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With all the applications and home service apps, growing your client base is important. All the apps and websites available, you can find new clients from the comfort of your home. Homeowners use Thumbtack to find local contractors for projects.

Thumbtack then connects to the contractors who match the requirement of the homeowner. As a contractor, you pay each time you send a quote to the client. Thumbtack pro is a Thumbtack for all professionals. It helps you get the service and application by creating a profile with their skills and availability and pricing.

However, if you are looking for today’s world, then there are a lot of applications that you can trust. In 2021 the era of handyman or home service apps have continuously changed. 

Handyman apps like Thumbtack help you to get the work done as quickly as possible. It makes it easier for you to log in and also not to miss out on leads. They are all right at your fingertips.

Looking Out for Similar Handyman App Like Thumbtack

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Whether you had success with Thumbtack and looking for similar platforms, you are in the right source. If you want better quality and more leads, than there are many and many alternative apps to choose from with your business models. With the help of this article, we have prepared a list out here for you.

  1. Most similar apps like Thumbtack.
  2. Best for one person handyman business.
  3. Best for subsistence contract work.
  4. Top apps for director and customer leads.
  5. Other popular lead generation apps for residential and small commercial service providers.

How Does Thumbtack Work?

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Suppose you haven’t heard about Thumbtack, then this is how the site works. Potential customers describe the type of service they need and send parameters. Besides, depending on the house for the company can be right from their home.

Thumbtack sends in email information about the lead to service providers who offered that service within the selected area. It differs from sites like HomeAdvisor in that you only pay a fee. Depending on the range set by industries, it goes up to more than $15 for a minute or hour. When you choose to send the potential customer response, this is the typical charge taken from you.

Customers Have To Get Through Initial Search

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Thumbtack works by providing a list of company profiles for customers to contact. Right from machine learning to match off with customers and pros. The customer first searches by putting in the sport and job request into the search box. Right from there, the search box will autofill a list of services that are offered in Thumbtack. If you’re putting in painting, then the search box will fill with the interior designing and also exterior painting services. Besides, choosing the list of options for the customers is initially easy.  

The customer can then narrow down your search by using the filters tab. That is the only basis of the first filter for the customer, which is right to a job quote. If you need some exterior paintwork, then you can specify the type of job and the professionals that you need for your service. Thumbtack takes care of all the same and specifies the hourly charges taken in.

Since there are a lot of handyman apps like Thumbtack, it becomes easier for you to get your goal. So let’s get started with the apps, which are similar to Thumbtack. Once you understand, it will become easier for you to get the work right in a few minutes.

Top Handyman Apps Like Thumbtack

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Here is a list of the top handyman apps like Thumbtack, which you can get from the Apple or Android store.


1-8-remodel vets the contractors for home and other remodel projectors. This amazing application is projected so that customers can be confident about their home improvement. This Thumbtack alternative app allows you to contract and bid on projects with pre-qualification approval. Right from there, you can use them for solar for flooring or even kitchen and bathroom applications. This is a total home renovation, a one-stop shop for all your services.

24×7 handyman app

It is a free option that is like a Thumbtack. This app lets you connect handyman services providers with local customers. There are a lot of handyman services that arranged for the contractors listed on the platform. Electrical and outdoor services, along with home maintenance and plumbing, are something that is available on this 24×7 handyman app. Decide this app has a lot of other features as well. It lets you collect all the server scooters and get the work done in a jiff.


It is the best-known application for homeowners as being like a Pinterest type of similar site. You can get your home projects and designs right from here. This handyman app like Thumbtack will help you to get a separate site for contractors that includes the website builder and also publishing to it. However, if you’re looking for price options, then there are similar ways through which you can connect directly with the professional.

Connecting your business website to this app will directly enable you to search for previously completed projects and prices + the reviews. It will even help you to pay for a premium profile or concealed charge to pre-screen the leads.


Gentask works very similar to Thumbtack. Customers can log in through their mobile phones or website and explain what type of service they are looking for. It helps them to understand the type of service and the professionals along with their quotas. However, the customer can choose the professional that they would like to hire for the service.

This is another site designed to help professionals find and connect with local customers. It serves well within a large range of industries, including everything from home improvement specialist stupid care and life coaches. If you want proper service from a professional who does the best, then this is the work right here for you.


This is another side that is designed to help people connect with each other. It is a complete lead generation website designed specifically for people looking to hire a contractor. Besides, there are memberships of contracts involved in this website. It claims that it only spends fresh and qualified leads to their customers who logged in. If you are looking for a specific type of professional service, then this is the best option right here for you. It captures and qualifies the local consumers by searching through Google, Bing or even Facebook.

