Top Features to Include in a Pet Care App (1)

The pet care app industry is growing rapidly due to the increasing awareness of pet wellness and the busy schedules of pet owners. These apps have become an essential companion to every pet owner, providing quick access to information and seamless management of their pet’s health, grooming, and social life.

Busy pet owners can easily simplify their pet care routine with these apps. They not only provide convenience but also contribute to a pet’s overall health and happiness. Let’s explore the top features that should be included in a pet care app to ensure that every whisker and paw gets the love and attention they deserve.

Key Market Takeaways for Petcare Apps

A report by Grand View Research indicates the global pet care market reached a value of USD 150.67 billion in 2021. This market is expected to experience a steady growth trajectory, with a projected CAGR of 5.1% from 2022 to 2030.

Source: Grand View Research

There are a lot of factors that are responsible for this surge. Firstly, pet ownership is on the rise, with estimates suggesting that around 85 million households in the US own pets. This trend has been fueled in part by cultural shifts, with millennials and Gen Z generations embracing pet ownership more than previous generations. Secondly, the COVID-19 pandemic played a role, with increased time spent at home leading to more pet adoptions and fostering.

The pet care app market is pretty competitive, with established and new companies constantly innovating to meet growing demand. For instance, Wahl Animal introduced new premium dog grooming accessories, while Spectrum Brands Holdings acquired Armitage Pet Care, a company specializing in pet treats and toys.

Important Features of the Pets Care App

Let us discuss some essential features that can distinguish your app and keep pet owners engaged:

1. Comprehensive Pet Profiles

A successful pet care app should have a well-designed pet profile section. Popular apps like Wag! and Rover allow users to create detailed profiles for their pets. This goes beyond the basic information, such as the pet’s name and breed. For instance, the app can include details like the pet’s temperament, preferred walking routes, or even favorite treats. 

This level of detail empowers pet service providers and veterinarians to personalize their services. By knowing a pet’s energy level, a dog walker can create a customized walking route, and a veterinarian can tailor their approach during a consultation if they know the pet is anxious. This personalized care experience fosters stronger relationships between pets and their human companions and ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction for your pet care app.

2. Reminders and Scheduling

Balancing work, family, and pet care can be a daunting task. Pet care businesses should consider implementing appointment and reminder features to help their clients manage their pet care routines more efficiently. 

For example, apps like Fuzzy Pet Health and PawReminders allow users to easily schedule and receive reminders for vet visits, grooming appointments, medication administration, refill orders for pet prescriptions, and even playtime schedules. This ensures that furry companions receive the necessary care when they need it. According to a case study, pet owners who used the app were three times more likely to stay updated on preventative care for their pets

3. Veterinarian Telehealth

Technology is changing the way pet care is provided, and apps like Chewy and FirstVet are introducing new features like veterinarian teleconsultations, which are transforming pet healthcare. 

Pet care businesses should consider adding a similar feature to their app that enables users to connect with a licensed veterinarian for minor health concerns, prescription refills, or postoperative guidance. This can be done from the comfort of their home, saving time and money for pet owners while reducing stress for pets who might dislike traditional vet visits. 

According to a study by AAHA, 74% of pet owners are interested in using telehealth services for their pets.

4. Pet Health Records Management

Keeping track of a pet’s medical history is crucial for their well-being. It can significantly impact the treatment decisions made for them. Apps like PetWellbeing and PetPlus allow pet owners to store and manage their pet’s vaccination records, medication logs, allergy information, and treatment plans in one centralized location. This simplifies communication with veterinarians and empowers owners to make informed decisions about their pet’s ongoing care. 

Take, for instance, a pet owner visiting a new vet. Having all of their pet’s medical history readily accessible within the app streamlines the consultation process. It ensures the veterinarian has a complete picture of the pet’s health. This not only benefits pet owners by saving time and reducing stress, but it also allows veterinarians to provide more effective care.

5. Going Beyond the Basics

Some pet care apps offer unique features that not only improve the well-being of your pet but also ensure their safety. For instance, apps like Nom Nom Now and Hill’s Pet Nutrition use your pet’s breed, age, activity level, and allergies to create a personalized dietary plan, ensuring they receive optimal nutrition to maintain a proper weight, a shiny coat, and improved energy levels. 

Additionally, apps like Finding Rover and Petco Love Lost use geolocation services to provide lost pet alerts, which can be instrumental in time-sensitive situations. Pet care businesses can greatly benefit from implementing appointment and reminder features to assist their clients in managing their pet care routines more efficiently.

