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The ultimate guide on How To Use Instagram!

Instagram resembles a similar variant of Facebook, with an emphasis on portable use and visual sharing. Like many other social networking sites, you communicate with various users by following them and getting a follow back, commenting, tagging, liking, and private direct messaging. You can likewise save the photographs you see on your feed. When you upload a picture or video on Instagram, it gets displayed on your profile. Different people follow you and see your posts in their feed. Moreover, you see posts from various people you follow. It is the most crowd-pleasing application, and individuals love to use it more than other communication applications.

Our Guide on How To Use Instagram will keep you updated and on the same page as the Instagram enthusiasts.

Instagram can be used as a Social Networking app!

On Instagram, the fundamental goal is to share and locate the best photographs and videos. Every user profile has a follower and following count number. 

Each profile has a follow button you can tap to follow them. On the other hand, if a user has their profile set to private, they should support your solicitation. 

When your profile is made and set to public, anybody can discover and see your profile, alongside your photographs and videos. But if your profile is set to private, only your followers can see your posts. 

Socializing on posts is fun and simple – double-tap on any post to like it or add a remark in the comment section below. You can likewise you can share it with other people by directly messaging someone utilizing Instagram Direct. 

On the other hand, if you need to discover or add more companions to follow, use the hunting tab (set apart by the amplifying glass symbol) to examine custom-fitted presents suggested to you. Likewise, you can use the search symbol at the base to search for your friends or relatives you wish to follow.

Some Interesting Statistics about Instagram

A good engagement rate is generally considered to fall within the range of 1% to 3%. For accounts with fewer than 5,000 followers, the average reach rate is around 34.37%, indicating the proportion of their audience that sees their posts. 

On average, a typical post on Instagram garners about 1,791 impressions, reflecting the number of times it is viewed. In terms of driving traffic, the average number of website clicks per post is 46, indicating the effectiveness of Instagram as a platform for directing users to external websites.

When it comes to content types, videos tend to perform particularly well. The average number of video views per post is 26% higher than the number of photo views, showcasing the popularity of video content among users. 

However, it’s also essential to track how users interact with Instagram Stories. On average, a story sees about 5.65% of its viewers exiting before it concludes, while the engagement level in the form of story replies is around 0.25%, showing that some viewers actively engage with Stories.

In terms of post-specific interactions, the average number of profile visits per post is 834, indicating that users often click through to view the poster’s profile after seeing a post that interests them. Additionally, the average number of mentions per post is 3, highlighting the frequency at which users tag others in their content, fostering social interactions and community engagement.

Instagram’s average follower growth rate is around 0.13% per day, underlining the platform’s steady appeal for gaining new followers over time. These metrics serve as valuable benchmarks for individuals and businesses looking to evaluate their performance and establish meaningful connections with their audience on Instagram.

The features of Instagram is what we bring to you in our review on How To Use Instagram.

Features of Instagram


The most crucial thing to know while learning about How To Use Instagram is to first understand and know more about the FILTERS to make your feed attractive! Photo filters are important to its prosperity. Therefore, its capacity to transform anybody into an expert picture taker is the thing that attracted individuals to the stage as the primary spot.

If you are promoting a business, you need your content to be predictable in terms of brand image and style. In such a way, your followers will have the option to recognize your content and become acquainted with your unique signature look. One approach to do this is to deal with suitable filters. If more than one individual deals with the record, this will make it simple to make out which filters you use consistently and ensure everybody is in the same space.

Story Highlights

Do not miss out on the STORY HIGHLIGHTS if you want to know How To Use Instagram! Instagram Stories are a significant feature, but they vanish in 24 hours. While the shortness of Stories is what made them so famous, users wanted to keep some of the best stories on their profile. So Instagram designed the Stories Highlights feature. This lets you save your best stories, and keep them on your profile as long as you want.

Instagram saves your Stories Highlights at the top of your account page so your followers and anybody who visits your profile are able to view them. There are many ways to use this feature for promoting and marketing purposes. You can create stories about your brand to display various products and events. Likewise, save your best performing stories too, so that you can attract and drive people to see them.


IGTV is an important feature and if you want to know How To Use Instagram, you should first read and understand this particular feature. The most recent and seemingly one of the most energizing augmentations to Instagram’s highlights is Instagram TV. Dispatched as Instagram’s first independent video stage, IGTV is a whole new feature for organizations to expand and grow. Before you can transfer an IGTV video to your feed, you need to make an IGTV channel. This is sufficiently simple and you simply make a record with your Instagram account. IGTV video will currently be in the network of your profile, with the IGTV symbol in the right-hand corner.

