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How to build IT modernization strategy?

Challenges such as non-engaging UI, inefficient code, improper product scaling, etc., can limit the growth of your business. In such cases, an IT modernization strategy becomes essential to eliminate such challenges. 

However, many companies lack the knowledge to modernize their business, impacting their business negatively.  

If you are also going through such a challenging phase, let’s check how you can build an IT modernization strategy that can help improve your business for better outcomes. 

Check all the building steps and benefits of IT modernization for implementing them in your business.  

What is IT modernization?

Technology modernization is when companies change the software layers to improve product performance and technological efficiency. In technology modernization, we remove old solutions from the systems by replacing them with advanced solutions and technologies.

The process includes enabling artificial intelligence, implementing cloud-based technologies, improving organizational staff connectivity and management, etc.

You perform IT modernization whenever you consider upgrading your products or services by bringing the latest technologies and advanced solutions to your business.

However, there are many other benefits of technology modernization that you can take for your business.

Why are businesses adopting IT modernization?

Here are some reasons each business wants to bring technology modernization and why you should do the same. 

1. Allows businesses to add new features

IT modernization helps businesses create new features and services that fulfill their company vision. Moreover, companies can personalize these features to ensure that their application provides the value they want.

2. Increases the productivity of employees

Using outdated tools and technologies would not help employees to improve their productivity on a full scale. Technology modernization can help businesses train their new employees efficiently, thus helping them improve their productivity.

3. Improves customer experience

How can we expect to improve the customer experience by providing our customers with the same old product experience?

As per research, around 72-75% of clients are ready to pay more to the companies if they can help them to provide a better product experience to their customers.

You can use modern technologies such as cloud environment, automation, and other advanced tools and technologies to help improve the customer experience.

4. Helps to increase revenue streams

Many companies want to bring new changes to their product with the help of legacy systems. However, legacy systems are not as flexible as modern applications, which limits companies from making a profit on their full potential.

5. Enhances security 

Protecting your company’s data is another challenge to modernizing your IT infrastructure. Replace legacy applications with advanced ones to avoid cyber attacks that negatively impact your business.

6. Eliminates technical debt

When companies are not ready to modernize their legacy applications, technical debt takes place. 

Technical debt creates business problems, increasing application maintenance costs, more technical bugs, and a lack of product scalability.

Also, all the components in legacy systems are interconnected, so you cannot fix any part without breaking them from the connected one, which is very time-consuming and requires a vast technical budget.

But what is the right time to implement IT modernization in your business? Let’s check.

Is this the right time for IT modernization?

The current legacy system is limited by human overloads demanding a non-stop advancement to the system. 

However, some organizations that prefer legacy IT systems have launched a new generation of custom-built ready-to-launch products.    

Also, for deciding whether it is the right time to modernize your products and applications, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the current tech stacks in use creating obstacles or not?
  • How will the upcoming business goals affect the infrastructure of core IT?
  • What computational resources can uplift my business performance?

However, you should consider IT modernization in case your business is facing the following challenges:

  • Non-responsive UI
  • Not consuming tools efficiently
  • Inability to cloud deployment
  • Suffering from technology debt
  • Improper scaling
  • Absence of architecture’s flexibility
  • Unorganized code

Check different ways you can implement technology modernization in your business.

Different ways to implement IT modernization

The following examples will show how companies adopted IT modernization into their business.

1. Adopting microservices 

Shifting from monolithic to microservice architecture can be the right move to bring modernization to your business. In Microservices, each component is deployed individually as a service and allows each service to communicate with each other.

2. Automation

Advanced AI-based tools can be the next best way to modernize your IT infrastructure. A wide range of tools is available that can help your business to improve its products and infrastructure. 

For example, you can use chatbots to communicate and solve the doubts of your website visitors and app users. 

3. Simplifying toolchain 

Complexity in the toolchain can bring many challenges to businesses to manage their infrastructure and build their product efficiently. IT modernization helps businesses to reduce the complexity of their toolchain.

4. EDI transformation

Electronic data transfer systems have been boosting many businesses’ growth for a long time. It helps companies to manage their resources and team efficiently.

5. ERP upgrades

ERP systems help businesses to extend their centralized software platform, marketing campaigns, handling purchase orders, finances, human resources, and so on. Therefore, businesses must upgrade their ERP solution to the new one that helps companies fulfill their marketing and business vision.

6. Choosing better B2B integration tools

Not using an advanced version of B2B integration tools can limit partner onboarding, business infrastructure, development, security, and growth. 

