Drawing game app development

What is the best way to start drawing game app development?

The casual gamers are increasing as the lightweight games can be played everywhere without needing gaming skills at a pro level.

Already many entrepreneurs have made big profits from their games, giving a better inspiration for anyone who wants to do the same. 

Starting drawing game development can be a great step toward financial success due to having less competition and a great money-making opportunity. 

If you don’t know in detail about the best drawing game apps like the “Draw Something” app. Then it would be best first to see the app.

So, what is the “Draw Something” app?

Draw something is a popular mobile app launched in 2012 by OMGPop game studio. Since its launch, the app has gained popularity all around the world. The app is very engaging, involving drawing-related activities on the platform. 

The app achieved 50 million downloads in just two months after its launch. In 2021 the mobile app generated over 90.7 billion in revenue. You can consider this amount to be half of the Global gaming revenue in 2021.

The drawing game app includes the following features providing the best experience to its users:

  • User can improve their drawing skills by creating funny pictures using this app.
  • The app features users’ turns, where users can take turns and showcase their drawings to their friends.
  • Users can explore & access a range of colors for doodle art.
  • The app offers in-app purchases where users can purchase different items for doodle creation.
  • The app has a “Guess something” mode where players can guess what other players are drawing. 
Started in 2012
FoundersCharles Forman
App downloads50 M
App rating4.2
Available onAndroid & iOS
Market valuation$180M

Let’s check the drawing game app development steps to know how you will develop your drawing app game. 

Development stages for Drawing Game App

Development stages of drawing game app

Here is a detailed guide on the development steps for creating a drawing game app. Knowing development steps will help you know what will happen in each stage, so you better collaborate with your development team.

1. Idea gathering

The stage will involve planning your app idea that you will launch in the market. You can define the project’s scope of your app by first creating the minimum viable product (MVP) of the drawing app game.

Agile is the right methodology for your drawing app project. During Idea gathering, you can do market research and collect customer feedback by creating app MVP, helping you to get the right direction to go ahead with your development project.

Choosing the right development approaches is also important in this stage. You can use a Mobile Backend as a Service(MBaaS) platform to manage back-end work related to your drawing game app development.

Along with choosing a platform, you can work on another part of your project, such as building the project team that will involve Business analysts, UI designers, Android developers with Kotlin skills, iOS developers with Swift skills, Testers, and A project manager (PM). You can assign different responsibilities to your team members based on their abilities.

2. Choosing app publishing platform

There are multiple options to publish your drawing game project. For your mobile app, you can consider popular publishing platforms such as Android & iOS. Moreover, you can create a web app for your drawing game so the audience can access your platform straight from the browser. 

For quick project scaling, you can also consider different gaming consoles, VR/AR, and blockchain platforms to get more audience to your project. Publishing your game on multiple platforms will help you gather a large audience from different platforms giving a better return on your investment. 

Initially, you can consider only large audience-based platforms such as Android & iOS for getting great app downloads at a low investment. After the app gets a better response, you can scale your app on other platforms to target more audiences. 

3. Monetization model 

How will you make money from your app? Planning the monetization strategy for your app before project development is important. Knowing different monetization models will help you decide which will work best for your app.

By studying your competitors’ monetization models, you can check what monetization will work best for your app. At the same time, make MVP of your app to test and find the most profitable monetization methods.  

The popular monetization models are as follows:

  • Paid app model
  • Free app with a subscription model
  • In-app purchase model 
  • Advertisement model (integrating ad networks)

4. Design phase

The design phase will involve providing the great usuals to the interface of your drawing game app. Along with an attractive user interface, make sure the UI of your App is engaging enough to let new users can use your app easily. 

To provide the best user experience for your app, you can consider using the right mobile navigation menu pattern in the app. Creating MVP of your app will help you to improve the app design by modifying the design of your app based on users’ feedback involved in MVP testing. 

You can take care of the following design practices at the time of app development: 

  • Use a simple design pattern
  • The icon should be recognizable and easy to remember
  • Study popular drawing game apps for getting design ideas and inspiration
  • Make sure your icons look symmetrical on different platforms irrespective of their size on multiple mobile screens in various screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Maintain the UI consistency in all the activity screens of your app 

5. Development phase

Before starting the development of your project, collect all the required tools and frameworks for your project development. For publishing your app on a mobile platform, you can consider Android Studio for Android app development and Xcode for iOS app development.

