event management app

event management app

An event planning application brings users together across many event planning platforms. It’s one of the little-known ways to push your graph curve towards success. The use cases are diverse and range from trade shows, expos, business meetings, and more. An event planning application’s many features (like push notifications, reviews) make for a thrilling customer success story.

Take your business to the next level! 

Now you can reach millions of people globally, thanks to the internet! An event management android application can connect users to virtual events, hybrid events, or on-site events. The hassles and nitty-gritty for the event like ticket generation, polls are easy with an even planning app.


You can bring 15,000,000+ attendees, across 20,000+ global events with over 5000+ hours of virtual meetings! 



It’ s possible with the use of meeting planning apps! Idea Usher end-to-end event management platform has everything you need to create engaging event experiences, online or in-person. Keep reading to know how to develop an event management web application or event management mobile application from scratch.

Secrets of the best event planning app: benefits, major types, and use cases

You know the deal by now. You can unlock the door to a massive audience reach by developing an event management app. Customer delight experiences are smooth from check-in and talking to a chatbot. The list goes on.

Millennials and Gen Z are one of the most digitally connected & outgoing people in the world today. They make up for up to 80%* of the event application user base. Imagine the world of possibilities if you get these vocal demographic’s attention for good.

Here’s why you should build an event planning app:

1. Simplifying client needs:

Event planning applications make it easy to buy a ticket, register for an event, or check-in.

2. Aesthetic UI

Aesthetics are all the good rage in today’s market scenarios. What looks the best, sells the best. For you, having a visually pleasing UI will skyrocket attendee turnout.

3. Networking opportunities for attendees and planners

Since events can host thousands of attendees, leveraging networking opportunities makes sense. But how do you know which network is your prospect lead? Virtual event planning makes it easy. It helps attendees match with those who have common interests.

4. Customer delights

A successful event is one that leaves a lasting impression. Usually, giveaways can increase attendees’ engagement. Conducting live streams and contests are the other way to engage your target customer. By making an event booking app, you can make this task possible and easy.

5. Social media synchronization

Successful events have a trace of emotions embedded in them. Hence, anything happening on the event’s Facebook or Twitter pages can be broadcast to the app. The social media sync feature allows you to be on your A-game.

6. Real-time analysis

The attendee can get information about ongoing and upcoming events on the app. Real-time feedback features are an added layer guaranteeing the success of the event.

7. Distance Estimator

In the case of in-person events, the attendees can get real-time distance calculation between their location and the venue.

8. Lightning-fast support and in-app chat

Humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Give them quick responses from within the app. Now they’re less likely to wander away from your event.

event management app

The ultimate event management app development guide

Understand the Purpose

Take the time to understand this critical factor, which goes into developing the best event planning app. Are you making a dedicated event booking app? (e.g., the iBurn app for the Burning Man festival). Or, are you developing a local event management app (e.g., local event apps like Planning Pod)? 

It will set the tone on the kind of event booking app you are building ultimately.

Consider Implementation Factors

It’s time to consider the implementation of an event booking app. Is your app tailor-made to a single event? Or, can it be tailored to suit many events?

Traditionally event aggregators are white-label apps. However, you can make a custom design for event-specific apps.

Make for the Audience

Ultimately understanding your prospects is a deal-breaker. We learned why apps for event participants are essential. It puts their ease of networking and schedules vs. event management applications for organizers easy. 

Think cloud-based Applications.

You can add many benefits to your advantage by offering customers something “extra.” E.g., Super Planner app gives customers to view the serving menus and portions. Here food choices are one way to win a client. 

The organizer can store all preferences like this, and many more on cloud-based applications. An example would be mobile app development. It makes use of cloud storage many times( online cloud repository) to store user-input data.

meeting planning app

How do I develop an event planning app?

There’s more than what meets the eye. Many ideologies like purpose, implementation blueprint, design, and launch sprints require expertise. An event management app development company can help you do just that. Reading between the lines is easy when you hire professional app developers.

1. Decide on your app’s platform

Consider whether you want to create a mobile app or a web-based app. A mobile app would allow users to access event details offline, while a website would offer a convenient option for ticket bookings.

2. Identify your target audience

Research and understand the needs of your potential users, and tailor your app’s features accordingly.

3. Finalize your app’s features

Determine the necessary features your app should have to fulfill your users’ requirements. This will vary depending on the type of event planning app you want to create.

