How to make bike taxi apps

Why bike taxi app development in 2024 is a great idea for starting a new business? 

Bikes have become a better alternative to car taxis as bikes locate passengers from one place to another in less time in highly crowded areas due to their less space requirement. Moreover, bikes have low riding fees than cars, encouraging passengers to choose bike taxis instead of vehicles. 

Bike taxis give business owners better opportunities to invest in bike taxi development and make great profits.

But what are bike taxi apps, and why are bike taxis a great challenge to regular taxi businesses? Let’s check in detail.

What are on-demand bike taxi apps?

Instead of using car taxi apps, the user can use the bike to travel from one location to another. Whenever the passenger submits a request for bike ride-sharing, the nearby bike rider will get a notification for that request and will reach the passenger’s location. 

After completing a bike ride, the passenger will pay the bike rider based on the distance covered. The app owner takes a commission on each payment made by the passenger to the bike rider.

Understand the process of bike taxi app development in 2024. 

The development process for a bike taxi app development

Bike taxi app development

The development processes are as follows: 

1. Idea gathering

Idea gathering is the first stage of app development in which we will decide the app’s purpose and determine how users will use it. We will find which feature to include in the bike taxi app.

2. Choosing app publishing platform

After listing all the features, we will choose an ideal platform for publishing a bike taxi app. You can select the Google play store or the Apple app store for distributing your app. 

Even better, you can choose both platforms to publish your app for expanding your business going to a large scale by targetting both the users of Android and iOS.

3. Monetization model 

We will try to find different ways to make money from the bike taxi apps, which can bring better profit to the business. Choosing a suitable monetization model will help you make greater profits from your bike taxi booking apps.

4. Design phase

Now, we will select a different design for your app. After choosing the design, the designing time will start working on creating your app’s user interface. 

5. Development phase

In the development phase, a developer will work on the back-end side to make your app fully functional and create all the discussed features for your app.

6. App testing

Once your app is ready to publish, the team will perform app testing multiple times to find out technical issues and drawbacks in your app. After finding and removing all technical problems and drawbacks, the bike taxi booking app will be ready to publish to the decided platform.

Knowing all the essential features will help you provide a better app experience to your users.  

Must-have features for bike taxi apps

It will be better for you to know the features of every bike taxi app. Moreover, we will also discuss features that can improve your app’s user experience.

Let’s check all these features necessary for your app.

1. Distance estimator

The app will use its integrated GPS to record kilometers that passenger travels from one location to another on bike taxis. The app will charge each passenger based on kilometers traveled in each ride. 

With the help of GPS, the app can recommend the taxi riders to the nearby location of the passenger who has submitted the request for riding a bike.

2. Multiple payment options

Instead of using third-party apps for payment by passengers to taxi Riders, you can provide integrated multiple payment options. 

Multiple payment options help users to avoid using third-party apps for making payments which can help improve the User experience on your app.

3. Integrated dispatch module

The feature will help you track multiple things such as administering bookings, bike dispatches, payment transactions, user queries, and an option to download a monthly report for knowing the performance of your taxi app business.

4. Real-time in-app chat 

You can include a chatbot or customer support staff to provide solutions to the query they are facing while using your bike taxi booking app.

5. Social media integration

Instead of asking for a manual and time-consuming registration process, you can integrate social media signup. Social media integration will help users to create their account on your bike taxi booking app with their social media account in one click.

The feature will help you to collect all the required details for making users’ profiles on your apps, such as their email address, date of birth, gender, etc. 

 6. Estimated arrival & destination time

With GPS technology, the app can determine the estimated arrival and destination time based on traffic conditions and other factors. 

The feature will help users to know the time that bikes will require to reach the passengers’ location and the estimated time it will take to locate passengers to their destination.

7. Real-time push notifications

The real-time push notification will update passengers about riding’s every event, such as vehicle and estimated arrival update, driver’s location update before its arrival, ride completion update, and so on.

With the help of push notifications, app users will not need to open the app every time to stay updated with these events when booking a bike taxi.

Know how the bike taxi app works so you can understand their business model in better ways. 

How does the bike taxi app work?

The working steps of a bike taxi app are as follows:

  • The passenger requests a bike ride by entering their pickup and drop-off location.
  • The request is sent to all the bike riders near the passengers’ location.
  • The bike driver can accept or reject the passengers’ requests if the riders cannot reach that drop-off location.
  • After picking up the passenger, the bike rider passenger to their location drop-off location and is charged a fee based on the kilometers traveled.
  • In the end, the passengers can submit ratings and reviews of the bike riders to help other passengers to select bike riders. 

Let’s check the best bike taxi booking apps in the market. 

