how to start an app business in Canada
10 Steps on How to Start an App Business in Canada

I have an app idea. Now, what to do? What’s the next step? You’ve heard it over and over again — mobile is where the growth is. But why should you dive in? Here are some stats that show how lucrative the mobile app market is.  There are 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, and they

ai in esports working and benefits
AI in eSports: Working, Factors, and Benefits

Where does the future of esports lie?  Las Vegas, the casinos?  No, it lies in an amphitheater of thousands of online viewers, cheering on screens — a titan in digital entertainment. The eSports industry is growing at an enormous rate and will reach $2174.8 million by 2023. With the rise in popularity comes more opportunities

uber for movers and packers app
Uber for Movers and Packers App: A Brief Overview

Uber for Movers and Packers App is a great way to reach out to people looking for moving services. By developing an app for moving and packing services, you will be able to provide your customers with easy access to your services and also build a strong brand image in their minds. The demand for

how to build a fintech app
How to Build a Fintech App: An End-to-End Guide

Fintech is a term used to describe technology in the financial sector. It’s not just about new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies but also technologies already in place and being used in novel ways. This blog explores how to build a fintech app that enhances your business.  Fintech apps have been around for years, and

smart home app development
How to Get Started with Smart Home App Development?

Smart home app development is the new way to control your smart home devices. They offer a more convenient way to control your smart home devices. Most people use their smartphones or tablet computers to control their smart homes. Smart home apps have been around for many years but have only recently gained popularity. This

kucoin trading bot
KuCoin Trading Bot: What is it and How to Use it?

The KuCoin trading bot is a computer program that can execute trades on behalf of a person. The increasing number of people investing in cryptocurrencies has increased the demand for automated trading bots.  The bot can be programmed to search for the best price in the market and execute buy or sell orders accordingly. Crypto

ar tattoo app
How to Enhance Your Tattoo Business with an AR Tattoo App?

AR Tattoo App is a relatively new phenomenon that allows you to “try on” tattoos before getting them permanently inked. They have become trendy among millennials and teens who want something unique and exciting but aren’t yet ready for permanent body modifications. Tattooing has become a big part of the fashion industry and is now

offshore software development
6 Reasons to Consider Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development is when a company outsources its software development to another country. Outsourcing has been popular for over two decades, but the trend has recently shifted toward software development. Such a development process can help companies save money on labor costs and improve their bottom line. With a strong plan and seamless functioning,

how to develop a guided journal app
How to Develop Your Own Guided Journal App?

Creating a guided journal app is a great way to give users an easy way to document their lives. A guided journal is an app that allows users to answer questions and record their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The app can provide prompts for the user or allow them to fill in blank spaces with

top cross platform app development frameworks
Top Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

Cross-platform app development is becoming more popular as businesses grow to understand the importance of having an online presence. In this article, we’ll break down the key benefits of top cross platform app development frameworks. This massive growth in the mobile app industry has also led to a surge in demand for skilled developers who

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