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Electric scooters are all over the US and European urban communities. The critical question here is, where did they come from, and how are they supposed to work? And do the urban communities cherish them or disdain them? Which are the top e-scooter sharing companies to pump up your bike rental business? We discuss every aspect of the blooming e-scooter domain in this blog.

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The e-scooters we’re examining are dockless, rent incrementally electric scooters that can sail down walkways at 15mph or 25kph. 

Battery-controlled scooters have been accessible for quite a long time, and however, now they’re furnished with GPS trackers and a remote network. Organizations offer on-request scooters that you can rent through an app – kind of how Uber and Lyft offer on-request fleets of cabs.

Overall, the on-request scooter has become a critical piece of how people ride or commute in the urban areas currently and in the future. Hassle-free, versatile, and affordable rides are just a few taps away with e-scooters like Bird, Lime even in urban packed locations in the US.

Why is E-scooter Business Booming?

list of electric scooter companies,

With the restricted accessibility of well-known fuels like petroleum and diesel, their consistently rising costs, and the developing concerns regarding worldwide contamination, everybody – from world governments to average folks- is pulled in towards cleaner, greener arrangements. 

E-scooters give the extra advantage of being more financially savvy than conventional methods for a drive. Additionally, they permit faster development between two focuses while lessening the traffic congestions.

With various features & benefits of e-scooter sharing business, it doesn’t need a tremendous forthright investment, making it an appealing and promising endeavor with little dangers. In this blog, we’ll be taking a gander at the specialized side of the business.

Fundamentally, first off, you need a couple of scooters, an administrator interface for the executives, and checking of your scooter fleet. You will also need a versatile app for the customers (riders) to see accessible scooters on the guide and pay for the ride.

Offer an Affordable Way of Commute

Cost and quality of service are the major factors contributing to the success of every business. These bike sharing firms aim to resolve the significant problems of consumers regardless of whether it will decrease hassles in transportation or basically cut out the costs of driving, which is, for the most part, one of the significant worries in individuals’ lives.

With the On-Demand ride apps, it is not the only commute by being readily accesible anywhere but economical too. They offer an extremely inexpensive subscription plan to their riders, including the fuel expenses in some cases. So far, they have accomplished providing a higher level of services at a lower price. When it comes to an on-demand bike app, accountability matters the most to the consumers.

Favorable Mode Of Transportation

One of the crucial strategies leading to the success of on-demand bike apps is to deliver high rates of convenience and accessible commute services. The market undoubtedly hosts various dockless bike sharing platforms, but the core features remain the same. The main driving features include tracing nearby bikes, automated bill generation, and different online payment modes to help you move cashless.

These businesses are highly convenient with their unique facility of keyless vehicles. They allow the commuter to pick up by just scanning the Q.R. code on the vehicle after tracing one nearest to their location and drop it anywhere after finishing the ride. That further enables riders to commute easily and conveniently from one place to another.

Simple To-Use On-Request Bicycle Application

On-request bikes have become part of an uprising in transportation. It permits users to meander around effectively, financially savvy, and staying away from gridlock. The following steps usually define the algorithm from the user-end:

  1. Find nearby bike
  2. Schedule a ride in advance
  3. Visual calendar
  4. Scan the Q.R. code to unlock the bike
  5. Real-time tracking
  6. Payment Integration
  7. Online support

How much Investment does it take to Develop an E-scooter App?

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Given every one of these advantages, user involvement and engagement in e-scooter administration will undoubtedly fill in the coming occasions, making it a profitable venture for sprouting startups and business visionaries. Let’s take a brief look at the investment required to develop an e-scooter app:

  • E-Scooter Mobile Application development cost relies on a few variables
  • Priorly, the time needed for the development of the app.
  • Features for administrator, user, and clients,
  • The size of the development group and the expense of development each hour. 
  • Further customizations, extra subjects, and administrations can additionally add to the general expense. 

The approximate time for the development of an e-scooter app complete with just the essential features and functionality is around 350 hours. Therefore, it puts the assessed cost of app development between $30,000 to $50,000.

Cost to Generate your Fleet of Scooters

Presuming that you wish to purchase ten electric scooters, the cost of a good quality electric scooter nowadays ranges from $200 – $600 (Depending on the range and motor power you wish to add). The pre-used electric scooters are worth considering if with a limited budget.

Additionally, you need to rent a physical location to display the vehicles, plus marketing fees, maintenance cost, employee salaries, helmets, and protective kits cost, and so on.

It is a lot more beneficial if you have the capital to bootstrap your business. If not, you can always seek funding or a loan from a bank.

