The marijuana delivery business can help you make a profit in millions. We are living in a quick-moving world. Here, things that consumers overlooked yesterday are on the trend today. You will see that the cannabis business sky-rocketing for a couple of years. The Idea Usher experts present an insight into the world of cannabis mobile app development.

The USA has authorized the use of medical marijuana in 46 states. The following countries also permit this business: 

  • Germany,
  • Canada,
  • New Zealand,
  • Australia, and
  • Israel

In most of these nations, consuming medical cannabis is a choice for patients. Most of them are experiencing AIDS, malignancy, epilepsy, or glaucoma.

So these insights show the ascent popularity of medical Marijuana. Now, being an authorized marijuana retailer, you can productively support your business. You just need an on-request Cannabis delivery app. Before knowing how to develop a Cannabis Delivery App, let’s dive into more details.


What is a cannabis or weed delivery app?

marijuana delivery app

An online Cannabis Delivery mobile app allows consumers to order Marijuana. Additionally, users can search for the best type for themApp users can also look for

  • nearby dispensaries,
  • CBD products, and
  • medical marijuana doctors to consult about the right kind of weed.

Live delivery tracking, estimated arrival are some features of the cannabis delivery app.


The demand for medical and recreational cannabis is growing with increasing allowances. The market size of Marijuana is already over $8 Billion. IBISWorld suggests that this industry is now one of the fastest-growing in the USA. Overall, there was never a better time to invest in cannabis apps Leafly.

Business operators of medical marijuana dispensaries or entrepreneurs, this blog is for you. As a leading on-demand cannabis delivery apps development company, we possess quality experience. Therefore, we present the important aspects you should know. It will be optimal if you learn about these before starting a cannabis delivery app.


Is a weed delivery app legal in the USA and Europe?

It’s not yet a norm of the fragmented cannabis industry in the U.S. It is because of the different state regulations, consumer-business relationships are mismanaged.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, social distancing encouragement is everywhere. People now have to stay at their homes. Meanwhile, the delivery business has become a hot-button issue in the cannabis industry.  

Cannabis delivery is running in parallel with other commercial spaces (food, home goods). Therefore, cannabis has now become a delivery-preferred domain, along with discussed demand curves. 


The following allow cannabis delivery under a specific regulatory guideline. Marijuana delivery is possible via a retail license or a specific delivery license:

  • Arizona,
  • Arkansas,
  • California,
  • Colorado,
  • Maine,
  • Maryland,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Michigan,
  • Nevada,
  • New Mexico,
  • New York,
  • Oregon,
  • Rhode Island, and
  • Vermont.

Let’s consider Massachusetts, for instance. the city is now on the verge of passing its new delivery regulations.


Other states, such as Alaska and Washington, have casually allowed a gray-market approach. The loose regulatory language there greenlights the delivery of cannabis “gifts.” In Pennsylvania, for example, a delivery structure was launched quickly. The aim was to accommodate the backstep from the pandemic.


Each state is pursuing a slightly different approach. There’s an evident eagerness to develop a licensing structure. It is vital, too, to look around this market demand across the board.


How much can businesses earn by making a cannabis delivery app?

how do weed delivery services work

The revenue predictions for the recreational and medical Marijuana markets keep rising. Additionally, each one is larger than the previous analysis.

  • We analyzed ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics report. It suggested that worldwide legal sales of cannabis will touch $40.6 billion by 2024, grabbing a CAGR of 24.5%.
  • The U.S. will register for about $30 billion or 73% of the global cannabis distribution market in 2024.
  • Various organizations project recreational cannabis sales to reach $26.7 billion by 2024
  • Moreover, medical cannabis sales will touch $13.9 billion.


Let’s take a look at a statistic by Statista.

44% of medical marijuana users choose a cannabis delivery service to buy their bud in the U.S.


The legalization has only ramped up since then. The numbers have only continued to increase. Henceforth, making the market ripe for cannabis delivery.


Case Study

Eaze Solutions Inc. has claimed that they can sell $1 billion worth of bud per year by 2020. That could be a hopeful boast from Eaze. Current trends point the worldwide cannabis revenue to reach $146.4 billion by 2025.


The legal cannabis market includes all CBD and THC-related products. That also includes a range of strains, extracts, and consumables. All the products are delivered right to someone’s door. The cannabis delivery sector is a shining beacon calling for all retailers. They should act before the market gets saturated.


Overall, the cannabis industry is hurling forward in sales and business opportunities. The delivery service is certainly one we should be keeping our trust in. Whatsoever, it promises the highest growth and robust revenue.


Why is Cannabis Delivery a blooming business in 2021?

Starting up a cannabis delivery business has never looked this exciting. It is proving to be fruitful for the newbies as well as existing retailers.

