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What is mobile app development outsourcing?

Outsourcing started when people in many parts of the world realized the lack of human resources. Since then, outsourcing has risen to all levels. Mobile app development outsourcing has become a favorite for corporate people. 

The covid-19 surge has multiplied the need to outsource work. You must be wondering, Where are you getting at? Simply put, Idea Usher breaks that whole process into easy steps in this article.

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And before you go scrolling through the various steps, we would like to tell you that your app idea is not just limited to one single function. It can surge up to become a super app like Paytm. Read that? Now, read the steps of achieving it one by one.

How to outsource app development?

For outsourcing any app development, firstly, you need to identify the essence of your dream idea. Generally, we classify the mobile application specifications into three categories:

1. Business needs

To outsource a mobile app development business idea, you should first decide your goal and the end result. Make a business plan, work on its requirements, and then find the right developer.

2. User requirements

Users are your most important end goal. After doing market research, you know what your users want—the app features, front-end graphics, easy usage, strong back-end security, etc. 

3. Application outline

Firstly, think of the app. What do you imagine it to be like? Once you have done time, time to fasten the seat belts and make outlines! 

Since you are outsourcing, you would obviously make a proper outline of your project instead of giving vague explanations. Your app needs two particular: 

  • Functional: Decide the operational settings like administrative functions, authorization levels needed, transaction types, etc.
  • Non-functional: Now, some outline functions would also include documents for permissions, drive types, operating systems to design the app for, security prerequisites, etc.

Outsourcing of mobile application development steps


Are you wondering if outsourcing also needs steps? 

Only a few simple steps are needed. In fact, knowing all the steps will allow you the freedom and flexibility to choose an outsourcing firm.

Step 1 Product identification and outline

Yes, as we discussed above also, outline creation is indeed a much-needed first step. If the product is highly technical— you can think about hiring an in-house development team.

However, what’s the need to carry on with that much workload if your app is a popular technology and people need more of it? 

Numerous app categories exist in the market, it could be chatbot development, music app, online video streaming app, etc. The screens, UI, back-end encryption, and coding varies for all these. The market competition and promotional strategies also differ.

Let us take a look at any online streaming app. Say, Netflix is the most popular video streaming app of the time. They converted their offline business idea into an app. But did they not do market research and prepare an outline for it? Sure, they did.

Step 2  Fix a budget

The best benefit of acquiring app development outsourcing is that it confirms whether to make a new app or to design an app for a pre-existing website. Furthermore, there is a misconception that a mobile app development outsourcing company is always an out-of-budget option. There is just a narrow gap between the two budgets. The only difference is that an outsourcing company has a large team filled with experienced people.

Step 3 Weighing the pros and cons

To clear all your doubts about mobile app development outsourcing, you also need to check the pros and cons of. 

  • The pricing of any mobile app development team differs. But, it would be best if you also considered their portfolio before discarding the option.
  • Ask the mobile app development outsourcing company about the following:
  • Do they have the SSl certification?
  • Ensure their experience in the app development area
  • There are some popular code processing and management platforms like Github, Bitbucket, etc. Inquire about the code processing platform they use.
  • Excellent communication is extremely important in outsourcing work. So make sure to have that while the project is ongoing.

Step 4 Find the right team

As a mobile app developing team— Idea Usher has worked with a lot of clients. And we know how difficult it is when your dreams are dependent on this one decision. Well, for one thing, you can’t choose a freelance app developer because you need a few specialized individuals as a team. Right? Now, let’s look see what we should do before approaching the team:

Give a brief overview of the app. After that, double-check the following points to find the right team for your app development:

  1. Their earlier projects showed high-quality standards.
  2. App delivery deadline and other such details
  3. Risk mitigation regarding confidentiality of the project during and even after the app is delivered.
  4. A brand with high ratings by trusted review sites like Clutch.
  5. Seamless work management because of optimum utilization of time.

Step 5 Mobile application specifications

You have to specify each feature that you expect for your mobile app. A few of them could be:

  • All the special features, screen types, UI themes, etc., you need for your app.
  • Describe the mobile application that you have visualized in a brief written description.
  •  Make sure to create a simple navigation system (it is essential because people like easy navigation).
  • If you have a design ready, that is the best. Otherwise, ask the mobile app development team to do that for you. 
  • There are so many app designing tools available online, such as Pixate, Marvelapp, etc. If you are giving the task of app designing to the outsourcing company— provide them with a prototype of it on Powerpoint and explain your idea.
  • The technology stack is also a pivotal point. 

Step 6 Prepare project progress reports

The outsourcing of any mobile application would take days and weeks to complete. So, do not pester the team you’ve hired to rush with it. Nor leave them on their own. Ask them to submit reports from time to time. And also, ask them to arrange meetings via Skype, etc. 

