Like humans can’t survive without oxygen the same way in today’s competitive world a budding business cannot subsist without building a cogent marketing collateral. Lion’s teeth shine without polishing but blood similarly to the importance of marketing campaigns has not flared across the years but it has been omnipresent from the onset.

Right away building rock-solid trust is not always the blunt target for a small business. But to create a well-sustained image amongst marked clients is their ultimate goal.

Marketing Collateral-The unsung hero of your company

A 2017 survey conducted via an east coast company known as Eccolo Media 2017 B2B Technology Collateral Surveyclearly shows that how well rooted the use of marketing collaterals has been in the marketing strategy be irrespective of the terrain. The results have been intriguing, according to the survey the most imperative findings are:

  • Over 56% of the respondents believe that reviewing marketing collateral is one of the first steps of ‘pre-sale’ before they initiate negotiations with any of the service providers.
  • 31% of the survey respondents said that white paper had the greatest influence included in the content of the marketing collateral they received. While others ranked down to product brochures (23%), case studies (17%), videos (8%), and podcasts (5%).
  • From the company’s point of view marketing collaterals are indubitably amplifying as 67% of survey respondents said they share white papers with colleagues, while 21% share product brochures, 6% share case studies, 5% share videos, and 1% share podcast

Hence to sum up barking dogs don’t seldom bite but marketing collateral has been that loyal pup which has barked out a company’s permanence and individuality and still managed to bite through sales rep’ and business expansion for their owner service providers.

In short, Marketing collateral is the face of your company which is seen as a trustworthy dealer. It goes ahead and does the talking for you to crack the deal be it of any kind.

The succinct modules every marketing collateral should have are:

  • Sell Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Landing Pages
  • Explainer Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies


Astonished by the amount of modules and resources goes into making of a unique marketing collateral? Shout out! to all the contemporary SME’s which don’t feel confident enough with their present marketing collaterals. Sit back and relax! We got it from here at Idea Usher.

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