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Advanced technology has made it possible to run the world from the fingertips. Still, we humans thrive on more comfort and convenience in everything. Secure transactions that are hassle-free and quick are one of our most primary concerns. And with Paytalk Application, it is possible to fulfil all these demands. 

Various applications in the market promise and deliver features to aid the online transaction, and those applications require saving and careful data entry every single time. When you are in a hurry, this little lengthy process might seem like old age paperwork.

Frustrated by this experience, Neji Tawo, the founder of boutique software development company Wiscount Corporation, developed the brilliant PayTalk Application based on Artificial Intelligence that operates on voice command. 

Now, you don’t even have to move your fingers! 

What Is PayTalk App?

To ease your fingers and mind, the founder of the PayTalk application came up with the idea of online transactions through voice command. This app delivers the fastest way to complete hectic transactions. 

PayTalk came up with a unique selling proposition that differentiates it from its competitors. The application is embedded with artificial intelligence, free of cost, and is its most refined quality product.

Everything requires data entry, whether it is online donations, grocery payments, loans, bills, or any services and insurance. Data entry for crucial information has been done manually for a long time, even on the online platform. This necessary task is exhausting and time-consuming and needs a solution with a quicker and easier process.

The PayTalk AI application therefore developed the ideal method for making voice-based purchases and payments convenient.You only need to command PayTalk for your transaction, crowdfunding, charity, and to whom you want to send your money. This application acts like a virtual assistant that enables you to find the best deals, make reservations and appointments, order food and other purchases, and pay through your voice. 

PayTalk is an engaging platform built around your needs and works on Alexa, Google Assistance, and Siri; you can download your PayTalk from Play Store and App Store. It is one of the first products in Amazon’s Black Founders Build with Alexa Program. Two of the guaranteed feature that PayTalk offers are:

  • Security

To keep your account secure, PayTalk uses voice biometrics and multi-factor authentication.

  • Simplicity

By speaking in your most natural way, you may conveniently access a variety of transactions using PayTalk.

Launched Year:2020
USP:Voice Command
Technology:Artificial Intelligence
Founder: Neji Tawo
Developer:Wiscount Corporation
Size: 146.1 MB
Ratings:5/5 in App Store; 3/5 in Play Store

How Does The PayTalk App Work?

On the front end, PayTalk is powered by pre-built voice recognition models, and numerous API connectors assist its functioning in the background. The software works with Siri, Google Assistant, in addition to Alexa, allowing users to set voice shortcuts such as “Hey Siri, book a ride on PayTalk.”

PayTalk is one platform where you get multiple features to serve your daily needs. It enables users to keep track of their bookings and reservations history and offers various features like:

  • Browsing nearby events and booking a ticket, 
  • Buying gift cards, 
  • Booking a ride or renting a movie, 
  • Ordering groceries and food, 
  • Making reservations and appointments, 
  • Buying luxury services, 
  • Getting a loan, 
  • Sharing/splitting your bills, 
  • Parking requests and much more. 

To start with PayTalk, all you have to do is follow some basic steps:

  1. Download the PayTalk smartphone app from the App Store, Google Play, or Alexa.
  2. Existing users can quickly log in, and new users can follow the easy sign-up process.
  3. Make a profile, fill it out with your details, and choose your preferred currency, followed by a sign-up process.
  4. You can add funds to your wallet, which is optional.
  5. Start utilizing voice or chat to access PayTalk features.

All You Need To Know About The P2P App Development Process

Considering a few essential tech facts, you can create an application similar to PayTalk.

1. Choose a P2P app type.

Peer-to-peer payment apps come in different varieties, and you have to choose between vendor-based and currency-based payment models. Currency-based models can further be distinguished as the application for transactions of cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) or fiat currencies like dollar, pound, etc.

2. Plan the features your P2P software will have.

It is essential to take special note of the features you would like your application to have. The elements could be Digital wallets, Unique identification, Chatbot integration, Transaction history, Notification alerts, Currency rate and conversions, Crypto to Fiat transfer or conversion, etc.

  • Digital Wallet: This feature enables users to make transactions and access their accounts anywhere and anytime. The information with the wallet is saved in cloud storage and does not get lost over time.
  • Unique Identification: This feature helps in making transactions more secure. Unique identification techniques include facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, or OTP validations.
  • Notification Alerts: This feature helps the user stay updated with transactions from their account. Notification alert is a helpful feature in the case of bill reminders.
  • Transaction History: This feature helps the user to keep their account balance and past transactions in check without the need to visit a bank. Transaction history helps the user stay updated with their monthly expenses.
  • Chatbot Integration: An instant query answering feature keeps users satisfied and promises to enhance user experience.
  • Currency Rate & Conversion: This feature comes in handy when the user travels. An application’s currency rate and conversion feature help users make transactions effortlessly in any part of the world.
  • Crypto To Fiat Transfer & Conversion: The trending cryptocurrency conversion and transfer feature is an outstanding choice you can make to implement in your application. This feature will help users to make various kinds of transactions through a single application seamlessly.