Step 7 Launching the mobile app

The final step is to bring your testing team to check the workability of your app. Check all the errors, loading speed, and other technical issues, if any, and get them resolved by the team. Prior to launching the app, discuss the releasing steps with your development team. The process could differ for Google Play store and Apple store.

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Benefits of outsourcing


A team consisting of app developers, testers, UI/UX designers, and marketers— a package of talent would definitely cost you some bucks. But outsourcing mobile app development from a company could save you from spending on resources and infrastructure!

Mobile app development outsourcing would cost you many times less than hiring in-house development individuals. 

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High efficiency

The Indian IT sector is growing by the day.  And the biggest reason is the efficiency of the developers. So undoubtedly, the Indian IT market has highly skilled and talented developers. Not to forget the types of equipment and technology they use, various quality control measures they follow to keep your app upscale, and many more. 

These two are the utmost important outsourcing benefits that we should expect when outsourcing our mobile application.

Models for mobile app development outsourcing

You have chosen the mobile app development source. The budget is set. Also, you know the mobile app development steps. Now, what?

The business model should be decided in advance: 

Project-based model: A start-up with a fixed budget can take advantage of this model type. The outsourcing company is responsible for providing services for a fixed period, and set team members are assigned and give the best outcome through all this.

Team-as-a-Service(TaaS) model: The outsourcing company provides more than just the services in this type of model. The job of scheduling the tasks is given to them, assigning them to the team, creating a hierarchy of team members and leaders, and preparing timely project reports to the company. The whole testing process for the app is carried out by the team you have hired.

In-house app development v/s outsourced app v/s freelancing

There are three ways to get your mobile application made. While an in-house decision, once made, cannot be altered. It is because the team is chosen and will work together for a long time.  

The pros and cons of different development options

Outsourcing a company or getting a freelance developer to work on your app development can look similar from the outside. But there are some differences between the two.

Firstly, a freelancer takes on many projects at a time and can have a jam-packed schedule. So, there could be a possibility that they are not available all the time. 

Secondly, although the company can handpick talented freelancers for the job they need, they would still need to search for them separately for each work.

Coming to security issues, a mobile app development company has a strong security base and tools to protect your data and app from any online threat.

Outsourcing mobile app development: how to choose the right developer?

Remember the way that you go shopping for any important thing? Similarly, this app is your dream project, so deal carefully with it. 

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Why prefer mobile app development outsourcing: 5 ultimate reasons

1. Enter a variety of local markets

Having an in-house development team would also mean being restricted to your area. Working with any company from other parts of the world will give you a chance to know their local markets. And you might even get in touch with local manufacturers or partner up with the government for more expansion.

2. Global presence

The more you form alliances with different outsourcing firms, the more opportunities you will get to mark your presence internationally.

3. Get accumulated with the changing trends

With the fast pace of globalization and advances in technology, a business cannot stand stable without shifting gears. As the exposure a company gets with outsourcing is much larger, a company will always have the upper hand with market fluctuations.

4. Update the business model

Joining hands with an app development company for the outsourcing project is beneficial in one more way— getting more innovative heads to work on your app development.

5. Form profitable partnerships

A short-term project-based partnership could extend to a long-term alliance. There are innumerable examples where businesses partner to churn out more profit.

So, what Idea Usher does to help you?

According to the Tholonstop report, India ranks first in the most successful outsourcing destinations. We are the topmost in the list of digital nations and super cities. You must be wondering— How will this information help me?

Well, there are thousands of offline and online outsourcing options available in the market. But having knowledge of the best options could save you the trouble of short-listing, right?

Idea Usher is one such leading mobile app development company that has already made some high-ranking apps. We assess and analyze the app at every production stage, work in a very professional environment and deliver projects promptly. 

To know more about Idea Usher and our services contact us.



1. What are the different payment models for mobile app development outsourcing?

Ans 1. The mobile outsourcing payment model could also vary. Yes, some companies offer a fixed payment model. But on the other hand, some companies use a pay-on-the-go model. Each model has its own pluses and minuses. Only if you choose the suitable payment model, then will it benefit you.

2. Which is the most widely used programming language for mobile app development outsourcing?

Ans 2. The programming language differs based on the software. In comparison, Java is the most used language for any Android App development. On the other hand, Swift is used for iOS app development.

3. What is app design outsourcing?

Ans 3. In the case of web app designing, outsourcing of app design can be done. Moreover, web design could make your customers fall in love with your website instantly. So, if your company does not have the right set of website designers and graphic designers— Why not outsource it? 

You must check out a visionary company with at least two teams good at their work—

1. Website designers: They design the navigation tools of your website.

2. Graphic designers: They set the font, colors, and graphics of the website.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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