Best bike taxi apps for taking business ideas

By studying other bike taxi booking platforms, you can understand their monetization model and know how their business operates:

1. Lyft taxi app

In 2012, the Lyft platform was founded in San Francisco, USA. Lift is currently operating in more than 640 US countries.

Along with bikes, the platform also offers its passengers a wide range of taxis. The platform also offers an app payment option through which users can make payments straight from the Lyft app.

Started in2012
App downloads50M
App ratings3.7
Available platformsAndroid & iOS
Corporate headquartersUSA
FoundersJohn Zimmer, Logan Green
Net worth$23 B

2. Gett Taxi app

The bike taxi booking platform was founded in 2010 and became the most popular taxi app in the USA. The platform operates in more than 120 cities across USA, UK, Israel, and Russia. The platform offers different riding fees for its app users, such as

  • Monthly dispatch fees from taxi drivers
  • Per-ride fees from drivers
  • Ride fees for corporate rides.
Started in2010
App downloads10M
App ratings4.3
Available platformsAndroid & iOS
Corporate headquartersUk
FoundersShahar Waiser, Roi More
Net worth$1.5 B

3. Easy Taxi app (Cabify)

The app was started on 24 June 2011. Easy Taxi app operates in more than 420 cities in 30 countries with a user base of almost 20 million. 

The best thing about Cabify is that it recommends top reputed selected drivers for each passenger based on ratings and other factors for providing the best riding experience.

Started in2011
App downloads10M
App ratings4.0
Available platformsAndroid & iOS
Corporate headquartersBrazil
FoundersTallis Gomes,  Daniel Cohen
Net worthN/A

4. Uber taxi app

Uber started in 2010 that entirely changed the face of transportation. The platform operates in 800 cities in 84 countries and provides an excellent synchronization between driver apps and Rider apps for a better experience for drivers and passengers.

Started in2010
App downloads500M
App ratings4.1
Available platformsAndroid & iOS
Corporate headquartersUSA
FoundersTravis Kalanick, Garrett Camp
Net worth$42B

5. Curb Taxi app (Taxi Magic)

The platform operates in 60 Different cities in the USA, like New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

The platform offers in full payment option to allow users to pay through cash credit cards even through an app-integrated payment gateway. Moreover, the platform enables users to book 24 hours before departure time.

Started in2007
App downloads1M
App ratings3.0
Available platformsAndroid & iOS
Corporate headquartersUSA
FoundersLarry David
Net worth$4.9B

What is the best way to make money from bike taxi booking apps? Let’s check.

Monetization models for making money from your app.

For monetization, these are some of the best ways to make money from your bike taxi app.

1. Commission

Your app allows you to charge the app users for each successful deal between bike riders and passengers. Many bike taxi apps are using this monetization model to make a significant profit from their business.

2. Advertisement

You can partner with a third party at night work, such as Google AdMob, to run ads for different companies on your app. The ad network will pay you based on CTC and CPM models. You must have a large audience on your app to make money from this monetization model.

3. Subscription model

You can offer your users a monthly or annual subscription so they can access your app for booking bike taxis. Moreover, the subscription model will help you to get a consistent profit from your audience, and many popular app businesses are using the subscription model to make profits.

4. One-time purchase

You can put a fixed price for your app so that users can access your app for a lifetime after paying once a time for using the app. However, this monetization model is not used by many businesses as this can only bring profit only one time from each app user.

Know the development you’ll need in your bike taxi app development. 

Tech stack required for building taxi booking app

Check the list of tools needed for bike taxi app development.

Front-endReact JS, VueJS, HTML, CSS
Push NotificationsPush, Twilio, Firebase, Cloud Messaging
Back-endNode.js, Python, Golang, Laravel
ServerNGINX, Apache
Cloud ServicesAWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
DatabaseMySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
AnalyticsBigData, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink
Mobile PlatformSwift, Kotlin, Java for Native, Flutter, React Native for cross-platform
Find LocationGoogle Places API, Google Maps, Core Location Framework

Ready to build your bike taxi app with Idea Usher?

After knowing how bike taxi app development can bring better returns on your investment, you must be looking for some of the best development companies for outsourcing your taxi app.

It will be great to contact an experienced app development company that has already created taxi apps for their clients. Even better, you don’t have to search for the best app development company in the market. 

Contact Idea Usher, and let us know your app development requirement, and we will be happy to provide free consultation on your business. 

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1. Which app is best for booking a taxi?

Besat taxi booking platforms are as follows: 

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Grab
  • Gett
  • Ola
  • Didi
  • Cabify
  • LeCab
  • Curb
  • GoCatch

2. What is ridesharing?

Ridesharing is the way of traveling in which a passenger travels in the private vehicle of the owner. The taxi booking platforms arrange the ride between passengers and riders.  

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Idea Usher: Ushering the Innovation post

Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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