4. Consider native vs. cross-platform solutions

Decide whether you want to create a native app or a cross-platform app. Cross-platform solutions can be faster and offer users a seamless experience.

5. Create a visual prototype

Develop a visual representation of your app to test it with real users and ensure it aligns with their needs.

6. Iterate the app launch

Divide your project into manageable segments, and make changes iteratively rather than rewriting the app’s code from scratch.

7. Test your app while developing

Test your app throughout the development process to ensure it meets the necessary business logic and quality requirements.

8. Provide strong tech support

Be prepared to address issues that may arise during the event and ensure your tech team is ready to provide support as needed.

9. Plan your app promotion 

Offer special incentives to app users at the event to promote adoption and usage of the app.

By following these steps, you can develop a robust and user-friendly event planning app that meets the needs of your target audience.

Benefits of Event Planning and Organizer App

1. Networking

Firstly, event planning and organizer apps are an excellent tool for networking. When people attend events, they get to interact with different individuals and businesses, which can lead to new business opportunities. Additionally, event organizers can showcase their management skills and receive free promotions, potentially leading to more leads.

2. Social Media Promotions

Secondly, event planning and organizer apps can be used for social media promotion. By using social media platforms to live stream events, post updates, and more, event planners can boost the popularity of their app and attract more potential clients and users.

3. Feedback

Thirdly, these apps have a feedback section that provides real-time feedback on events. This feature allows event planners to gather reviews on their events effortlessly, saving them time and energy.

4. Good Experience

Fourthly, event planning and organizer apps offer a user-friendly experience. Users can purchase tickets, register, get passes, check-ins, and more with ease. This convenience can lead to a positive user experience and encourage them to use the app again.

5. Increase Engagement

Lastly, event planning and organizer apps can help increase engagement. By providing users with access to events, agendas, discussions, and other topics, they can become more interested and engaged even before the events start. This increased curiosity can help drive engagement and make the app even more appealing to users.

In conclusion, event planning and organizer apps offer a range of benefits to event planners and attendees alike. From networking to improved engagement, these apps can help make the event planning process more efficient and enjoyable.

What online help and support is available for event planning?

Hiring an expert team of seasoned professionals is a smart move. They will help you build the best event organizer app or event booking apps by incorporating the following:

  1. Ticket Sales. It includes the payment processing cycle and issuing e-tickets.
  2. Mobile Check-in. Again, this makes for customer satisfaction.
  3. Geolocation. Remember the real-time distance estimation feature we learned? Geolocation comes in handy for it.
  4. Interactive venue maps with Indoor Navigation. You can add layers of customer delight experiences. AR, Google Maps, VR are some tools for that.
  5. Event Scheduling: Allowing the attendee to pick events of interest.
  6. Networking Features: social media integration and creating a buzz.
  7. Push Notifications: Ensures real-time updates and reminders.

The benefits of choosing Idea Usher to build the best event planning app

The best time to build an event planning application was a year ago. The second best time is now! You can also learn about How artificial intelligence benefits the event industry in 2020?

Making an event planning app is no rocket science. An easy way is to approach a mobile application development company. 

The actual launch of the event mobile app is an overwhelming process. The Idea Usher team makes it easy for you. We have a seasoned expert team. 

  • Our expert app development team will go above and beyond for you. We’ll develop an event app that you can monetize on.
  • Our unbeatable marketing strategies will help you promote your app everywhere. Expect no less than up to Million downloads* when you choose Idea Usher. 

These two factors are foolproof and guarantee success!

The added advantage of partnering with Idea Usher team is:

  • Skyrocketing business promotion via app promotion.
  • Develop an app in days, not months!
  • Make the #1 Event App and leave your competitors behind you.
  • Publish on App Stores.
  • Real-time support.
  • Unlimited push notifications

We know all of this feels like significant expenses. But we’ll stop you right there. Hold your horses. Building an event planning app won’t cost you the equivalent of buying a Tesla! It’s as affordable as living life.

But this offer is limited. The clock is ticking.

How to get started?

Just say, hi! We’ll walk you through the best possibilities. Also, we’ll answer all your queries.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does an event app cost?

A. Building an event app ranges with your ideology of making a fully customized app or a standard app. Please share details in the form to know more about it 

Q. Why choose Idea Usher to build the best mobile app?

A. The Idea Usher team are pioneers in the mobile app development community. Their team has helped hundreds of clients achieve their business goals. Apps developed by Idea Usher stand at up to 10 Million downloads on the play store and app store.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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