6. Activity Tracking and Fitness Goals

Pet wellness is no longer limited to just regular visits to the vet. Nowadays, there are apps like FitBark and Whistle that offer features like activity tracking and fitness goals for pets. With the help of wearable pet trackers, these apps monitor a pet’s daily activity levels, sleep patterns, and calorie expenditure, among others. Pet care companies can also consider including a similar feature in their app, which would allow pet owners to create tailored exercise plans based on their pet’s breed, age, and overall health, encouraging them to lead a more active lifestyle.

 A study conducted by the NIH showed that increased physical activity in dogs can lead to weight management, improved cardiovascular health, and better cognitive function. By integrating activity tracking features, a pet care app can help pet owners become more proactive in their pet’s health and well-being.

7. Pet Social Network

It can also be a good idea to incorporate pet social networks into the apps to foster a vibrant community of pet owners. By allowing pet owners to connect with each other, share photos and stories of their furry companions, exchange training tips and recommendations, or even arrange playdates for their dogs, pet care businesses can create a sense of community. 

This can help in increasing user engagement and brand loyalty for the pet care app. A case study has found that users who actively participated in their pet social network were twice as likely to recommend the app to other pet owners. Therefore, it is essential for pet care businesses to foster a connected pet-parent community.

8. Pet-Friendly Places Locator

For pet owners who love exploring nearby places, features like pet-friendly place locators can be a game-changer. For example, apps like BringFido and Sniff Spot utilize geolocation services to help users find pet-friendly restaurants, parks, hotels, and even pet waste disposal stations. This empowers pet owners to plan enjoyable outings with their pets, reducing the stress of finding suitable locations and ensuring a more inclusive and adventurous lifestyle for both pets and owners.

9. Integration of Online Pet Stores

Busy pet owners crave convenience, and pet care apps can deliver. Features like online pet store integration, offered by apps like Chewy and Petco, allow users to seamlessly purchase pet food, accessories, and supplies directly within the app. 

This reduces the need for separate shopping trips to physical pet stores, saving valuable time and effort. Furthermore, pet owners can be confident of a trustworthy buying experience, as these integrated stores have established reputations for quality pet products. For example, a pet owner can refill their dog’s food prescription or order a new leash – all within the same app they use to manage their pet’s vet appointments and track their daily activity. 

This level of convenience can significantly enhance user experience and loyalty. A study by the APPA revealed that online pet product sales are expected to reach a staggering $41.2 billion by 2025. By integrating online pet stores, your app can capitalize on this growing trend and position itself as a one-stop shop for all your pet care needs. 

10. Booking Grooming Services

Grooming is an important part of pet care, but scheduling appointments can be a hassle. Features like booking grooming services, offered by apps like Wag!, streamline the process for busy pet owners. These apps allow pet owners to search profiles of qualified groomers in their area, complete with reviews and specialties. This transparency empowers pet owners to find groomers who are a good fit for their pet’s specific needs, whether it’s a standard bath and brush for a short-haired dog or a specialized haircut for a breed with a complex coat. 

A recent survey has found that 78% of pet owners would be more likely to set up a pet care app that offered integrated grooming services. By incorporating booking features, pet care businesses can not only provide a valuable service to pet owners but also foster stronger partnerships with professional groomers within their network.

11. Track Your Pet’s Growth: Cherishing Memories and Monitoring Development

For pet owners, their furry companions are cherished members of the family. Features like pet growth trackers, offered by apps like Puppyhood and PetTracks, allow users to create a heartwarming record of their pet’s development. These apps go beyond simple photo albums. 

Users can capture precious photos of their pet as it grows and use the app to track key physical milestones like weight, height, and even coat changes. The app then generates personalized growth charts and monthly updates, providing a visual journey of their pet’s transformation from a tiny puppy or kitten into a full-grown companion. 

This not only fosters cherished memories for pet owners but can also be a valuable tool for veterinarians. Having access to a pet’s growth history allows veterinarians to monitor their overall health and development more effectively, potentially identifying any potential health concerns early on. 

12. Details of Pet Insurance: Educating Pet Owners for Informed Decisions

It is also recommended that pet care companies incorporate pet insurance information hubs into their apps. This feature can provide comprehensive coverage options to pet owners and help them protect themselves from unexpected veterinary expenses. Popular apps like Healthy Paws and Embrace Pet Insurance have already implemented this feature, which has enabled pet owners to make informed decisions about their pet insurance needs. 

This includes explaining different policy types, outlining coverage details, and even offering comparison tools. A study by the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPIA) revealed that pet owners who use pet care apps are three times more likely to research pet insurance options. 