3. Plan for the security and legal regulations.

Deciding on whether the application will be Web-based, Native, or Hybrid, you can determine the technology requirement you will need to build your application.

4. Pick the nature of the application.

Deciding on whether the application will be Web based, Native or Hybrid, you can decide the technology requirement you will need to build your application.

5. Choose the ideal tech stack.

Depending on the nature of the application, whether it is a native, hybrid, or web application, it is crucial to decide the tech stack for P2P application development.

  • For iOS: Obj C/Swift, Apple XCode/Intellij Appcode [Tool]
  • For Android: Java, Android Studio/ Eclipse [Tool]

6. Find a developers team for your software development.

It is equally important to pick the skilled development team to work for your application as much as deciding the feature of the application. The development team affects the development pace, product quality, and budget.

7. Choose the revenue model.

Choosing a suitable revenue model for yourself is important to make monetary benefit out of your application. The revenue model could be a premium service model or affiliate marketing model.

  • Premium Service Model may ask users to subscribe or pay for premium services like text message facility, cryptocurrency transactions, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing Model will enable you to partner with financial institutes, banks, and such bodies to promote their product on your platform via ads.

8. Testing.

Test your app for better performance. It is vital to test your application at, before, and after every phase for an excellent user experience.

Benefits Of The PayTalk App

benefits of the paytalk application

PayTalk is a single platform where users can access a variety of functions to meet their needs. These are first-rate services that this software provides to its users:

1. Best Savings

Deal hunting has never been more straightforward. With PayTalk, you can ask your smartphone or tablet, Alexa, or Google Home for the best offers on shopping, spas, tickets, and other things.

2. Paying Bills

PayTalk enables you to settle financial obligations with suppliers from many industries quickly.

Additionally, splitting a bill with your buddies is hassle-free.

Additionally, PayTalk provides the simplest way possible to pay phone bills, electricity bills, and other payments by voice command.

3. Reservations and Appointments

By alerting PayTalk of the time and date of the reservation, you can make reservations at your preferred restaurant.

Furthermore, you may use your Siri, Google, or Alexa device to schedule an appointment with the doctor, masseuse, therapist, etc.

4. Premium Luxury Services

You may find private aircraft, a limo, or any premier service using PayTalk. Simply saying “get me a limo” causes PayTalk to connect you with drivers in the area of your chosen location.

5. Mortgages, Loans, and Insurance

Ask your Alexa or Google device to search for a loan on PayTalk. For instance, PayTalk will connect you with credit providers who provide that service if you say, “Find Me A Loan Of $800”. 

Additionally, PayTalk can put you in touch with the mortgage and insurance brokers to get you the finest deals in the quickest time possible.

6. Online purchasing

Simply stating what you want to buy, you can search for products across several e-commerce sites. By using PayTalk, you may also communicate with merchants.

7. Merchant Account

PayTalk makes it simpler for potential or current customers/merchants to trade or make payments by registering their business on PayTalk.

Future Of PayTalk

PayTalk has various shortcomings discovered by users, and developers constantly strive to improve it for their customers. The UI/UX of PayTalk is superb, and its services are fantastic. Although you can enter commands using a chatbot-like flow, a convenient alternative when speaking doesn’t make sense or isn’t acceptable, it doesn’t switch between activities very gracefully.

PayTalk applications can do miracles with a bit of focused effort on the map and time zone. A sizable database is still required for this application to continue serving its purpose globally. However, PayTalk can undoubtedly eliminate the time-consuming form-filling procedure in crises or a rush.

Wrap UP!

PayTalk is a B2C (business-to-consumer) platform, and the application is in its infancy and continues to develop shortly. Few features of the application in its current form don’t support the complete services the software promises to deliver. However, as the development team of the software advances and incorporates the voice-activated features, it is believed that there is room to support enterprise use cases by automating and replacing the time-consuming form-filling procedures that are prevalent in many sectors including the healthcare industry.

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How Do You Use The PayTalk App?

PayTalk Application is used for many features, such as scheduling an appointment or making a reservation, booking a cab or luxury service, getting a loan, insurance, or mortgage, making online purchases, etc. via voice commands.

Is PayTalk A Good Multipurpose App?

Indeed. You may make reservations, schedule appointments, and book services with the fantastic multipurpose Paytalk app. You can also use PayTalk to discover loans, get groceries and food, pay a variety of bills and taxes.

Is PayTalk a Free App To Use?

Users of the PayTalk app can presently get it for free from the App Store and Play Store.

Is PayTalk Available On App Store?

Yes. The PayTalk app has a rating of 5.0/5 on the App Store.

What form of currency is used for transactions in PayTalk?

When signing up, you have the option of selecting your preferred currency for transactions. You can change it later for future transactions.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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