What is GoPuff?

Launched in 2013, GoPuff has become a revolutionary name in more than 550 cities. In Addition to its impeccable customer service, the platform generated a massive amount of $1.15B  in the latest funding round. Such an immense expansion in the valuation within seven years was astonishing. The platform soon caught the eyes of many entrepreneurs.  Every tech guy in the market became curious about what exactly the app is. 

They wanted to understand GoPuff’s business model and tried to recreate something similar. Do you want to do the same? If yes, this blog acts as a compendium of information regarding the app.

Understand how the firm raised a billion dollars of investment within seven years of establishment and still continues to do so. Thus, reaching the throne of the food and liquor delivery industry. 

What is GoPuff?

It is one of the best on-demand food and alcohol delivery services. It assists customers in ordering their favorite food from the provider at the time and location of their choice. Thus, delicious food can arrive right on your couch without making a hectic move toward the restaurants/cafes/hotels. This app made it easier for the customers to order and receive food on time.

A Brief History

  • GoPuff was founded in 2013 by two exceptional brains, Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev. Both were university grads at the time of the launch. Their initial plan was to do it as an on-demand hookah delivery service, but later it converted into delivering foods and grocery items. The founders used a Plymouth voyager to have the products in the beginning.
  • The company became a unicorn company within five years of establishment.
  • It added the first independent board member in April 2021.
  • The company Purchased Fancy- a UK-based food delivery service, in May 2021.
  • The platform and Uber Eats announced a partnership to sell items from their inventory via the Uber Eats app.
  • A startup named Liquor Barn was acquired by the company in June 2021.

Have a look at various rounds of funding raised by the Company

Funding History of GoPuff

GoPuff Business Model Explained

Here’s a quick rundown through the business model of the app: 

  • It might seem a difficult model to execute but it has turned into a reality. The platform has micro fulfillment centers in many locations inside a particular city. It helps the company to complete an order within 30 minutes. This unique model is the basic reason why the app is so fast
  • Customers can order their favorite food by checking the available products in the inventory. Thus, there is no need to search for a particular restaurant to get their desired food. This model provides every facility to the customer on a platter. 
  • The price of the food product listed on the app constitutes the total profit and a small delivery charge is fixed for every order. 

Inventory-Based model

This company has a different business model than the competitors. Rather than contacting the food providers after the order gets placed, the venture follows an inventory-based model. It directly purchases goods from various manufacturers across the states and stores them in its warehouse. 

Importance of Inventory Control

Let us see the impact of an independent inventory control over a food delivery company.

  • Owning the inventory helps scaling the profit margins on product category sales. They can easily reduce the cost price for a particular category.
  • No need to charge extra fees on the products to earn profit.
  • Gives an ability to quickly update and localize the assortments.

Effects of Micro Fulfillment Centers

Setting up multiple centers in the same city consumes a large amount of investment. Then how can they help the platform maximize their revenue? Go through the below points to know-

  • It speeds up the delivery time and offers better employee experience.
  • Enables the addition of new verticals. For example- GoPuff Kitchen is a new setup that brings made-to-order fresh food.
  • These centers strengthen the economics of the business.

Below are the different components of the GoPuff Business Model:

GoPuff Business Model

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Advantages of GoPuff Business Model

Advantages of GoPuff App

The entrepreneurs willing to launch a product similar to this app must be aware of the advantages associated with this business. Here are the key points:

1.  Good idea of availability

The company has a good idea of the availability of the stock because of the inventory model. It helps them to fulfill the requirements way before the customer demands and prevents a shortage of materials similar to the other model followed by the competitors.

2.  No middleman for the product delivery

They have their own staff for picking up the order from the centers and delivering it to the customer. There is no middleman to pick grocery from the supermarket or dishes from the restaurants.

3. Independent in terms of warehouse usage

The company is independent in terms of warehouse usage. Thus, it can open its own warehouses 24/7 which maximizes the revenue.

Challenges Of the GoPuff Business Model

Every coin has two faces. Similarly, this awesome looking inventory model has a few challenges that the responsible individuals need to tackle for the proper functioning of the firm. Here are a few of them:

  • A large investment must get dedicated to the warehouse space every time the app opens at a new place. Thus, it is not easy to expand from one city to another.
  • A special license is required for selling products like liquor. Plus, storing alcoholic beverages demands a high commission.
  • Food quality must be excellent to increase the rate of return customers.
  • Inadequate food handling by the delivery persons can result in loss of return customers. Issues like hygiene and safe order delivery are needed to be solved to maximize the company’s customer base.
  • The customer’s perspective keeps on changing when it comes to food delivery apps. Thus, there is a need to add the best value to their customers so that they can permanently stick to their service.
  • Fluctuating market prices are no big deal in the food and grocery market. Therefore, it becomes complex for the management to make constant amendments based on the price shift.

