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Child development apps have contributed to ease the parenting journey. Having a child is the best blessing of the Almighty. But caring for and bringing up a child is not an easy task.

Parents have to go through many sleepless nights, frequent diaper changes, dealing with feeding tantrums of a child, and whatnot.  So, if we look at the overall parenting journey, it is full of challenges. How about an app that can easily track a child’s growth for you?

Wow, it will definitely be a favorable option for the parents. Parents can support and celebrate their child’s development with these tracking applications. Although there are a lot of applications available in the market, we have narrowed it down to the five best apps for child development.

What is a child development app?

what is a child development app

A child growth application monitors the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and linguistic growth of a child during the formative years. With proper checklists, the parents can ensure the development process of their little one. The aim of the child development app focuses on the five development areas, which include:

  • Cognitive development
  • Emotional and social development
  • Speech and language development
  • Gross motor skills development
  • Fine motor skills development

How do child development apps work?

working of child development apps

The working of the child growth applications is divided into three phases. They are:

1. Check out the activities according to the age of your child

The main objective of these applications is to support the development of a child. They focus on the core development areas. Be it language, cognitive, emotional, social, speech, motor skills, or anything else, and these applications support it all. So first the parents need to check out the activities that suits the age of their child.

2. Indulge the child into those activities

For overall development, the parents need to indulge their child in different activities that they choose. Regular activities and practice must form a part of the child’s daily routine.

3. Track and monitor your child’s performance

A quick checklist of milestones will help you keep track of your child’s progress. Finally you need to evaluate the child’s performance. If you discover that your kid is missing developmental milestones, you can work more closely with those concerns. 

Early detection of children’s growth is done through developmental screening. If it is delayed, it may obstruct expected growth, learning, and development. Accordingly, necessary steps like additional diagnosis, examination, and evaluation can be done.

Benefits of child development applications

benefits of child development apps

Let us have a look at a few benefits that the child growth applications provide to the users.

1. Easily available whenever needed

Schooling has a fixed schedule to follow, but learning with the help of applications gives them the opportunity to explore things anywhere. The children are not bound to follow particular operating hours. These applications have parental controls, so the parents need not worry about the child shifting to other content.

2. Interactive

The young learners get to explore more and more activities with these applications. This enhances their interaction with the applications. The applications bring out the hidden talent in the child. Word building, crossword puzzles, coloring activities, spotting differences, etc., make these applications interesting.

3. Valuable use of idle time

The free time of children was earlier restricted to only television. But with productive applications, the free time can be used better. The children will indulge in something productive during their idle hours with the help of the child growth apps. 

4. Effective learning

These applications come with various methods for learning. This gives the children a wider area to learn and come up with new ideas. Text-based learning, video tutorials, animated learning, audio narration, etc., have contributed to making the learning more effective for the children.

5. Learning with fun

Since these apps have different other activities along with learning, it makes learning fun for children. It has been noticed that children learn faster with interesting activities. So this makes learning fun for children.

Challenges to make child progress apps- and how to overcome them?

challenges of child development apps

Although child development applications have increased in popularity, developing them is daunting. The following points reflect the challenges faced by developers in creating such applications:

1. UI/ UX design

The primary need for a child development tracking application is the ease of use and a simple interface. If the design and layout are challenging, it will discourage users. The learning curve must be minimum for quick and seamless service. It should be valuable and helpful for the target audience.

2. Following the platform guidelines

While developing a child development app for multiple platforms, it becomes difficult to keep up-to-date with every platforms’ guidelines. Changing platform requirements will require the developer to update the application to conform to its latest needs. It is challenging to control such situations while making the user experience seamless. 

3. App security

The users of child development apps enter private information about their kids in the application. With the threat of cybercrimes and hacking looming large, it is essential for app developers to prioritize robust security measures. They must follow the regulations such as data protection, and privacy laws and add additional value through their developing practices.

4. Continuous improvements

The child app development process does not stop at its launching. It follows a continuous improvement process through user feedback, bugs, and glitches, platform requirements, etc. Throughout the application’s life, it undergoes various changes for the better.

5. Running strength

While using the application, if it lags or takes a long time to load, it will cause disinterest in the user, who will leave the app for a better one. Therefore, app developers need to continuously test and fix the application and eliminate bugs, crashes, and breakdowns.

Overcoming these challenges

Overcoming the challenges mentioned above requires investing in a reliable and reputable development team. They will possess the necessary expertise to follow the platform guidelines and upgrade the app when necessary. Moreover, they can fix bugs, improve user experience, loading speed, advanced security measures, etc. Partnering with professional application developers will help create a seamless user interface with attractive design, elements, and layout. 