While the sky really is the breaking point for how you can deal with IGTV, as far as advertising it’s incredible for advancing items, – think about the sort of video you would see on YouTube. Therefore, Your recordings don’t need to be expertly shot and can be tied in with anything! It resembles an improvement from your Instagram Stories, yet it doesn’t need to be as great or curated as a post or video would be. Instagram offers examinations for your IGTV video and counts views, likes, and comments, just as your crowd consistency standard, which is the number of individuals who viewed your video right to the end.

These measurements are essential while planning how to use IGTV so it’s best as far as promoting is concerned. For example, if you see watchers drop off following 10 minutes, you can accept that as a sign that making recordings that are longer than 10 minutes is going to be a waste of valuable time and assets.

Instagram Live

In order to know How Instagram works, You first need to learn about the Live Feature! Instagram Live has been essential for the Stories feature since its turn out. At first, with some vulnerability about how to utilize this component, organizations and advertisers have taken to it with extraordinary innovation to make their items public. As a result, you can utilize this for your potential benefit.

Offer advancements, limits, or giveaways during your live session, however, promote it with short clips or posts in advance so your followers are looking forward to watching your Instagram live. Instagram Live is likewise incredible for producing leads. You can ask your prospects to present their inquiries about whatever subject you’ll be talking about during the live session in advance.

Make use of the “Ask me anything” sticker in Instagram Stories to handily collect questions. You would then be able to answer them live. Your viewers will cherish you for referencing them and the continuous connection is effective for your image building.

AR Filters

We make it easier for you to learn more about the AR FILTERS feature in our write-up on How To Use Instagram! Notwithstanding how modern the name may sound, AR (another way to say “Augmented Reality”) is as of now being used in numerous spots. AR is an innovation that underlying virtual impacts (created by a PC) onto genuine pictures and video when utilizing a camera. Therefore, On Instagram, these AR channels are known as face channels.

They are unusual, charming filters you can add to your photographs and video clips by means of Instagram Stories. Facebook (the proprietor of Instagram) as of late began banding together with essential brands to make special, interactive camera encounters, including face channels and world impacts, for their supporters on Instagram. Where Instagram recently controlled all the AR channels, select brands would now be able to make their own custom AR channels for Instagram Stories and these may before long be turned out to all clients.

A business can utilize custom AR channels to showcase its image. It’s fun, not excessively limited time, and accommodating in case you’re really hoping to purchase the item. What’s more, clients might have the option to get to your channel in the event that they follow your image or visit your profile to give it a shot. Likewise, Instagram permits all the more outsiders to make their own custom AR channels, brands have an astounding new apparatus available to them for publicizing and advancing themselves on Instagram.

Now that we’ve understood the features, let’s discuss How To Use Instagram For Business.

How to use Instagram for Business?

Here are some tips and tricks that businesses can keep in mind while using Instagram.

Post a Link to Your Website in Bio

The drawback to Instagram is there’s only one link you can mention in your bio. If you put a link anywhere else, like in any comment or on your story, you won’t be able to click on it. Since you only have one link, make that link count.

Turn on the Instagram Shopping Feature

If you happen to sell physical goods,  the users can shop directly on Instagram. Once you turn this setting on, you can add small hashtags to allow the user to click and splurge.

Use good High-Quality Videos

Instagram videos can be up to 60 seconds long, which, if viewed, allows for greater exposure of your content to users. It is essential to make your video tell a story. 

Your Instagram should be Worth Following

It’s a big turn off if your Instagram account appears like a giant ad. Branch out and expand your content. Diversified content is what attracts Instagram users.

Provide content related to Your Target Audience

At the point when advertisers compose the content, they attempt to keep it evergreen. Instagram posting is short, brisk, and regularly refreshed so less significance is put on guaranteeing evergreen content. 

Memes aren’t suitable for everyone, so how about we investigate how Nike enhanced its Instagram. Nike’s profile, “If you have a body, you are an athlete” focuses on a gigantic crowd. The brand’s posts generally incorporate influencers who are either proficient athletes or have rousing stories. The content recounts a story, which makes individuals follow Nike. All the influencers wear Nike gear, which makes the content serve as a way of promotion. Our review on How To use Instagram will make your content entertaining and interesting to your target audience!

