Bike taxis – an untapped domain

Most of the major cities of the world suffer from traffic congestion. 

And four-wheeler vehicles like sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks contribute the most to traffic congestion. 

A study has found the United States to be the most congested developed nation, with drivers spending an average of 41 hours a year in traffic during peak hours. 

This resulted in drivers losing approximately $305 billion in 2017 – or around $1,500 per person.

This has resulted in bike/motorcycle taxis emerging as a hot alternate mode of transportation in many parts of the world, especially Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Thailand.

However, the bike taxi app development market is still at a nascent stage in most of the cities of Europe and North America.

Thus, bike taxi hailing services is a relatively untapped market and with many governments granting special approvals for bike taxi firms, also a lucrative business venture for entrepreneurs.

A Go-Jek rider waiting for his passenger. Go-Jek is a bike taxi app popular in Indonesia.
A Go-Jek rider waiting for his passenger. Go-Jek is the largest player in the bike taxi market operating from Indonesia.

Advantages of Bike taxis over cabs/traditional taxis

1. Last mile connectivity – Most people who hail public transport systems like buses, trains and metros have to find a way to reach their destination once they deboard at the station/terminal. 

Bike taxis are ideal for travelling over short distances and thus offer an affordable and convenient solution to this problem.

2. Shorter time of commute – Bikes take up less space than a car on the road. Hence, in places where traffic is moving at a snail’s pace, a bike taxi can sail through the traffic easily. 

3. Cheaper rides – Bikes have better mileage as compared to cars, and their low operational costs translates into cheaper fares.

In fact, commuters can expect to pay 40% to 60% less by using bike taxis instead of a cab.

4. Reduced pollution – Bikes are more fuel efficient and release less amount of CO2 as compared to cars. 

By hailing bike taxis, you will be responsible for reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Safer and more thrilling – Like cabs, bike taxis have certified professionals who follow traffic rules and regulations. 

Riding pillion on bike taxis is thus equivalent to riding a theme park ride, offering a more exciting and liberating experience as compared to cars.

Must-have Features for bike taxi apps

Any bike taxi sharing venture will have three primary stakeholders – the passengers, the drivers and the business/platform administrator. 

All of them have specific needs that require robust technological solutions to simplify their experience. 

A typical bike taxi sharing app must include (but not be limited to) these following features:

User app overview

  • Easy Signup/ Login – Users can use their social media accounts for hassle-free login and signup.
  • Schedule Pickup point and Time – Users can select any pickup point or any time slot according to their convenience.
  • Fare/Charge/Tariff Estimator – An inbuilt tariff estimator in the app to guarantee/ensure transparent costing/pricing.
  • Instant Bookings – Select from a wide variety of ride options available, choose the destination, get estimates about the fare, the arrival time of cab and total commuting time.
  • Immediate Notifications – For a seamless experience, immediate alerts like booking confirmation, the arrival of driver, ride completion etc. are provided to the user.
  • Reviews and Ratings – After completion of rides, users can rate and give reviews about the services and the overall experience of the app.

Driver app overview

  • Availability Toggle – Bike owners can go online or offline according to their vehicle’s availability or their own personal wish.
  • History – Bike owners can keep track of their vehicle’s tours and earnings in the history tab.
  • Navigation – Integrated GPS in the app to enable the drivers to reach the exact pickup point via the shortest route possible.
  • In-app Calling – Drivers can contact the passenger using the in-app calling feature in case of any hitch or confusion.

Admin app overview

  • Administer Drivers – This tab helps to add, edit new car owners and remove inactive car owners with ease.
  • Ad-Incorporation – With the help of a smart and robust admin panel, the admin can integrate various ads in the app to boost sales and revenue.
  • Discounts and Promotional Offers – Admin can launch new discounts and promo codes to attract new customers.
  • Review management – Admin can administer and monitor all the valuable reviews of passengers to make the riding experiences better and more comfortable.

Cost of developing a bike taxi app

Depending on the features, customizations and integrations that you’d like to implement in your bike taxi application, the cost of development will fluctuate.

A ballpark figure for developing a bike taxi app would be somewhere around $20,000.

For a complete breakdown of the costs associated with app development, you can read our comprehensive guide here.


Bike taxis have the potential to disrupt the transportation sector.

As discussed above, the Uber model can be applied to the untapped domain of bike taxis and result in a successful business venture.

However, there are lots of challenges that need to be overcome – starting from checking the regulatory policies of the city to see if they allow bike taxis to finding the right app development team. 

Fortunately for you, we can take care of the development end of your bike taxi application.

Idea Usher is a pioneering web-app development company with years of experience in building robust, scalable, and innovative technology solutions.

Our designers, programmers and testers have previously worked on developing bike taxi apps and bring their combined expertise to ensure your ideas blossom into a successful application.

Get in touch to get free quotes. 

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