 Four Ways GoPuff Earns Money

GoPuff Revenue Streams

Every business enthusiast reading this blog must be eager to know how GoPuff makes money. The revenue model of app has four essential ingredients that helped it become a unicorn within a few years of launch. 

Have a look at four of them:

1.Marking up the Products

  • Product markup is the first revenue stream of the company. Unlike the other on-demand food delivery services that complete their orders by delivering products directly from the restaurants, the company purchases the products directly and stores them in their warehouse. 
  • Later, the order gets completed by the company itself. Thus, they can minimize the production cost of cooked food. Along with that, the difference between the buying and selling price of the grocery along with the warehouse cost adds to the profit. 
  • The only complexity is at the core of the management. But, the management team has done an incredible job in tracking the warehouse availability from time to time.

2.Delivery Tax 

  • This is the most common revenue stream by any on-demand supply company. In many companies, delivery fees vary depending on the location of the customer from the target center. But, the app has a fixed delivery tax. 
  • That’s right! The delivery cost is constant at $1.95. However, there is an extra raise up to $2 for orders containing alcoholic beverages. 
  • The extra is because of the commission paid in keeping a mass quantity of alcoholic beverages in their warehouse. Plus, the cost of a special license for liquor made it obvious to increase at least $0.5 bucks.

3.Membership Scheme

  • A membership program known as GoPuff fam offers benefits such as free delivery on all orders and other member-only discounts. The cost to enroll in this program is $5.95. This is a significant revenue stream targeting permanent customers. 
  • It motivates them to subscribe to the membership scheme and enjoys all the above-mentioned benefits of using the app. It also helps in increasing brand popularity as more membership users convey their thoughts to other people. 
  • A chain of membership investment generates helping the company enhance its profit.


  • This revenue stream unlocks after a company establishes itself as a king in the market. Being the best in the business, it attracts a lot of potential startups to expand their sales by providing products to them. 
  • The company offers priority placements on its on-demand food delivery portal. A report delivered by Forbes stated that the app earned $600,000 by priority placements of an ice-cream startup named Nightfood.

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4 Ways That Helped GoPuff Grow Rapidly

Every business revolves around certain principles. These principles help the businesses grow faster. There are 4 Cs to know if you are planning to create a food delivery app.

Read the four important aspects every food business must follow:

  1. Experience- Apps that offer excellent customer experience outsmart the competitors.
  2. Engagement- Users engage effectively if they find value in your solution.
  3. Satisfaction- Every business needs happy customers to assure success. The food industry is not an exception.
  4. Retention- Retain your customers, and try to turn them into your brand ambassadors. Food businesses are rapidly increasing. Thus, there is a scarcity of brand loyalty.

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Final Words

In conclusion, it can be said that the on-demand food delivery industry has a bright future. It will keep on generating revenue even in the worst downfalls such as covid-19 pandemic. Many people hate to walk or drive miles away to purchase food, grocery or liquor.  Apps like these are making the lives of such people easy and comfortable. 

Creating something like this app is not a one-day deal. It consumes a lot of time, investment, and developer’s mind. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of some firms to get the maximum quality. 

You can contact us if you have an idea already that focuses on inventory based models. You can utilize that time in creating further strategies to boost it up to the public.


Where does the food come from?

The company has warehouses in 4000+ locations across the United States. Once the order gets placed, the delivery partner picks up the food product directly from the warehouse.

How many employees work for the company?

An estimated figure shows that 10,000 employees are working for Go.

Is this marketing strategy unique?

Yes, the idea of using an inventory-based model for an on-demand food delivery service is unique. Plus, their are multiple criteria for revenue generation which makes it the best grocery/food delivery company in the USA.

Name some top investors of the company

Top investors of this company include Blackstone, Fidelity, SoftBank, and Adage Capital.

How does they deliver so fast?

Excellent management of warehouse facilities along with the establishment of multiple order centers helps complete the delivery in a maximum of thirty minutes.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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