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if you are wondering which scripting language should a developer choose typescript or javascript Both these languages have a plethora of features. Some attributes make Javascript more advantageous than Typescript and vice-versa.

Typescript development and Javascript development aim at creating as well as maintaining websites. For the webpages to look eye-catching, scripting programming languages were developed.

We will now be covering Typescript and Javascript in detail below.

What is Typescript? What is its need?

If you ask, “What’s better than Javascript,” you may get Typescript as the answer. Typescript is a strongly typed Javascript superset and compiles to plain Javascript. You can use this language for application scale Javascript development. It can also be executed on any browser, host, and operating system.

There are different reasons why Typescript developers should consider using it:

1. Static typing

Javascript is dynamically typed. It does not know its variable type until it gets instantiated at runtime. Typescript adds type support to Javascript.

2. Type inference

Typescript makes coding a bit easier and a lot less explicit by using type inference.

3. Better IDE support

Advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) support and development experience with Typescript is a tremendous improvement over Javascript. It offers strict null checks.

4. Interoperability

Typescript programming language is closely related to Javascript. It has excellent interoperability capabilities. Extra efforts are required to work with the Javascript libraries in Typescript, making the latter preferable to use.

Advantages of Typescript

advantages of typescript

Let us discuss some advantages of Typescript. 

1. Easy bug spotting

Typescript is a compiler language. It means the code written by the developers is scanned line by line for errors. It helps in fixing minor mistakes like a variable declaration. The human-written code gets transformed into byte code. Before this process, typescript searches for all syntax errors, which aids in easy bug spotting.

2. Structured coding through static typing

Static and dynamic typing are two structures of any programing language. Declaring a variable is a normal process for any programming language. A coder can mistakenly make variable-type errors. Typescript is statically typed. This feature makes this language faster in comparison to Javascript. It helps to perform type checking at compilation time itself.

3. No uncertainty

Due to easy bug spotting for the coders, there is much less room for delays in Typescript. The static nature also contributes to reducing tensions. Syntax, logic, compilation, runtime, arithmetic, and interface errors are some of the uncertainties that do not happen in Typescript.

4. Compatibility with other browsers and platforms

Typescript is a language that extends Javascript. While compiling, Typescript gets converted into a .js (Javascript) file. The browsers then read this file. Typescript is not natively compatible with the browsers. It eventually runs by converting its code into Javascript, which is feasible with almost every browser.

5. Typescript sustains interfaces

The interface means describing multiple properties and function types. It also defines the syntax for the classes used for the code.

Disadvantages of Typescript

disadvantages of typescript

Here are a few disadvantages of using Typescript.

1. Slowed development with more codes

Typescript is used to handle large projects. As the file size of that projects increases, the performance starts degrading. In addition, there are a negligible amount of performance benefits for Javascript.

2. Compilation requirement

The code of Typescript has to meet basic compilation requirements. There is no freedom during the declaration of the variables.

3. Not 100% secure

Typescript has decreased the security of the application. In some cases, it offers a false sense of type checking. Typescript is helpful in the case of application development, but there is no benefit at run time.

What is Javascript? What is its need?

Javascript is a high-level interpreted programming language. The thing that makes it unique is that it runs right in the browser. Javascript is that missing piece used to enhance web pages, applications, etc. There are fewer differences between Typescript vs. Javascript code.

Now, let’s know about the language’s needs:

1. Learning complexities

First of all, it is easy to learn and simple to implement. Unlike other programming languages like Java & C++, it is less complex.

2. Framework

It is a client-side programing language and provides fast responses. It also has a rich framework set like Angular GS and React GS.

3. Compiler requirement

Javascript is the reason behind attractive websites and applications. It does not require a compiler.

4. Browser support

It is platform-independent and supported by all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Advantages of Javascript

advantages of javascript

The following list highlights the advantages of using Javascript.

1. Faster than other languages

Is Typescript popular? It is factual that Javascript code runs faster than most other languages. It is almost four times faster than C++. Javascript engines have evolved from slow interpreters to just-in-time compilers. New developments are also making Javascript fast enough for web applications.