Also, automating the testing and maintenance stage can assist in identifying errors early. The planning and research phase of the app development must cover every aspect thoroughly and fix responsibility and accountability. 

5 Top trending child progress tracking apps  

top 5 child development apps

Parents always worry about their children and their development. They want to know that their children are growing without irregularities or unusual symptoms. The child development applications offer them a baby growth chart app. It details how a child of a specific age must look, their features, functioning, etc. A few famous names in the child development app industry include:

1. Kinedu

Kinedu is a baby development application with numerous activities, milestones, and games for toddlers. It offers more than 1800 fun, educational, and age-specific activities. There are one-on-one coaching and family forums and masterclasses for sleeping, feeding, and other patterns.

It focuses on personalization by generating plans from the child’s birth details. It teaches the children the necessary skills per their age. A daily action plan enables kids and parents to learn relevant skills and implement them.

Kinedu has partnered with experts at Stanford University to bring the right skills at the right time and enhance the users’ confidence. It includes a progress chart for each development area for better understanding.


  • Kinedu enables users to join live expert classes and learn parenting, development, etc. It also allows interactive customer sessions. 
  • Parents can share their experiences, learnings, and tips with others by connecting via the app.
  • Users can apply for expert sessions to satisfy their personal queries. It offers the necessary confidence boost to take care of the children. 
  • With access to hundreds and thousands of fun, educational, and interactive activities, both parents and kids enhance their skills and learnings. 


  • Instead of a one-time purchase, it offers a subscription-based model, which may not suit many.
  • Customer service complaints are high.
  • Some features are not as satisfactory as they sound. 
FounderLuiz Garza
Downloads5M +
PriceFree with in-app purchases
Platform FeesFree. subscription costs for monthly and yearly plans vary
Ratings4.4/ 4.5 (Android/ iOS)
USPKinedu empowers families by providing expert development guidance through science-based activities, live play sessions, etc.

2. Baby Connect

Baby Connect application has robust child activity tracking capabilities. Users can enter essential information like vaccines and other medical details for thorough insights. It is an overall parenting app with features like doctor appointments, naps, sleep schedules, feeding time, etc.

The app offers a comprehensive view of the toddlers’ activities via graphs and charts. It allows time tracking for feeding and napping sessions and sharing the information with other caregivers. Its user interface is straightforward, thus, not confusing to the parents.

Baby Connect offers a 7-day free trial, after which monthly subscriptions are necessary to take advantage of the services. It provides customer support via emails, calls, and frequently answered questions. 


  • It is a comprehensive tracking application with numerous features like essential information tracking, time-tracking, etc. 
  • Parents can connect with other caregivers and share experiences in real-time.
  • The time-tracking feature for feeding, napping, and other uses is precious. 


  • It is not a free-of-cost application. Users have to pay monthly fees to continue enjoying the services. It can be challenging for people with many children.
FounderSeacloud software- Xavier Launay
Platform Fees$4.99 for a family subscription (up to 5 children), $14.99 for professional (up to 15 children
Ratings4.3- Android, 4.8- iOS
USPIt has graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, etc.

3. Glow baby growth tracker

Glow baby application enables users to track their kids’ development and enter the milestones.  It includes tutorials and videos for basic motherhood activities. Users can control their children’s feeding and sleeping schedules and get answers to silly or embarrassing queries in no time. 

There are numerous trackers to keep a check on health and development. It involves recording the kids’ temperature, height, weight, and other vital information. It has a separate room for parents to communicate with others and get meaningful tips. 

The application remembers the pattern and reminds you of feeding, sleeping, and other activities. It also includes a timer. Users can capture and upload their precious moments with toddlers and share them with closed ones. Moreover, parents can benefit from the numerous articles and videos on parenting and child development available on the app.


  • Interactive and professional UI/ UX
  • Insights about children’s activities enable detection of unusual irregularities
  • Rich in features and allow tracking of various activities
  • Data export allowed 
  • Multiple user support is available
  • Detailed poo color/ tracking options for kids’ health determination
  • Allows usage in dark mode


  • For multiple users to track a kids’ development, each person has to purchase a premium account.
  • Subscription is expensive
  • Unsupported simultaneous tracking of events across multiple users
  • No desktop app
FounderMax Levichin
Platform FeesFree with in-app purchases and premium version costs
Ratings4.3 / 4.7
USPFrom breastfeeding to diaper changes, log all your baby or toddler’s milestones and track development with Glow Baby.

