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In this new age of technology, everything is slowly moving online. As the entire world is compressed into one tiny smartphone, all the industries have to adapt according to it—even the hospitality industry. 

The world now works on consumer-based culture, which demands an ‘as-need’ approach. Cab booking apps such as Uber are the most excellent example of this change. Many years into the past, no one could have expected that someday they will be booking their rides on their phones within fractions of seconds.

To provide excellent service to the guests, hotels must keep up with the market trends and demands. Almost all the core roles of a hotel or restaurant have moved to apps – now it’s Concierge’s time to shine!

Today in this blog, we at IdeaUsher will be discussing how on demand concierge app has changed the way hotel mobile app and hotel concierge services functioned. Keep reading!


Let us start with first understanding what a concierge service is. 

The concierge service is a part of the industry for a long time. It is so essential that every hotel is required to have one. Some hotels provide their own while some hire the services from a third-party concierge service company. The hotel guests can lend concierge services for several tasks, such as calling a cab, restaurant reservations, theatre tickets, travel guidance, etc.

Some of the other main fields where a concierge can useful are:

  • Concierge Travel
  • Medical concierge
  • Education concierge
  • Business concierge
  • Wedding concierge

Concierge Services App

Now that we have understood the concierge services arena, let us now talk about an on demand app for it.


As we read above, the hospitality industry has shifted online. Hotels and restaurants have found a new, trendy way of running things.
As a part of this new change, the hotels have now started to include an on demand concierge service app as a part of their hotel concierge software.

Many leading hotels, such as Hyatt, have now started providing their customers with tablets in their rooms. Not only do these tablets control the essential functions of the room, such as light control and air conditioning, but they also come with an installed concierge application.
Instead of going to and fro from the concierge table, via this new app, the guests can easily find a user-friendly application that provides them with the services they require.


We have listed below a few points that can help explain the popularity of on demand concierge app in the industry.


Replacing the on-desk staff with an on demand concierge app may seem difficult. But to keep up, it has to be and can be done.

The global pandemic has invited a significant decline in the tourism industry. Hotels are struggling with ways by which they can increase their demand.

Introducing a concierge app as apart of their system can help them in this situation. Such a concierge service app provides the guests with a contactless way out. They get the liberty of finding all the information they need at one place in the comfort of their rooms.  Such an elimination of the middle person can help hotels and restaurants attract more customers.

It also provides the current staff of the hotel with more time at liberty. They can consume this time in learning the safety protocols that abide by the current pandemic. It will also help the hotel management in coming up with new ways to make their hotels safer.


Apart from the safety point of view mentioned above, guests get various other luxuries from an on demand concierge app.
The guests can find all the information they may need, present in one source. Information about tourist spots, restaurants, theatres, properties, etc. can be found on these apps. If a guest wants to make a purchase, the option of offline card usage is also present.

They also get provided with prompt solutions to any general query that may arise. Some on these apps  come with a chatbot. These chatbots help answer any other additional questions that the guest may have. Sometimes they are also programmed to redirect the chat to the qualified person for the task.

Guests also get the benefit of high-speed functioning that the AI-driven on demand concierge app offer. Sometimes these apps come with additional features such as online check-in/check-out, which makes the stay even more comfortable, and let’s face it, pretty cool too!

Ease of customers


If we think about it, an on demand concierge app can be considered an important marketing tool. Using the search engine data that the guests feed the app, the hotels can provide hand-tailored offers. For example, if your guest has searched for dinner options, your hotel can provide him with a special discount that may attract them to dine in your hotel rather than someplace else.

Hotels can also earn revenue by uploading foreign ads on their apps. Using the search engine information, the hotel concierge software can be tailored to display the ads according to the guest’s search.
Hotels like Hyatt have found a way of earning added revenue using the SMS service. For any service that the guest desires, they ask them to send an SMS to the given provider. 

Using all these means, hotels can also earn the trust of the guests and some valuable reviews. It may make them come back, knowing the ease and benefits of your on-demand service app.



Now that we are aware of the benefits, let’s move to the next step – should a hotel choose an in-brand app or a third-party app?
One of the questions that may help in this decision-making process is:  can you afford your own on demand concierge app?
Many hotels are already set with the necessary equipment and technical staff for such a venture. But if speaking generally, it is preferable for the hotels to go with third-party app developers.

It is necessary that the hotels create their on demand concierge app while keeping the customer trends and needs in mind. A popular app can help attract more customers.The focus should be on creating an app that is easy to use and understand. A good user-interface can create more demand for the app, and hence more customers.

Hope this blog helped you understand the latest concierge service app trend. If you have any more app development-related questions, feel free to contact the technical experts and developers at IdeaUsher.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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