Iot based Home Automation System

With the advent of technology, Home Automation has taken the world by storm. Earlier it seemed to be a distant dream but today with so much progress in technology and the internet world everything has revolutionized. Home automation systems based on IoT are creating a buzz in the market for quite some time now. There is new and advanced technology everyday in the market. Furthermore, all this is happening without human intervention, via WiFi. But How does it work? Well in this blog we will discuss How does IoT based Home Automation System Works. So without waiting any further let us get started! 

What is IoT based Home Automation System? – A brief introduction

Iot based Home Automation System

Today everyone aspires comfort and peace over everything else. Especially, at their homes when they come back to their house after a long and tiring day. The advent of technology in the field of smart home systems has proved that this comfort is achievable through automation. However home automation is somewhere impossible without IoT. IoT based technology and application has become the key to successful home automation systems.

In this segment of our blog we will cover everything you need to know about the IOT Based Home automation system. We will cover all of its features, advantages and the technology integrated in the system. 

What is IoT?

Before getting into the technicalities of the Home Automation System, let us learn a bit about IoT. Iot stands for Internet of Things. It is a system of interrelated internet-connected physical objects. These objects collect and share data over a wireless connection without human intervention. Since these objects has embedded with sensor chips, software, and other advanced technologies, everything works without human intervention over a wireless connection. It is not just smart homes that use IoT technology. IoT technology is extremely crucial in several other ways to create smart and rigid solutions. These can even include- Smart Homes, Smart Energy Monitoring, Smart Asset Monitoring and Smart Fleet Monitoring.

Today IoT technology is taking the words by storm. It is rapidly increasing its reach in different sectors of the market. According to a survey, in the U.S. alone, IoT technology has produced a revenue of 95.5 billion USD in 2018. 

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How does IoT Works?

Iot based Home Automation System

IoT devices consist of sensors and mini-computer processors that act on the sensors’ data via machine learning. Essentially, IoT devices are mini-computers, connected to the internet, and are vulnerable to hacking. Smartphones play a significant role in the IoT because smartphone apps can control many IoT devices. Henceforth, one can use his smartphone to communicate with his smart devices, for example, smart ACs and thermostats, to put the perfect temperature by the time you get home from work. This feature can eliminate unneeded heating or cooling while you’re away, potentially saving your money on energy costs.

Check out our detailed blog to know more about IoT based technology and Why it is essential to the e-scooter rental industry.

The most important feature of IoT platforms is to troubleshoot, monitor, deploy, manage and configure other IoT devices. Furthermore, IoT platforms also deal with software installation, configuration, and debugging of IoT applications. IoT platforms as a whole are a system of different components working together in sync to perform all the functions. The four main components of an IoT platform are as follows-

  • Sensors

Sensors/ Devices collect data from the environment. Sensors, as the name suggests, sense changes in the environment. Data such as temperature is collected from these devices or sensors. This is the first step that any IoT system performs. It consequently leads to processing of data to bring about effective changes.

  • Connectivity

The data collected by the sensors and devices is sent to the cloud. Data needs some medium to be transferred to the cloud. The sensors connect to the cloud through a variety of different mediums such as WiFi, Satellite, Bluetooth, LPWAN, etc., the kind of connectivity medium you choose for your device depends on various factors. These factors can include power consumption, range, bandwidth, etc.

  • Data processing

The data collected from sensors and sent over to the clouds through different connectivity options are then processed. Software processes this data. These could be easier tasks or maybe more complex ones like identifying objects. Software processes this data to bring about effective changes..

  • User Interface

After processing the data, the information is sent to the end-user to make it useful in some way. It is the user who makes the last call. Consequently, the data is sent through either SMS, email, or in the form of in-app notification. The user then decides what to do next with the data. This is how an IoT system works at the ground level. All the four components of an IoT system work in synchronization to bring about effective changes.

What is an IoT Based Home Automation System?