Top Electric Scooter Companies that can help Setting up your Fleet

1. Xiaomi

For longer commutes, comfortability and reliability are the keys. Xiaomi delivers these aspects optimally. Bird trusts Xiaomi, and probably you can too. Additionally, Xiaomi, especially Xiaomi Mi lasts very long in a single charge while maintaining a reasonable speed.

It also comes with two other highlights set that make it the choice of top businesses.

High Durability of Battery

The majority of the e-scooters claim to deliver 10 miles commute on a single full charge, but Xiaomi delivers much-needed support for distances that cross that level. The battery life you will find in the Xiaomi Mi scooter claims and delivers 18.6 miles.

Double Brake System

Xiaomi scooter comes with a double braking system which would safeguard your users from any danger ahead well within time. It assists in stopping the rider within 13.1 feet, which is a considerable distance while traveling at a speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

2. Swagtron 

It may be tough to make a bullet point article of eScooter organizations that business visionaries can depend on for their business and not notice Swagtron scooters. 

Their Swagger 5 Elite is the motivation behind why they rule the market in different zones. Two focuses make the model a trustable name and an ideal decision for businesses. 


The eScooter can take your users between objections on a speed of 18 miles each hour, which gives over more noteworthy than the normal 10 to 12 miles each hour speed. 

Mobile Application 

The following best thing about this eScooter is the iOS and Android application that it accompanies. Utilizing the application, you will actually want to see your voyage control, speed, fog light, and so on.

3. Xprit 

While Xiaomi Mi is one of the forces to be reckoned regarding offering significant distance riding accommodation, Xprit is most appropriate for brief distance rides. Signified as outstanding amongst other worth electric scooters, Xprit can run at 12 miles each hour – which is equivalent to strolling at 4X speed – making it one of the quickest electric scooters in its group. 

The two highlights that we feel settle on Xprit the ideal decision are:


They use aluminum amalgam to make these bikes, which is itself known to be profoundly solid. Moreover, the material is likewise one that shields your scooter from cruel climate conditions. 

Better than expected Battery Lasting 

The battery lasts 13 miles on Xprit, which is ideal if your users have to ride to class or close by store.


It is indeed the most famous scooter brand working in the market today. Furthermore, there are substantial explanations for this decision – it does not simply have all you require to move from guide A toward point B yet, in addition, accompany a progression of security that ensures you when you are riding the bike. 

With various eScooters falling under the umbrella of the prime electric scooter maker, it very well may be hard to name one eScooter model as the best. Yet, the one that we will discuss here is their GXL model. 

Two essential highlights settle on the specific model the ideal decision for businesses to begin their own eScooter sharing company. 

A Powerful Battery and Motor 

For you as a business visionary, the main things are engine speed and battery life – components that would keep a tab on your upkeep cost later. Moreover, the GOTRAX GXL eScooter brags of a speed-breaking point of around 15.5 miles each hour, notwithstanding a 12-mile range with a solitary charge. 

Colossal Tires 

The scooter accompanies a couple of 8.5″ air-filled tires, which help fill numerous needs, making the entire riding experience smoother. Being air-filled, it isn’t only the mileage that gets forestalled yet. Additionally, the ricocheting impact gets decreased, which is regularly brought about by knocks and breaks.


Giving Xiaomi Mi a solid rivalry in the eScooter market is the NANROBOT brand. The organization offers a-list models – NANROBOT D4 and D5+ Foldable – which are both similarly astounding for you to begin your eScooter ride-sharing business – putting the organization in the rundown of top 5 electric scooters operational today. 

Here the highlights of both the models that make them a commendable competitor – 


Both the e-scooter models run at a speed of 40 miles each hour – as far as possible, which is worldwide trailed by a vehicle inside as far as possible! 

Superb Battery Life 

While NANROBOT D4 vows to last up to 45 miles on a solitary charge, NANROBOT D5+ Foldable scooter, then again, keeps going around 50 miles with the help of its Lithium-particle battery.

Top Profit making E-scooter Rental Businesses 

top scooter brands in the world

The sharing of e-scooters has been around since 2012. In 2012, an organization named Scoot sent the fleet of e-scooters and dispatched the first-historically speaking e-scooter app in San Francisco. At that time, market analysts worldwide exceptionally condemned Scoot’s aspiration to change urban portability. They believed that the e-scooter sharing business holds an incredibly restricted net revenue and does not affect individuals’ existence. In any case, soon, urbanites refuted them. Overall, e-scooter sharing turned out to be so famous amid the urban populace that countless business people have begun e-scooter sharing organizations and strengthened the e-scooter sharing economy.

