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Best Prank Apps

Who does not like a good prank? TV shows and action movies are all good entertainment. But the adrenaline rush of a good practical joke is what we need when bored with daily life. But sticking “hit me” notes on the back of your friend is not what tickles our funny bone in this digital age.

We have come too far to get excited by jump-scare pranks. Let’s face it, it is too expected. The new is in your hands. Doesn’t a mobile phone define your everyday life? Moreover, with the COVID pandemic, phones have become our workspace and our friends’ get-together venue. 

If you want to really scare your friends with some good pranks, it has to be on their phones. There are multiple prank apps that can help you with that. We have listed a range of prank apps that can give you the excitement of fun as well as scare your friends enough to hate you. 

What are Prank Apps?

Prank apps are made for your daily dose of pranks. When you are bored watching enough cat videos on Youtube or your favorite episode from The Office for the 100th time, these prank apps are at your rescue. Prank apps help you to fool around with your friends or partners. You can prank your girlfriend with a photo of bald you. Or maybe, you think your friend deserves a good picture of his car burning in the middle of the road. 

We have a variety of prank apps. Here are the top 10 prank apps that will make your day hilarious! Go on, choose your fix. 

Top 10 Prank Apps For Android and iOS

  • Prank Dial

The first kind is prank calling apps. A prank call is probably the oldest game in the book. But this is no ordinary prank phone call. 

Prank Dial” is an application that makes fake calls. In this prank call app, you have 150 hilarious scenarios to choose from. All you have to do is select a scenario and the person whom you are going to prank. Now sit back and enjoy their reaction.

  • Funcall

If you are not okay with already-made scenarios, make one of your own. But what if your friend recognizes your voice? Or maybe you just want to make a funny call with a sharp annoying voice. “Funcall” can help you then.

You can change your voice with this prank call app. There are various options: helium balloon voice, scary voice, man voice, and many more. You can call your friends in real-time. If not, record the call beforehand, and let the app do its magic.

  • Fake Video Call

Now, this makes sense. Enough with calling, what about video calls? “Fake Video Call” lets you make fake video calls. You can add your face in multiple scenarios that the app has. But there is a catch – it’s not really a video call. It is recorded beforehand. Nonetheless, you can enjoy it until they understand it is fake.

But now let’s get into the real ones. The prank apps that go beyond fake calling in their craft.

  • Scary Prank

Pranks are all good and well, but what about recording their reaction? Indeed, we want to record how they react when a jump-scare appears on their screen. “Scary Prank” is here to help with that. After activation, give the phone to your friend. The app appears to be an innocent game but then it flashes a scary image. But the best thing is that the camera of your phone was filming this the whole time.

  • Crack & Break It

Still here? Not enough to scare your friends? We have got you covered. I am sure there is nothing scarier than your phone screen cracked up. “Crack & Break it” can help you with that. You can add cracks or scratches to any photo and prank your friends.

  • Dude, Your Car

Want more effects to add to your photos to give your friends a scare of a lifetime? Photoshop is all good and well for effects, but it’s too much for a silly prank. “Dude, Your Car” can help you add dents and scratches to the photo of your friend’s car. Not only this, you can add smoke and fire as well.

  • Ghost Lens

Want more of these effects? Then, check out “Ghost Lens”. It saves your time from wasting on Photoshop and lets you create your own ghost based on your photo. The best part is you can use it on videos too. With these, you can make a transparent version of people in the photo, making it spooky. It’s good enough to scare and let someone into believing that ghosts do exist.

  • Prank Stun Gun

Enough with these effects. Not all jokes are necessarily visual. Sometimes sounds can fool someone as much as a ghost on your phone screen. “Prank Stun Gun” changes your phone into a taser. No, not really. Activate the app, and then touch your friend with the phone. The phone will vibrate and make a tasing sound. It is a nice way to shock your friend!

  • Epic Police Siren

Even ghosts can’t scare someone as much as the police can do. But, that does not mean you would convince a policeman to help you prank on your friend. That is not a very good idea. But “Epic Police Siren” gives you the opportunity to scare them anyway. It creates red and blue lights flashing. If your friend is driving, these lights on his rearview mirror can make him scared for his life. Along with this, the app can make siren sounds to freak them even more.

  • iFart       

How can we forget the ancient prank joke in the book? It is with us for ages, maybe from the beginning of civilization. Our list of prank apps can’t finish without “iFart”. It makes fake fart sounds. It’s obvious. But there is more to it. It has a feature called “sneak attack”. It’s a fart timer. You schedule a nice fart sound, place your phone by someone’s chair, and sit back innocently. And if you can act like an Emmy winner, that’s a bonus in such a situation.

Now, you go. You have the best weapons to pull up a prank from your phone. But, if you are still thinking it would not do, we are here to help.

Make Your Own Prank App

Do you want to make your own prank app? How do you want your pranks to be? What kind of features are you willing to add?

We are here to help you with all of this, starting from ideation to its launch. We, at Idea Usher, provide all kinds of services, from digital marketing to web developments. Do you want your prank app to have the AI feature, or maybe chatbots? We have all kinds of services related to web and application development.

Contact us to make the first step towards your own prank app. Do not forget to check out our portfolio of mobile apps to know more about us.  

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Idea Usher is a pioneering IT company with a definite set of services and solutions. We aim at providing impeccable services to our clients and establishing a reliable relationship.

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