how to develop an AR hairstyle app

Do you know what an Augmented Reality Hairstyle app is? Well! To understand this better, let us first consider a situation. Suppose, you wish to change your hairstyle. You want to have a new hairstyle with different hair colors and haircuts. But, you are confused about whether that hairstyle will suit your look or not. 

With the help of a hairstyle AR application, you can get a clear view of the new hairstyle without actually doing anything! The AR software applications merge the digital vision into the user’s real-world environment. This technology makes it possible to change the hairstyle (hair color & hair cut) in real-time.

After introducing how an AR app helps the customers, there would be several questions that are likely to strike the reader’s minds. Some of them are:

  • The steps to create such an app 
  • The features of this application 
  • Its roadmap towards the future

Well! Read the blog further and clarify all your doubts.

How Important Is AR In The Beauty Industry?

The future is going to witness a complete virtual makeover. Considering the future, AR is an essential part of every industry, not just the beauty industry. AR helps customers experiment with their products in a wholesome digital world. Virtual makeup try-on is assisting the customers in getting better beauty products without having to visit the physical store. Customers can virtually try on lip shades, nail arts, hair colors, eyelashes, and many other beauty products. So, it has the potential to be a game-changer for the beauty industry.

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Critical Features Of AR Hairstyle Makeover Applications

features of hairstyle app

The AR application for hairstyles that you are creating must have some unique features that will act as a magnet for the users.

●  The application should not just limit itself to hairstyle. Making the app more comprehensive will enthrall users, and virtual make-ups can be introduced along with hairstyle.

●  It must be able to provide the users with experimenting options. The users who want to experiment with brands, makeup artists, designers, etc., should be able to do it.

●  Your app can try facilitating both the premium and free versions. It provides convenience to every person using the app.

Basic Steps To Develop AR Hairstyle Filter App

steps to develop an AR hairstyle app

Augmented Reality applications lay on top of the natural world and provide an immersive experience. With the hairstyle AR app, users can try hairstyles, colors, cuts, etc., and make an informed choice. It eliminates the regret that sometimes happens after getting a wrong look. 

Companies can follow specific steps and methods to develop user-friendly, easily navigable, and feature-rich applications for their customers. 

So, it’s time to immerse yourself in the journey of hairstyle app development!

Step 1: Estimating The App Features And Requirements Of Your App

Before beginning with the application design and development, it is necessary to outline the features, hairstyles, colors, cuts, and various other requirements. You need to focus on your customer base (women, men, children, age, etc.) and their needs and expectations from the application. 

Based on such analysis, you have to decide the scope of your project, expansion plans, etc. You have to choose where you want this app to be available- iOS, Android, or both. Some standard features to be added to an application must include:

●      Features providing different hairstyles for customers

●      Increasing engagement by offering a feature of personalized push notifications

●      Allowing in-app purchases and payment gateway integration

In addition, you should define the geographical area where the app will be available and plan expansion accordingly. These features will constitute the core of the app. Therefore, they need to be attractive and easy to use. You can also add some exciting options like games, rewards, loyalty programs in the app.

Step 2: Selection Of An Agile Iterative Solution

Iterative development refers to a method of building software products when there’s only a vague idea of what to develop. This process helps the Hairstyle AR app development firms to evaluate the product at every level. 

They do this by getting feedback from target users due to unclear or under-defined results. You can even launch a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ for testing in the early market, which possesses basic functionalities. AGILE Software Development Lifecycle Model is highly advisable for AR app developers.

Augmented Reality hair transformation app developers get a realistic approach with the agile SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) model. Since hairstyle trends keep changing and customer requirements are extensive, the evolving model is appropriate.

The AGILE model divides the task into smaller time frames and delivers specific features every release. It is an adaptive software development method. These solutions allow firms to develop an application that quickly responds to change, enables continuous customer interaction, and minimizes the risk of failure. It offers flexibility to developers and cuts resource requirements.

Step 3: Researching And Testing

Because of the adaptive approach in developing AR hairstyle makeover applications, you need to make a ‘Scrum.’ Scrum is a technique used in AGILE projects that helps build a top development team. It constitutes a group of individuals handled by a Scrum master. He is responsible for delivering the products and completing projects within the time frame. 

These app developers work closely with the testers, who examine the issues with the application. They run iterations, also known as ‘Sprints,’ where new versions come forward for evaluation by the testers. With the scrum master (who is usually the project manager), the following roles are significant:

●      Business Analysts

●      User interface designers

●      Augmented Reality Developers

●      Android Developers

●      iOS Developers

You can hire freelancers or a development team based on your requirements, budgets, and other affecting factors. Your application must work on every device equally and effectively. The common open-source testing frameworks make testing challenging. Therefore, you can employ an automated test aid to improve your coverage.

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Step 4: Choosing AR/SDK Providers

If you want your customers to have an exciting, straightforward, and immersive experience using your application, you must use an AR SDK (Augmented Reality Software Development Kit) provider. They provide a personalized experience to the consumers. It enhances customer engagement to try all the available hair products without getting bored. It enables integrations across different channels and devices- mobiles, websites, in-store, etc.

AR SDKs take customer service to the next level and enhance brand awareness. You can tie it with sales options, add analytics, and product recommendations to boost your brand on social media.