The Rulers

Bird and Lime are the top e-scooter sharing organizations. 

  • Discussing the Bird is the quickest developing organization that hits $1 billion in only two years. 
  • Additionally, one year after its underlying dispatch, it praised its 10 million rides. Currently, Bird is offering its types of assistance in 100 urban communities.
  • In 2018, it was recorded in Top 50 Genius Company when Magazine.
  • Linkedin likewise named it perhaps the most sought-after startup in the USA. 

Lime is another e-scooter sharing specialist organization that offers different dockless electric vehicles to ride. 

  • Lime started back in 2017, and following a half year of its dispatch, Lime brought $12 million up in its initial round of funding.
  •  Currently, the valuation of the Lime is $1.1 billion. A year ago, Lime marked an agreement with Uber to give e-scooters to Uber bike administration. 

The explanation for Lime and Bird’s outstanding achievement is learning for us. In contrast to some other internet sharing businesses, they have designed their business model dependent on the significant asset they use to work the e-scooter sharing business. They tally the benefit and the income per scooter. Moreover, they utilize the straightforward equation to decide how much benefit they are making each day. 

Business Model

Benefit Per Day Per Scooter = Revenue Per Day Per Scooter-Expenses Per Day Per Scooter 

Here, Revenue Per Day Per Scooter = Rides Per Day Per scooter * Average Price Per Ride Per Scooter. 

In any case, you should note that to make a decent benefit; you should have an e-scooter app that runs parallelly to your business model. At Idea Usher, we won’t just assist you in e-vehicle app development. Additionally, we will likewise characterize the appropriate business model that profits you to procure more than your rivals.

Top E-scooter Sharing Companies in the World

  1. Voi scooters
  2. Lime
  3. Wind
  4. Circ
  5. TIER
  6. Beam
  7. Bunny
  8. Swiftmile
  9. Bird
  10. Scoot

Essential Features of E-Scooter rental App

Here are some must have features in e-scooter app:

User Panel

Admin Panel

#1 Profile creation#1 User management (view, delete, or edit user profiles)
#2 Search nearby bikes#2 Rider Management (keep an eye on riders)
#3 Map Integration 
#4 QR code & unlock ride#3 Vehicle Management (vehicle health parameters)
#5 Payment Gateway Integration#4 Ride Management (track upcoming, booked, or past rides and relevant details)
#6 GPS Tracking#5 Payment Management (Details of successful and failed payments)
#7 Push Notification#6 Dispute Management
#8 Ride History#7 Fare Management (Updating fare rates)

How can Idea Usher help with your E-scooter Business?

Before selecting an app development company for your venture collaboration, verify if the organization has enough prior experience in the concerned cliche.

Factors that one should consider before finding the e-scooter app development company:

  • Testimonials and resources
  • Portfolio of the organization
  • Team size
  • Customer reviews and feedbacks
  • Functionalities of previously developed apps

If you want to launch an e-scooter sharing app company, you can get in touch with us at Idea Usher. Moreover, we have a dedicated team consisting of qualified and proficient experts who will help launch your e-scooter sharing business mobile app. Contact us for a quote now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is an E-scooter-sharing app? 

A. E-Scooter sharing offers your electric scooter on rent utilizing through a versatile application. The structure of an electronic scooter has an incredible benefit. It isn’t simply going to make the ride-sharing market shinier, it will also make sure people travel in a hassle-free way. 

Q. Why e-Scooter portable apps went to be famous? 

A. E scooter app development is a remarkable future degree; that driving customer’s concentration and investments from investors. Significant advantages are: 

  • Electric Scooter is fruitful for the climate 
  • Keep away from Traffic 
  • More affordable 

Q. What amount does it cost to make an eScooter app like a bird? 

A. It’s very clear that E-scooter app startups are developing step by step like Uber’s ride-hailing rendition. The app development industries usually charge around USD 30,000 to USD 50,000 for e-scooter apps on average. However, Idea Usher serves many affordable & economic packages, custom to requirements. Get a quote from us. Additionally, for a brief and detailed quote, contact us now at [email protected]

Q. How to discover an e-scooter app development company? 

  • Assess the Project Scope 
  • Audit the Work of Mobile App Development Company 
  • Evaluate the Development Company’s Expertise 
  • Get An Estimate of Mobile App Development Cost 

Q. What’s the next massive breakthrough in eScooter sharing versatile apps? 

A. E-scooter app development is establishing new channels for occupations and income too. The new-age startups aim for automation and the integration of AI aspect. However, you need to know numerous things (all market thought) before you leap to making electric scooter apps.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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