It works through the idea of various proper products and services. You can set the daily amount that you want to spend on leads and contractors. The online interface is available for both desktop and mobile surface.

This amazing website application gets the work done in a few minutes after being called in for the contractor. There are various options which you can choose for the service that you are going to get from here. Depending on your service and the application’s price, you can choose the best that fits you.


If you are looking for a similar handyman app like Thumbtack in this is another small, originally based home service application. From here, you can get services from your cleaning lawn care or even delivery professionals right on time. But this application only provides professionals in the Charlotte or NC, or Atlanta region. You can get their market service from online directories to residential homes and apartments and even air BnB. It is a subscription service that lists all the licence service throws in a contractor directory. Right from here, you can get professional so you can handle the marketing and advertising.

If you want lessons on the platform, then we can find a match in the way of reviews that are presented. For smaller fish like home fixes, you can get your own research done before investing heavily in a platform. This service specially made for those who are looking for home service applications for professionals in a particular region. Once the work is done, the professionals will get the price quote from your service, and you will have to pay for the same.

This is something that most people should know about this application or software. This handyman app like Thumbtack works the best for everyone.


Service Whale listed differentiators is instant and automatic quoting and even free leads. You can get the best type of service and pricing model once you are here. You can send the automatic bids to the contractor’s once you have taken over a service charge. Right from their homeowners can then negotiate your price or bid for your job. It is a paper conversation model and gives you the opportunity to accept or reject an incoming call. The contractors from here will be taken care of, and they will understand and be notified about your specific median or understanding. Right from there, you can choose the services that the app is the best for you.

Besides, this application is currently meant for customers who are looking out for the best professionals, along with the right service. It helps the desired appointment date along with the description of the project and their specified location.

This site even offers free and paid plans, which you can check out as an alternative. If you are using services for a paid version, then this is the right application for you. It works through the minimum alternative and helps you to get the work done just like Thumbtack. It is a similar handyman app like Thumbtack that helps customers to get better options.


Need to specialize in small odd jobs. People who oppose these small projects, from landscaping to home maintenance and even furniture assembly, can use this app site for completing the job. While many of the listings are here casual and even short-term requests, you can do something which can go for the long-term process. For example, in your typical handyman and home improvement services, you can build connections with folks that have frequent jobs and who have the potential of becoming long-term customers. It is tailored right to your needs. Though it is not specifically there for the full-service business, potential customers can use this for task management app and the highest skilled taskers.

For a variety of jobs which are present from all around the service, this is the best application that can help you to do the work in a few minutes. Another popular task category that can include the handyman or furniture assembly or even cleaning features are presented right here.

However, different categories and different services have various other options of the task force and different quotas attached to them. When you join this service, you are notified of the nearby jobs that match your service offerings. You can choose whichever drop you would like to accept and confirm the details with customers directly. We are speaking this on behalf of the professionals to sign in in login for their job right here. You can submit an invoice to this app and get the work done in a few minutes to possible seconds. It is a regular tree service that works best if you are looking for professionals working for more than ten years.


If you have heard about Craigslist, then this application is just like this thing. Are you studying your business and need to find your few first jobs? It is an amazing search engine for service pros and free professionals out there. Similar to TaskRabbit and Thumbtack, the customers can post work orders, including the size of the project and the due date. This application has a lot of services, starting from long-term to short-term services from all around.

Contractors can communicate with potential clients without a middleman. Service users can gain more visibility by paying for premium options such as promoting listings and advertisements. Right from here, you can job board and get your go-to for most professional and contractors and even small business owners at some point.

There are classified options. 

The classified as offering an array of industries to post services resume is an event seeking work opportunities. Perhaps one of the simplest platforms to use the free service does come with its fair share of pros and cons. What you see is what you get but still always look for a good reference point to keep in your back pocket. If you are looking out for opportunities that can work out in your favour, then this service application is right here. Looking out for the right handyman app like Thumbtack and this is what you can tumble across.

Besides, there are a lot of features that come with this service application that is going to work out for you. Starting from choosing your own advertisement service and cost along with quotas with differential options.

There is a lot to choose from the various management features that come in this lot of ap and will work out for you. You’re notified of the various other customers looking for the service that you have provided in the dashboard. Once the requirements met, you are directed to write to the customer’s page and from where you can contact them easily.

Amazon home services

Amazon home services at present for those who are selling services on Amazon, such as professionals and even cleaners for plumbers and electricians. This amazing website helps you to be able and sell your professional service to Amazon customers in your specified area. There is no need to search out for leads once you are on this website. Amazon does the work right here for you. Customers can purchase services while shopping on Amazon.

