app to find home services

The era where people had to flip through hundreds of pages in phonebooks or Yellowpages to find the right home services provider is long gone. The world has now shifted to digital. That means an app for everything – even an app to find home services.

With a click or two, customers can effortlessly get something fixed or cleaned. If you are looking for a blasting business idea, digital home services are gaining significant traction.

So, how can one start off to build an app to find home services? Let’s read.

What is an on-demand home services app?

app to find home services

Do you remember how some people used to have robots doing all their house chores in animated shows or cartoons? We all dreamed of having one of those. Having such a robot is still a dream of many, but there is an excellent substitution though – home services app or app to find home services.

As the name suggests, these apps allow users to book home services conveniently. They can install the app, look for the desired assistance, and secure with a click! 

How does a home services app work?

home services app

The detailed functioning of a home repair app may vary depending on its model, but the basic onboarding process is something like this:

  • Download/install the home repair app from the app store
  • Log in/Sign up by filling out a form requiring your basic information.
  • Add your location
  • Browse through various services and choose the one you require
  • Book the service by choosing a preferred time slot
  • Select a payment method
  • And voila! You have successfully booked your service!

Advantages of an app to find home services

advantages of home services app

1. Convenience

Present-day lives want comfort, and On-Demand Services give the equivalent. A home repair app is needed since it offers all home-related assistance at one-click, which makes life simple for individuals running by the clock. 

Clients can peruse distinctive filters, examine via rating and audits, recruit somebody according to their inclinations, and pay for the services using their preferred payment method – all in just a few minutes.

2. Lower Costs

Cost is usually the principal driving point for purchasers. Furthermore, the on-demand home service app helps stage the offer at lower prices, contrasted with customary suppliers.

3. Payment Convenience

Applications that offer such assistance go about as an extension between specialist organizations and clients. These applications regularly oversee charging and installment exchanges to help clients pay in one tap, which provides ease.

4. Time Saver

An on-demand home service app understands what its clients need. They can easily understand the customer pattern and analyze what they may need in that hour or next. For example, clients can set a period limit during which they need to benefit from the help or find out how much the assistance will cost them by adding a couple of information.

After reading how an app to find home services may benefit a user, let us now understand how a service provider can use it to its advantage.

5. More Visibility

A home repair service app keeps your current customers hooked. That’s true. But, it also helps in attracting new customers to your platform. By creating an on-demand home service app for your platform, you stand to increase your store’s visibility by upto ten times.

6. Added Marketing Channel

A custom mobile app equals a direct marketing opportunity. Such apps help provide the customers with all the necessary information about your business in just a few clicks. By adding additional analytics like push notifications and promotional offers, store owners can attract more customers.

7. Brand Building

In today’s competitive world, a business should spare no opportunity of building and marketing its brand. An app does just that. It brings your store into the world and gives it visibility.

8. Maintaining Relationships With Customers

Building and maintaining relationships with customers is something every business should put the focus on. An app makes it more accessible. By installing features like chat services or even integrated bots, a company can stay in touch and support 24×7.

Features of a good home repair app

features of a good app

User Model

Browsing filters

It is essentials to add various filters in the browse section. This will help ease the user’s search process improve their experience on your app.

Slot booking

Allow your users to select a time-slot for the service that suits them the best. This will also help them schedule bookings and add the ‘on-demand’ dimension to your app.

Payment options

All users have their choice of payment methods that they feel the most comfortable with. Ensure that your app offers a plethora of portals for the user to choose from. It would help if you also made it a point that all the transactions that you offer are secured.

Rating and reviews

After the service is over, your home repair app must allow the users to leave ratings and reviews. This will enable them to voice their feedback that the following user can use while booking their service.

Support and help center

When developing an app to find home services, one must add a help center. This will allow the users to give feedback and report a problem (if they face any). This can also be in the form of a chatbox, helpline number, FAQs, or videos.

Vendor model

Easy registration and profile building

The on-boarding process for the vendor must be quick and easy. Your house repair app must mention all the information that is required in advance so that the vendor can keep it handy. At every point, there should be a step-to-step guide that can help them understand better.