Instead of developing all the drawing tools, You can use Adobe creative cloud API to enable access to the Adobe Illustrator app. The API will allow access to Adobe-related tools that come in photoshop, animate, CC storage, etc.

You can use the payment gateway API solution to collect payment from your customer. We recommend you use the Stripe API gateway for managing payments.

You can enable in-app purchases in your app by using Bigcommerce API. The API will help you to provide the features related to the E-Commerce solution.

As the app will involve social interaction, it will require enabling the social platform-based features to your app. You can use Mesibo API and SDK in your app to allow users to chat with each other.

6. App testing

The app testing will involve multiple activities where you will check the crashing point of your app. Ensure you have used all the features and UI elements such as buttons and widgets of your app to ensure there are no technical issues that users can face while using your app. 

There will be less chance of having technical issues in your app if you first develop the MVP of your app and modify it regularly to solve every issue based on users’ feedback. 

Talk over another best option for app testing; you can use Crashlytics to track the issues in your app and check them on their dashboard.

But why will investing in game development be a great idea? Let’s check its future potential.

The market size of video games

Before investing in game development, you may wonder about this market’s profitability. The following data will help you understand why making your drawing game app will be a great step toward your financial success:

Gaming industry market size
  • According to Statista, the global gaming market is expected to reach around $270 billion by 2025.
  • Billions of users are active on different online games.
  • Consumer spending in the United States has grown upto 8% in 2021.
  • The gaming market made around 180.3 billion dollars in 2021

The following numbers show how investing in games can give a better return on your investment. Creating a drawing game app needs less investment than developing AAA titles, and many users prefer casual games over AAA titles. 

Many casual games are free to play and require fewer hardware specifications, giving a better way to run on different devices(even on less expensive devices). 

If you have decided to make your drawing game and are wondering how you will make it possible without a development team? Then here is a solution. 

Make your drawing game app with Idea Usher.

Outsourcing your game development project to an experienced app developer like Idea Usher is the best choice to free yourself from your app’s technical work. 

Also, outsourcing your app will help you to launch your project and get ahead of your competitors quickly. Many app entrepreneurs have partnered with Idea Usher to establish their unique projects on the internet. 

Idea Usher is a team of experienced developers, designers, and marketers that helps their business partners to get full advantage of launching their products in the profitable market such as video games.

You can contact Idea Usher for more information on any query related to your project.

Contact us: [email protected]

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1. How do you make a drawing game?

You can make your drawing game by doing game development on the best game-making tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4. At the time of game development, you will go through the following stages:

  • Idea gathering
  • Selecting app publishing platforms
  • Deciding how will you monetize the game
  • Designing elements and UI of the game
  • Working on backed parts such as programming and API integration
  • Performing game test to find and resolve every technical issue

2. What coding language do game developers use?

The games developers use the following popular coding language:

  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Java

3. Where do I start with game development?

You can learn about game development tools and coding language to program your game. Along with programming, you must skill yourself with 3D modeling and design to create the characters and scenes of your game. 

Above all, it will be better for you to outsource your project to a game development company to launch your game quickly with fewer efforts.

4. How do you market a game app?

You can market your game in the following ways:

  • Approach famous game streamers and YouTubers for game reviews
  • Run paid campaigns on Google Ads and different social platforms 
  • Cross-promotion with other games
  • Publish your games on multiple platforms

5. What tools do you need to make a game?

You can choose from the following given game development tools:

  • Unity
  • GameMaker: Studio
  • Construct 2
  • Stencyl
  • Cocos 2D

6. What are the best free drawing games

You can check the following free drawing games:

  • Draw rider 
  • Bamboo paper 
  • Kids Doodle – Color Draw – Pro
  • Sketchbook express
  • Learn to draw lego superheroes
  • Draw something
  • How to draw human faces
  • AutoDesk sketchbook 
  • Draw n guess multiplayer
  • One touch drawing
  • Sketchbook mobile
  • Colorfy
  • Drawing master
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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