and Jeopardy app in this guide.

We hope that with this guide, all your queries and doubts about trivia game app development solutions have now been answered.


1. What is the development cost of a trivia game app like Buzztime?

One of the most asked questions about trivia game apps is their development cost. However, the answer to these questions depends upon many factors. There are many aspects like development location, target features, tech stack, and target platforms that contribute to the development costs of a trivia game app.

Considering all the factors, the development cost of a trivia game app like Buzztime will be anywhere from around 3000 USD to 35000 USD. The prices may also go up depending upon the advanced features and other factors. 

Well, we at Idea Usher don’t let budget become a constraint to our client’s dream app. We will help you develop a highly advanced and fun trivia game app without costing you a fortune!

2. How much time does it take to develop a game app?

A gaming app can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to get developed.

3. Should I outsource the app or build it in-house?

Well according to our experts it is best that you should outsource your app. There are so many advantages of outsourcing your app like it reduces the risk factors for your customers. Additionally outsourcing your app saves a lot of time and is extremely cost-effective. 

Furthermore, outsourcing your app in the marketplace increases your professionalism by providing access to marketplace data.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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