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Reasons Why We Love SAP Crystal Reports

Tons of BI programs available in market yet we love SAP Crystal Reports. Why? How can it help you boost your business? Read on to know the Reasons Why We love SAP Crystal Reports so much as a Business Intelligence Platform. 

There are innumerable Reasons Why We Love SAP Crystal Reports. It comes with so many unique features that have made it our number one choice as a business intelligence platform. Before Idea Usher experts dive deep into the plethora of these reasons, let’s know more about Crystal Reports. And how does it work to make our business navigation smart, convenient, and more productive?

SAP Crystal Reports – An Overview

sap crystal reports

Crystal Reports is a product offered by SAP since 2007. It is a business intelligence platform that enables you to provide intelligent reporting to small businesses. Furthermore, it also lets you create, design, and deliver formatted business reports. 

Consequently, modifying and simplifying the process of decision-making for your business. Also, making your navigation through business custom, smart and dynamic. It accelerates the process of strategy-making for your business.

Since it helps provide intelligent and dynamic reporting to small businesses, it enables you to boost your business.

This BI platform builds robust and unique visuals according to the individual’s business model. All the striking visuals taken from a variety of data sources. These data sources formulate the dynamic visuals of your business in accordance with its model type.

Furthermore, users choose from a wide variety of layout options. This would help them to evolve and revolutionize their business practices. Similarly, it will help the company to uncover various other business insights.

The most exciting aspect of this BI software is that it is offered through both the platforms cloud-based and on-premise channels.

You can quickly analyze and report your business data in the most simplest way possible. Similarly, one can also create intriguing and artistic layouts for their business reports with drag and drop simplicity.

SAP Crystal Reports Rundown

In this next segment of the blog, we will dig further to know about Crystal Reports’ history. SAP acquired Crystal Reports in 2007. After the acquisition, they implemented progressive architecture to cater to the needs of their small and medium-sized businesses. 

However, there were some volatility issues, and SAP counteracted them immediately by integrating a new user interface. Consequently, the new user interface mobilized the businesses and attracted new customers.

These features attracted businesses of all sizes to try this new and revolutionary business intelligence tool. Since the new interface collaborated all the data to form collective insights, it completely transformed how people collected the data in earlier days. 

Furthermore, it was much more convenient and easier to aggregate data and form business insights. Just like all the other things in the world, data streamed in numbers is stronger. Henceforth, using the platform, the way we analyze the data today can completely change and revolutionize. 

Highlighting Features – SAP Crystal Reports

sap crystal reports logo

There are so many key features in SAP Crystal Reports that makes it our favorite. Being a business intelligence application in the market all these features make it the top choice for all size businesses. 

In this next segment of our blog we will cover all these key features. So without any further ado let us begin!

1. Building Reports Using Design Wizards

With this BI platform, you don’t need to be excelled in programming to make reports. Using its smart tools such as design wizards and parametrization capabilities, you can easily build reports for your business. 

This aspect of Crystal Reports makes it an excellent BI platform that anyone  can use irrespective of their niche.

2. Leverage Built-In Tools

In addition to the design wizards and parametrization capabilities, it is integrated with so many other tools. Functions like built-in sorting, filtering, ranking and etc., can be easily performed using SAP Crystal Reports.

Furthermore, other tools like conditional formatting, search capabilities, grouping, and parameters also come preloaded in this BI platform.

3. Integrated Charts 

key features in SAP Crystal Reports

The most crucial part of creating any business report is that it should be easy to understand. If your business report is very lengthy and boring, no one will pay heed to it.

To overcome this problem, the platform comes preloaded with so many different charts. These charts include histograms, pie charts, bar charts, area charts, funnel, and radar charts. Usage of these charts in your business reports makes it easy to analyze and understand.

4. User Identification

It is extremely important to manage the security of your reporting environment. Any unauthorized access can prove extremely dangerous for the company.

To avoid such situations, the software has integrated security measures to protect your reports.  

With single sign-on capabilities, users can be identified very effectively. Consequently, allowing only authorized access to your business reports.

5. Integrated Directory Protocols

However, in addition to the above point, steps are taken to make the user access hassle-free and safe. The BI platform has integrated with lightweight directory access protocols to offer quick access for its users.

Furthermore, other tools such as active directories are also included in the platform to make user access easy and safe. 

6. Individual Reports Auditing

An exciting feature of SAP Crystal Reports in individual reports auditing.

One can track all the changes and their usage to audit the reports individually. This makes the management of business more effortless and efficient.

It further enhances the security settings of the reports environment of all the businesses, big or small.

7. Mobile Accessibility

Mobile access to all the tools is a necessity in today’s world. With SAP Crystal software, you can have easy and quick mobile accessibility.

You can enable mobile access to all the self-service business intelligence reports.

8. Sharing Business Analytics

Sharing Business Analytics is also a vital feature of any business intelligence application. With this BI platform, you can effectively communicate your business facts with others. This will help them to understand your business better.

