Well, it’s pretty obvious these days Chatbots are grabbing a good hold onto the business world. As brands are focusing on the promotion of personalized experiences, more and more intelligent chatbots are being brought up to engage users and improve brand value. 

We all have noticed that AI has acquired and perfected so many features of human intelligence like visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages very rapidly over past years. With this much growth in Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots are helping us to find products, places, food and even solving customer service issues. Chatbots with the help of Natural learning programming(NLP) can convince you for once that they are humans, not robots.

Using automation with the help of bots companies have lower their prices in front of the user but has also gained more by primarily setting a high cost. It’s often said that it is a rarity to find a live intelligent chatbot. As the thought of a chatbot springs up into our minds, we know it is not a real person for sure. What we know is that chatbot brings a human touch to our experience.

For that to become a reality even for a couple of minutes, chatbots are needed to be presented intelligently similar to the one in Facebook Messenger.


We have listed a few traits of a good intelligent bot that a chatbot must carry to stand aside from the heap of numerous chatbots present these days :

• Predictive in nature

The Chatbot should always drive the conversation in a positive direction. It should consider suggestions to the customers. For example- the things to do that will help the customer to discover additional functionalities of a bot.

• Human-like approach

The Chatbot should have a human touch in all senses. Like humans, he should understand where to pause after a question as humans tend to pause and think before replying to a question. This will trick the user into thinking that they are communicating with a person and not just a robot.

• Ability to sense

A chatbot should have the ability to sense environmental factors like time, climate, etc, or where it resides. For example- Is it summer or winter, what we could eat on a sunny day or what to avoid.

• Simple and interactive conversations

The conversation with the bot should be short and straight enough. Users are going to use bots from their mobile phones and have very little screen space to look at.

• Chatbot Personality

We all expect straight and clear answers from bots. Being human we interact well with a person whom we know and hence our Chatbot needs to have a personality. So, we need to decide who our chatbot is and from there what matches its identity and actions accordingly.   Finding an app developing company that delivers these exclusive features might be a hurdle. But not anymore! Idea Usher is an app developing company that has collective years of experience. We develop high-quality apps for all kinds of businesses with personalized features and artificial chatbots. Get in contact with our expert team of developers. Discuss your ideas and requirement to experience a smooth and quick app development.

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