We saw a record surge in physical sales in all the product sectors. Experts suggest businesses shift to online ordering and delivery services. It can be for the duration of the pandemic. Moreover, it can possibly be longer. That depends on if businesses want to sustain the shift in buying habits permanently. 


Promises sustained business in 2021

Our customers informed about a 20 to 30 percent increase in deliveries in the previous weeks. Additionally, some cannabis delivery apps saw twice the amount of previous signups. Cities across the United States are featuring cannabis distribution to be “essential.” That means they will remain open as other businesses. At the same time, restaurants and gyms are ordered to close. The industry certainly isn’t shrinking. It’s probably changing shape.


Fulfill consumer preferences

A 2019 poll by BDS Analytics displayed that:

67 percent of consumers prioritized dispensary’s location while selecting where to shop from.


Growing demand for cannabis

cannabis delivery business 2020

If your product goes everywhere your customers are, it satisfies that Amazon-age needs. Consumer preferences are evolving to favor online shopping. Moreover, it’s unlikely they’ll change back.


Top 5 cannabis delivery apps in 2021

By now, you understand that the weed delivery business means easy money. You might want to know how to get started. Keep reading till the end to discover how. 


Firstly, your app must be easy to use. It begins with the customer first. If you have them hooked on your app, they’ll grow sales for your business. Let’s say they have easy access to hash via your platform. The customer will simply, select and add to the cart. With a successful transaction, your customer is happy. And in translation, you made a sale.

In the long run, it means never-ending benefits for your business. It is very on-grounds with on-demand grocery or food delivery apps.

Let’s take a quick look at these top cannabis apps. These apps are already serving in the market. Firstly, we’ll understand what they do best. And then, we’ll recreate the magic.

  • PotBot: Medical Marijuana App.
  • Leafly: Find Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, CBD.
  • Eaze: Cannabis Delivery App.
  • WeedMaps: Find Marijuana Cannabis & Weed Reviews.
  • Vana/ Muncheez: Find Marijuana, Cannabis & Weed Delivery.
  • Duby: Advertise, Shop, Explore Weed Strains.


Business Models of Cannabis Delivery

how to create cannabis delivery app

There are three business models:


Cannabis Delivery Business Model 1: Delivery Partnership

In this business model, your job is of a delivery accomplice. You need to work in a state of harmony with dispensaries. It will enable seamless deliveries when the client puts in a request. You can charge a commission for each transaction. 


Cannabis Delivery Business Model 2: Executive Outlet Model

The executive outlet model is beneficial for attracting clients. A shop can attract new clients via this model. When a client raises a request through your store’s app, it will reflect in your platform. So, you can dole out a delivery specialist likewise. It will assist you with getting an edge over your rivals.


Weed Delivery Business Model 3: Aggregator Model

Here, you function as the central source between the dispensaries and clients. Your job is to acquire the two players one spot. In an aggregator model app, users can browse through the dispensaries catalog. Additionally, they can submit an in-app request. This request will reflect in the dispensary’s dashboard.


Steps to Cannabis Mobile App Development

weed delivery app

 There are five basic steps to successfully developing a cannabis delivery application. You can start following these and build your project. It is safe to say that a marijuana delivery app is an easy business to set up.


Step 1: Analyse Your Market and the Legalities

Check out if the market that you’re diving into allows for the Cannabis trade. The future looks promising for legalized Marijuana. But currently, the plant has plenty of restrictions. Therefore, you should be careful of the legal aspects of the business. That means receiving all the essential licenses and permits from the administrations.


Additionally, you should also analyze the demands in your target market. You should not end up swatting flies online!


Step 2: Strategize on the Business & Revenue Plan

You can have multiple choices for the business plan. The business models revolve between the delivery executive, retail outlet, or aggregator framework. You are free to choose the one that serves your business optimally. You can also derive the best revenue plan for yourself from scratch. (Psst, our marketing experts can help you with that! Get in touch)


Step 3: Raising Capital

A great business empire requires outstanding tools and resources. We mean everything from operations to technology pillars. A good option would be to pitch to investors in the initial stages of ideation. By the time your working model (prototype) is finished, you should connect to interested firms and Angel investors to raise funds. But, to accomplish this, you’ll need a detailed business and revenue plan. Moreover, you need quite an impressive prototype.


Step 4: Developing the App

App development for your business is the real deal now. It has the potential to make or break your business plan. 

  • Document your ideas before you consult a professional. Let them know about your expected outcomes.
  • Brainstorm before wireframing and finalizing the prototype.
  • Test the prototype for all use cases. It must consider all probabilities. You may seek reviews from your business partners or consultants. It is rather an important step to consider to avoid iterations in the future. (Otherwise, it can be expensive on time and labor for iteration in the future.)
  • Start building a presence across social platforms to engage more audiences. It would be like a pre-launch teaser for your application. You can collect customer insights and incorporate them. Yes, it is possible in the development stage.
  • Post-app-development, testing phase is an important part. The development team or testing team is active in this phase too. Every use case is tested to ensure no bugs or lags.
  • Once you launch, keep up the user experience and analyze metrics. Go through the app’s feedback to make vital updates on evolving your app in the right direction.

