Carpooling app development

The days of hailing cabs on the street corner are fading fast. Ridesharing and carpooling apps are transforming how we travel, offering on-demand convenience and a path towards a more sustainable future. However, creating a successful app in this dynamic space requires a strategic approach.

This guide equips you with the knowledge and insights to navigate the exciting world of ridesharing and carpooling app development in 2024.

We’ll delve into key features, explore emerging trends, and help you craft an app that gets people moving – in a way that benefits both the environment and your bottom line.

What is carpooling app development? 

Reduced travel expenses, comfortable commuting, time-saving, and easy access are all qualities that an ideal carpooling app offers. As a result, carpooling has effortlessly taken over the taxi service business.

Not to forget that it will stay here for a long time. Why? Because it is profitable for both the companies and the customers. The carpooling app development business is booming faster than any other mobile application.

Lyft and Uber are your biggest competitors if you are thinking about creating a rideshare app. But remember, a bunch of computer programmers started both companies. Hence, it took time for them to rise. 

However, many recently launched carpooling or ride-hailing apps have fared well in the market. This is probably due to two reasons: ridesharing has become a necessity, and it is now as easy as pie to find a carpooling app development company.

Why should you consider carpooling app development to grow your business?

Aren’t we all tired of haggling with cab drivers or cramming and sweating in an overcrowded public transport vehicle? But so is the truth that comfort is a luxury. 

Well, thanks to the fast-growing app development industry, there is a solution to every problem. For example, Carpooling business has revolutionized the computing industry. So many everyday commuters are benefiting. With the increasing demand for the services, it is natural to have the same amount of supply for them.

Creating a rideshare app is the perfect plan to meet the economy’s needs and gain profit from it.

Create a rideshare app: What future does it have?

Let’s delve into the details of the carpooling market growth projection :

The carpooling market is poised for substantial growth, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.93% during the period from 2022 to 2023. By the year 2028, the market is expected to reach a significant valuation of USD 79.36 billion. This robust growth trajectory is driven by several factors, including increasing urbanization, environmental awareness, and the need for efficient transportation solutions.

Credits – stratviewresearch

Carpooling took flight in the year 2015. However, it is expected to surge, and about 45 million more personal vehicles will be associated with the carpooling programs by the year 2025.

Businesses get a significant return on investment when they create a rideshare app. So, create your own rideshare app with us. How? Don’t worry; we will explain everything to you before you decide on anything.

Hire ex-FANG developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

Hire Ex - developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

100% Developer Skill Guarantee; Or Your Money Back.

How to create your own rideshare app?

Hiring the best professional team from so many of them to building a ridesharing app seems as difficult as finding a pearl in an ocean. Nevertheless, you can know what steps are required to develop a ridesharing app, and the process will become easier.

Basic steps to build a rideshare app

1. Market research

  • Start by doing market research on local ridesharing apps. Search the top-performing companies.
  • Read the reviews and find out what are their plus and minus points. Your competitor’s weakness could become your USP.
  • If possible, conduct surveys in your city or the place the business is located. Look out for the customer’s needs and expectations.
  • For example, Uber offers professional cab services, and expensive SUVs also have options. At the same time, Lyft provided more casual and friendly services. They are luring laypeople to render carpooling as well.

2. Identifying the needs

Even if you succeed in launching the site, you still need to develop strategies to stay in the market. But that happens when your customers are happy with the services.

How to attract customers?

Simple, identify what they need and what can be improved to make the services better, like:

  • Try to find feasible ways to create a rideshare app. 
  • Have a robust customer care system. To maintain a loyal customer base, you need to listen to their queries and provide them with solutions.
  • Make impressive marketing campaigns like special discount offers in festive seasons, discount coupons to regular customers, lucky draws, etc.

3. Cost-effective solutions

Not all the needs of customers need expensive results. You can gather some inexpensive ways to make your customers.

For instance, Lyft is giving opportunities to people who have arranged events to provide rides as gifts. They can buy gift codes for their guests. This way, they don’t have to wait for a cab. And you can pre-book cab rides for your guests.

