Which are some of the best SaaS product ideas? Since the internet came into trend, software as a service has gotten more attention from the audience. It doesn’t matter if it is B2B or B2C products, almost all products in the different categories are making a good profit from their business.

Greater demand for software as service products creates an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors who want to start a new business and want good returns on their investment.

Also, those aware of the profitability of launching software as a service are trying to explore some of the best profitable SaaS startup ideas.

So, let’s explore some of the best profitable SaaS ideas for starting your business. If you don’t know much about software as a service, then first, let’s understand what software as a service is? 

What is SaaS?

Software as a service is a business model that provides online access to software and services. There is no need for users to download the software.

The software owner hosts their services on the server and can provide an excess of their effect on a subscription basis. The business model is also well known as “on-demand software” because on-demand software providers can scale their products quickly on demand. 

What is the difference between horizontal SaaS and vertical SaaS

However, the business model is based on two main approaches, i.e., Horizontal and Vertical SaaS.

Vertical SaaS: The business model focuses on providing the needs of specific industries such as healthcare, education, etc. This model targets a narrow range of customers and business owners and provides services that can be useful for that specific industry only.   

Examples of vertical software as a service:

Horizontal SaaS: This business model solves a common problem in different industries.  

Examples of horizontal software as a service:

  • Salesforce CRM – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud
  • AWS – EC2 Compute service, Elastic Load Balancing service, etc.

Check some of the best SaaS product ideas that you can start in 2022. 

Best SaaS product ideas in 2022?

Choosing the right business startup idea is the first step toward having your profitable on-demand software business. However, you can select the right one for your business by exploring some profitable on-demand software ideas.

1. Property management platform

Designing a platform where customers can build legal documents, collect rent, and other property management features can ease owners’ management of their properties.

You can introduce both property buyers and sellers on your platform and take a commission on each successful deal.

2. High-quality CRM tool

Customer relationship management software is popular among companies and other corporate-based organizations.

You can build a high-quality CRM tool by providing some of these mentioned features on your CRM tool. 

  • Workflow automation to increase work productivity.
  • Customization of plugins and extensions.
  • Offering third-party software integrations on your platform
  • Customer retaining-based features such as pre-made email templates, customer acknowledgment, etc.  
  • CRM analytics, etc.

3. Accounts receivable automation

Doing accounting-based work is primarily repetitive and time-consuming. Moreover, preparing hundreds of financial reports can cost too much effort, creating significant demand by business owners for automation-based products.

You can build accounting-based automation software based on on-demand software and sell them to business owners and other customers to make great profits. 

4. Training courses

An individual or business owner who knows the benefits of software as a service and wants to train their employees can be your excellent income source. You can make profits by selling them your training course teaching about software as a demand technology. 

You can sell your course on different platforms such as Udemy, SkillShare, and other platforms. Even better, you can create your exclusive video streaming-based platform for your classes if you want to avoid giving a commission on each sale to a course-based platform.

5. Sales tracking app

Tracking product sales is necessary for every business to know the company’s profits in a certain period. 

Manual tracking of product sales is complex. Therefore, automation is essential to track product sales on different platforms and create a detailed report so that product owners can check their business’s overall performance.

6. Social media analytics platform

Around 4.62 billion people use social media platforms worldwide, and that’s more than half of the world. Having a large audience on social platforms makes every brand establish its business online to make great profits from this online audience.

You can create your social media analytics platform to help businesses track and analyze their posts to improve them. So they can get a more online presence among their audience. 

7. Communication platforms

Many popular platforms such as Slack, Zulip, and other communication-based media are in use on a large scale worldwide. 

You can build your software as a service to allow users to communicate with others and monetize your platform in different ways to make profits.

8. Payment gateway

Along with Amazon and eBay, there are many e-commerce websites that individuals are creating through drop shopping-based platforms such as Shopify.

Each e-commerce platform needs a payment gateway for taking payments from its customers. You can create your payment gateway based on the software as a service business model, giving another best product idea for your business.

However, you can check the top 10 famous development examples from which you can take startup ideas for starting your business.  

Understand why starting your on-demand software business can be profitable for you.

Benefits of building your SaaS products

Due to the flexibility of on-demand software, users are interested in using on-demand software instead of regular software, which needs downloading on the users’ device. 

However, there are other benefits of these products due to which users shift from downloadable to on-demand software.

1. Cost efficiency

The on-demand software products work on the basis of the subscription model; thus there is no need for users to pay a high amount for downloading the software on their system.

Also, having the facility to cancel the monthly subscription anytime helps users save money if the product is no longer helpful. The case is not the same for downloadable software. There is a need to pay a large sum of money all at once. 