Vitalize Tagging and Re-post High-Quality Posts

Showcase your customers’ fulfillment. On the off chance that they post using your item or service, and it’s an extraordinary picture, just repost them! They will be eager to be highlighted on your Instagram. Likewise, They consequently are publicizing for you by elevating your organization to their followers, which expands your brand’s range.

Respond to the Comments

By responding to people in your comment section, it makes your company seem responsive and customer-centric.  Show your prospects they are being watched and heard.

How to use Instagram Hashtags?

Use hashtags relevant to your brand. Do your industry-relevant research and also get to know what your competitors are using. You can also run campaigns with the help of hashtags to top the trend. Nike uses the hashtag #JUST DO IT to showcase the different activities and lifestyles its customers enjoy. As a result, If you search the hashtag on Instagram, you’ll find over 50,000 posts, many of which are users wearing their Nike products…

Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely important to build consumer trust, and the majority of people trust this type of marketing during the purchase decision-making process. Therefore, Hashtags are a way to make yourself searchable to new audiences that may be interested in your account. Another thing: as a business account, you’ll have access to Instagram Insights. Use these to see how many users visit your company’s Instagram from the hashtag you used.

How to use Instagram Stories?

Up your Business game with the help of our ideal review on How To Use Instagram! With stories, you can share day to day updates about your organization and straightforwardly receive follower input by posting questions or surveys. Users can type or pick their answer, which will assist you with providing content, new items, or services. At the lower part of the screen, you can choose a configuration to try different things with Type, Music, Live, Boomerang, Focus, Superzoom, or hands-free. While Stories on Instagram remain for only 24 hours, your number of viewers will remain for 48 hours, and your Insights will most stay there for 14 days. Stickers are fun visual inclusions that additionally end up being a vital element for your brand’s aesthetic.

Likewise, They’re continually changing, yet the most ideal approach to keep up to date with new improvements is to utilize them. Simply don’t feel committed to make use of every one of them. Like hashtags, adding an area to your Story extends its possible reach past your follower’s list. Frequently, organizations have a Location Page (which people can discover by tapping a hashtag or looking in the Explore tab). In the event that your Story winds up there, you could wind up with significantly more views.

How to use Instagram on PC and other devices?

How to use Instagram is an art as much as a science, so if you’re new to the format, spend some time reading our review.

Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App For quite a while, Instagram was restricted to the web for PC users. Presently, it has leveled up its game and brought the original Instagram application on the Microsoft Store. Currently, you can get to each Instagram highlight on PC, including photographs and video transfers. 

Instagram can be accessed for free on iOS gadgets, similar to the iPhone and iPad, just as Android gadgets, similar to telephones and tablets from Google, Samsung, and others. 

Likewise, It can be used on the web from a PC. Be that as it may, transferring photographs and videos, and imparting existing content to other Instagram users, is just conceivable from the portable mobile application.

Use of Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics refers to the data and insights provided by Instagram to help users and businesses track and analyze the performance of their Instagram accounts and posts. It is a valuable tool that allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their audience, engagement, and overall account growth. Instagram Analytics provides a range of metrics and statistics that help users measure the effectiveness of their content and marketing strategies.

Here are some key aspects that Instagram Analytics typically covers:

  1. Follower Insights: It provides information about your followers, including demographics (age, gender, location), growth trends, and follower retention.
  2. Content Performance: You can see how individual posts and stories perform in terms of likes, comments, shares, and saves. This data can help identify which content resonates the most with your audience.
  3. Profile Activity: Instagram Analytics allows you to track the number of profile visits and how people discover your account, such as through hashtags, Explore page, or direct shares.
  4. Reach and Impressions: These metrics show how many unique accounts have seen your posts and how many times your content has been displayed.
  5. Stories Analytics: Insights about your Instagram Stories, including views, exits, and engagement actions like swipes and replies.
  6. Hashtag Performance: For business accounts, it shows which hashtags are driving the most engagement and reach for your posts.
  7. Best Times to Post: Some analytics tools offer suggestions on the best times to post based on your audience’s online activity.

Instagram Analytics is available to Instagram Business Accounts and Creator Accounts. To access the analytics, you need to switch to one of these account types, and then the Insights section will become available on your profile. You can check out Adobe’s in-depth article on Instagram Analytics.

Analyzing these metrics can help you fine-tune your content strategy, understand your audience better, and optimize your overall Instagram presence to drive more engagement, increase followers, and achieve your marketing goals.

We hope you find our review on How To Use Instagram super interesting and helpful!

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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