The platform will help you to send all the leaves, and once your job done, Amazon will pay you for your work. Lastly, positive customer reviews will even help you and allow you to build and grow your brand reputation within the Amazon community.

Positioning itself as an online home service, Amazon home service is just like a handyman app like Thumbtack. It manages the logistics and coordinates maintenance and all the repair kinds of jobs. Pros can choose from an assortment of available jobs in their area with the mobile app’s help. Once accepted, clients will be able to see your distance in proximity to their location. The distance is really important when you are selecting the clients for the required set of words that you have.

For example, if your client is really far from your site or from your home, then it will become heavier for you to manage the workload, and the customer will not get you the transportation fee. Amazon home service covers breakdown charges for all the service professionals who are listed here. It helps them to get their minimum age from the listed point of views, and customers scooters mention directly onto the website.

Facebook Ads

Growing your presence on Facebook is a long-term brand investment for everyone. Advertising companies special and grand giveaways or become an educational resource with all the useful posts, but you can share with your friends. If you are running for a home service for handyman apps like Thumbtack, then this is the right platform for you. It helps you attract all the leads and customers looking for similar services from all around.

The geological feature allows you to promote your business to people within a specified zip code the distance range. Facebook allows for the death filtering to show only as for the potential interested in your business. Don’t let the technical jargon on Facebook scare you while you are operating their service.

Facebook is user friendly, and within a small investment, you can do much more than require. It is a proper and certain way and one of the most cost-effective ways to market gain visibility for your business. If you are a professional looking out for contractors or even customers on your based quota, then this is the service here for you.

You don’t have to pay for an ad once you’re marketing your service on Facebook. Make sure that every single technique and pros and successful other live options presented here. From there, you can choose the type of service and optional management that you want in. Once done, these collectibles will be carried out, and it will help you for the next set of charges.


While customer retention can be an issue, this website is a good way for younger businesses. Besides, there are a lot of other options and features that you can channel right from here. It helps you to find work and set yourself up for the various other new proposals. If you are interested in working with the platform, you can check out their motion blog, which offers tips and tricks that will help you to enhance marketing efforts and grow your business. Besides, there are a lot of options to which you can personalize your marketing or other affairs with the help of this website.

Coming back for the local search and discovery mobile app provides personalized recommendations for users. Geared towards small and large business owners who can claim your business on the digital directory to easily find customers. However, this website boasts that most brick and mortar businesses are on their platform. You may get a turn of new customers from an app like, but think of it in a way.

If you take 5 minutes to claim your business and get a new customer from them or 10 people see your profile, people can understand and remember your company. It is a basic service through which a lot of people have made their account here. You can get the next to customers as easily as you want and get the service right at your doorstep. The different price quotation options will help you to set a free momentum.


How to find the top handyman app like Thumbtack?

You wish to get the top handyman app like Thumbtack, then you need to conduct your own research. There are a lot of apps in the android and ios store. Before choosing the one which will fit your requirements, you need to list out the possible points. Once you have found the list of points that you want to take care of, it will become easier for you to choose a similar handyman app. Take out the different services and price quotes in your app’s value and select the services. Various applications have different types of professionals who provide you with their unique quotations. Once you get an idea of how it works, it will become easier for you to understand as a phone.

What are the best handyman apps?

There are a lot of different handyman applications which are present for the users. However, the applicability and profitability of an application depends on the features that it provides to the customers. While choosing the best handyman app like Thumbtack, you need to find the list of alternative applications that will fit right like Thumbtack. Applications starting from google home services to Amazon home services are perfect for all your requirements.

Do you need a charge for these apps?

These applications like Thumbtack do not need your charge for free download. All you have to do is go to your Google or iPhone store and then get this app right into your phone. Make sure that your application is running properly and there are no background discharges. Once you have an application for yourself, you don’t need to pay the fee as you registering yourself as a potential customer. The fee is only paid when you are availing a service from their group.

Are the services limited to a certain distance?

When you are availing your services from a handyman app like Thumbtack then you need to take care of the distance as well. Besides, a lot of professionals out there want to actually provide their service to customers who are out of their distance range. This is why every website or application has a barometer through which you can control the distance range.

The distance range is the probable factor in which the professional can provide their service to the needy customer. Depending on the range of the distance, the charges from the professionals are also valid.This is why a lot of customers are there once the distance has increased so that it can become easier for them to avail the services from all around.

Choosing the right development company to make similar applications

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In today’s world, we understand the advancement of technology and the era we live in. This is important as availing services from developers who have had past experiences is always a major key in developing a successful application.

Idea Usher does the job for you. Our services and experts are here to make you build handyman apps like Thumbtack. The range of price quotes from our end is completely affordable. Contact us now and get to know more.


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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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