2. Easy to learn

Javascript is easy to learn as a programing language. It can be easily embedded with languages like HTML. The interpreting functionality of the web browser makes it possible to write complex codes in small pieces. Simultaneous testing of that small piece of code on the browser is possible.

3. Versatility in functions

A universal programming language satisfies the needs of developing applications of all sorts. With time, javascript supports many parts that make it operable with all kinds of applications.

4. Reduced overhead

Overhead is the time required to perform a specific task. This combination can be among time, memory, or the resources involved in completing the task successfully. Javascript machines are good at maintaining overhead and yield the best performance. It has a small code size file as compared to Typescript.

5. Interoperability and server load

There are multiple programming languages with which javascript works perfectly. It results in the preferability of javascript over Typescript. It can easily get encoded inside the script of multiple languages. There is no server load as the code runs on the browser. It means that data validation does not require a server. 

Disadvantages of Javascript

disadvantages of javascript

Have a look at a few disadvantages of using Javascript.

1. Compromised security

Javascript has potential security risks. Manipulation and stealing of data are common vulnerabilities in Javascript. Mainly Javascript is a client-side language, but it can also create security issues in server-side environments.

2. Lags in different browsers

Javascript has the upper hand over Typescript. It can execute the code side by side on the browser. But this is not the case with Typescript. Although it directly runs on the browser, it still has some lags in its performance. It hinders the overall output capabilities.

3. Insufficient debugging

Javascript is an interpreter language. Developers cannot modify their syntax errors while writing the code. The errors are shown only at run time, which is time-consuming.

Typescript vs. Javascript – What is the difference? 

difference between typescript and javascript

It is vital to get into the introductory knowledge about web development and programming language. Typescript and Javascript are both popular scripting languages. Let us discuss the differences between Javascript and Typescript.

1. Learning curve

Javascript, which is a dynamically typed language, works without a compiler. It has a more advanced ecosystem and is an easy-to-learn scripting language. Its flexibility allows developers to use it to create web applications.

On the other hand, the Typescript learning curve is steep when compared to javascript. Moreover, the typescript ecosystem has not developed much. Hence developers can’t take liberty while coding in this language.

The question arises: Do I need to know Javascript to learn Typescript? The facts state that Typescript has been generated from Javascript. New methods and features got introduced that were not a part of Javascript. It made Typescript challenging to learn.

2. Ecosystem

Javascript is an easy-to-learn web programming language. It was first introduced 26 years ago in 1995, offering programmers a rich ecosystem. It has many packages and libraries that can get integrated for robust web development.

On the other hand, Typescript software is comparatively new. It first appeared in 2012 and unlike Javascript, it did not support a rich ecosystem. However, it does have a more robust ecosystem for static typing.

The application building cycle under the javascript ecosystem is much more stable. It facilitates developers with sound frameworks and libraries. However, that is not the case with Typescript.

3. Prototyping and annotation capability

Prototyping-based programming is an object-oriented programing. The basic functionality of object-oriented programming (Typescript) is that multiple objects (java class instance) can get reused in a single code. This functionality is known as a prototype. Typescript developers benefit from the prototyping capabilities. On the other hand, Javascript does not offer these features.

Annotations are comments that are not part of the program itself. It can be found in the code logic. It makes code logic easier to understand for the third party. This feature is missing in Javascript.

The compiler can also use annotations to detect warnings and several errors. Such features are only available in Typescript.

4. Compiling requirements

Is typescript interpreted or compiled? Compiling requirements are matched by the Typescript, whereas Javascript doesn’t. The typescript is an object-oriented programming language that takes the compiler’s help to execute code.

Compilation means the human-written code gets transformed into a machine code. The machine then runs this code. On the other side, Javascript uses an interpreter for its code execution. Typescript speeds up the compilation process.

