DApp games like cryptokitties

The popularity of the game has recently skyrocketed, and there are even stories of people generating significant profits from the sale of these virtual cats. Sales of these cats have significantly surged, and according to reports, more than 12 million dollars have been spent on the purchase of virtual cats.

Crypto Kitties is a blockchain-based “game” where you purchase, sell, and push kittens to breed to produce more of them. 

It was the first viral app on the Ethereum blockchain, the so-called Dapp (Decentralized application), and the first one to overload the Ethereum network, making all transactions expensive and slow.

Let’s explore the top DApp games.

EOS Dynasty 
Crypto Space Commander

DApp Games: What are CryptoKitties and How Does it Work?

CryptoKitties is a first-generation blockchain game. It is built on the notion of gathering rare creatures. Owning Kitties is key to the game’s foundation. They are, in fact, ERC-721 tokens. There are only two possibilities for the player: breeding or trading.

On November 28th, 2017, Axiom Zen, a Vancouver, Canada-based firm, released it. It instantly gained popularity.

  • Blockchain, the technology that powers the game itself, utilizes an algorithm known as the “Genetic Algorithm,” or GA. 
  • This algorithm aims to replicate actual genetics as closely as possible. As a result, a kitten’s internal memory is similar to how living things store memory in their DNA. 
  • The genetic code that determines things like our height, hair color, and a variety of other characteristics is encoded in our DNA. Color, hair patterns, and facial expressions are among the characteristics influenced by genes in CryptoKitties.
  • Proteins build DNA in the human body and the bodies of all other animals and plants. The genes in the crypto kittens are created using only basic math.
  • A new kitten is formed by combining the unique code from one crypto kitten with the code from another.

Factors Influencing the Development Cost of DApp Games

There are many variables that could affect the development cost. A few major factors are listed below:

  • The complexity of a project determines its expense. It is one of the main variables that could impact the entire development process. 

Your project’s cost depends on the blockchain, APIs, and technology stack.

  • The type of industry affects the cost of the development of DApp. Each sector is different and has its challenges. Industry-specific factors that affect the overall cost of DApps include user traffic and compliance requirements. 

A financial DApp might have strict compliance standards and necessitate several simultaneous connections, both of which would raise the cost.

  • The cost of engaging a team to develop a blockchain app contains a sizable portion of the projected costs. The main expenses are software developers’ salaries. But in addition to income, there are other important aspects, such as insurance, holidays, pay for promotions, payroll, and vacation days.
  • Depending on the app’s complexity, maintenance for a blockchain application often costs between 30-45 percent of the total project cost.

How can an Individual Build DApp Games Like CryptoKitties?

Let’s understand the steps to creating DApp.

Identify the Problem

Determine the issues you need to fix before you start developing DApps. It is important to know if DApp will be the only solution for these problems. Consider whether you want to replace either centralization or third parties in your application with a distributed ledger.

Whatever the problem, the initial stage in DApp development is about recognizing it and determining whether this application can solve it.

Proof of Concept

The following step involves strengthening the DApp’s concept and exhibiting its potential. Before making a significant investment, there’s a need for verification with limited resources. For example, engineers do testing before releasing a new phone model. This will help in finding loopholes and fixing them before a market launch. 

In addition, analyzing the potential of your DApp model is similar to the proof of concept. It’s a crucial stage of the DApp development process.

Select a Blockchain

If you want to create a cross-chain decentralized application (dApp), you’ll need to choose one or a few blockchains. Though other chains also allow smart contracts, founders typically decide to build DApps on Ethereum.

Because many of its users already have cryptocurrency wallets and can sign up quickly, the Ethereum network is a simple choice. But if you’re going to launch your cryptocurrency wallet, customers won’t even need to know which blockchain your DApp runs on.

Create a Smart Contract

The decentralized functionality of DApp games should be there in a smart contract or collection of smart contracts. What operations do you desire the DApp to carry out automatically while relying on on-chain consensus?

All of these automatically running elements will need to be stored in smart contracts, whether they are basic transactions, a series of algorithm computations, or anything else.

Create Front End

Creating a DApp requires the creation of a user-facing mobile/ web app. 

The user interface should be unaffected by some smart contract features that are activated by user actions on a blockchain rather than by connecting to a central server.

As a result, consider beginning with a prototype to build an engaging user experience:

  • Low-fidelity UI (low quality)
  • High-fidelity UI (high quality)
  • Testing strengthens  
  • UI/UX depending on the input.

Since blockchain transactions do not always occur instantly, keep in mind that invoking a smart contract function from a user-facing UI takes some time. 

Build Centralized Back End

It is impossible to build Ethereum DApps using on-chain transactions if you need a lot of data storage, wishes to run reports, or need any other functionality. Also, to take on this task, one will require a web solution on a private server.

For you as a business owner (to manage your DApp), such an admin portal will connect to smart contracts and front-end applications for users to provide additional functionalities.


You should begin testing your DApp as soon as possible during development, just like you would do with any other app development project. A rigorous QA approach must be followed for each new build.

Testing front-end apps is a process that is generally standardized, but testing smart contracts is a little different because you need to use a testnet to ensure that they work as intended.

You won’t be able to make changes to a smart contract once you’ve deployed it to the mainnet (main network), like Ethereum. This indicates that any hidden bugs that hit the mainnet will be unaffected.

Deployment and Maintenance

Considering this as a final step entails putting a smart contract to the blockchain, moving your back-end portal to a live production environment, and publishing mobile apps to the App Store and Google Play. 

The process of maintenance is more of an ongoing approach. You will still need to make modifications to the front end even though the smart contract will remain the same because it is a blockchain application that is resistant to changes.

Final Words

Due to the growing popularity of blockchain technology applications in recent years, this is an interesting investment opportunity for the gaming industry. 

However, as a new technology, it needs a specialized set of abilities to get started, and if facing any issue regarding the same, one must contact the best developers or dApp development company.

So, if this entices you and you are seeking experienced developers for DApp games, contact Idea Usher. Do not pass up the opportunity to interact with experienced blockchain developers on your DApp game development project.

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Q: What is a DApp?

A: Decentralized applications, or DApps, are powered by tokens and operate on P2P networks like blockchains. 

The key distinction between DApp games and standard apps is the removal of middlemen, which results in the complete decentralization of network control and independent operation.

Q: Is the Crypto game DApps popular?

A: Yes! The top Crypto game DApps typically attracts tens of thousands of users and can be actively played. Also, many of these games include NFTs or other crypto-related assets (tokens), which is a significant motivation for many people.

Q: Which technologies are used to create a DApp game app?

A: In addition to blockchain technologies, you should be familiar with Java and Kotlin for creating native Android apps, Swift for developing iOS apps, Javascript for creating browser-based game applications, HTML, and web application frameworks like React and Angular.

Q: How many DApps are there in Ethereum?

A: The global open-source Ethereum blockchain is being used to track user statistics for more than 3,000 Dapps, including blockchain games, exchanges, and Defi (Decentralized Finance), among other categories. 

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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