How to make an app like Linktree?

The success of link-in bio tools made entrepreneurs and investors interested in making an app similar to Linktree. These tools offer the best way for users to share their content with the audience.

Tools like Linktree offers a wide range of features that helps users get better business results into their social media accounts and business. 

So, what is Linktree, and how can you develop the same for your business? Let’s check the requirements and development process.

What is a Linktree, and how does it work?

Linktree is a link-in bio solution that allows users to create a personalized and customizable page containing all the essential links they want to share with their audience. The link in bio tools is used on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, Linkedin, etc.  

The users need to set up a Linktree for adding all their links so they can share them with their audience. For adding links to the bio section of the social media profile, the users need to paste their unique Linktree URL on their preferred social media accounts.  

These tools offer many benefits to the users. Know the benefits so you can provide the same with your link in the bio apps.  

Why do people prefer Linktree?

Linktree offers many benefits that help users to perform marketing more efficiently. Moreover, you can look out for the following uses of the Linktree platform:

1. Linktree helps users increase traffic

The audience is more likely to click on two links rather than just one to get a variety of information. As Linktree is fast and offers an ad-free experience, the audience is less likely to leave the website and get distracted after clicking the Linktree links.  

2. Helps to increase the domain authority

Domain authority is another crucial aspect for Google to rank websites on its search engine. A domain authority/reputation is a measure of the trustworthiness of the domain, and Google ranks websites higher with great domain authority. 

Google ranking also depends on where the traffic is coming in and what’s their domain authority. So, if the users are getting referrals from the highest domain authority and trustworthy sites like Linktree, they can experience positive results in Google SEO. 

Adding Linktree links on social media profiles helps users convert their audience into the traffic referred by the highest domain authority websites such as Linktree. 

3. Simple and consistent user interface

Linktree offers a simple user interface that helps audiences to redirect from a social media platform to the users’ websites. Even after having multiple changes in the platform, Linktree manages to keep its user interface plane and simple, which allows users to use the platform easily without needing to relearn after the updates.

4. Offers excellent control over the links to users 

Linktree Pro allows users to control their SEO parameters on a full scale. The meta titles and descriptions are entirely customizable, allowing users to rank their website on Google. With a Linktree, the users can customize their title, description, and keywords to make their links SEO-friendly and get positive results on search engine ranking.

5. Allows performing social media marketing easily

LinkedIn offers a more straightforward solution to perform social media marketing without needing to write complex code and make designs for embedding the links on social media profiles. Just pasting the links of Linktree on a social media profile is enough to get traffic to users’ websites.

6. Provide a wide range of options for branding

The platform offers colorful themes to their user. The paid version provides multiple theming options, which helps users to customize their profile based on the matching color of their brand. 

To make a platform similar to Linktree, you can also explore other platforms to get more ideas about features you can put into your app. 

Best Linktree alternatives!

Check out the following best Linktree alternatives that you can look for to get better ideas and inspiration:

1. Taplink

A platform is a multi-link tool that helps users to drive leads and sales on Instagram. Taplink allows users to place links on their social media profiles and blog posts for taking orders, online payments, and other actions on a single page.

The users can use different customization features like countdown timers, high converting texts, engaging video images, and much more. However, these other tools help users to convert their potential leads into customers by encouraging them to click on CTA buttons or take a specific action.

The tool also offers to add links to instant messengers, embed a sign-up form for getting email addresses, and even showcase special offers. 

Taplink provides different block types where users can add different types of content; for example, there are separate blogs for adding images, custom HTML codes, product links, messengers, etc.

The platform has the following features:

Limited time offer: Users can run a time-limited time campaign and countdown timers for their users with Taplink’s micro landing page.

Embed frequently asked questions: Users can use the answer block to provide answers to the questions asked by their audience.

Order management system: The platform has its order management system that notifies the user whenever someone requests an order from the users’ platform.

Started in2017
FounderJeremy Spilman
Available platformWeb

2. ContactInBio

ContactInBio is another best Link tree alternative that helps users create a landing page to store all their links in one place. Moreover, the platform also embeds payment forms from music services, social media posts, etc.

With this tool, the users can change the size, color, font size, width, and background of their landing pages. Moreover, the tool also offers color-changing options of page background to gradient colors, videos, and images. 

