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Finding the right partner is hard, but what’s harder is finding the right way to keep your relationship going. Let’s face it, things aren’t as easy as they were around 15 years ago. With the busy schedules and workload, it often gets extremely challenging to have a stable love life and make time for your partner. However, can you afford to let your partner drift apart?

Well, nothing in this world should cost you your relationship. Remember – communication and keeping things well organized is the key to a happy relationship. You can’t expect things to go right when you’re planning everything the wrong way. Therefore, we’ve compiled our top picks for apps that would help you make the most out of your relationship. 

Whether you need to plan dates, share to-do lists, create tasks, or simply need to have private conversations, these apps will help you achieve it all! Moreover, if you’re yet to find your significant other, we’ve mentioned a few dating apps for you too.  

So, without further ado, let’s help you find a partner and build stronger relationships. 

5 Coolest Couple Communication App – Dating and Finding Partners 

Here are the 5 best dating apps that would help you find the one who’s right for you!

  • Tinder

It is impossible to not mention Tinder when we’re talking about dating apps. Well, let’s be honest. The dating landscape has drastically changed over time. However, just when you thought that you couldn’t have a love interest in your life anymore, Tinder drops itself as a bomb – to help you have a blast and find your next best match. 

Launched in 2012, Tinder is an app for singles who are looking to date, get into a relationship, or simply keep it casual. The app works in a simple way (much in contrast to, perhaps, your past relationships) and is all about the “swipe” game. Once you open the app, you find various profiles of people around your vicinity. Don’t be surprised if you find your neighbor too! 

All you need to do is “swipe right” if you like someone, and “swipe left” if you don’t. You may wonder, how is it a couple communication app then? Well, it quite really is. However, your Tinder crush will have to like you, or swipe-right back at you to start a conversation. So, you see, it’s all about mutual liking! Once you both match with each other, you can get talking and see where your “talking stage” takes you.

  • Bumble

Founded in 2014, Bumble is another dating app that has picked up the market recently. Just like its name, it gets people buzzing and talking! Although it works in a similar fashion to most dating apps in today’s world, it does have a unique touch to it that sets it apart from its competitors. 

If you’re a guy, “why don’t girls ever make the first move?” must be a question that frequently pops in your head. Moreover, it also may be the reason why you don’t experiment with such apps anymore. However, with Bumble being in the picture, you can quit being the only one making efforts. 

Bumble is the only app where women make the first move. This means that once you’ve both swiped right on each other, women will have 24-hours to initiate a conversation before the connection expires. Likewise, their match will have 24-hours to respond to their text, or else the match will no longer be valid. This feature does not apply to same-sex matches and is only meant to break the problematic hetero dating norms. 

  • Hinge

Are you sick and tired of casual dating? Or perhaps, always finding people who are only after flings? Well, it may be because you’re looking for what you want in the wrong place. Both the apps mentioned above are great dating apps, but Hinge takes it a step further by adding the emotional and love angle. 

Hinge mentioned in its mission statement that the app is designed to be deleted. This means that it looks forward to its users finding their significant other via Hinge so that they’ll never have to use this dating app again. That’s just plain sweet, isn’t it?

Here’s how the app works – you sign-up on the platform, add a nice picture, your age, and answer and publish some witty questions about yourself. Once done, you can start looking for people around your vicinity. Unlike Tinder that uses the classic swipe-right feature, Hinge has a ‘X’ button on the left-side of every profile that you can click if you don’t like their profile. 

Similarly, if you come across a person that has a funny bio, cute picture, or simply that “something” special, you can press the ‘heart’ button beside their profile. As simple as that! 

  • OKCupid

OKCupid is another exceptional dating app that helps people find a partner. It became the first major dating site with an app in 2012, and since then, it strives to make over 91 million connections every year! So, what is so special about this dating app? Well, OkCupid is nothing about random matches and all about meaningful connections. 

Let me give you an example. Imagine you match with someone who lives near your place, is attractive, and seems like the perfect one for you. However, 30-minutes into the conversation, you realize that they hate dogs. Or perhaps, they don’t like traveling. How would you, a dog-lover and a globetrotter, ever be compatible with this person? 

Each person has their own preferences, which is completely okay. However, when you find people based on similar interests and beliefs, that match is much more likely to turn into a beautiful relationship – and this is exactly what OKCupid offered to its users. The app has a one-of-a-kind algorithm that refines your potential matches based on your likes, dislikes, answers, and everything else that defines you. 

  • Happn 

Have you ever sat on a bus with someone who looked exactly like the person of your dreams? Or perhaps you’re sitting at the bar and look at someone and think “wow, I’d love to talk to them!” but they’re busy with their friends? Well, that’s sad because you don’t get an opportunity to talk to them.

But not anymore! With Happn, you can connect and talk to people you’ve crossed paths with. So, whether it’s that guy you saw at the coffee shop or the girl at the public library, you can find their profile on your timeline and start a conversation that was just waiting to happen. 

Moreover, the best part about this app is that you can only see the people you’ve passed by in the streets. Once you take an action and if they like you back, it’s a Crush. You both can then go on and talk about where they had been all your life! The app guarantees 100% privacy and gives you the option to block inappropriate profiles. 