Real-time notifications

With every service that the user books, the vendor should get a real-time update. This will allow them to schedule their services better and provide a good user experience. These can be in the form of push notifications, emails, or even SMS.

Chat function

Your app to find home services should have a chat function connecting the vendor with the customer. This way, they can discuss matters as they come and avoid problems in the future.

Cost breakup

The vendor can add its cost and pricing. They can also add their payment information such as bank account number, Paypal, and so on. 


Even the vendor should be allowed to leave feedback for the customer on your house repair app. They should be able to rate the customers in specified areas such as politeness, hospitality, etc. 

Admin model

Well laid-out dashboard

The dashboard is where the admin will control and access all the home repair app features. The dashboard must be easy to use and interactive.

Management and verification of service providers

The management of the service providers should be easy. The admin must be able to make changes manually as well. The registration process must be thorough to avoid any fraudulent services.

Payment portal

All the commissions should be very clear from the beginning to avoid confusion and conflicts. The admin should be able to control all of them under one channel. Also, the transaction portal should be completely transparent and secure.

Marketing and promotions

You can include various promotions and discounts in your app to find home services. An additional channel shall help you control the analytics of all these promotions.

Which is the best app to find home services?

which is the best home repair app

There are several options to find an app for handyman work in the market. Let’s take a look at the top 5 home services app:

#1 UrbanClap

UrbanClap offers different types of assistance in one platform. You can access beauty and salon services, home cleaning assistance, packing and moving services, and more while sitting at your home utilizing this application. UrbanClap administrators, via the app model’s Transaction plan, offer its users some hefty discounts and coupons to keep them coming. 

#2 TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a Boston-based application dispatched in the year 2008 to total the individuals who were requiring home repair services and those vendors who needed or wanted an additional sales channel. 

TaskRabbit has changed itself from merely a plan to an organization worth a tremendous amount in around ten years. It has gotten more than $40 Million in subsidizing and brags more than 2 Million dynamic clients and many specialist organizations in approximately 40 areas in the USA and more. It got acquired by IKEA in 2017 and is now working as a free auxiliary of IKEA utilizing the Transaction-Based Model.

#3 Alfred

It is a New-York based organization established by Jess Beck and Marcela Sapone in 2014. Alfred has gotten more than $60 Million in subsidizing and various honors and awards. The home services app offers home repair services, and here clients are charged consistently and get their services whenever the timing is ideal. 

The membership sum for each assistance is fixed, depending on its type, recurrence, and quality of experts that offer those types of service.

#4 Thumbtack

Thumbtack has explored different avenues regarding a transaction-based and membership model before choosing a lead-based methodology. Experts pay Thumbtack to contact clients through credits, which they need to purchase at the hour of enrollment or at whatever point they feel they need work. 

Utilizing Thumbtack, specialist organizations pay to cite clients. It doesn’t charge any commission for services that they complete or for additional undertakings that they get from similar clients and references. 

With more than $200 million in subsidizing since its dispatch in 2008, Thumbtack has been assisting clients with discovering nearby specialist co-ops for their necessities. By procuring a little help charge for each offer, Thumbtack can remain serious in the market by remaining pertinent to purchaser needs.

#5 Porch

Porch is outstanding amongst other handyman services app out there. They give practically a wide range of home administrations from application establishment/installation, furniture assembling, electrical works to HVAC framework establishment, moving, security establishments, and so forth. 

They likewise offer home services for some enormous brands like Walmart, eBay, Bing, and so forth.

Get your home services app developed now!

If we analyze the trends, it is safe to say that the popularity of on-demand home repair apps will only increase. As a vendor, there are many possibilities that you can explore with an app to find home services.

And if you want your app to be successful, you would require excellent market research, flawless execution, impeccable features, and great marketing strategies. This is precisely what Idea Usher offers and has done in the past. To have a look, scroll through our portfolio page and have a look for yourself. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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