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E scooter sharing application development guide you need to know! It’s easy to burn out while finding the best technology to build a mobile app. Let alone; an e scooter sharing application needs integration of tech with e scooters.

The best time to make an ride sharing application was two years ago. The second best time is now!

We’re cracking down the code of developing the best moped sharing application in 2020. E scooter is short for an electric scooter. It has, surprisingly, become a new trend. We will help you not leave any stone unturned to tap on this promising venture.

What is an on-demand electric scooter app?

An on-demand e scooter sharing mobile app helps people find & commute with an electric bike (e-scooter). The reason is simple- a shift towards sustainability. 

Think of it as a ride-sharing app, but for e scooters.

Why make an e scooter sharing application?

You might be thinking, why make an e scooter app? Doesn’t it make my job harder? Who even uses a ride sharing application?  

In this post, you’ll learn how to make an moped sharing app, and why.

As a result, you’ll save time and make a mobile app that attracts more clients naturally.

Global citizens are on a lookout for a sustainable way of life. People adapt to this lifestyle in many ways. Some follow a fitness app to cut down on the carbon footprint on the commute to the gym. At the same time, others look for eco-friendly options: Eg, Uber ride-sharing, or e scooter sharing.

An e scooter sharing application will push your business curve to new heights!

Benefits of developing moped sharing application

e-scooter app development

A ride sharing application will be in high demand as quickly as in the next five years. The competition will rise, and investors will choose the best venture. You can leverage this opportunity of less competition at the moment.

Enter the growing industry

The ride sharing industry is growing. There is a ripple effect in the travel industry. Think about it; tourists love it. People stuck in their cars in heavy traffic on the highway will love it too. 

It’s the perfect time to begin as soon as now! Set a firm foot in the market and build a loyal customer base.

Get funded

How do you, as an entrepreneur, come up with a new idea? 

Investors look for unique startup ideas. They aren’t going to invest in a service they’ve seen a hundred times before. 

Easy, we gave you the e-scooter app idea. Just take it and run! That’s not all. We’ll help you build the perfect mobile app too!

But, will the e-scooter app help you make money?

Let’s talk numbers for a minute. We’ll make this quick and promise it won’t bore you.

Quartz’s research suggests that around $11 daily in Santa Monica is the revenue per ride*. The moped sharing app Lime expects up to $20 in San Francisco. Imagine your business taking off in population-dense cities like these. 

The same studies suggest that e-scooter startups are set to make USD 14 billion in revenue annually.

In simple words, it’s easy money. All you need is a tiny upfront investment.

Become a market leader

You’ll get eyeballs if you’re the first one to start in this venture. You will find investors quickly, as compared to the next five years. In ten years, your startup holds the power to expand operations worldwide. 

Getting started is easy. It’s fast and is a foolproof way to start a business.

Essential Features that Every Ride Sharing App Must Have

features of e-bike sharing app

The best e scooter app will have the following features:

Search nearby e-scooters

A commuter who wants to rent or book an e scooter must be able to find one. The app must make this process smooth. The user must be able to find a bike hasslefree.

Lock & unlock

After a successful booking, the user should be able to unlock the scooter. The locking and unlocking system must be secure. 

We don’t want any thefts!

To facilitate it, the app must have an easy guide. This guide will teach the users how to lock/ unlock the scooter. The user should be able to do this without anyone’s help. 

Help and support

Speaking of help, the app must have a dedicated support system. Customer delight begins with brilliant customer service. Hence, setting up an easy-breezy experience makes the help section essential.

This section should contain the accessibility guide. Moreover, it must also have a dedicated support system.

Reserve the e scooter by scanning the QR code

Incorporating a QR system in place is a smart move. We’ll tell you why. 

It makes using the app easier for the client.

The person requesting service will have certain privileges. They can reserve e scooters for dedicated time slots in advance.

Idea Usher knows that UX/UX is paramount. We only offer the best in tech industry services. Our clients love it, and our client’s customers adore it!

Real-Time tracking of each ride

GPS enables real-time tracking will be a plus in scooter-sharing apps. All major service providers who require tracking incorporate this feature. It is a rather crucial feature of courier apps. Zomato, Uber, Lyft, too, provide their customers with this added extra feature. 

Smooth & online payment

Four out of ten transactions are online. Payments gateway must also give the user a seamless experience. A self-driven vehicle has no chauffeur or driver. Hence, an online payment system is beneficial- to both the customer and the business owner.

Notification & alerts

Notifications and alerts again elevate the customer experience. The notifications use cases can be as follows:

  • While searching for nearby e-scooters.
  • When a nearby e-scooter is booked.
  • While a user is on break.
  • When a ride ends.

You can use geolocation-based push notifications to announce offers, discounts, etc.

How to monetize your scooter sharing app

It’s essential to give the customer something extra to gain their trust. You can sell ads,  memberships, referral discounts, and more to unlock your market reach.

How to make an e bike sharing application

how to make an electric scooter sharing app

We’ve learned why and what of e scooters. We know a vast market awaits for you to explore. The possibilities are endless.

We learned the benefits and features that make an e scooter mobile app successful. How do you catch the crux of them all into one app? And also make money off it?

Easy, hire experts. We mean it. A seasoned team of experts will help your business go from zero to hero.

We will help you set up the best e scooter service, ever. Period. Our high calibre professionals will help you integrate all the app aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Onboarding
  • Google Maps integration
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • QR code / ID scanner integration
  • ID verification
  • Smart lock
  • In-app payments
  • Ride stats
  • Booking
  • Social media integration
  • Push notifications

The cost of building an electric scooter sharing application 

Hold your horses! With Idea Usher, you won’t have to spend your lifetime’s worth of savings.

Idea Usher is a tech service company that does the hard work for you. We will dive into the shark-infested waters to save your business! We will save your time from doing everything manually. 

Trust us, like our successful clients. We will ensure that you have the best ride sharing application!

What’s next? 

How do you begin working on this million-dollar idea?

Simple. Say hi! 

We’ll take it from here and show you how.

Contact us at (+1) 732 962-4560 . Or write to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an easy business idea?

The best and easy business ideas are the ones which solve a problem. You can read more about the complete list of easy startup ideas here.

Are e scooters safe?

E Scooters are safe commute options. They help users cut down on their carbon footprint and related expenditure.

How much does developing develop a scooter sharing app will cost you ?

If you hire app developers from the USA, it’ll cost $40,000 to $79,000 . but, If you hire the app developer from India, then it’ll cost around $33,000 to $53,000.

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