API development
API Development: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have recently gone through a technical website or follow technical blogs and newsletters, you must have heard the term API. Sounds important. However, what does API development mean, and should you care about it? Read on to know.  Contents What is an API?Four categories of APIWhy Do You Need API Development? - Everyday

how to create a loyalty program app
How to Create a Loyalty Program App?

As a business grows, it focuses on acquiring new customers. However, there is a definite limit to the outreach of the company. Thus, the efforts made towards attracting new customers reach a saturation limit. At this point, the business needs to put more effort into retaining the existing customers. One of the options is to

Liquor home delivery app
How to Build a Liquor Home Delivery App for Your Business?

Recently, COVID-19 has transformed the dynamics of the world as we know it. Whether you want to get a courier delivered to any location or wish to have your dog walked, you will find an app for it. This brings the question, why not have an app to have liquor delivered to your door. For most

Real-life Examples of AI in Tourism
5 Real-Life Examples of AI in the Tourism Industry

AI has blended into every aspect of our lives. It is no more a fictional aspect of pop culture. Look through any news related to technology. You will spot terms such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including different real-life examples of AI in tourism.  AI has made staggering transformations in the travel industry. Businesses

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