Furthermore, it develops and nurtures a culture of well-informed and organized decision-makers for your company.

9. Availability of Print-Ready Reports

The application provides you with the feature to use print-ready reports. This feature comes in handy when you do not know the programming to create reports and dashboards. Or even maybe you are running short on time. 

In both the cases, you can provide your business partners, users, suppliers, or colleagues with ready-to-consume reports and dashboards.

10. Added Flexibility

Using integrated wizards and custom parameters in your business will add extra flexibility for reporting. All the tools and features enable you to mold your business according to your customer needs. 

Consequently, making your business reporting customized, smart and comfortable. You can create ready-to-consume reports in the form of different charts, print them and distribute them to anyone.

11. Business Model Specific Solutions

All the businesses, irrespective of their niche and size, want customized solutions for their companies. With SAP Crystal Reports, you can create custom reports for your business analytics. 

You can benefit your business from the solutions for reporting needs developed by this BI, specifically for small and medium-sized companies.

The detailed analysis of all the features is enough to explain the reasons why we love SAP Crystal Reports. It is an excellent tool for creating details analysis reports for your business.

3 Reasons Why We Love SAP Crystal Reports

As stated earlier there are innumerable reasons to love SAP Crystal Reports. Here in this segment of the blog we have covered our top 3. 

So without wasting any further time let us begin with the segment!

1. Dynamic in Nature

Growth is synonymous with time. It will only make sense if technology also keeps getting better with time to sync with the growing world. This is one of the supreme reasons why we love SAP Crystal Reports. 

SAP as a company is a powerhouse in the market. Their innovative and intriguing solutions for business analytics have made them a top choice for BI platforms. Consequently filtering billions of dollars every year through their wide range of services.

Crystal Reports is a smart choice for business owners because they are choosing an intelligent method of data analysis. Furthermore, these aspects are tested vigorously before going out in the market. 

Its frenetic ownership has brought in a surplus of developers in addition to the above-given facts. This has helped them develop better solutions for all types of business owners. This aspect has created a vast network of professionals who excel in native technology.

Today users can create holistic visualizations from various sources. This feature adds more context to their business in the market. Consequently helping them to boost up in the market. 

2. Extremely Affordable

No business, big or small, would like to invest a hefty amount of money, especially in the starting phase of it. This next feature of SAP intelligent report software aims to solve this problem.

Crystal Reports comes at a fixed price. Henceforth, you do not have to invest a humongous amount of money in the BI platform. 

Additionally, all the services and tools it provides at this price point are worth every penny. The price point is not too high. Thus small businesses can also afford it. This is great for the companies who want to grow gradually without having to break the banks.

The price of SAP Crystal Reports 2016 is 295 USD per every licensed user. Henceforth, this BI platform is an excellent option for small-scale businesses too. Also, there are older versions of SAP Crystal Reports also that are available for a much lower price. Users can unravel the smart tools for their businesses at such a low price and get better insights into their businesses.

3. Strong and Robust Toolbox

The adaptability of the BI platform is the most striking feature of SAP Crystal Reports. Users can customize their business reports according to their business needs and preferences. Some Capabilities of SAP Crystal Reports are as follows-

  • Presence of Multilingual business reporting.
  • Compatible with MS Excel, MS Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL, Salesforce, etc.
  • Integrated with preset reporting formulas for faster calculations and visualizations.
  • Comprehensive library for design layouts and other tools.

In addition to all these features, there are so many other robust tools that Crystal Reports provides its users. It offers services in 24 different languages. This caters to the needs of the global marketplace.

SAP Business Intelligence platform supports the compatibility of a vast majority of people. A considerable number of mobile applications are compatible with SAP Business Platform making it a superior choice.

Compared to other BI platforms, SAP is much affordable and more comfortable to use. Users do not need any prior training for using SAP Crystal Reports. All these features make it a stellar choice for a Business Intelligence platform.

To know more about How a Software Development Cycle works watch this detailed video created by Idea Usher experts.


To conclude, SAP Crystal Reports is a well-developed BI platform that has been in the market for a longer period than its counterparts. It is an excellent option for small-sized businesses since it is affordable, packed with efficient tools and features, and is dynamic.

The product has undergone so many changes and is getting better day by day. It is improved regularly to be in sync with the changing technology to better suit its customers’ needs.

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Here are some frequently asked questions based on SAP Crystal Reports and its features.

1. Is SAP Crystal Reports free?

For Visual Studio and Eclipse, it is available as free downloads.

2. What is the use of SAP Crystal Reports?

It is a business intelligence tool that allows the creation of reports from SAP and non-SAP data sources.

3. What language do Crystal Reports use?

The Crystal Reports Writer can read different databases using SQL. It acts as the command language to create reports.

4. How many types of Crystal Reports are there?

By default, the reports are divided into five parts.

5. What is the alternative for Crystal Reports?

Other BI software, such as Tableau, PowerBI, etc., can be used.

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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