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Do you believe in astrology? What do we gain out of astrology? And what profit will it bring if we make an astrology app?

We all want answers to these questions, right? 

Yes, of course! Your astrology application will answer the first question. And the other two will be answered in this blog. Keep reading, and by the end of this post, your dream application will surely be a step closer to being built!

What is an Astrology App?

Although astrology can be traced back to a magnificent time, around 500 BC, the perfect match of science and astrology is only four decades ago. Such can now be seen in astrology apps as well.

Today there are several apps available to calculate your horoscope based on your exact time of birth. In this blog, we will discuss how you can build one such app very efficiently. It is also important to note that the same app can be used by people who practice Hindu Jyotish (an Indian form of astrology) and Western Astrology.

A lot of people are interested in astrology apps nowadays. And they can spend hours trying to understand their astrological prediction. You can help them by designing a great astrology app that makes it easier to see the personality type and the fate of their daily life.

What is the need for an astrology application?

People get bored with their mundane life, sometimes they are in the wrong place and need assurance, or maybe they have extreme faith in celestial movements. Well, whatever it is, astrology software has made the predictions more believable because of the calculations and algorithms that work in them.

Astrology Industry Revenue$2.2 billion
Top Astrology applicationsAstrology Zone, Nebula, CoStar, Sanctuary Astrology
Technology Used Artificial Intelligence
First web-based astrology & horoscope  softwareAstroApp
First AI-powered Astro appCo-Star app

Are you already an established numerologist? Okay, then we can help you gain a wider audience and much more. Having an app is like promoting your business to another level, jumping up many steps at a time! How? Have a look at these points:

  • Make more people aware of your services
  • More lead generation
  • Great way to show skills and build credibility
  • Reach out to the target audience

In a society that looks for instant gratification, astrology apps are becoming increasingly popular. There has been an increase in clients who fear the arrival of the next eclipse, and Millennials are going crazy about astrology apps.

With two-thirds of Millennials using at least one astrology app, it’s not surprising they have found a way to deal with today’s hard-hitting lifestyles – whether we like it or not. Astrology apps are hit among the youth!

And above all, the profit that you earn with just a few clicks is unimaginable! Have a look at the next section to understand this.

What are the profits of building an astrology app?

Western Astrology App Profits

Image source: Statista

Each year, you see hundreds of astrology apps on the app stores. And it’s obvious why people are searching for answers about their stars – it’s our core instinct to know what the future holds. The earning of an astrology app depends on the profit model you choose:

1. Freemium model

In this model type, the application is available for free to the users except for a few features that can be unlocked only on the premium model subscription. Many newly launched astrology apps use this model. They do so to let people get acquainted with the app and create a loyal customer base. Once they get the hang of it, we can add more features and update the app.

2. Subscription model

This model requires payment for subscribing to the app. You can download the app at some fixed price and avail the benefits of an established and advanced app. For instance, the Co Star app gives a free package, but apps like iPhemeris have a starting price of $18.99. 

Types of Astrology Applications 

Types of astrology

1. Western Astrology

Today astrology is the most liked science in the west. A team of western astrologers develops western astrology apps, and it is based on the Vedic astrology technique and effortlessly brings out all the birth-related information. 

The Indian astrology system inspires them, but the calculations are prominently based on the zodiac signs. Western astrology apps have a mixture of all other astrology apps, so they are preferred by many people worldwide.

2. Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology apps are beneficial and helpful to individuals who have faith in Vedic astrology. These Vedic astrology apps help people find out more about their date of birth, birth time, sun sign, moon sign, etc., and about their life partner with whom they can spend the whole life and every aspect of it. 

They could also provide information about the profession, studying skills, education chart, etc. For example, the total number of years of study counted from when you started schooling, your field of specialization, or your corresponding way of earning money. 

That’s the reason why such apps are gaining popularity. Astrology apps in Asian countries, primarily India, are quite famous. Some astrology apps in India are top-rated, like MPanchang, Astrosage Kundali, the true horoscope app, etc.

3. Chinese

Chinese astrology applications have become more and more popular in western countries. Chinese astrology apps have been the modern way of checking your horoscope or fortune. Besides Chinese astrology, these applications also let you know about other things like love tai-chi, feng shui forecasts, New Year wishes.

4. Palmistry

Palmistry and the reading of lines on your palms are the oldest form of science called chirology throughout the world. Palmistry is the practice of reading a person’s character and other aspects by the study of the lines, mounts, and mounds on the palm of hands. But now you must be thinking what a Palmistry App is. A Palmistry app simply uses palmistry to determine a person’s nature, weaknesses, strengths, etc.

5. Crystal Ball Gazing

The Zodiac is a system of twelve constellations used to describe the locations of stars and planets in the night sky. The category of devices known as Crystal Ball Gazing Apps (CBA) gives you advice based on your zodiac sign.

6. Numerology

It is a prediction done based on the numbers of your birth date.

7. Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot card reading app is very useful for tarot card users who want to make predictions without calling for a tarot expert or a psychic. These apps are developed to use cards with the help of smartphones.

There are numerous out there on the app store which guides you. Many people use astrology applications to learn about astrology and

Features of Astrology app

Astrology is a pseudoscience involving the belief that the relative positions of celestial objects determine human events and terrestrial events. It’s evident that astrology apps are gaining traction day by day. But what features do they offer? Let’s find out.

