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Many businesses nowadays are getting into the metaverse and want to create games but don’t know how to get started. In this article, we will see the required steps to start metaverse game development.  

Metaverse offers many business opportunities, such as creating NFTs, tokens, digital products, etc. Creating games for the metaverse is also one of the most profitable options. 

Creating a game for the metaverse requires multiple technologies such as blockchain, IoT, AR, VR technology, etc. But first, let’s check how profitable it is to enter this market.

What is the growth potential of metaverse game development?

Many blockchain games are booming in the market. There is an excellent opportunity for businesses to enter this market and make big profits by starting metaverse game development.

Metaverse market size

As per the report, the market size of the metaverse was valued at $63B in 2021, which is expected to reach $1607B by 2030 at a CAGR of 43.2%. 

Businesses can experience many advantages by creating their metaverse game. Let’s understand the benefits in detail.

What are the benefits of creating a metaverse game?

You can combine the latest technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, AI, AR and VR, and more to your virtual game.

However, there are many benefits to creating your metaverse game.

1. Advanced integrations

Creating a game will offer your users a great experience. You can integrate play-to-earn, GameFi, social media integration, NFT, and other latest technologies.

A great experience will eventually help you increase user engagement on your platform.

2. Security

You can enhance the security of your game by integrating smart contracts and related cryptocurrency systems.

The immutability nature of blockchain technology can help you avoid misusing your user’s data by resisting their modification from suspicious individuals such as hackers or your competitors.

3. High engagement 

Due to the integration of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and social media sites, you can find excellent engagement in your game, which can help you boost your profit from your games.

Moreover, there is already a huge ongoing trend of blockchain games where many celebrities post their tweets regarding their investment in NFTs and virtual lands.

You can boost engagement on your metaverse platform by offering a great experience to your users, such as by offering support to a wide range of crypto wallets, AR/VR integration, high transaction speed, low transaction fees, etc. 

4. New business prospects

You can receive great offers from many businesses looking to open virtual stores on your metaverse platform. 

The more businesses arrive on your platform, the more profit you will make by taking commissions from these businesses for each product sale made through your platform. 

Also, you can create your own store on metaverse platforms such as NFT stores and others to make money from your audience.

5. Future business opportunities

Almost every brand is preparing to enter the metaverse to make extreme profits. Also, many retail stores, universities, and other businesses are setting up their online shop in the metaverse. 

There is an extremely best opportunity for you to target these businesses so they can set up their online shops on your platform. You can take profits from these businesses by taking commissions or other monetization methods.

Also, it is a high possibility that many businesses that haven’t entered the metaverse can enter to scale up their business and make more profits.  

What are the steps you need to follow to create your blockchain game? Let’s understand in detail.

How to create a metaverse game?

Follow the steps to get your metaverse game developed: 

1. Come up with an attractive game idea for the metaverse

An out-of-the-box idea for your game can give you a competitive advantage in attracting a large audience to your platform. 

You can develop an attractive idea by identifying the areas of improvement in the existing game by developing a better solution and implementing them in your game.

2. Research competitors 

Engage yourself in popular blockchain games because it can help you gather valuable insights and strategies to improve your gaming platform and stay ahead of the competition.

Also, checking popular games will help you identify their areas of weakness that you can benefit from by improving them in your game. 

You can join different gaming forums to ask your target audience what they want in their ideal game.

3. Create your game strategy 

You can create a strategy for your game, such as what NFTs, crypto coins, and crypto-wallets you will support for allowing users to purchase items from your game. 

When planning your metaverse development, you can decide on

  • Monetization models
  • Blockchain platforms 
  • Gaming plots
  • Features and functionalities  

4. Choose the target audience

Identifying your target audience is another critical factor when creating your game. 

You can create the persona of your target audience, such as their desires, age group, challenges, and others, to help you create an effective strategy for your game and attract them to your platform. 

5. Pick up a game engine 

In most cases, the choice is between Unity and Unreal Engine. The following game engines offer all the essential features to help you develop your game. The engines will help you integrate advanced technologies into your game, such as NFTs, AR/VR, and others, to help create your game.

6. Create a 3D world for your game

Perform level designing, where you will set up the 3D surroundings of your game. You will need 3D models to create surrounding material for your game.

You can hire designers or purchase ready-made 3D models such as vehicles, buildings, trees, lands, and other materials from different marketplaces to create gaming objects.

7. Create gaming avatars 

Make your game playable by creating characters and avatars that resonate with your gaming theme. You can offer a different range of characters and avatars to increase product sales on your game.

To make more profits, you can create accessories relevant to characters, such as costumes, weapons, and other required accessories.

8. Find out what VR devices will best suit your product

If you want to provide access to your game with the help of virtual reality, consider offering support to the latest and popular VR devices such as Sony PlayStation VR, Meta quest pro, HP Reverbs G2, etc.

Offering support to a wide range of virtual reality devices can help you attract a large audience base that owns VR-based gadgets from different brands.

9. Choose a metaverse tech stack

Selecting the right technology stack for your game development is essential. You can take consultation with blockchain developers and game developers to pick up the right tools and technologies for your project. 