AR hair transformation apps require precise detection of hair in real-time. It is a daunting task and needs highly trained staff to manage. The varying hair features- length, color, styles force the algorithm to work around these parameters accurately. It should not blur the natural hair texture to keep the experience accurate. 

AR SDK solution providers bring authentic AR effects through hair segmentation neural networks. It helps detect hair accurately under different backgrounds, real cameras, low lighting, etc. SDK tracks face images, undertakes 3D rendering, and AR hair coloring joins as an extension.

Step 5: Adding API Integrations

Your app might require an in-app purchase feature to handle purchases end-to-end, retrieve product information, process payments, and deliver results. API integration (Application Programming Interfaces) allows users to pay quickly, access purchase history, report a problem, request a refund, etc. 

Shopify provides an excellent API portal. It also enables payment gateway integrations in Android and iOS. These solutions streamline various activities in the application.

Step 6: Launching The App

Launch your application on all the leading platforms after completing the app development, testing, and evaluation tasks. Ensure compliance with the guidelines of different operating systems. Your AR hairstyling application is now ready to function. 

After publishing the app, maintain a proactive approach and an empowered ‘Scrum team.’ Know the status of your project by conducting regular meetings. Manage the diverse set of activities by learning lessons from every ‘Sprint’ meeting. This way, your application can break the internet!

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Planning To Launch A Virtual Haircut App?

If you plan to launch a virtual haircut app, you need to be wary of certain things. The Augmented Reality market is becoming increasingly competitive, with firms jumping on the chance to serve their customers better. These applications are complex to make and thus require heavy investment. 

The management responsible for developing and running the AR app must be diligent and proficient. The key to the success of these projects lies in the management and tools employed. Today, various cloud platforms and advanced automated tools are available to carry out the different operations. Ensure that you hire highly skilled and experienced people to build your project. 

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Top AR Apps For Hairstyle

Haircuts, colors, and styles can alter the entire look of a person. Many AR apps are available in the market for hairstyles. The top ones that provide accurate solutions include:

1.   Modiface Hair Color App

modiface hair color app

Modiface is one of the most popular hair color applications, letting you try different looks. You can try any hair color virtually that provides convincing results. The app will mold your decision with a realistic outcome. It even offers hair color change in a live video. It perfectly frames your face with your choice of hues. 

Just flip your camera to the selfie mode, try out the wide range of colors, and make a decision accordingly. Also, you can adjust the shine and intensity of the hues. 

2.   Hairstyle Makeover App

hairstyle makeover app

Are you bored of the same hairstyle every day? The free-of-cost hairstyle makeover app with in-app purchases allows you to try various hairstyles virtually. You can see what suits your face, features, etc., by uploading your selfie. 

Many short, medium and long hairstyles are available to try and choose a winner. It also has in-built editing tools and enables sharing the results with friends and salon owners.

3.   Hairstyle For Your Face Shape App

hairstyles for your face shape app

Often, we get influenced by actors and models and try to imitate their hairstyles, cuts, etc. However, we regret some of these decisions because no human has the same features to rock a look. 

This app analyzes your face shape and features and suggests the style suiting your face. You can see whether a pixie cut is better than a layered bob or not with the app’s help.

4.   Magic Mirror App

magic mirror app

The app enables you to try fascinating looks and color variations. Just upload your picture or your friend’s picture and have fun experimenting with their looks. You can create customized colors and add or subtract things in the final outcome.

5.   Hair Zapp

hair zapp app

This is a completely free application with no in-app purchases. It offers high-resolution images with virtual hairstyles and cuts, provided the picture you upload is also of high quality.

It makes it difficult to distinguish between original and edited photos. Also, it allows you to compare different looks and ask your friends to vote for the best.

Build a Hairstyle AR App With Idea Usher

Staying ahead of the game is highly crucial in the current competitive scenario. AR offers hairstyling salons, cosmetics, etc., to give their customers an immersive experience by trying out new looks without regret. To help you develop this application, Idea Usher offers various attractive features and offers.

Idea Usher is an app development company behind numerous iconic brands. Offering cutting-edge solutions and bringing innovation and advancement to your business, its experts have enlightened the app industry. The extensive research they put into every app and quality solutions develop customized applications to meet the customers’ needs. If you wish to disrupt your status quo by leveraging technology at its peak, here is your chance!

Final Words

Augmented Reality is disrupting different sectors, especially the hair and beauty industry. AR hairstyle applications make the customer experience more delightful by allowing customers to check before changing their look for a long term. It eliminates the uncertainty behind judgments and helps make informed decisions.

The experts at Idea Usher help companies achieve their dreams of improving customer experience by managing their project end-to-end. You can comment with your queries and contact us for your project requirements. The contact details are

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone Numbers : (+91)9463407140, (+91)8591407140, and (+1)7329624560

Our dedicated managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


1. How much time does it take to build a Hairstyle AR app?

The development time for an app depends upon its features and specifications that are to be included. On an average, it takes about 5 months to 8 months to develop an AR beauty app (like hairstyle).

2. Which beauty apps are created with AR?

There are various genres of application that top-notch app development companies are toying with. For instance, Snow, Candy Camera, YouCam Perfect, B612, Facetune 2, etc. are the perfect examples.

3. What AR business models contribute to more revenue?

Advertising, AR as a service, and in-app purchases contribute to obtain maximum revenue. Although, there are other hardware based models as well like AR glasses. But these software models contribute to maximum revenue.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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