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Presently women’s health and fertility tracker apps are seeing a stark increase. Earlier, women had a hard time tracking their menstrual cycle. They popped contraceptive pills and other birth control measures to put conception off until they were ready. It was challenging, and unwanted pregnancies still occurred.

That is why the period and pregnancy tracker app development has worked wonders for women. They can now plan their pregnancy and sort everything without regrets.

With the advent of digitization, healthcare applications have brought rampant changes. Today, every individual can check their health and symptoms using smartphone applications, enabling them to get the correct treatment at the right time. 

What Is A Fertility Tracking App?

what is fertility tracking app

A fertility tracking application helps women know more about their body, menstrual cycles, ovulation periods, etc. It shows the best and worst times to get pregnant in a month. Also, you can test your symptoms and detect issues immediately.

The period and ovulation calendar app use private information like the beginning and end of menstruation, sexual involvements, basal temperature, symptoms, cervical mucus, etc. You get accurate results based on the information entered.

Some applications also provide a platform for users to share their experiences, tips, etc., and help others.

Fertility Tracking Apps And AI

These applications use machine learning by taking data from your body. Then it learns about the user’s body from the data collected and accordingly it predicts menstruation and ovulation. The more the user uses the app, the more the app becomes in sync with the user’s body.

Key Benefits Of Fertility Tracking Apps You Need To Know About

benefits of fertility tracking apps

The best pregnancy prevention app enables women to understand their body, symptoms, and cycles. It helps them align their life goals with body health. The period and ovulation calendars give insights into which stage your body is in and the best time to conceive or not. The advantages of a pregnancy predictor app include:

1. A Potent Algorithm For Predicting Fertility 

Fertility tracking applications provide accurate results based on daily inputs. These applications give personalized outcomes based on inputs. Entering basal body temperature and menstruation data enables the app to calculate and offer optimal results.

The algorithm used by a conception app is powerful enough to detect and direct. These applications use various methods to check the ovulation stage and determine the best days to get pregnant. 

2. Reminders For Upcoming Periods, PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), And Fertile Windows

These applications store the information about your last cycle, sexual activities in the time, basal body temperature, and other symptoms to determine the next menstrual cycle and fertility days.

A woman is the most fertile when the ovary releases the egg. The best app to track cycle and ovulation will alert you about the fertility window. The egg stays there for 12-24 hours. It is the most favorable time for a woman to get pregnant. 

Many women suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and other issues that cause irregular periods. These applications enable you to track and treat such symptoms early.

3. Cycles Are Used To Identify Unique Patterns

Every woman has a distinct menstruation cycle. Entering your personal details provides you with information related to your unique cycle. You can learn whether your cycle is short or long and associated issues, treatments, symptoms, etc. 

A healthy menstruation cycle is within 21-35 days. However, if it is shorter or longer, you may have difficulty fertility and ovulation. The best period ovulation tracker enables women to learn the changes and issues surrounding their menstrual health. 

The frequency and length of your menstrual cycle help you navigate your cycle better. You can comprehend the mood changes period pains and differentiate between extreme pains and normal periods.

4. Sync & Offline Mode

Fertility tracking applications can enable syncing with other health-related applications. It can lead to streamlined services. Also, women can consult their physicians and gynecologists via these applications.

Moreover, users can use the application without the internet and fill in the details wherever necessary. They can access certain features offline. Syncing with devices like Fitbit can make the experience convenient and comfortable.

5. Real-Time Personalised Body Knowledge

Every app to monitor fertility uses the user’s personal details to process the outcome. Because every person has unique experiences and symptoms, the result also varies. 

Women can get real-time information about the symptoms, mood changes, length and frequency of periods, ovulation, pregnancy phases, etc. They can also access numerous articles, blogs, and websites educating them about different health issues, body functions, pregnancy, etc. 

They can detect mood, physical, and emotional patterns before, during, and after periods and pregnancy. Knowledge about your body can help you treat it better. 

6. Make Contact With Peers In Order To Discuss And Bond About Menstrual Health

The period and ovulation tracker apps provide a social network for different users to share their experiences. They can talk to each other about their symptoms, diagnosis, and helpful tips. 