For your game, we recommend the following tech stack:

AR/VR developmentUnity
Unreal Engine
Google ARcore
Apple ARkit
Maxst AR
AI developmentWS sage maker
Blockchain (Frontend development)JavaScript-based framework
Blockchain (Backend development)Solidity
React Native
3D ModelingUnreal Engine
Internet of thingsMQTT
Azure IoT hub

10. Select the best blockchain network for your game

Choosing the right blockchain network is essential to ensure you can publish your game on the specific blockchain network. 

For an ideal blockchain platform, you can consider the following factors: transaction fees, processing speed, supported consensus mechanism, etc.

If you are facing any challenge in choosing the best blockchain platform, you can hire developers to help you select the best blockchain platform suitable for your game development.

11. Define the project scope and cost

Knowing the estimated budget is essential to ensure you are prepared for the investment needed to create your game.

Multiple factors can decide the cost of developing your games, such as:

  • The service fee of blockchain developers
  • Technology stack
  • A preferred blockchain platform 
  • List of features
  • The complexity of the project

12. Hire or outsource a team of professional game developers

Outsourcing your game to a talented team of professional developers can help you easily and quickly meet your project goals.

To select the best one, you can consider checking multiple factors, such as their 3D tech artists, game developers, project managers, and blockchain developers, that will contribute to creating your game.

You can tell them about the gaming features and your game idea when outsourcing your game. Your involvement during game development is essential to ensure the project is going on based on your expectations.

Once your game is ready to launch, you can perform game testing multiple times to ensure no glitches or drawbacks in your metaverse platform.

13. Integrate a decided blockchain system

Integrate your game into your decided blockchain platform to make it live and available to your target audience. 

You can create your token or use the cryptocurrencies of that existing blockchain to enable users to make payments for accessing services or purchasing items from your game. 

14. Integrate crypto wallets

You need to integrate and provide support to multiple crypto wallets on your gaming platform. Without crypto wallets, your users cannot purchase any products and services from your game. 

You can check popular crypto wallets and integrate them into your game to offer your users more options to buy gaming items. 

15. Test your game

Once your game becomes ready to play, you can perform beta testing to identify any technical glitches or drawbacks on your game. When testing your game, ensure the following: 

  • Users can purchase services and products with the supported cryptocurrencies.
  • You have tested every gaming component, such as players and stages
  • Check whether your game is compatible with all the supported platforms.
  • Your game has no lagging issues when playing online

16. Launch and perform a marketing campaign

Now your game is finally ready to launch. You can deploy the game to your preferred blockchain network and attract potential players with best marketing practices.

You can perform marketing campaigns such as AirDrop, social media marketing, or other practices to attract potential customers to your platform.

In case your blockchain developer team also consists of marketing members. It will benefit you to ease promoting your game among your targeted audience.

What is the best way to hire blockchain and game developers for your project? Let’s understand.

Building in-house vs. outsourcing your metaverse game development: which is best? 

You can decide better by knowing what will suit you best for your game development project.

I. Building games in-house

If you decide to create games in-house, there will be a lot of challenges, such as hiring experienced developers, 3D artists, and other members who can help you make your game from scratch.

However, you will spend additional time investing your effort into finding experienced professionals for your project. 

Only established businesses should go for this option as they are experienced in hiring good professionals for their company. 

While for start-ups or newcomers, it is better to refrain from hiring in-house as there is a high possibility that they will face many challenges in getting ideal candidates for their project.

II. Outsourcing game development

Outsourcing a game to a company saves a lot of resources and human potential. It offers enough room for other essential tasks like marketing, management, building business strategy, etc. 

Companies can experience better results for their businesses and projects when they outsource their game creation task to an experienced team of game developers. 

You can cut your development budget and minimize the risk of project failure by outsourcing your game development project. 

The team of development agencies includes all the required professionals, such as game developers, blockchain developers,3D artists, marketers, and others.

They offer complete services to build your games from scratch and launch them to your preferred blockchain network.

How can Idea Usher help you create a game for the metaverse?

You can contact us if you want game development services where the team can help you, from creating your game to launching them to your preferred blockchain network.

We help businesses create their game and implement all the advanced and latest technologies to help them offer a better platform experience to their targeted audience.

You can get fully customized services to quickly shape your game regarding features, UI, graphics, tokens, etc. 

Let’s schedule a free consultation call to discuss your project with our team.

Contact Idea Usher 


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Q. How are metaverse games developed?

A. These games are developed by combining the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain. 

There are different ways through which games can be developed, such as by using virtual and augmented reality or directly creating and launching on platforms such as gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones, etc.

Q. Which programming language is best for creating a metaverse?

A. These are the following popular programming language that developers use to create the metaverse:

  • Solidity
  • Rust 
  • JavaScript 
  • C#.

Q. How do developers make money from the metaverse?

A. These are the following ways how developers make money from metaverse:

  • Flipping digital assets
  • Hosting virtual events 
  • Building play-to-earn games
  • Designing virtual spaces
  • Creating metaverse tokens
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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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