13. Emergency Pet Care Locator: Ensuring Peace of Mind in Critical Moments

Every pet owner experiences moments of worry, especially during emergencies. Features like emergency pet care locators, pioneered by apps like Pawscout and SOS for Pets, provide crucial assistance in time-sensitive situations. For example, suppose a pet suddenly becomes ill in the middle of the night. In that case, the app can use geolocation services to locate nearby emergency veterinary clinics and pet urgent care centers, ensuring pet owners can quickly access the vital care their furry friend needs. This not only provides peace of mind but can also potentially save lives. 

14. Monitoring Pet Behav or Fostering Stronger Human-Animal Bonds

The bond between humans and animals is a complex and ever-changing one. Apps such as Pet Monitor and Pooch provide valuable tools, such as pet behavior monitoring, to enhance this bond. These apps use different methods, including sound analysis and activity tracking, to monitor a pet’s behavior and identify potential issues such as anxiety, separation distress, or boredom.

For example, this feature can alert a pet owner to unusual barking patterns when they’re away from home, indicating potential separation anxiety. This helps pet owners address these issues proactively and seek professional help if needed. According to a study by HABRI, strong human-animal bonds can reduce stress and improve mental health for both pets and their owners. By incorporating pet behavior monitoring features, your app can contribute to healthier and happier relationships between pets and their humans.

Some Upcoming Technologies You Can Use to Enhance Your Pet Care Features

So far, we have covered some fundamental features that should be incorporated into a pet care app. However, if you want to make your app stand out, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that can significantly enhance your pet care app.

1. Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Pet Care

AI has the potential to revolutionize the pet care app landscape. For instance, businesses can develop a pet care app that utilizes AI-powered chatbots to answer pet owners’ questions about pet behavior, nutrition, or basic health concerns. These bots can be programmed to learn from user interactions and provide increasingly personalized recommendations over time. 

Furthermore, AI can analyze data collected from wearable pet trackers, identifying patterns in activity levels, sleep cycles, and even vocalizations. This data can be used to generate personalized insights and potential health alerts for pet owners, empowering them to take a proactive approach to their pet’s well-being. Several pet care app businesses are already exploring the potential of AI, with companies like PetCube utilizing AI-powered cameras to detect and alert pet owners when their furry companions are barking excessively or engaging in destructive behaviors.

2. Augmented Reality for Engaging Training Experiences

AR technology can be used to add visual cues and interactive elements to a pet’s surroundings. For example, businesses can integrate an AR training feature that could display a virtual ball or treat on a smartphone screen, encouraging a dog to follow instructions and perform tricks. 

This type of interactive training can make the process more engaging for pets and more effective for pet owners, leading to faster learning and stronger relationships. Companies like Rover have already started experimenting with AR features in their apps, showcasing the potential of this technology to enhance the pet training experience.

3. Blockchain Technology for Secure Pet Identification and Medical Records

Blockchain technology can offer a secure and tamper-proof way to manage pet data. By storing a pet’s identification information, vaccination records, and medical history on a blockchain ledger, pet care businesses can ensure that the data is readily accessible to authorized parties. This can be especially helpful in emergency situations, where veterinarians can quickly access a pet’s medical history and provide the most appropriate treatment. Although the pet care industry is still in the early stages of adopting blockchain technology, it holds immense promise for improving data security and streamlining pet health management.

4. Internet of Things for Continuous Pet Monitoring

The IoT technology enables everyday devices to connect to the internet, which can be used to collect and transmit data. For example, IoT devices such as smart collars and feeders can provide real-time insights into pet health and well-being.

For example, a smart collar can track a pet’s activity levels, heart rate, and body temperature and alert pet owners to any potential health issues. Similarly, a smart feeder can monitor a pet’s eating habits and notify owners of any changes in appetite, which can sometimes indicate early signs of illness. By integrating with IoT devices, pet care apps can provide a comprehensive view of pet health, encouraging preventative care and proactive steps to keep pets healthy.

Top 5 Pet Apps With Interesting Features

Here’s a look at five of the most interesting pet care apps currently available in the market:

1. Wag!

Wag! Pet care

This comprehensive app goes beyond simply finding dog walkers. Wag! allows users to schedule dog walking, pet sitting, doggy daycare, and even training sessions, all within a user-friendly platform. 

The app boasts a robust safety screening process for pet caregivers, ensuring pet owners have peace of mind. A recent case study by Wag! revealed that 87% of pet owners using the app reported a significant reduction in their pet’s anxiety when left alone, highlighting the app’s effectiveness in providing companionship and care.