Users from different parts of the world can connect and bond. They can share home remedies, verified information, and other details. Users with similar symptoms, backgrounds, and issues can bond over what helps them strengthen their menstrual health.

Pregnant women can share the experiences they have gone through at different stages. Things that should be done and also the things that should be avoided during pregnancy can also be shared.

7. Digital Consultation

Fertility tracking applications provide users with the ability to get online consultations. They can arrange chats, meetings, calls, video calls with physicians and gynecologists. It can be beneficial for pregnant women unable to visit their doctors physically.

Expert advice and tips can add value to various womens’ lives. Daily personalized recommendations through push notifications add feathers to the cap. An accurate ovulation app can generate health reports to facilitate digital consultations with experts. 

10 Popular Women’s Fertility Tracking Apps

The following list highlights the best app picks for fertility tracking based on customer ratings and reviews, price, availability, accessibility, tools, and features. It can help you know about your competitors and how you can make your app different from them. 

1. Clue Period And Cycle Tracker

clue app

The clue period and cycle tracker follow a freemium model. It dives into personal biology by asking you sensitive details. It enables women to track their menstrual cycle to avoid guesswork. 

Maintaining accuracy involves collaborating with expert scientists and universities. It helps them provide up-to-date information, predictions, and development. Clue uses an ovulation calculator and fertility predictions to help you conceive. It enables you to enter your basal body temperature directly in the app to check for ovulation.

Overall, Clue provides a comprehensive app with the best and most needed aspects of tracking menstrual cycle, ovulation, and fertility. 

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android/ website
Rating4.4 stars
USPCollaboration with doctors and scientists to provide accurate information

2. Flo Period And Ovulation Tracker

flo app

Flo is an intelligent and straightforward app to track your periods, ovulation, and fertility. It offers a free download and contains in-app purchases. It has reliable fertility and ovulation calendars. Machine learning and artificial intelligence interpret individual data and improve accuracy.

It organizes the data in handy charts. It tracks the cycle, period, and PMS symptoms to notify you about the days ideal for conception. Flo application is best for women suffering from irregular periods. 

Even after you conceive, it helps you track your pregnancy and development.  

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android/ website
Rating4.6 stars
USPHealth tracking beyond periods

3. Glow

glow app

Glow application helps you take care of your reproductive health. It gives you the information you need to track your periods, ovulation, and pregnancy planning based on the most fertile days. 

Glow is a free application and contains in-app purchases. It provides an ovulation calculator. You can record the symptoms, sexual activity, and daily moods to optimize your chances of getting pregnant.

It offers a personalized cycle chart with 40 different health indicators. It is a flexible tracking option.  

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android/ website
Rating4.5 stars
USPFamily of apps from period to parenting

4. Fertility Friend

fertility friend app

Fertility friend application embeds an advanced ovulation calendar and tracker. It gives valuable insights into your fertility. 

The application alerts the user when they are the most fertile. It processes the inputs to create a personalized fertility chart. The app also provides tips and analyses to help you conceive.

This is a free application with in-app purchases. You can track anything from basal body temperature to cervical fluid for unique fertility signs.

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android
Rating4.8 stars
USPNatural family planning and fertility charting

5. Ovia Fertility And Cycle Tracker

ovia app

This application uses information about your periods, sex life, symptoms, etc., to give accurate period and fertile window predictions. It is a free-of-cost application that prioritizes customization.

It provides health summaries and statistics to determine valuable insights. These include average cycle length, period length, and more. Moreover, you can get customized fertility charts with trends and insights.

The real-time insights influence your decision-making related to fertility decisions. Also, the application offers a library of over 2000 articles about fertility and conception. It enables women with irregular periods too to accurately predict their fertile windows. 

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android
Rating4.7 stars
USPControl over parenting journey

6. Natural Cycles- Birth Control

natural cycles app

Natural cycles birth control application uses intelligent technological advancements to identify ovulation. It uses basal body temperature to analyze because it tends to rise after ovulation. Basal body temperature is when you are entirely at rest. 

It lets you know about your cycle with daily updates. These updates let you know about the cycle phase you are in, the fertile stage, ovulation detection, prediction, and when to expect periods. 

