How outsourcing is growth hack for start ups

Outsource Growth Hacking

Are you a creative firm? Have you ever encountered a potential client who said that you cannot do his/her project because of a lack of manpower? Well, you are in need of outsourcing growth hacking which will help you expand your capabilities along with your business.

Outsourcing has moved from the status of a cheap method to resolve your business problems to standard practice for businesses. What’s not to love about the concept of outsourcing your business anyway? You get your work done for half the price that an in-house employee takes, plus it does it without putting your existing employees under the stress of overworking. Moreover, for you, it means a greater opportunity to handle more clients without hiring new employees.

But What is Growth Hack Anyways?

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnels, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business, according to Wikipedia.

Put simply; growth hacks are the tricks by which a business can expand its operational reach to achieve expected results in a minimalistic time frame. But the real question that arises is which one of the outsourced growth hacking techniques to choose can help you grow your business exponentially.

How Outsourcing is a growth hack for Every Startup

The whole world around is your hiring ground

Whenever you search for a skilled employee that can complete your desired projects, you are always constrained by geographical boundaries. But you live in just a country, right? What about the whole world that is left because of this setback? Well, in outsourcing, you are free to select anyone from any country solely based on his/her talent and skill. In the end, it’s the result that matters, not the place from where it is done.|Outsource Growth Hacking


Whether a startup or a medium-sized enterprise, the primary focus always revolves around the cost-benefit analysis of the project. Why don’t you outsource that project? Statistically speaking, has observed that more than 60% of the actual expenditure can be saved through outsourcing growth hacking techniques for your respective projects. And realistically speaking, all you want is for your project to be a perfect blend of quantity and quality. The source of getting it completed always plays a secondary role.

Increase Productivity

Time is the one thing that has constrained everything in the universe. You can do so much in a specified period. Outsourcing your business expands your reach of productivity. You can share your workload with the person living somewhere else, making space for more urgent work that needs attention. As a result, outsourcing multiplies your productivity by two.

Reduced labor cost

The most crucial element of outsourcing your labor is the cost of hiring him. There is a huge difference between developed and developing countries’ wage rates. In fact, countries like India can have up to a 60% difference in the cost of the same project if they do it in-house.

Still Not Convinced, Here Are Some Outsource Growth Hacking Facts for You

  • 53% of marketing executives plan to outsource their marketing. (Source:
  • 78% of small businesses believe hiring freelancers gives them an advantage over competitors. (Source: Elance Survey)
  • 27% of companies outsource to cut costs. (Source:
  • In a survey, 90% of businesses cited outsourcing as crucial to their growth. (Source:
  • Outsourcing growth hacking increases productivity and competitiveness 10-to 100-fold. (Source:

So, if you are a digital agency, printing company, digital studio, web hosting company, or advertising agency, countries like India are teeming with hundreds of thousands of agencies eager to leverage your work. Tech companies are now more than ever interested as they are paid well in their currency exchange and, in return, you get to complete your project for less than 50% of the in-house cost.


In conclusion, this whole “outsourcing” concept is a sure-shot mechanism to drive your company’s growth and turn the tables on you. All you need to worry about is channelizing your time and resources in the proper direction and identifying suitable talent from a diversified talent pool located around the globe.

Did we miss out on any important points on ‘How Outsourcing is a Growth Hack for Every Startup’? We would love to know.

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Q. What is outsourcing, and how can it help startups with growth hacking?

A: Outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring external companies or individuals to handle tasks that are typically performed in-house. Outsourcing growth hacking can help startups by leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals to drive growth.

Q. What are the benefits of outsourcing growth hacking for startups?

A: Outsourcing growth hacking can offer several benefits for startups, including cost savings, access to specialized expertise, and increased scalability.

Q. Can outsourcing growth hacking be risky for startups?

A: While outsourcing growth hacking can offer many benefits, it can also be risky if not approached carefully. Startups should carefully vet potential partners and establish clear expectations and communication channels to ensure successful outcomes.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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