4. Sprout baby tracker

Sprout baby tracker is a one-in-all application enabling tracking of different events like feeding, sleeping, growth, etc. It includes developmental milestones, health, growth, and charts. The app generates daily, monthly, weekly baby development summaries, enabling users to detect trends and potential red flags. 

It eases the doctor visits by generating a PDF summary of the logged data. Users can create a beautiful e-book with precious moments with their kids captured and uploaded. The application offers secure data synchronization across multiple devices in real-time using Sprout SAFEsync. It has a seven-day free trial to get updates about children’s ages and stages. 


  • Offers valuable information to parents- tips, advice, and suggestions
  • Milestone recording enables users to remember vital information and track inconsistency, if any
  • Provides knowledge about problems if a child does not reach a certain development stage at a particular age
  • Includes on-demand doctor support and report generator for child’s visits
  • Comprehensive application with an excellent user interface, design, and layout
  • Supports multiple kids


  • Many options require spending money to access
  • Only available on iOS
FounderAlex Romayev
DownloadsNot applicable
PriceFree with in-app purchases
Platform FeesFree, in-app purchases cost extra
USPIt is a powerful all-in-one baby tracker allowing you to track all of your baby’s daily activities

5. Growth: Baby and child charts

Growth: Baby and child charts application is excellent and user-friendly in tracking childrens’ development. It eliminates the need to make pencil marks on walls to record information. Instead, it calculates exact percentiles to ensure the child is on the proper development track.

It tracks a baby’s development up to 20 years of age. It displays data in CDC (Centre for disease control and prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) charts. The CDC and WHO growth charts track the development of children from 2 to 19 years and 0 to 5 years respectively. Its easy-to-use functionality and navigation make understanding charts simple. 

It uses metrics (kg, cam) and US units (lb, oz, ft, inches) for exact child measurement percentiles. It offers customized charts and paper templates and allows sending via e-mail or other transfer features.

The premium application entails Body Mass Index calculation, chart, and WHO percentiles. Users can compare the growth of multiple children in this version. Moreover, it allows external data storage.


  • No hidden charges
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Numerous growth charts and standards available- CDC/ WHO, etc
  • Clicking on the chart offers in-depth insights
  • Internet connection is not necessary
  • Data can get exported to a spreadsheet
  • Global metric systems and decimals allowed
  • Forecasting available
  • Data entry is editable


  • Synchronization across numerous devices is not allowed
  • No cloud backup
  • Data import to spreadsheet is not available
  • Only available on iOS
DeveloperClafou Ltd.
DownloadsNot Applicable
Platform FeesFree with in-app purchases
USPBe confident that your baby or child is growing at the right pace.

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Growth of child monitoring apps in recent years

In the past few years, child growth applications have shown a significant rise. According to the newest report from a market research agency, the education applications industry would grow by $46.9 billion between 2020 and 2024, with a CAGR of nearly 26%.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in educational app downloads during the first quarter of 2020. In the most recent reported quarter, the Apple App Store had 470 million educational app downloads, while Google Play had 466 million educational app downloads. This quarter saw the highest reported educational app downloads on both platforms.

Want to build your own child development app?

Building a child development tracking application requires in-depth knowledge of the application development process. Different application developers in the market contribute their expertise to launch an app that satisfies users. However, Idea Usher focuses on developing applications that enrich the lives of both the users and developers.

We bring the necessary resources and proficiency to the table to solve challenges and regulations with ease. Creating such an application does not have to be complex with Idea Usher.


Popular development apps for children are the need of the hour. These apps enable parents to keep track of their child’s overall development. Startups and investors can think of creating such an application with varied features. The highly proficient team of Idea Usher can help to make such an app. The contact details are

E-mail: [email protected]

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The professionals have enlightened the app market by providing cutting-edge solutions and delivering innovation and progress to the customers. They produce bespoke applications to match the needs of their customers. Thanks to the significant research they put into each app and the high-quality solutions they provide.

Build Better Solutions With Idea Usher

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1. What all features should form a part of child development apps?

All the below-mentioned features, if included in an application, can make it a hit. The features include:

  • Different and engaging activities for children
  • An easy to follow calendar
  • Plenty of advice
  • Personalized daily action plan
  • Doctor appointments, feeding, nap 

2. How much time does it take to develop a child growth application?

Depending on the features to be included in the application, the time taken usually varies between 45 to 90 days.

3. Who can create the best child development application?

Although, there are many development companies that can create an application. But Idea Usher is one such application development company that brings together the necessary resources and proficiency to make an application that stands out of the crowd.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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