The basal thermometer is available with a yearly subscription or a separate purchase with a monthly plan. Again, the application is free but contains in-app purchases to make your experience smoother.

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android
Rating4.7 stars
USPBirth control app that is FDA cleared

7. Period Tracker By GP Apps

period tracker app

The period tracker application has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. It tracks predicted ovulation, the eight-day fertile window, and the cycle days. The information is available on the home screen itself. 

It helps track menstrual symptoms, weight, temperature, moods, etc. You can get a comprehensive look at your patterns through charts. You can get an accurate picture by entering up-to-date information about your active days, etc.

The application is free but includes in-app purchases. It is one of the best apps to manage your symptoms and know their causes.

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android
Rating4.6 stars
USPAn ultimate menstrual mentor

8. Ovulation Calendar And Fertility

ovulation calendar app

With the help of this application, you can learn when you’re most or least likely to get pregnant. It uses STM (sympto-thermal methods) approach. According to this method, the app tracks your body temperature, cervical mucus, etc., to show where you are in the ovulation calendar. 

It enhances prediction accuracy by using up-to-date healthcare data. The app also offers a massive database of articles about fertility, menstruation, etc., to keep the users well-informed. It is a free-of-cost application. You can also track the pregnancy stages to see how big your baby gets. It is a free-of-cost application.  

Available PlatformsAndroid
Rating4.4 stars
USPPredict future periods, ovulation days, and fertile days

9. Eve Period Tracker

eve app

Eve provides a comprehensive solution to measure your sexual health and fertility. It provides a 28-day ovulation calendar and several tools to share your sexual experiences. You can also use the mood tracker feature to determine the fertility position.

It eliminates hesitation and indicates your fertility position based on your sexual experience. It removes the hassle associated with tracking ovulation and menstruation. Also, you can play various games and quizzes and learn more. It is free with in-app purchases.

Available PlatformsiOS/ Android
Rating4.5 stars
USPLove, sex, and relationship tips along with fertility tracking

10. Cycles

cycles app

If you are looking for an app that dives deep into the biological framework of fertility and menstruation, Cycles is an excellent choice. It helps you become a master of your own cycle. It allows you to share sensitive details with your partner. Thus, you can plan your pregnancies accordingly. You can also create shared calendars around the cycle.

You can track your period, log body, mood observations, and know what causes missed periods.

Available PlatformsiOS
Rating4. stars
USPNo more unawareness of your reproductive health

As an investor, you might have got a clear idea about the level of competition that is prevailing in the market. The next important thing that should not be ignored at any cost while making fertility tracker apps would be the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). You must make sure that your application follows the set of principles set up by HIPAA. This will help you to get rid of legal obligations that may arise in the future.

Let Us Sum It Up

When a woman tries to get pregnant, she needs to track several factors, including periods, ovulation cycle, etc. By filling in their health details in an app, they can get optimal results in a single place. The fertility tracker apps enable them to assess their menstrual health, ovulation, and the best fertile days. It gives them the needed control over their body. 

Women have the most precious blessing of God because they bring and nourish a new life. They can stop popping unnecessary birth pills and unwanted pregnancies with the necessary information from the application. 

With the help of Idea Usher, businesses can develop these applications with proper functionality. Targeting this niche market can generate massive success and profits for firms. Offering custom care plans with Idea Usher can attract and retain many users.  For more information, you can contact at.

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1. How Much Time Does It Take To Develop A Fertility Tracking App?

Based on the complexity and features to include in the application, it can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days.

2. How Do Fertility Tracker Apps Work?

Fertility applications rely on the information entered by the user and process it using machine learning and automation. It uses inbuilt algorithms and recommends timings of fertility accordingly.

3. Are Fertility Apps Accurate?

Although fertility applications tell you the most fertile days, but you cannot rely on them blindly. Many apps show less than 50% accuracy. However, creating an app with Idea Usher can offer you more accurate results.

4. What Must Features Be Present In A Fertility Tracker App?

Basal body temperature, ovulation charts and calendar, a social network, mood and cycle patterns, etc., are a few features that should be included in a fertility tracker app.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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