Therefore, choosing the right platforms can bring out-of-the-box functionality to your business, improving business productivity and minimizing operational costs.

But how can you build your application modernization strategy? Let’s check.

Steps to build your IT modernization strategy

Steps to IT modernization strategy

Here’s a detailed guide for building your technology modernization strategy.

1. Decide your goals

You must have a clear vision of how you will upgrade your business. Make a list of all the actions required to bring improvement to your products and your business.

2. Optimize your resources

Using your resources fully should be your priority to bring more productivity to your business. You can deploy skilled product managers to manage and bring discipline to your team.

3. Testing on a small scale 

You must test the technology modernization road map on a small scale to find whether it will be beneficial or not in the long run to your business. 

Testing various core modernization models for your business will help you find which model would be suitable so you can launch it on a full scale.

4. Bring stabilization to your team

Retaining your top talents can be challenging to modernize your infrastructure. To avoid attrition in your organization, you can better lead them by improving your leadership skills.

Additionally, you can check the more steps to create a road map for technology modernization.

How to create an outcome-oriented IT modernization roadmap? 

Here are the ways you can create a roadmap for core modernization:

1. Replatform 

The process includes migrating your IT infrastructure to a digital cloud space. Consider Infrastructure as a cloud service model to migrate your IT infrastructure. 

However, the integral codebase remains the same, helping you to save total deployed resources and migration charges.

2. Remodify

This model helps businesses to implement new IT capabilities onto their existing software layer.

New capabilities to software layers help businesses to improve customer experience, employee management data visualization, and other essential parts of the IT industry.

3. Reimprove

In this strategy, the businesses can work on the inconsistencies of the existing tech stack they are using for their products.

The model focuses on how businesses can efficiently consume the tools and technologies for their product. Another motive of this model could be to improve system integration by overcoming data sharing hindrances outside their organization.

4. Replace

Instead of replacing old infrastructure with new ones, the business can improve the workflow of products by implementing advanced solutions. The model helps companies to explore new areas to fulfill their business goals and help them avoid repetitive old methods.

5. Reconsider

Instead of following your competitors’ business approach, you can create a way of fulfilling your business needs and requirements. Reconsidering can help you explore new opportunities hidden from your competitors.  

Look at how core modernization helps the following companies to improve their infrastructure. 

Use cases of IT modernization

Check some brands to know how they upgrade their business with the help of technology modernization.

I. Paypal

Paypal, the global electronic payment giant, crossed transactions worth $4 Billion on its platform in 2014. To maintain such a significant amount of transactions on their platform efficiently, Paypal switched from a waterfall model to an agile methodology

This shift helps Paypal retrain up to 510 intercontinental teams working through different time zones.

OpenStack cloud management software helped Paypal upgrade its backend system by enabling the brand to move into a private cloud setting.

II. MAK grills

The brand manufactures BBQs and smokers with access to control their grills through remote devices.

Initially, the brand was facing challenges of instability in its production environment. Later the brand upgraded its infrastructure with the help of Amazon RDS for its SQL server and Amazon auto-scaling groups. 

Moreover, the MAK grills move their logs from the IIS server to Amazon CloudWatch logs enabling them to review log issues quickly and efficiently without any extra cost.

Now it’s your turn!

How can I modernize my business infrastructure?

No one can deny how implementing technology modernization provides the best solution to bring positive results to businesses. Still, technology modernization needs practical experience to implement its principles in your industry correctly.

The best move remains to consult with IT experts for your business. You can contact Idea Usher to talk about bringing IT modernization to your business infrastructure. 

Idea Usher is an IT company where developers and project managers give their best to help companies to bring IT modernization into their business.

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1. What are the benefits of application modernization?

The benefits of core modernization in business are as follows:

  • Minimize operational costs
  • Improves productivity
  • It gives a better customer experience
  • Improves security
  • Generates better revenue
  • Providing access to a cloud-native app
  • It helps businesses to stay upgraded with new technologies
  • Allows a company to eliminate technical debts

2. What is the most significant factor in starting the modernizing process for an application?

Consider these seven factors when you think of implementing IT modernization:

  • Define your business agility
  • Securing your business APIs
  • Consider API data ownership
  • Implementing automation 
  • Defining your application roadmap

3. What are the steps in process modernization?

Follow the given steps to improve technology modernization:

  • List out your best applications 
  • Analyze your resources
  • Add new features to your application
  • Measuring improvement after making changes
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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