How to make a video chat app like zoom

2020 has bought an onslaught of opportunities for us. Apps like zoom and all the video conferencing apps are getting a lot of applause suddenly. This is happening for a lot of reasons.  First of all, we have seen that with the increase of coronavirus and cases worldwide,  we have now shifted everything to our lap.

Such unique circumstances have forced the majority of population and business traders to transfer to online work. So if you are looking forward to knowing how to make a video chat app like zoom, you are in the right place.

Idea Usher presents to you a perfect way through which you can launch your own video conferencing app. With the help of our experts, we are here to explain to you the basics.

Having said that studies and reports have shown,  speaking and conferencing with coworkers through video conferencing can cause a lot of distraction.

This happens for a ton of reasons.  We can blame the work environment we are in right now.  And also for the security options that people are facing these days.  However, we have seen apps like zoom and google meet have faced a backlash from users for their data breach.

This is when you need to build the same video conferencing app to keep data of the users intact. We are here to explain to you how it was working.  Besides, you must need proper, an expert like us helps to get started with your app sooner.

Why Has Zoom Shot To Fame In The Recent Years?

How to make a video chat app like zoom


Conferencing tools are available in plenty as of now. Besides applications like zoom and google meet have gained a lot of popularity.

So you might be asking the reason why these apps are making such quotients in the market.  Also, why most of the video apps I’m not fit for the platform it uses.

While most support up to 10 members at a time, the zoom app helps connect with more than a higher number of applicants. For example, if a recruitment round is going on, an hr can ask about 50 applicants to join the app. Besides, in the recent time zone has also been shot to fame for other reasons.

By enabling HD video conference and supporting up to 1000  participants, the zoom has been an investment opportunity.  Many people have said that zoom is there going to video conferencing app.

So if you are looking forward to making and know how to make a video chat app like zoom, welcome to the right place. Startups and entrepreneurs inspired by the skyrocketing demand for video conferencing have improved.

Overages,  apps like zoom have made it into the market for a ton of reasons. First of all, the participants and the applicant’s number than well as the video conferencing fingerings.

How to Make a Video Chat App Like Zoom? 

How to make a video chat app like zoom

Here are some basic idea to implement to understand and know how to make a video chat app like zoom.

Start with selecting your platform

The first step in making a video chat app like the zoom is to know and begin with your application development. This can only happen when you understand the platform where you will build the app.

Start by deciding on the target users and what they will be using. This is essential as it helps in determining the cost outlay as well. There are some tools which are required in the development process.

However, if you understand the platform, then ask yourself some of the key questions. First is to understand how do you want your application to run. Second is to know where you want your application to run.

Besides, there are other automated switches you can also use. Applications like web-based applications restrict you to a particular platform that does not support every single device.  But video chat apps like zoom can run on the user’s disposal.

Know which one to choose from

Once you have got the idea of understanding the application format and the platform usage, you need to understand the choice or type. There are two types of at which you can use.  What is called the web-based applications, and the other is known as the native application?

However, if you choose something web-based, it will become easier for you and convenient.

Also, if you choose something known as the progressive web app, then this is a concept which is gaining in popularity. Native apps and web-based applications are the two choices in a progressive app.

This combines the best of with and native, which you may choose and later reconsider—so creating a video chat app like zoom is just an easy option for you.

Select the type of features that will define your app

So before you understand how to make a video chat app like zoom, also target the features that will be included inside it. Now that you have your target platform, the next step is to understand the functionalities.

Allow your app to check the camera before joining in a video call.  

Also enabled them to disable the video or audio option whenever they like. While enabling the video option, there is a need for integration of chat features too. When creating a zoom clone application, you need to have a feature known as exchange files.

Proper usage of multiple party feature

This is where multiple people can exchange their files when they’re in a conference. Also, if you want to know how to make a video chat app like zoom, understand the multi-party conference usage.

It will help you to successfully ensure and win people’s trust. However, apps like zoom have a bit of a negative feature where the HD video conferencing can switch off when there is a load of applicants.  Enabling more than 10 users to join in the call is important.

Zoom is one type of video conferencing app that has adequate backend support. So when you know how to make a video chat app like zoom, your developers should be on their feet. Another feature that you can include is desktop sharing.

When users are having a conference, then they can easily share their desktop. This especially is useful in cases that technical support is needed.  If you have a lot of experts working with you, then this specific task can be completed.

Lastly, if you wish to build an app like zoom, then the recording is the most prioritised option.  Recording during online meetings should be properly enabled. This is an advantage for a lot of reasons.

Is live streaming important in these apps?

How to make a video chat app like zoom

When you know how to make a video chat app like zone, you must understand that live streaming is also important. Thanks to social media, now live streaming has become a popular feature everywhere.

It allows a specific user to livestream their audio and video to a particular group of people. This can be done in all contexts.  For example, if you’re launching a new brand or a product of your brand, live streaming is important.

Also, if you are using proper ways to gain access to disaster zones so as to rescue missions. Another thing to include is virtual hand-raising.

When you are in a conference meeting, then it becomes hard for an individual to speak up. This can be done by including the virtual hand-raising feature. However, this does not work all the time. Apps like zoom have the virtual hand-raising situation.

This is usually done with the virtual emoji which is sent through the emoji. This feature prevents multiple users from speaking all at once.

So if you know how to make a video chat app like zoom, then this can work.

How to make a video chat app like zoom : Development

The development process starts with three stages. One is known for backend development; the second one is called UI development. The third one is known for the graphic of the app. To understand how to make a video chat app like zoom, you need to have a proper conference with your developers.

The team you are settling down should have a project manager, tech leads, and platform developer with a QA engineer.

How to make a video chat app like zoom : Cost

So here comes the major part. When you are knowing and understanding how to make a video chat app like zoom. Then the cost-plus definition is also important to understand.

The cost depends upon the platform that you are using for the users. If your app will be visible to a lot of participants, then the cost will be a bit higher.

Depending on the recommended technology stack, this can work.

Apps like zoom have a proper revenue model on which it operates. On which it operates.


These are the basic things you have to know before starting to make a video chat app like zoom. Once you have understood, it will become easier for you to process. However, there are a lot of applications which provide the same thing to users in the market.

To stand out from the rest of the crowd, you can always take the help of Idea Usher. Here we help our clients to build their application with the support and help of working members.

If you want to know more about our services, contact us at [email protected].


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