Tip: Never compromise with the quality. Continue testing the app to optimize it gradually.


Step 5: Managing the app

Once the app is ready and your venture is up running, you should zero on managing your app. Additionally, you can use various analytical tools to come up with ways to improve app performance. Implement those updations in the future.


Step 6: Productivity Boost (Updates)

One of the most crucial things to stress when you’re handling such a project is productivity. From the ordering function to delivery, each pillar of your structure should stand strong.

  • Hassle-free GPS Tracking
  • Instant notifications
  • Quick transactions
  • Refunds

All features should be smooth and not clunky.

You can get new tools and assets to assist the evolution of your on-demand service to keep up with the changing on-demand economy.


Panels of a cannabis delivery app in 2021

features of cannabis app

The panels considered at this stage are a variable of your business plan. For the sake of demonstration, we’ll be considering the larger picture. Typically, you will need four different panels. 


All panels would require core features for the management of on-demand cannabis delivery.

We examined the working of top marijuana delivery apps. The list of features and panels we will mention are somewhat similar. But the buck doesn’t stop there. To make your app exclusive, you need to have add-ons. E.g., fast delivery and drive-through pick-up. It again depends on your business model. 


An outstanding cannabis mobile app development company will add every feature customizable via the admin panel.


Below is a detailed overview of each panel we discussed above.


  1. User Panel

The user panel or the customer app is the product which the end-user would use. The typical highlights are:

  • Chatbot support
  • Real-time delivery-tracking, and
  • Order status

Features of the User app

  • Live order tracking
  • Order status
  • Registration/Login
  • Store selection
  • Item sorting/filtering
  • Cart
  • Upload Identity proof
  • Special order instructions
  • Payment options
  • Reviews and ratings(for store and driver)


2. Outlet/Dispensary panel


The dispensary panel is for the dispensaries or retail outlets. 

  1. It allows them to update their stocks. 
  2. It is a one-view of real-time orders.

Store owners can also present listings of all strains available. The panel is incorporated with inventory management software. It helps to maintain an online portfolio of dispensaries. If you start a cannabis delivery business for your dispensary, you can get it customized with one/multiple stores.


Features of the dispensary panel

  • Strains upload (with pictures)
  • Stock availability
  • Driver location
  • User ID download
  • Driver ID download
  • In-app customer contact
  • Order specific requests
  • Earnings
  • Order history


3. Driver Panel

The driver panel helps the delivery person(driver) to check the complete details of the order and delivery address. The core features include maps, parking locations, store contact information, etc. The driver panel can be made as an independent app. It can further be used to upload identification and get those I.D.s verified. We can also think of a simpler driving app version to simplify the process.


Features of the driver app

  • Registration/Login
  • Documents upload
  • Profile verification status
  • Upload invoice
  • Navigation to store and user
  • In-app calling/texting
  • Phone number masking for security
  • Order history
  • Earnings


3. Admin Panel

The admin panel is where you would be able to allocate tasks to drivers and one place with every information about every order.

The admin panel also should be equipped with customer support handling. The top on-demand app development companies incorporated it naturally.

Integrate the app with multiple algorithms. Optimization is beneficial in the long run. Thus, allocation and user requests can be fulfilled at top priority. And you will also cut down on operational costs.


Features of the admin app

  • Driver management
  • Dispensary management
  • Profile verification
  • Complete order history for users, dispensaries, drivers
  • Support channeling
  • Manual order allocation
  • Emergency push notifications
  • Contacts of every user, restaurant, driver


Why is Idea Usher the first choice for cannabis mobile app development?

Idea Usher assists businesses with tailor-made solutions specifically as per needs and requirements. With our 15 years of market dominance, we also specialize in Cannabis Delivery Applications. Whether you’re a start-up or an established venture, we have solutions to all your business and technology needs. We proudly possess a proven track record of having more than one million downloads on every app we develop. Contact us to know more!



In recent years, many countries took various measures to remove the ban on the selling and consumption of Marijuana. That, combined with the recent boost in e-commerce, is overall a blessing for Cannabis Entrepreneurs. Therefore, people looking to build on this opportunity should not wait anymore.

 Note: the following factors should be considered too:

  • Determining the market
  • Arranging the required licenses
  • Taking care of all the legal aspects
  • Finding the right developers
  • Coming up with an optimal technological solution

There’s a lot that goes into the making of a successful On-Demand Cannabis Delivery Service. However, the right professionals will do the heavy lifting for you. Idea Usher has experienced app developers and always up for technological challenges in order to assist you in the best way. Contact us today for a quote.

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