Typescript takes the whole code for execution. With the help of a compiler, it translates the code into byte form. The byte code then gets executed, and a Javascript file gets generated. This javascript file then runs on the browser. But in the case of Javascript, the interpreter reads code line by line and executes the output on the browser.

5. Client and server-side use

Javascript is a client and server-side programming language. Its main aim is to focus on the scripting side of web development. Due to advancements, complex structures, and the size of language Typescript got introduced.

On the other hand, Javascript was also not regarded as an object-oriented programing language which prevented it from getting used on the server-side. To overcome this gap, Typescript was invented by the developers.

Typescript developers can use existing Javascript code that the compiler can read and execute. In conclusion, the object-oriented property of typescript language made it possible to run on both clients and server-side.

6. Community

Javascript is a simple language that makes code easy to read and write. This language has been in existence for more than the last two decades. Community support provides coders with solutions to the problems. Hence, the community support and the number of experienced developers for javascript are more.

On the other hand, Typescript software is relatively new. It has minor community support. Typescript doesn’t offer coders freedom. However, the benefit of Typescript is that it rules out the possibility of common programming errors. So, in many cases, developers can neglect community support.

7. Data biding

Data binding focuses on establishing a connection between the application user interface (UI) and the data it displays. The interface is the concept that allows the enforcement of class (object) properties. Typescript utilizes these concepts.

Javascript uses first-class functions to create dynamic web pages. There is no connection between UI and data employed. Thus it makes data binding and interface abilities impossible.

8. NPM managing software

NPM is Node Package Manager. The basic functionality of NPM is to manage server-side dependencies. A Typescript programming language is used on client-side language in large projects. Typescript packages have static type definitions. The typescript is available as a package on the NPM registry.

NPM provides a lock.JSON package that displays all the dependencies of the project. In Javascript, the NPM package manages local dependency for tolls of the project. With this, developers can work on multiple versions of codes.

9. Interface support

The interface is the basic structure for the application. The usage of the interface is to validate the specific design of properties. Typescript developers declare properties and functions in the code. The interface contains only the declaration of methods (classes) and fields and enables the code to follow a specific structure.

Javascript does not support interface properties. It is a dynamic programming language. It makes it difficult for variables to get declared with specific properties and methods.

10. Debugging facilities

Typescript is a compiler language. It makes it compulsory to declare variables while coding. This property eliminates the risk of handling errors while compiling. It also makes debugging easy and feasible.

Javascript is an interpreter language. There is no compiler available that can scan code line by line for finding errors. Thus, it makes it difficult for programmers to identify variable-type-related errors. 

You can also check out the difference Between Java and JavaScript to get a deeper understanding.

Where to use Typescript and Javascript?

Javascript and Typescript are both used for web development projects. For projects that are large and have complex applications, Typescript gets preference. On the other hand, Javascript receives priority for minute projects.

Javascript is an unstructured language. A coder focusing on a structured project must go for Typescript.

Popular companies like Yahoo and Youtube use Javascript in the background. Websites of companies using Typescript are- Microsoft and Accenture. 


Is Typescript better than Javascript? Both Typescript and Javascript have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the project’s requirement and the developer’s choice of when to use Typescript or Javascript.

Someone new in the coding world can opt for Javascript. On the other hand, a coder focusing on structured code and a proper server-side language can go for Typescript. To know more about Typescript vs. Javascript, you can reach out to the experts of Idea Usher. They will help you decide which one is right for your requirements.

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1. Is it beneficial to migrate the project to Typescript?

Javascript is used in small projects. So, it becomes hard to manage when code length increases. Typescript makes it easy to handle the code and also finds code errors at compile time itself.

2. Is Typescript slower than Javascript?

The code written in Javascript gets converted into Typescript. Considering the compilation time of the code, we can say Typescript is faster than Javascript. Code gets compiled with easily and faster.

3. Does Typescript improve overall performance?

Compiled code is in minimized form, making the code run faster. In addition, it prompts errors that coders can easily spot and debug. It is statically typed code, making it easy for the developer to understand the language.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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