A. The basic features

The basic features are just the features that you will find in all the horoscope apps. These might look extremely simple. But, mind you, they’re the most used features of any astrology application. 

1. Horoscope reports

These reports carry an overall prediction of an individual’s future. The reports are short and crisp.  And contain predictions about your love life, career, financial matters, family relations, and other aspects of your life. 

2. Monthly Horoscope

App developers are pushing the limits to create awesome apps that help us replace everyday tasks. And monthly horoscopes are famous in all ways. People who don’t get time to check their horoscope every day just check their monthly predictions (even those who say they don’t believe in it!).

3. Weekly Horoscope

These were once an essential part of newspapers. But with busy schedules and advancing technology, things have changed. People check their weekly horoscope also in these apps.

4. Daily Horoscope

Daily movement and positioning of planets and their impact on each zodiac sign are predicted in the daily horoscope. Some people like knowing about every day horoscopes. 

They can turn on the notifications and get the updates every day without fail. Good predictions in your daily horoscope app can make your day! So, this feature is a must on any excellent astrology application.

5. Love Horoscope

Tinder and Bumble only work sometimes. But knowing what stars are aligning for you in advance can bring a smile to your face!  Love horoscope 

6. Financial Horoscope

Money matters always tops our priority list. So, the advanced features include this one. You can use this for career, business, investments, and all other financial aspects.

7. AI horoscope push notifications

Create chatbots that send personalized messages to your app users’ horoscope they have asked for— yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily. The AI-powered chatbots have human touch and interact with users in a very casual and pleasant way. 

Read more: Chabot development & how it works – get started – Idea Usher

8. Personalized consultations

There are three ways to get personalized consultations from astrologers— calls, messages, and live video calls. You can either keep any one feature or a combination of these three. This way, the user can talk to the astrologer for any information or advice they need for some particular issue they have.

9. Dating advice based on horoscope

Many people believe in soulmates rather than talking to strangers on various dating sites. The youth of today’s time have turned their attention to astrology for finding true love. So, you can make this app and give users many advantages in one place.

B. Functional features of the app

1. Sign-up process

This is a feature that starts a customers’ app journey. To make an excellent first impression, keep the signup process as easy as possible.

Nowadays, mobile apps have signup through email ids, mobile numbers, or social media integrations with Facebook, Instagram, etc.

2. In-app calls

This feature helps the customers to have live sessions with their trusted astrologer to get any future related advice. The real-time calling feature makes it easier for people living in a different city or country to contact these people and seek their advice.

3. Downloadable content

Those who want to keep some horoscope details and reports safe with them should get that advantage, right? 

This feature increases the credibility of your app as you aren’t afraid to let the people keep your information safe with them in the form of pdfs or other readable formats.

4. In-app appointment booking

Just like you book an appointment for a spa treatment on a skincare routine app, you can book an appointment with an astrologer on the app itself. This gives a boost to your business and creates a broader reach.

5. Astrology calendar

The astrology calendar in these apps is also an added feature. Skilled astrologers can use such celestial calendars for individual users who want to seek the help of calendar predictions.

There are many other features like birth charts for future predictions, live palmistry, daily kundali predictions, etc. And if you have some more features and skills to add, they can be added too to make the app stand out in the crowd.

AI in Horoscope Astrology App

How is artificial intelligence (AI) used today in astrology apps? 

The ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist humans in some cognitive tasks has been demonstrated for almost all areas of activity. In order not to lag behind its competitors, the field of astrology is moving towards artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

There are a growing number of astrology apps that use their form of artificial intelligence. They create your chart based on the data they collect about you – and there’s no human interaction involved at all.

Cost of building an astrology application

The cost of building an astrology application can vary depending on the time taken, so let’s check out an estimate of how many hours can a basic stock market app takes to develop:

FeaturesTime (in hours)
User Profiles42 hours
UI/UX Development42 hours
Home Page83 Hours
Search & Filters94 hours
Payments & Transactions43 hours
Notifications42 hours
Authorization & Security60 hours
AI calculator20 hours
Real-time Updates30 hours
Web/ Mobile API62 hours
User Panel16 hours
Admin Panel16 hours
Total estimation550

This is the minimum number of hours that an astrology application can take to get

Takeaway: Let’s build the future together!

Though no evidence has ever been proven to link your zodiac sign with your personality, some people still believe in the power of this philosophy. It is a $4 billion business that is set to grow even more in the future. The best future predicting horoscope app is yet to be made- by you!.

 Do you want to create a customized astrology application of your own? Your search is over. Let’s embark on this development journey and make an excellent astrology application together. If you’re reading this article, we’re sure the stars and moon indicate your app is coming along soon!

For more information about astrology application development and a free consultation, contact us.


Q. Which is the best website for astrology app development?

A. We don’t want to flaunt, but Idea Usher is the best app development company! And, we don’t say that without any proof. Check out our dynamic set of applications by the skilled Idea Usher team in our portfolio, and get the idea yourself.

Q. Is it true that venture capitalists are investing in astrology apps?

A. Astrology is catching the eyes of millennials and Gen Z on a very surging level. Venture capitalists have a keen knowledge of market fluctuations. The sudden surge of astrology apps has stirred a flurry of excitement among the investors. So much so that Co Star, the new AI-powered horoscope app, attracted as much as $5 million of funds.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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