Undeniably, the Flower Industry has become a new bandwagon in the business industry around the globe. Providing absolute flexibility and comfort of buying flowers online, flower delivery apps have revolutionized the buying-selling paradigm completely.

There is a comprehensive scope for floral businesses in the United States and other countries. Flowers are predominantly becoming one of the fastest-growing commodities in society because of their emotional and religious significance.

As per the reports, USA’s retail market of flowers contributes $18billion, which is increasing at a CAGR of 6%, from the year 2017–2020.

Some of the leading flower delivery apps such as UrbanStems, Farmgirl flowers, and Bouqs are the top-notch of fower delivery business and are generating a decent amount of revenue to scale up their online flower delivery services.

The industrial capital of Bouqs is $43.1million, whereas UrbanStems is $27.2million in the USA alone. That’s the reason people are investing significantly in the flower delivery business because it affirms more profits and is a boon for startups.


 With the increase in demand, the flower delivery service providers have upgraded their methodology and also have introduced new strategies like same-day delivery and instant delivery of fresh flowers to strengthen its position in this market.


Big ventures like Urban Stem in USA and bliss flowers in UAE hire bicycles and scooters for instant deliveries of fresh flowers and guarantee delivery within an hour to boost the overall sales of their business. 



Flower delivery business has become revolutionary in the delivery industry as it serves your customers with fresh flowers and magnifies your business revenue.

Being an expert in website and application development. 
Idea Usher has shared the curated list of must-have features that one should add in the flower delivery app.

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