Iot based Home Automation System

An IoT based home automation system is a centralized system that controls all the other devices at your home. These devices include lights, appliances, heating, cooling systems, sprinklers, alarm systems, and CCTVs. Additionally, all the security components such as gas outlets, doors, windows, electricity outlets, alarms, and CCTVs are connected centrally over wireless networks. 

You can literally automate your whole house. But that doesn’t sound feasible to common folks. That is why one of the most widely used products of home automation systems is smart home security systems. Furthermore, smart home security systems consist of fully automated alarm systems, surveillance cameras, smart locks, etc. Furthermore, there are other reasons also that make IoT based home automation systems extremely popular these days. One being is that it is sustainable and secure. You can save a lot of money on electricity bills using these automation services.

 For example, using smart thermostats, you can efficiently heat or cool your home for the time you are in the house. These smart thermostats will stop the ACs and heaters from working when you are out of the house. Thus saving a lot of money would have been otherwise wasted in cooling/heating the house when no one was in the place. Similarly, smart home lightings are incredibly sustainable. They also save up a lot of energy consumption that would have otherwise wasted. Consequently, saving up a lot of money for you. An IoT based home automation system is making your life easier and is also very sustainable for the environment. Want to know more about IoT and how to settle its various concerns? Check out our detailed blog to know more.

How does IoT Home Automation Works?

An IoT based home automation system is a centralized system that controls the working of all the other devices in your home. There are so many different protocols that a home automation system uses. Some of them are as follows-

  • ANT
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Zigbee
  • Zwave
  • Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)
  • Insteon
  • X10

Today Zigbee and Zwave are some of the leading protocols for home automation. 

According to the latest industry standards, wireless networking such as mesh networking is in trend right now. It uses radio waves, electricity, and wireless technology to send and receive signals from other devices. This makes the whole process of home automation very easy and efficient.

Home automation systems can be of two types- Central Control Based and Cloud Based. IoT based home automation systems are generally cloud-based. 

App-Based Home Automation System uses the home network to communicate with the cloud. Cloud technology is an integral part of the Internet of Things. Both of these technologies are creating a buzz in the market for quite some time now. A cloud-based home automation generally uses a WiFi protocol to communicate with other devices. The user registers himself on the app, and then he can access all the smart home devices such as lighting, alarm systems, thermostats, etc. by the app. As long as the user and all the smart devices remain connected to the internet, one can control everything through the app. Check out our YouTube video to learn more about IoT based home automation system.

A Look into Features of IoT based Home Automation System

Iot based Home Automation System

In this next segment of our blog let us look closely into the features that a smart IoT based home automation system offers –

  • Automated home security systems
  • Smart surveillance cameras and live video surveillance
  • Remote lighting control
  • Smart appliance control
  • Carbon Monoxide and Fire monitoring
  • Alarm systems
  • Real time text and email updates
  • Automated Thermostat control
  • Smart Nurseries with video monitoring
  • Smart kitchens

These were some of the features that are provided by IoT based home automation systems. All these features ensure that your home has all the facilities needed to live comfortably. Consequently, the sole purpose of home automation is to have centralized and remote access to all the home devices. It enhances the comfort and convenience of your home, making it suitable according to your own personal preferences. Smart fire detectors and alarm systems increase the security of the house. Furthermore, home automation leads to a much more energy-efficient and sustainable way of living life.

Robust IoT Based Applications with Idea Usher

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Wrapping Up

To wrap this all up, an IoT based home automation system will change your life for good. It is not only convenient but also environment-sustainable. The integration of the latest technology ensures that your home is fully automated to provide you the best experience. Remote access and centralized control are key features of all IoT based home automation systems. The smart alarm system is the most important feature of cloud based home automation systems. Smart locks, surveillance cameras, etc., are some of the top features of a smart home security system.

Today an IoT based home automation system is not a distant dream anymore. Not only rich and affluent, but anyone can integrate this technology in their homes according to their needs and budgets. The automation industry is growing rapidly with the introduction of the latest products in the market every day. It is extremely cost-effective and sustainable in terms of its need and usage. Henceforth, it is a brilliant idea to invest in one or more home automation products and devices today.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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