With this, we’ve discussed the coolest dating apps that would help you find your perfect match. Now, let’s move on to the 7 best couple communication apps that would help you build and maintain a long-lasting relationship. 

7 Best Couple Communication App – Relationships and Marriage

Here are the top picks for couple communication apps for relationships and marriages. 

  • TimeTree

What’s the point of having a partner if you’re unable to keep your relationship organized? For instance, there must have been times when you both decided to meet up at your nearby local cafe on the coming Friday, but one of you just forgot because of the tied-up schedules. Such situations give rise to ugly arguments, don’t they? But you can now prevent them all with TimeTree

TimeTree is not just an app, it’s more like your personal space that helps you get the best out of your relationship. It offers a calendar and to-do list sharing feature that allows you and your partner to stay in sync with each other’s schedules. Moreover, it also has an in-app messaging feature that helps you communicate with each other whenever you want. 

So, whether you want to send a reminder to commemorate a beautiful memory, or simply get things done together, TimeTree can help you do it all! Therefore, it’s time you reduce the stress and communication barriers in your relationship by managing busy schedules, tasks, lists, reminders, checklists, and everything that counts as important. 

If you wish to create a dating app or a similar couple communication app for your start-up, get in touch with us and craft a world-class app solution!

  • Between 

Gone are the days when you had to switch between apps to do multiple things at once. The Between app helps you go from sharing meaningful texts to managing your calendar with your partner and everything that comes in between, quite literally. 

You can talk about your day and enhance the conversation with the coolest GIFs and stickers ever known. However, that’s not it. Just like relationships are not just limited to talking, why should a couple communication app be? That’s what Between is all about!

You can check each other’s schedules and mark all the special days so that you don’t miss out on anything. The best feature of this app is that even when you switch phones, all your messages, videos, and shared notes stay intact. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing your conversations, upcoming dates, and your personal notes. 


Love birds, just like you and your partner, absolutely love to celebrate and reminisce the days they’ve been together. It’s the sweetest thing ever when you realize that it’s been 6 months or a year together, especially when it seems as if it was just yesterday when it all began. 

THE COUPLE app reminds you of your special days so that you and your significant other can celebrate your love and togetherness. Whether it is about birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a special occasion that you’d like to spend together, the app tells you the days left and sends you timely reminders.

Moreover, you can also share your heartfelt stories with your partner on these occasions and make them feel special. You can explore the app and also find other features such as cute themes and widget styles.

  • Coupled 

Did you just ask for an all-in-one app that lets you talk, create tasks, track dates, and manage schedules? If yes, there could be nothing better than Coupled. This couple communication app supports both voice and video calling. Moreover, you can also create tasks for things on your to-do list, use the shared calendar to track your important dates and events, and stay up to date on your relationship with countdown notifications. 

Unlike most apps that use the same background, Coupled lets you change and personalize your app theme just as you need. The app also automatically stores every photo, video, or voice message you share in your relationship. Therefore, you can manage everything from one space and keep the things that matter to you safe in the app itself. 

  • Chu-day 

We all know that being expressive and open about our feelings to our partner is the key to a healthy relationship. Unless you don’t tell your partner, on text or in person, how much they mean to you, how would they know their place in your life? If you’ve always had a hard time doing this, Chu-day can save the day!

It has an exclusive couple diary where you can write about your precious moments. Had your first trip together? Or perhaps, went to the movies? You can store it all and have your own digital diary that talks about your best moments. Wouldn’t this be the perfect thing to show to your partner when they feel less valued? 

Moreover, it notifies you of your 100 days together and 1st year anniversary automatically once you enter your first day. You can also get useful information for Valentine’s day, and the other days of its week, such as Rose Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day, and so on. 

  • Lasting 

Let’s be real. There are times when you feel that your relationship or marriage is hanging by a thread. In such a case, when you’re unable to bring out the positive side of your relationship, it’s probably time for you to try counseling. While this word may sound intimidating at first and you may feel that your relationship isn’t “that bad” yet, you can always give something a shot that would help you build a healthier and happier relationship. 

Lasting is a marriage counseling app that lets you and your partner nurture your emotional connection and repair relationship issues with the help of sessions. Each session is based on research and enables you to understand one another better, work through disagreements, and connect in healthy ways. 

If you wish to unlock the premium features, you’ll need to buy their subscription. However, their free version also has great features and you can access the conversation-starters, relationship reminders, and single sessions for free.

  • Just Between Us

We don’t even wish for our worst enemy to send an “I love you” text to their boss or perhaps their aunt’s ex-husband. However, a lot of us have been in a similar situation. With Just Between Us, you can keep things super private and avoid the embarrassment of accidentally sending an intimate message to the wrong person.

Moreover, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about your kids (who play on your phone) or friends (who are looking at the picture you’re showing them) accidentally reading your messages ever again. All the romantic, adorable, intimate, and steamy conversations would be all yours and your partner’s to read. The best part about this couple communication app is that all the messages are double encrypted. 


These were our top 12 picks for couple apps that would help you find and maintain strong relationships. You can explore all and find which works best for you and your partner. After all, it’s all about finding the little things that give your relationship the spark it needs. 

If you wish to create a dating app or a similar couple communication app for your start-up, we have solutions for that as well. Get in touch with us and craft a world-class app solution that would make you the next industry leader!

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