2. Easy to update

It is easy for the developer team to add new features and improve these products compared to regular software.

Also, for accessing the new updates and features, there is no need for users to install new versions manually on the browser for accessing on-demand software. 

3. Mobility

The on-demand software can be accessed, anywhere and anytime without having to install the software on the new system. The user can access software from any device just by logging in to the software through their registered email address.

4. Consistent team support 

Team support can easily track any issue within the product.

It gives an ability for staff of the owner of the product to quickly resolve technical issues such as security threats, performance issues, and other questions asked by the users.

However, there is some risk involved in starting software as a service business that you must know. 

The potential risk of starting a SaaS business 

Along with knowing the benefits of on-demand software, you must also be aware of a few drawbacks before launching your product based on this business model.

1. Inconsistent source of income

There is an excellent chance that customers can quickly leave your platform if they face any technical issues or any other drawbacks on your platform. 

Also, while maintaining excellent performance and experience on your platform, you may need to persuade users to keep using your product through advertisement and other marketing campaigns.

Needing to retain all the customers every time can create inconsistency in the revenue that comes from your products.

2. Need security maintenance for customers’ profile

The on-demand software providers must find an efficient way to provide a secure environment for their clients. The product owner must ensure that every customer profile is safe on their platform from data theft and misusing the users’ data. 

3. More risk of losing customers

High competition in the business market gives customers a large variety of options for choosing products relevant to their daily needs and requirements. 

It becomes necessary for providers to retain their customers by providing discounts and other offers. Along with having a great product, there is also a need for marketing for providers to keep their customers in the long run.

Check types of products in software as a service for starting your business. 

Types of SaaS products

Knowing where there is a high demand can help you find out the potential areas where you can start your business and make a significant profit from your software as a service product. Let’s find all product types in which you can create your business.

best SaaS product ideas

1. Micro-SaaS startup

These products focus on a narrow niche. Allowing their clients to perform specific tasks like email marketing optimization, finding and correcting the issues in writing, keyword optimization, etc. 

This product type commonly comes as a browser extension that provides different solutions once the users integrate them into browsers.


  • Grammarly
  • TamperMonkey
  • Mailtrack

2. SaaS startups

This industry offers different services to automate the business activities of their clients. The activities involve email marketing, creating documentation, managing existing data, and collaborating with teams.


  • Salesforce
  • Customer Labs
  • Financial Services Cloud

3. Artificial Intelligence-based Services

As most on-demand software focuses on automation, there comes a great demand for artificial business in this business, such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, etc.

AI can help in creating a great variety of products. The products can be 

  • Data processing 
  • Chatbots, 
  • Machine learning for providing personalized offers to different customers and other tools based on automation.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Watson
  • Google Cloud

4. SaaS CRM startups

Similar to the working of SaaS startups. This business model provides an alternate way for their client to use the services by taking subscriptions. 

The providers mainly target small companies as they have limited potential to purchase the services of SaaS startups consistently. However, these providers also offer their services to bigger companies through their premium plans. 


  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho 

5. Blockchain as a service 

The blockchain business model focuses on providing blockchain infrastructure to their business clients and customers. There can be many products that providers can offer to their users, such as:

  • Products for making smart contracts and cryptocurrencies 
  • Offering computing resources based on blockchain technology for application development, 
  • Decentralized cloud storage for saving their users’ data securely and economically.  
  • A blockchain network for performing different kinds of decentralized activities.


  • IBM 
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

Now, moving to the conclusion.

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Even after having a perfect product idea, you might be wondering about what is the best way to build and launch your SaaS product? The best way is to outsource your project to an experienced software development company. 

Connect with Idea Usher to get your project kickstarted by the most proficient development team to help build your project based on the software-as-a-service technology. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key features of SaaS?

The key features are given as follows: 

  1. Multi-tenancy model
  2. Automated provisioning
  3. Single sign-on
  4. Subscription-based billing
  5. High availability
  6. Elastic infrastructure
  7. Data security
  8. Application security
  9. Rate limiting/QoS
  10. Audit

2. Why is there a need for a custom-made SaaS application?

You need a custom-made application because:

  • The existing product doesn’t meet your requirements completely. 
  • The available products do not have features that you need for operating your business
  • You can’t find a perfect product that provides the features that you need in your industry.

3. What questions should I ask my SaaS provider?

It will be best for you to ask the following questions to your provider:

  • What is the overall pricing for your service?
  • What uptime SLA does your business provide?
  • What options are available for migration?
  • How do you handle the data security for your customers?

4. How many types of SaaS applications are available?

These are the most common types of applications in software as a service.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
  • Project management software
  • Financial  management software
  • Human resource (HR) management Software
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