Another example is of allowing people to choose their carpooling preferences. For example, suppose you have a bunch of colleagues traveling to the office from the same route. Then, you all can together fix your carpooling preferences. This way, you don’t have to carpool with strangers.

4. Trial and testing before the launch

Why not cut costs when you can? 

Yes, even trial decisions can also save you from a lot of hassle and also expenses. First, start operating at the primary level, say, one city or area. Then, once you establish a set goal, expand the venture.

Features to include in the on-demand carpooling app

On-demand ridesharing applications allow people with cars to become entrepreneurs. And earn some extra bucks out of driving their cars! 

So, the drivers are not employees, nor are they obliged to be available at all times. They can offer ridesharing services whenever they want. 

This kind of service was welcomed with open arms in many western countries. This is because so many students studying outside need pocket money to survive on their own.

On-demand carpooling is a fresh and innovative way of reducing commuting issues. 

The custom-made ridesharing app takes less time because the base structure is already prepared. Hence, you just have to customize it as per your choices.

How to buil a budget-friendly ridesharing app without compromising quality

Cost of carpooling mobile application development An important question that everybody asks. One way is to hire permanent team members to build a rideshare app for you. But that would take a lengthy process, time, and money.

So, it is always better to hire a carpooling app development company with a skilled team of Android and IOS app developers, UI/UX designers, researchers, and strategists. A minimum but specialized team. Also, take good care of timeliness. 

If a company is getting paid on an hourly basis, check their rates and check their previous experiences and the time they take to complete the project. Also, you can check the reviews about Idea Usher.

We always believe in building a hundred percent trust before joining hands with any of our clients. So you can check out our dynamic set of portfolios before we start the app-building journey together.

Top 5 carpooling apps of 2024


Uber is the undisputed leader in the carpooling application business. Uber has more than 75 million users worldwide. It has taken over 69% of the market share in the USA. It started in the year 2009, and with no competition at the time, it grew.

Highlights of the app

  • Uber offers posh cars as well as affordable carpooling services.
  • They offer fixed prices.
  • The company thoroughly does background checks on all its drivers.
  • It is still the best and most popular ride-hailing service in many countries like the US, Canada, the UK, etc.


It started its services in 2012 in San Francisco in, USA. Lyft’s on-demand ridesharing services helped it make a mark in the market. It gives tough competition to Uber.

Highlights of the app

  • Allows users of the app to book their rides seven days in advance. This is definitely a new idea!
  • The appointed drivers are friendly and welcoming to the riders.
  • The UI is designed in such a way that any customer can book a ride within mere two taps.


Chinese firms are never behind. So, where are they when it comes to creating a ridesharing app? Not very far back. It is even famously called the Uber of China. It started in 2012 and has been a part of some. 

Highlights of the app

  • Didi has experimented with carpooling and cab services by paying a subsidy to its riders if the cab does not meet the designated schedule.
  • Launched a Hitch service program where private car owners can also give ridesharing options to people who want to travel in the same direction.


It is a South American company that opened in 2011. It is a Spanish company that has to build a rideshare app to operate in South and Latin American regions( as of now). This company is the perfect example of one that took heed of its competitors’ weaknesses and made sure to use them as its strength.

Highlights of the app

  • Cabify offers carpool, and cab rides at a lower price because it chooses quick routes and doesn’t change prices according to traffic and rush hours.
  • Ensured high safety levels( a quality that most people look to while carpooling)
  • Geo-tracked journeys (you can share your location with friends and family)


The year 2021 came, and Ola started its cab services. It is an Indian ridesharing company. It hit the roads differently as soon as its services started. The company started with better GPS detection services and gained many points over its competitors.

 Highlights of the app

  • The company offered a new offline cab-booking system in which you can message or call on a number to get your cab booked if you are not online.
  • Divided the services into two categories— economy and luxury. This division has gained Ola customers from all sectors of the economy.
  • Ola is successfully operating in 65+ cities in various countries of the world.
  • It started as a cab-booking service. Later, it began carpooling services, and now it offers several commuting options like cars, bikes, rickshaws, and shuttle buses, etc.