2. Rover

Rover Pet care

Similar to Wag!, Rover connects pet owners with a variety of pet care providers. However, Rover goes a step further by offering in-home boarding, allowing pets to stay in a comfortable and familiar environment. The app also features a unique house-sitting option, where a pet sitter stays in the owner’s home while caring for their pet. 

This can be a great choice for pet owners who are uncomfortable with the idea of kennels. A study by Rover found that 92% of pet owners using the app reported their pets experienced less stress during boarding compared to traditional kennel stays.

3. Fuzzy Pet Health

Fuzzy Pet Health Pet care

This app focuses on keeping pet owners organized and on top of their pet’s health needs. Fuzzy Pet Health allows users to create detailed pet profiles, schedule and receive reminders for vet appointments, medication administration, and even playtime. 

The app also integrates with wearable pet trackers, providing valuable insights into a pet’s activity levels and sleep patterns. A customer satisfaction survey by Fuzzy Pet Health revealed that 95% of users reported feeling more confident in managing their pet’s healthcare routine after using the app.

4. PetWellbeing

Pet Wellbeing Pet care

This app takes a holistic approach to pet care. PetWellbeing allows users to manage their pet’s medical records, including vaccination history, medication logs, and treatment plans. 

The app also features a unique teleconsultation function, connecting pet owners with licensed veterinarians for minor health concerns or post-operative guidance. A study by the American Telemedicine Association found that 72% of pet owners would be interested in using telemedicine services for their pets, highlighting the growing demand for this convenient and accessible form of veterinary care.

5. PetSnap

Petsnap Pet care

This app combines the power of social media with pet care. PetSnap allows users to share photos and videos of their furry companions, connect with other pet owners, and even discover pet-friendly locations. 

The app also features a unique lost and found pet alert system, leveraging geolocation services to help reunite lost pets with their owners. A case study by PetSnap revealed that they were able to assist in reuniting over 8,000 lost pets with their owners within 48 hours, showcasing the lifesaving potential of this innovative feature.


The pet care app market is flourishing, with pet owners increasingly seeking digital solutions to manage their furry companions’ well-being. To stand out in this competitive landscape, pet care app companies must prioritize features that cater to the evolving needs of pet parents.

This includes features that go beyond the basics of appointment scheduling and pet profiles. Functionality like pet health trackers, activity monitors, and integrated online pet stores streamline daily pet care routines and empower informed decision-making. Social media integration fosters a sense of community, while features like pet growth trackers and emergency pet care locators provide cherished memories and peace of mind. By incorporating these features and staying at the forefront of innovation, pet care app businesses can create a comprehensive platform that strengthens the human-animal bond and positions them for success in the ever-growing pet tech industry.

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Q1: What are the basic necessities of proper pet care?

A1: Proper pet care involves fulfilling a pet’s basic needs and promoting their overall well-being. This includes providing a safe and comfortable shelter, access to a proper diet, regular exercise, and opportunities for mental stimulation. Regular veterinary checkups, preventative medications, and proper hygiene are also crucial. Ultimately, responsible pet ownership requires dedication, love, and a commitment to understanding your pet’s specific needs.

Q2: What are the categories of pet apps?

A2: Pet care apps can be categorized based on their core functionalities. Some apps focus on pet wellness, offering features like appointment scheduling, health tracking, and teleconsultation with veterinarians. Others prioritize pet care services, connecting pet owners with dog walkers, pet sitters, and groomers. Social networking apps allow pet lovers to connect and share experiences, while e-commerce apps provide a platform for purchasing pet food, supplies, and accessories. There are even apps designed for pet training, lost pet recovery, and pet travel assistance.

Q3: How to create a pet app?

A3: Crafting a successful pet care app requires a multi-step approach. First, define your app’s unique value proposition and target audience. Conduct market research to identify existing features and potential gaps. Then, design a user-friendly interface and prioritize essential functionalities like pet profiles, appointment scheduling, and communication tools. Partner with experienced app developers to translate your vision into a user-friendly and secure platform. Finally, prioritize marketing and user acquisition strategies to reach your target audience and establish your app within the competitive pet care app market.

Q4: What is virtual pet care?

A4: Virtual pet care refers to utilizing technology to deliver veterinary services and resources remotely. This can encompass several areas: online consultations with licensed veterinarians for minor concerns or post-operative guidance, access to educational content on pet health and training, and even wearable pet trackers that monitor activity levels and provide insights for pet owners. While it doesn’t replace in-person veterinary care, virtual pet care offers a convenient and accessible way to address non-emergency needs and empower pet owners to be more proactive in their pet’s health management.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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