trivia app development
Trivia App Development Guide

The ultimate guide to trivia app development. The Mobile Game App Development market has witnessed a huge surge in the past couple of years. There are new games in the market everyday. People of all ages are going crazy for new and advanced mobile gaming apps. Among all the other games, trivia games are getting

mobile app development company
How to choose a Mobile App Development company?

Over the last few years, gaming on mobile devices has gained immense popularity. Some titles like PUBG and Clash of Clans have generated billions of dollars in revenue. There are millions of developers on the internet, but choosing the right Mobile App Development Company is one of the most challenging things to do. Before making

How to Make a Mobile Game Application
How to Make a Mobile Game Application? Everything Explained.

Mobile games are creating a buzz in the market for quite a while now. Everyone is going crazy with the advent of new mobile games every day. In this blog Idea Usher experts will tell everything about mobile games and How to Make a Mobile Game Application? As the pandemic hit the world, there was

creating game design document tips
Creating game design document tips: How To Get Started? 

A gaming app requires a lot of time because there is a significant investment as the entrepreneurs and Tech companies have to create something high. Creating game design document tips helps the developer to understand their game design and whatever should be included from the final touch. When anyone plays a game on your mobile

Candy Crush Revenue: Players Spending In Mobile Games

King’s popular Candy Crush series have made a profitable income over the years. The candy crush revenue has been revealed and according to Activision, it has been a profitable year for the company. The latest financials revealed by the team showed that the annual revenue for 2015 dropped by a tenth. But the amount has

top 12 gaming chat apps 2021
Top 12 Gaming Chat Apps to Consider in 2021 

Many gaming chat apps gained massive popularity in 2020 as people turned to play games amidst the pandemic. Additionally, the average weekly downloads of gaming applications hit a whopping 1.2 billion in March.  However, this surge in popularity will not cease anytime soon as high-speed internet connectivity, quality microphones, and cameras enable the new-generation gamers

What type of mobile apps have become popular due to coronavirus?

Home alone Even if you have not been following the news, chances are you have still heard or read about the novel coronavirus outbreak by now. The pandemic has severely disrupted lives across the world. In less than four months since it originated, more than a million people have been affected, and 50,000 lives lost

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