Talk about the payment options; leads can pay through PayPal, stripe, etc.

Contact InBio offers the following features:

Messenger smart links: These allow users to create a direct link to messenger platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram Viber, and Skype.

Contact Form: The tool helps users to embed their contact form on the landing page. The feature allows eliminating extra steps for their audience to contact the users. 

Google Ads native integration: Adding Google Analytics and Facebook pixels helps users track their demographics. Enabling users to track their audience demographics allows them to run retarding ads on Facebook.

Started in2017
FounderAbzal Assembekov
Available platformWeb

3. Tap Bio

Another best alternative is that it works like a mini-website. Tap Bio helps users to create all their content in one place. With this tool, the audience can get directed to the mini-websites by clicking on the “Tap Bio” link on the users’ social profiles.

The tool allows users to choose from different website card types, including image galleries, Twitter posts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc.

Moreover, the user can even add a link on their profiles so their audience can call or email them straight from Instagram.

The key features of Tap bio are as follows:

Retarget Ads: Users can run retargeting ads to target their followers via Google Adsense, Instagram, and Facebook.

Stats and Analytics: Advanced analytics helps users to track their campaigns through Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixel.

Started in2017
FounderJesse Engle
Available platformWeb


The platform simplifies sharing multiple links with the audience on social platforms. The tools allow users to integrate Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Canva, MailChimp, etc. 

The other feature with is the ability to add thumbnails from Instagram posts. Their drag and drop interface allows users to add thumbnails above their links. The tools allow users to change theme colors and track the clicking activities of their audience.

The offers the following features:

Schedule links: Users can schedule their links before launching their new Instagram posts.

Link Animation: The platform allows users to add animation to their links to grab the audience’s attention.

Carousels: Users can add multiple carousels and many banners as they want.

Started in2017
FounderJoshua Werner
Available platformWeb

After knowing the best alternatives, if you are looking for the way and want to know how to make an app like Linktree, you can check its development process.  

Development steps for creating apps like Linktree

Check the following development stages to understand how to make an app like Linktree that will help you know how your project will start and what work needs each step.

1. App discovery & market research

The stage will involve working on market research to understand how you will make profits with your app, similar to Linktree.

You can research the following factors:

  • The logic behind your app
  • Building user persona 
  • Figuring out social marketing challenges and finding solutions

2. Idea validation

The stage involves finding the solution to technical and business-related challenges that may come when developing your app. You can set your budget for app development and work on creating your app’s MVP

You can discuss with your development team to find out all the possible challenges and their solution for getting an upgrade experience during an app development journey.

3. UX & app design

User interface plays a great role in providing a great user experience for your app users. You can take inspiration from your competitors to enable excellent user interface design for your app.

Also, outsourcing your app to an experienced development team can help you to create a great UX and app design. The development team will work on creating an app prototype and designing all the screens of your platform, etc.

4. App development

The development process involves programming and other back-end-related works. The stage consists in working on API, developing and assigning back-end code to all the platforms’ buttons, and others to make your app fully functional.  

5. App testing

Testing is essential to ensure your app is free from technical issues and drawbacks so you can find areas of improvement to provide a better app experience. Multiple testing helps you to fix and resolve each issue and drawback during each app testing.

6. App launching

This is the stage where your app is ready to launch. You can focus on post-launching practices such as app optimization, app marketing, and others to attract many customers to your platform. Also, you can check the following steps for new product development.   

Ready to make an app like Linktree?

Behind every great app, there is an experienced development team that turns app ideas into reality. In case you want to make a like Linktree, it would be great for you to outsource your project to an experienced app development company like Idea Usher

Idea Usher has developed many different kinds of apps and other projects for their clients and successfully implemented unique ideas and new features in the apps of various categories. 

If you have any queries regarding app development, you can contact Idea Usher to get a free consultation from expert app developers.     

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1. How do I make something like Linktree?

You can make an app like Linktree by understanding the app development process and trying to add similar features to your app like Linktree. 

2. How does Linktree makes money?

Linktree makes money by selling its paid plans that cost $6 per month. Moreover, Linktree sells its enterprise plan to bigger companies charging them based on their customized service requirements. 

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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