Still confused about how to make ridesharing apps? , check out more examples of such success stories of top rideshare apps.

The 5-star rating carpooling apps that we built.

The plan should be to give quality services and build a simple app that always eases people’s problems whenever you create rideshare apps. 

How sharemyride app works?

The ridesharing app development process for sharemyride took as little as five weeks! This happened because of white-label technology that gets the work done efficiently without compromising the product’s quality.

It has a simple UI, great real-time tracking, and a ride-booking facility. In addition, the intelligent search filter algorithm is convenient when searching for a ride in your location.

You can check the features and more about it here and get more acquainted with the creation process of a rideshare app.

Why does it have a 5-star rating?

Sharmyride has a simple application and registration process. The feedback team is always active and polite with the customers. A simple dart and flutter framework that is built quickly, in a short time, and gaining momentum amongst local crowds. 

Mastering carpooling app technology: essential pointers for success

  • An all-inclusive User Interface with real-time matching and GPS tracking, secure payment( cash and online options), and simple tap-and-register user options.
  • A carpooling admin hub that monitors and manages PI(Payment Integration), prepares timely reports and performance analysis, etc.
  • Increased opportunities for the economic P2P(peer-to-peer) system.
  • Reduced traffic and congestion because of 

What solutions do we offer at Idea Usher for carpooling app development?

It is a Mobility as a service(MaaS) that has provided flexibility to commuters around the globe. Mobility-as-a-Service has made transportation user-centric. Now companies are emerging with better options for riders to choose from. 

People are now able to save a lot of time and money. Buying regular tickets for public transport, waiting at stops, weaving through crowds, and fear of missing the ride— all these are a thing of the past. 

We at Idea Usher offer the best carpooling app development team with a lot of experience. 

 Here are the features:

  • Ease of booking

The basic idea of creating an app for carpooling starts with UI. So, if the user interface is minimalist and easy to use— more people will be able to access the app.

  • Circuit search( distance algorithm)

This algorithm is used to identify the routes, and distances traversed by cars, and also retrieve available cabs or cars and get them connected with interested fellow riders.

  • Multiple payment options

Ridesharing apps like Ola have their own online Ola money payment facility. Other online payment options are also available if cash payment is not possible. Multiple payment facilities removed the issue of carrying change every day. 

  • Privacy protection

The apps require you to register using only a few personal details like mobile number and email id etc. This minimum information is also kept protected. Once the ride is over, any driver cannot get your phone number. 

  • Notification alerts

Any new pricing details, discount information, etc, are provided to you via notifications on your mobile or emails. You can change preferences in the settings, also.

  • Following guidelines

The carpooling app companies are required to follow certain guidelines to keep the company working. They have to first properly get their apps registered. Also, make all the drivers oblige with certain rules like carrying their identity documents and driving license. Also, check their backgrounds before allowing them to associate with your app.

Develop Your Own Carpooling App With Ideausher

The quickest way is to use white label technology, a limited number of team members but specialized in their skills. Then, you just need to come up with a brilliant online carpooling business idea, and we are ready with our team of expert developers to build a rideshare app for you! To know more about us and our services, contact us directly.

Hire ex-FANG developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

Hire Ex - developers, with combined 50000+ coding hours experience

100% Developer Skill Guarantee; Or Your Money Back.


Q. Why should I build a ridesharing app for my business?

  1. Ans) Because it is profitable at current times. With the hike in fuel prices, adverse effects of harmful gas emission, frequent traffic jams, etc., people are exploring the carpooling system and liking it. So, your carpooling application will support the ecology and also earn profit for doing it!

Q. Which is the best carpooling USA app?

  1. Ans) Uber is the best carpooling USA app. It has got a 4.7 rating on IOS. And it is also the first successful venture into the carpooling app development trade.  So many other companies follow suit and are close behind in the profit ratio. But ridesharing is not just limited to four-wheelers now. Many bike-ride-sharing services are also entering the scene. 

Q. Are there any rideshare apps for sale for users?

  1. Ans) We can create a white-label application for you. The cloning process is more straightforward, and the apps can be sold instantly at high prices— owing to the increasing need for carpooling apps.
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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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