paytalk application cover image idea usher
What Is PayTalk App And Why Is It Different?

Advanced technology has made it possible to run the world from the fingertips. Still, we humans thrive on more comfort and convenience in everything. Secure transactions that are hassle-free and quick are one of our

Integration of VR and AI
How will Enterprises Succeed in 2023 with VR and A...

VR and AI (virtual reality and artificial reality) are not new inventions. VR uses technology to create simulated environments into which we can immerse ourselves, whereas AI seeks to empower technical gadgets with the understanding

AI in Insurance
AI in Insurance: How data is impacting the sector?

A report by McKinsey reports that across an array of functions and use cases AI investments, AI in the insurance industry can drive up to a whopping $1.1 trillion in potential annual value.  As insurers

ai app development
How to build an AI application?

I’m sure you hear about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) a lot these days. They are the latest buzzwords that are taking the world by storm. If you have not heard about them,

artificial intelligence: 50 terms marketers should know
Artificial Intelligence: Marketer’s Go-To Gl...

Marketers need to stay with the trend. And what’s the trend these days? AI. Here are Artificial Intelligence terms marketers need to know. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the practice of building computer-based systems that

facial recognition technology
How To Build a Facial Recognition Software?

The facial recognition process works the same way the human mind functions. It employs biometrics to map face traits from images or videos. Then compares the information with a database to confirm the user’s identification.

Real-life Examples of AI in Tourism
5 Real-Life Examples of AI in the Tourism Industry

AI has blended into every aspect of our lives. It is no more a fictional aspect of pop culture. Look through any news related to technology. You will spot terms such as Artificial Intelligence and

last mile delivery app development
Last Mile Delivery: Meaning, Business Plan, and Ap...

Why last mile delivery? Last mile delivery is a lucrative business. Businesses can turn opportunities into profits, with last mile delivery. We’re going to discuss in detail the makings of such a business app. We’ll

going digital helps you grow your business exponentially
How going digital can help you grow your business(...

How do you attract more buyers online? The way businesses work is simple. Customers bring more sales. And more sales bring more revenue. But hold on a minute, we’re amid a pandemic. People aren’t going to

How Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is leading the ...

A whole new world The global coronavirus outbreak has changed all our lives greatly. As of April 6th, COVID-19 has infected around 1.35 million people across the globe, claiming the lives of 74,683 people. This

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